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avboxgolinux: I'm not focussed at any time to kdenlive, but currently it does a good job. Any other alternatives for multi linear video cutting are very welcomed. And yes, my inquiries may be persistent, but I thought both AppImage and Flatpak would be a good thing for Devuan. Of course, both versions need more memory, but for testing new apps it's just00:03
avboxincredibly handy -- and for working, too. But I don't want to offend anyone. If I (or someone else) can do backporting for kdenlive, I'll be happy.00:03
fsmithredavbox, are you running a qt environment?00:05
fsmithredthere's olive-editor which also uses some qt libs. I installed it recently, but I haven't played with it much.00:06
avboxfsmithred: As main desktop I use Mate, but several devuan packages I use depend on kde/qt.00:06
fsmithredthis one is fairly light on dependencies00:07
hemimaniacmaybe it's missing something you use but avidemux has always been my go to00:08
fsmithredyeah, that's what I've used in the past00:08
fsmithredcan't remember why I didn't install it.00:09
hemimaniacnot in devuan, i had to plug in the debian multimedia key and ropo temporarily to get it00:10
fsmithredoh, it wouldn't install00:10
avboxfsmithred, Thaks for the hint, I will just check olive-editor. I too like flowblade, but latest flowblade is currently only for flatpak (compiling libmelt seems not to be so easy). And yes, recent melt helps a lot in parallel rendering (even I'm far away that the 128 threads of ryzen 3990 are beeing used). One of the thing I like with kdenlive is00:10
avboxthat it does produce scripts, so you can render parallel. I get 19 minutes rendering time of a 65 minutes 4k movie (20 gb).00:10
hemimaniacavidemux has a scripting shell00:11
fsmithredI passed on avidemux because it wanted to install some other libraries from deb-multimedia. I decided to go with something in the repo.00:12
tuxd3vhello guys,00:13
tuxd3vMaybe somebody can help me to find a good ssh session manager00:13
fsmithredwhat's that?00:14
tuxd3vI am trying asbru00:14
hemimaniacit's just what i always use, the only extra it pulls in is updates to ffmpeg,avitools and updated codecs00:14
tuxd3vbased in PAC00:14
tuxd3vbut I noticed that passwords go into .config/pac path too :(00:15
fsmithredwhat does ssh manager do?00:15
tuxd3vif you need to manage a park of machines00:15
tuxd3vyou will store there your machines properties00:15
tuxd3vlike hostname, ip, user to login and so on..00:15
fsmithredis that easier than putting the info in ~/.ssh/config?00:16
tuxd3vand clicking the correct machine it will log you in via ( in this case ssh )00:16
tuxd3vyou mean using keys only00:16
tuxd3vits a option00:16
fsmithredI do it with or without keys00:16
fsmithredwithout key, I have to give the password00:17
golinuxhemimaniac: avidemux was also my go-to until they switched from frame to time editing and none of my files are usable anymore00:17
tuxd3vbut its simpler, and you can migrate your sessions to another computer when you want to00:17
golinuxThe qt interface is also fugly or was the last time I tried maybe 3 years ago.00:17
fsmithredI have less than a dozen machines to deal with, so that might make a difference00:17
golinuxAnd only available in flatpak.  Screw it00:18
tuxd3vin that case you are in the correct tools :)00:18
tuxd3vwe have more than 100000:18
tuxd3vin diferent its more dificult00:18
tuxd3vbut PAC acts ina strange way becuase I see a lot of information in .config/pac password related..00:19
golinuxMy video editing days are probably mostly over anyway . . .00:19
tuxd3vwhich shouldn't be there00:19
fsmithredno, passwords should not be stored in plain text00:19
hemimaniactuxd3v: would putty fit the bill?00:20
tuxd3vputty gives me more trouble than using the shell :D00:20
tuxd3vbut there are a superputty to windows, that do somethings..00:21
tuxd3vbut I wanted one for Linux..00:21
tuxd3vAsbru is nice, but passwords stored in .config/pac... humm00:21
tuxd3vin my opinion it shouldn't store passwords at all, as I manage passwords in keepassxc00:22
wannabehibernatoA little question about hibernation goes:18:15
wannabehibernato "do not be afraid to try TuxOnIce. ... We can not fix the problems if we do not know about their existence." where could forexample file a bug-report for lets say a bug data bank register where to find example of my own which 'not thawing from hibernation'? Can you help me with that?18:15
wannabehibernatoSecond Guestion: Is there mainly a personal skill present of making deliberate linux devices hiberate? Or are the chances bad to fix a current bug by learning such ordinary bug reporting? Thanks in advance for a pointer.18:16
wannabehibernatoI am not wrong here, was I?18:17
wannabehibernatoexample/example one18:19
wannabehibernato If somebody could point on how to file hibernation bug reports, in other words.18:20
hemimaniacwannabehibernato: i believe they have a bug/dev mailto link on the main developer page18:58
mchasardi just saw a new beta version which file to download ? netinstall of live  ?19:19
wannabehibernatohemimaniac: the main dev platorm of this kernel patch is according to wikipedia on gitlab and a ubuntu ppa launchpad is or was stable, but a  do not find the _bug data bank_ for this. Any Idea? Tia.19:21
wannabehibernatoThese were then bugs of the hibernation tool, rather than hibernation bugs, or? I am confounded, sorry. Thanks for a pointer.19:24
fsmithredwannabehibernato, did you install tuxonice-userui? Thats the only package I see with that name.19:33
fsmithredin the repo, I mean. Or did you install from outside devuan repo?19:33
wannabehibernatoHi, fsmithred, I did not install the tux thing to that, yet. But I wondered how the bug reporting and its contributing worked? I found
wannabehibernatoand well I see that the distro got an extra bug data base on launchpad such if that was a little overlapping. Btw has devuan a bug data base for such issues?20:16
wannabehibernato I got no result. How is this thought to be done, thanks in advance.20:18
wannabehibernatoIf nothing thanks so far to everybody, I will keep with that tutorial.20:19
fsmithredwannabehibernato, first you should figure out if it's a bug or a configuration problem20:25
fsmithredif you think there's a bug in one of the packages that devuan forks, report it to bugs.devuan.org20:25
fsmithredif it's a package we don't fork, then it might be a debian bug.20:26
fsmithredin either case, check for existing bug reports first20:26
fsmithredyou might post at the forum and see if someone can help - dev1galaxy.org20:26
wannabehibernatoI think I understand, thank you.20:36

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