libera/#devuan/ Friday, 2020-02-21

lolicoI'm considering using Devuan as my primary distro, is there anything Devuan has over Debian other than init freedom?01:48
gnarfacelolico: support for some additional ARM devices that debian wouldn't touch01:52
gnarfacemost the non-free wifi firmware available in the netinstall image as a courtesy to laptop/mobile users01:53
gnarfaceand a cinnabar theme for beowulf upcoming :)01:54
gnarfaceother than that, not much comes to mind01:54
gnarfacethe whole point was not to be different from historical pre-jessie debians01:54
gnarfaceso the primary difference is just that systemd and everything they couldn't detach from it is simply not present01:56
TwistedFatewhat is cinnabar theme?03:29
TwistedFateoh hmm, devuan moves from purple to red03:31
Xenguyred my lips:  purple04:51
retryhave you guys noticed the php systemd dependency introduced by the maintainer yesterday?16:03
retryyou can't run php-fpm without systemd now16:05
* yeti is waiting for FF, Chrome, Libreoffice and all that stuff becoming systemd addicts16:09
yetiwe all switch to emacs then!16:10
yetiand webkit for emacs will be finished16:10
retryi currently run a few headless debian buster boxes16:15
retryand it's pretty easy to avoid systemd16:15
retrythis php dependecy is the first thing to force it16:16
MinceRso it was pretty easy until it suddenly wasn't? :>16:16
retryyes exactly16:16
retryjust had to pin systemd and install sysvinit-core16:16
retryall of a sudden and out of the blue, the maintainer insists on it16:17
retryfor which I got chastized calling it 'out of the blue' because hey 'did you even read the patreon post from yesterday?'16:17
MinceRso this is what deadian calls "stable"16:28
yetiso stable that the dabian/pi guys dont fix the suicide-on-kernel-updates issue for PI116:40
yetiI've given up talking with them about it16:40
yetiI can fix it and they have done it in unstable... but dont dare to push the fix to stable16:42
yetithere's something wring in their buerocracy16:42
yetimaybe for devuan4/debian11 it will be straightened out and then I can adopt debian's way of managing pi kernels into devuan16:44
yetiI started with debian before they used toystory names... the current DEBIAN no longer is MY DEBIAN!16:47
debdogdang, now he's gone16:47
debdogretry, that is16:47
debdogwas he talking about libsystemd0 or systemd as pid1?16:48
MinceRwhat did they use before toystory names?16:49
Jorildebdog: package "systemd" as a dependency of php-fpm7.316:50
Jorildebdog: see
debdogthank you!16:51
yetiMinceR: just numbers16:52
yetino "codenames"16:52
onefangLuckily I had already started writing replacements for some of the PHP stuff I use.17:01
fsmithreddebdog, apt says it need libsystemd0|libelogind0. not systemd. I think the web page is wrong.21:04
fsmithredoh, I'm not looking at the newest version, which doesn't exist in devuan. I guess the web page is right.21:07

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