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xrogaando devuan mirrors debian's repo index or redirect to debian's repo index?05:34
xrogaanOr rather: how does it work?05:34
xrogaanis it explained somewhere, a wiki?05:34
golinuxxrogaan: I just looked up this to put on the new website:
golinuxPerfect timing.05:40
golinuxThis breaks it down nicely: href="
golinuxThose 2 links will tell you everything you want to know05:42
xrogaanbut whenever I `apt update', do I hit the merged one?05:44
xrogaanMeaning I'll need to wait for a new merge to see any change, right?05:44
golinuxIt updates all the time.05:45
golinuxHave you looked at those links?05:46
xrogaanI'm just frustrated about debian's policy with kernel backports.05:46
golinuxKatolaZ's slides are crystal clear05:46
xrogaanI mean, surely, it doesn't create a merge every time somebody request an update.05:47
xrogaanthere has to be some kind of cache.05:47
golinuxPlease there05:47
xrogaanI'm looking at it05:47
xrogaana reverse proxy perhaps?05:49
golinuxHave at it05:50
golinuxFrom the slides: "apt only sees standard HTTP redirects"05:51
xrogaanI'm not talking about packages, but the structure of the repo. So you merge the data in a Packages.gz file which is store until the next merge.05:53
pekman /quit07:01
systemdleteIs beowulf still in test?  When I go to download it, it looks like the other releases; no indication of beta or RC08:48
golinuxBeta is in the repos08:48
golinuxHas been for a week08:49
systemdleteOh, I see.  The ISO's themselves are labeled BETA, rather than the directories.08:49
systemdleteyeah, I got your info08:49
golinuxHave fun.  I'm off to bed08:49
systemdleteI just thought, wow, maybe it was already OUT for real.  But I knew that was not likely the case.08:49
systemdleteGood night, golinux.08:50
systemdleteThe beowulf beta install went well except for the missing beowulf repo.10:51
systemdletebut I can boot into it without issue, and into my other partitions/OS's also.10:51
systemdleteThe partitioning step went smooth as silk.  I was able to select the pre-partitioned slice I wanted to install to, on a GPT (with EFI BIOS, because it is an old board).  There is nothing to report other than the missing repo.10:53
systemdleteThis went much, much better than Ascii, so nice job everyone.10:53
systemdlete(and thank you for making it possible)10:53
systemdleteoops.  Almost forgot: That was the netinstall ISO10:55
systemdleteI could try burning the full version and see how that goes10:55
xrogaananybody here uses apparmor? Is it a good idea to install it?15:04
sixwheeledbeastIt comes automatically with ubuntu. Never had much of an issue with it there.15:10
xrogaanI'm not very exited about the prospect of creating new profiles for apparmor.15:20
MinceRit's like selinux, only even worse15:38
MinceRinstead of labeling files, it labels paths15:38
MinceRso it's easier to work around15:38
sixwheeledbeastThere is a separate package with a fair amount of profiles15:40
gnarfaceit hasn't caused a problem for me yet15:53
gnarfacecan't say the same for selinux15:53
fsmithredit comes with beowulf, too.15:55
fsmithredI haven't done anything with it.15:55
fsmithredping mason (and anyone else using zfs) -
fsmithredlooks like apparmor is there because linux-image recommends it. Should be easy to avoid it.15:57
masonfsmithred: looking15:58
masonOh, interesting, haven't seen that set of instructions yet. Cool.15:58
masonfsmithred: Ah, that issue. So, I never use whole disks here. That's a bit of history from when ZFS did custom access if it had a whole disk, and that's not been the case for some years. What I do and strongly recommend is that users slap down a formal partition table and feed ZFS partitions. That works very well and is largely future-proof.16:00
masonThere isn't a performance impact any more, so using a partition table is identical performance-wise to whole disks, and a little more controllable.16:00
fsmithredare you registered at the forum and feel like answering?16:01
fsmithred(if not, I'll do it)16:01
masonThis may come across as unreasonable, but I really hate web fora and I try not to use them. This is my principle objection to how Slackware self-organizes.16:02
fsmithredmason, that's a fairly common attitude in our community16:03
masonI wish it were more common! Heh.16:03
* Wonka seconds hating web fora16:40
golinuxThe Devuan forum is for the most part much like irc but permanently searchable17:43
kiwi_58hi, I got the bug-reporting pc A to the buggy one B in different ip spaces, because Android hotspot distinguishes two lan fragments, one for wifi and one for usb connect. Did anybody have clue how to have A reach B via ssh ip-node and -I suppose iptable voodoo? Tia.17:50
kiwi_58sorry if my networking is bad though too.18:03

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