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gouri can't recognize my machine last several days i was able to neither properly boot it, nor to cleanly shutdown. systemd-udevs process was hogging my cpu at 100%. even yesterday, when i tried to install devuan, machine was in some kind strange loop, reporting things like, finally i was able to launch installer, put devuan on my desktop, updated to ceres and today (while stile restoring from the16:44
gourbackup) it's kind of new machine perform without any problem. long live devuan!16:44
maruloHello! Could someone tell me about the current status of the Gnuinos project?17:50
yetiups... wrong buffer...17:58
yetibut nice hack... have a look17:59
yetiuse a babelfish if needed17:59
DonkeyHotei99 red smartphones go by18:00
fsmithredmarulo, I know that gnuinos still exists.18:00
chillfanmarulo: from the looks of it the author (aitor) has images for ascii and beowulf available18:00
fsmithredaitor is still around18:00
chillfanmarulo: I can't say which releases he considers stable but as it's based on Devuan.. I would hazard a guess he hasn't officially declared beowulf images stable, until we do the same for beowulf.18:02
chillfanso I would use the ascii images if that matters to you18:03
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sedroskenSo I noticed that the topmenu packages are available in the ascii repo but not the beowulf repo. Can I expect them to be moved over or was that a one-time thing?18:33
chillfansedrosken: probably only if debian has it, sometimes packages don't make the freeze so get excluded20:03
chillfansee if beowulf-backports has anything20:04
hemimaniachello all20:13
hemimaniacI was wondering if I missed something in the forums (or read right by it) for tips if any to add some of my familiar repos to devuan? like mozilla and such?20:15
hightower2Can you help me find the ppc64el netinst? I keep finding and forgetting where it is20:26
fsmithredhemimaniac, any third-party software that works on debian will work on devuan as long as it does not need systemd.20:38
fsmithredbut don't add sources for other distributions20:39
hemimaniacill boot back into devaun and replicate the error brb. ty for responding20:40
hemimaniacfsmithred I get this >
golinuxNever use ubuntu repos on devuan20:48
golinuxThey are not compatible with Devuan20:48
fsmithredI don't know if you can get a ppa to work20:48
hemimaniacoh my bad, wrong ones, sorry20:48
golinuxDoing so can put you in a world of hurt.20:49
hemimaniacIm liking devuan so far, snappy, my system happy, I'm happy20:49
golinuxDevuan package repositories are exclusive. Other repositories, including Debian, Ubuntu, Mint etc, should NOT be used directly.20:50
hemimaniaccan't believe I didn't see that20:50
fsmithredif you need newer firefox, just download it from mozilla20:50
golinuxThere's a lot of info on the site to sift through20:51
hemimaniacI was originally installing devuan to see if I could replicate all the sysvinit stuffs in Mint and blow away systemd, but now I may have just found a refuge20:52
fsmithredhightower2, are you looking for debian-installer-netboot deb package?20:55
fsmithredlooks like it contains vmlinux and initrd.gz20:56
hightower2 no there was a netinst.iso too20:57
fsmithredI didn't know that20:57
hightower2I'll find it, just a sec20:57
fsmithredit was somewhere other than
hightower2The last location I have saved was:
hightower2now let's see if this got moved somewhere20:58
fsmithreddead link21:00
hightower2yeah, can't find where this got moved21:00
hightower2it worked in Mar 201921:00
golinuxfsmithred: Isn't Dan doing that?21:02
fsmithredyes, pretty sure it's Dan21:02
golinuxHe's the one to ask then.21:02
fsmithredum, maybe not - I see powerpc, and I think that's what he's doing21:04
golinuxIsn't that what ppc stands for?21:04
fsmithredIt might have been removed because it stopped working21:05
fsmithredand then didn't get replaced21:05
golinuxThat was my thought21:06
hightower2ok, thanks21:07
fsmithreddo you have a working system in that arch?21:08
hightower2I used to have, installed from that image21:08
fsmithredI'm wondering if you could make a live-iso from it and use that to install21:08
fsmithredok, ppc64el is for power8 and power9, so CenturionDan is the one to ask.21:10
fsmithredif you can find him21:10
hightower2will email21:10
fsmithredcatch him between changing diapers21:10
golinuxhightower2: Confirmed from this old irc entry: 2018-07-17.log [00:46:51] <Centurion_Dan> parazyd, KatolaZ - my TalosII power9 hardware has arrived. Will try to video the unboxing and getting it running on Devuan. I will try and get it to run a buildhost vm for ppc64 asap.21:21
hightower2golinux, yes, and the first working ppc64el happened even before that, parazyd did it21:22
hightower2ok emailed Dan just to see if he has something we don't know21:23
MinceRwas the change to PowerPC to POWER just a rebranding?21:24
MinceRhm, should have asked on #debianfork21:24
DonkeyHoteiPOWER predates PowerPC21:24
MinceRbut also post-dates it21:24
DonkeyHoteiiirc they are both extant21:25
MinceRoh, i thought they stopped doing PPC a while ago21:25
DonkeyHoteiidk, kinda lost track with nxp taking over21:26
golinuxhightower2: Good.  Let us know what he has to say.21:26
stovepipeso i installed kde with tasksel just to check it out a bit, boy was that a mistake lol22:43
stovepipewhat a mess22:44
fsmithredstovepipe, was that in addition to another desktop?22:47
stovepipeheh yeah xfce22:48
fsmithreddid you have to switch from consolekit to elogind?22:48
stovepipedont even know the extent of the damage yet22:48
fsmithredwas there an autoremove involved?22:48
stovepipeno network, wicd got whacked22:48
stovepipeunfortunately i didnt pay much attention to what it was doing22:49
fsmithredif you want to play mix-and-match it's a lot easier without any task- packages22:49
stovepipeso i gather22:49
fsmithredinstall the desktop parts separately22:49
stovepipeit even altered xfce's appearance22:50
fsmithredalso helps to exclude Recommends, although you might want to install some of them22:50
fsmithredhow so?22:50
stovepipepointer, menus look different22:50
stovepipeicon text changed22:50
stovepipei'm going to reinstall lol i am not picking through this mess22:50
fsmithredok, that's fair22:51
stovepipei went in tasksel again and deselected kde for lols22:51
stovepipemade it worse22:51
fsmithredthose of us who like a custom mix un-check the desktop tasks in the installer22:52
stovepipeit did put wicd back on, but it doesnt work anymore22:52
fsmithreddid connman get installed to take its place?22:52
stovepipebeats me, too late to check now22:53
stovepipei did get nm-plasma to work in kde22:53
stovepipeit wanted some keyring thing22:53
fsmithredoh, I always get rid of that thing22:54
stovepipenow everything is just irritating lol starting over is easier22:54
fsmithredkde does work if you just install that22:54
stovepipei'm sure22:54
fsmithredmixing desktops is not as easy as it used to be22:54
fsmithredpolkit fun22:55
stovepipei just wanted to play shisen-sho heh22:55
fsmithredoh yeah22:55
stovepipethen i thought, lets see how well kde runs on this old laptop now22:55
fsmithredbeen a long time since I used kde22:55
stovepiperuns pretty good22:55
stovepipeultimately i'm just going to use fvwm22:56
stovepipebut i want it back where it was before the mess22:56
stovepipeluckily i did a backup the other day22:56
fsmithredoh, even easier22:57
stovepipejust home dir and etc22:59
stovepipeand log23:00
stovepipeits enough23:00
stovepipeweird, xfce only lets me log out now23:06
stovepipeno shutdown or reboot heh23:06
fsmithredcheck for policykit-1-gnome23:08
stovepipealready reinstalling23:08
fsmithredno, you refuse to check for anything with gnome in the name?23:09
fsmithredcan't blame you for that.23:09
stovepipethat too23:09

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