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eyalrozThere's this issue with lesspipe that's been bothering me09:52
eyalrozor rather, with its default choice of colors09:52
eyalrozFor some reason, when highlighting source files (e.g. C/C++), it uses black, on a black terminal, for function names09:53
eyalrozSo I was wondering - how do you change the color scheme there?09:57
gnarfaceeyalroz: this lesspipe?  looks like it says it uses a perl script:
eyalrozWell, to be more exact, lesspipe uses libsource-highlight10:35
eyalrozWhich has a bunch of files in /usr/share/source-highlight10:35
eyalrozbut I can't quite figure out where the color scheme is defined, nor whether it is adapted to the terminal's colors (or at least background)10:36
eyalrozgnarface: btw, am I the only one who has this issue with syntax highlighting in less on a black terminal, or have  you / others also seen this?10:37
eyalrozanyway, here's an example:10:39
gnarfaceeyalroz: all i can tell you for sure is that i don't have the same issue with emacs10:42
gnarfacemy guess is you're gonna have to read the script to figure it out10:42
gnarfacemabye it actually parses ~/.Xresources or something useful like that10:43
gnarfacebut i've never heard of this and i don't really know10:43
eyalrozgnarface: I don't even have an ~/.Xresources11:00
eyalrozMaybe I'll file a bug report about the difficulty of playing with highlight colors11:00
eyalrozagainst libsource-highlight11:00
xrogaansimple inquiry, does everybody else here has the line "Not activating Mandatory Access Control as /sbin/tomoyo-init does not exist" in their /var/log/kern.log?16:47
* debdog hasn't16:50
debdogthough tomoyo-tools are not installed16:50
xrogaanerr, are you on beowulf?16:51
debdogno, not on this PC16:52
xrogaanright, so, for people running beowulf then? :P16:52
xrogaanmy /boot/config-* file has the line:16:55
xrogaanI don't know why tomoyo is in there16:55
xrogaanis that the default config?17:01
eyalroz@gnarface: This _is_ a package issue. Or rather, an issue with the upstream library19:26
eyalrozThe colors are defined in /usr/share/source-highlight/ , which has the line:19:28
eyalrozfunction black b;19:28
eyalrozyou see? Black on black.19:28
eyalrozI just checked the upstream repo again - it doesn't have that. Its functions are blue.19:28
eyalrozxrogaan: It's default on Devuan, it seems20:18
eyalrozxrogaan: Sorry, ignore my last message.20:18
gnarfaceeyalroz: yuck, hardcoded.  well i was afraid of that but i was trying not to be so negative.  maybe what the world needs is a patch for it to parse ~/.Xresources23:07
eyalrozgnarface: You mean, for overwrites of the system-wide defaults?23:08
gnarfaceeyalroz: yes, that's how everything else that uses it works.  i wouldn't suggest making the presence of a ~/.Xresources file mandatory.  that is against it's own rules.23:09
gnarfacethere is a file somewhere with all the system-level defaults23:10
eyalrozbut why that file?23:12
eyalrozI mean, the library has nothing to do with X23:12
eyalrozgnarface: I mean libsource-highlight23:13
eyalrozAnyway, even if there's a baked-in default - why would the Debian package maintainer bake in something different, and dangerous, like black function identifiers?23:14
gnarfaceeyalroz: probably he had terminals with blue backgrounds.  some of the debian maintainers are short-sighted assholes.  you can only do so much with volunteer labor.23:18
gnarfaceeyalroz: the reason i'd pick that one out specifically is just that lots of other terminals and x programs have used it.  it's ancient and the standard, such as it is, isn't a target for corporate policy manipulation23:19
gnarfaceso it seemed like the closest thing to a starting point for something the work had already been done in23:20
gnarfacei'd expect you wouldn't really have to parse the file yourself either.  i assume there's some tools in there somewhere to automate or at least streamline tokenizing it23:20
gnarfacei just haven't messed with ti23:20
eyalrozBut actually, would even a per-used setting cut it?23:21
eyalrozI mean, maybe I use one terminal window with white background and another with black background etc.23:21
gnarfacelike a command-line option just for that one color field?  sure that sounds easy too, just not a complete solution for every case.  the only other idea along those lines that i have is the /usr/bin/dircolors thingy that is called from your ~/.bash_profile to set the default ansi colors23:21
gnarface(but since that is specifically intended for directory listings, i figured the Xresources thing would be more appropriate, but i could honestly be wrong about that)23:22
eyalrozNot just one color field, maybe even a map of all of them. Or at least something like dircolors.23:22
gnarfacei guess the other thing i had in mind about ~/.Xresources is i figured you could find a lot of well-chosen default color palettes in the wild for it, and my unstated assumption is that this won't end with you just changing one color field.  you're probably gonna eventually at least want to be able to change them all as a set.23:24
eyalrozAnyway, this all sounds like something to put on the plate of the libsource-highlighting author. But with the current state of affairs...23:25
eyalrozwhat should we do?23:25
eyalrozI mean, I suppose a bug report to the Debian package maintainer is in order,23:26
eyalrozbut: 1. Should I do something else? 2. Do you (or you all) want to do something about this?23:27
gnarfaceeyalroz: well, at this point i have no vested interest in it other than the academic, and you've identified the field, so the fastest most efficient way for you to get back to work is to just change it to another hardcoded value23:32
gnarfaceand that's my professional advice for what to do23:33
eyalrozOh, of course I've already done that on my system...23:33
gnarfacemy ethical advice suggests yes, you should file the bug report and try to as calmly state how stupid the defaults are and how much better the upstream ones are23:33
eyalrozI meant, to make sure Devuan is spared this shameful display... :-P23:33
gnarfaceto be clear23:33
gnarfacei don't work here23:34
gnarfacebut... golinux may feel like weighing in on Devuanized color defaults23:34
gnarface(she's the designated colorizer)23:34
eyalrozOh, I thought you had some official capacity, since you're so often on the channel and so responsive...23:34
gnarfaceno, i just don't have a life and i fear the outside world23:35
eyalrozI try split my non-life between multiple pursuits23:35
gnarfaceand also i remember what it was like to have the ladder pulled up in front of me by people who had already gotten there, so i like to try to be more supportive to others in the same position than others were to me23:36
eyalrozgnarface: That's very kind of you23:40
eyalrozor rather, I should say, very fair and reasonable of you; it's the opposite behavior that should be de-legitimized...23:41
fsmithredhi aitor, why are you incognito?23:57
fsmithredGuest46359, ^^^23:57
Guest46359i'm trying to learn devuan from the very begining23:57
Guest46359what about devuan jessie?23:57
fsmithredshe's getting old23:57
fsmithredthere might be instructions for upgrading jessie directly to beowulf23:58
gnarfaceGuest46359: you didn't really miss anything between jessie and ascii23:59

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