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plasma41rrq: What's the difference between 2020-03-09-devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_i386_server.iso and 2020-03-09-devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_i386_install.iso?01:22
rrqthe pool01:23
rrqhmm is there an "install" >01:24
fsmithredthat's what I was wondering01:24
fsmithredit's not the same size as any of the others01:26
rrqlooks like a mistake.. and old "server" with wrong name01:26
rrqplasma41: ta01:27
plasma41rrq et al.: Are we providing instructions for upgrading straight from Stretch to Beowulf? Or are we recommending Stretch to Buster to Beowulf (or Stretch to ASCII to Beowulf)?04:37
golinuxNot linked to the website yet04:47
golinuxOn my to-do list04:47
golinuxplasma41: ^^^04:50
plasma41good to know. thanks.04:51
golinuxOther paths probably work to.  Ask fsr04:51
golinuxto > too04:51
plasma41rrq: What's your opinion of the Oxford comma? For or against?05:11
specingMy devuan ascii system says no such package05:19
plasma41ascii corresponds to stretch, not jessie05:20
specingokay, but still... where did the package go?05:20
specingApparently only jessie and sid have it05:22
plasma41"obsoleted by squashfs and initramfs"05:24
specingI see05:24
rrqplasma41: re Oxford comma; in mid 80's I enjoyed a consultant course in Report Writing in English, and was then told to live without that comma.11:25
* mason lives by the religion of the Oxford comma.15:26
* golinux knows mason lives by the religion of the Oxford comma. ;)16:41
masonTrue enough. :P16:42
* MinceR knows golinux knows mason lives by the religion of the Oxford comma. :>16:44
golinuxDown with them all!  Off with those misplaced squiggles!16:45
golinux(enough OT, folks)16:46
fsmithredI love my parents, Lady Gaga and Humpty Dumpty.16:46
yetiparens for clarity!17:00
yetispeak LISP17:00
masonLisp is s-expy.17:06
furrywolfI last wrote lisp about 20 years ago.  not long enough.17:10
masonfurrywolf: you'd love
furrywolfthat web design is too awful to interact with that web page.17:13
masonI love it, myself, but I'll get back on-topic.17:18
golinuxChatter to #debianfork, please17:23
* furrywolf chats up golinux 17:24
avboxDid someone ever install DaVinci Resolve on Devuan?18:36
tuxd3vhello guys20:12
tuxd3vdoes any one knows what packages bring the devuan xfce desktop menu icon?20:13
tuxd3vand also the window manager purpy default to devuan ascii?20:13
tuxd3vthanks :)20:14
golinuxtuxd3v:   desktop-base20:40
tuxd3vgolinux, straight to the point, thanks! :)20:47
golinuxThat will get you everything from boot to the desktop20:50
tuxd3vyeah, I was analizing the contents of it, I believe I saw it in the list, but I installed others and tought that this was was already in place, so underscored him..20:52
tuxd3vI tried TDE Desktop Environment, and with it, you know..20:52
tuxd3vsome things blown up20:52
tuxd3vnow I am back on xfce20:52
tuxd3vand noticed that I had lost desktop backgrounds, windows manager themes, xfce menu icon, maybe something else..20:53
tuxd3vthanks for the help, restoring it :)20:53
tuxd3vTDE seems a very attractive desktop, but they only have white themes20:54
tuxd3vno dark theme20:54
tuxd3vbut you can tweak some colors here and there, but it wuld be bether if they had a dark theme too20:54
tuxd3vspecially for text editors20:55
fsmithredtuxd3v, I see some dark themes in exegnulinux (using TDE)21:01
fsmithredif you want the background of your graphical text editor to be light, there are dark themes for geany21:03
fsmithredI don't know about other text editors21:03
tuxd3vfsmithred, thanks, will install a test version of it :)21:08
tuxd3vyeah, I use geany a lot21:08
tuxd3vits my theme :)21:08
tuxd3vbut I was surprised, by the quality of TDE desktop21:09
fsmithredTake a close look at exegnu. I believe it's a bit more customized than a default TDE install. Light on resources.21:11
tuxd3vyeah, I am downloading the iso :)21:12
tuxd3vmy idea is to install it in a test partition, and check it.. Ilike darker themes, because I don't see well, and the amount of bright, doesn't let me see correctly the letters(black)21:13
tuxd3vbut otherwise I see them better :)21:13
fsmithredI should download a new iso, too. I was looking at a 2017 build.21:15
tuxd3vthei have one from 2010/01/0421:16
tuxd3vI believe its the last build21:16
tuxd3vits ascii based21:16
tuxd3v32/64 bits21:16
fsmithredoh, I'm downloading one that was made yesterday21:17
tuxd3vs/2010/2010/1 :)21:17
fsmithredthat's beowulf21:18
tuxd3vyou right.. since the desktop is the same bether to test beowulf :)21:19
fsmithredwhere did you see a 2010 iso?21:19
tuxd3vthanks for the hint :)21:19
tuxd3vits a 202021:19
fsmithredoh, ok21:20
tuxd3vI have done 1 error after the other21:20
fsmithredI think 2010 would have been based on debian lenny, but I'm not sure if exegnu even existed then21:20
tuxd3vyou right, it doesn't make any sense :)21:20
fsmithredI first knew of it in 201121:21
fsmithredI think21:21
tuxd3vI never tought it existed in the past21:21
tuxd3vI am curious to test it21:22
tuxd3vin the past , I mean in 2011, I know about it for some time, since its devuan related..21:22
fsmithredlike Refracta, it was formerly a debian re-spin21:23
fsmithredthe dev who puts it together has worked with me a lot on refracta tools21:23
fsmithredand Refracta isos21:23
tuxd3vI already installed it21:25
tuxd3vand Ibelieve I still have refracta installed in a i386 laptop21:26
tuxd3vits icon for the installer, a potion botle, it was very nice to follow the intructions of it..21:26
tuxd3vthe instalation menus were made in what language?21:27
tuxd3vor is it a framework21:27
plasma41tuxd3v: I believe the answer to your question is yad.23:28
tuxd3vplasma41, thanks23:32

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