libera/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2020-03-31

fonkywhere is the dpkg list stored in /var00:32
fonkylist of packages00:32
fonkybroke system :)00:32
rrq /var/lib/apt/lists00:34
udo%n i18nde01:01
_abc_Hello. I do not see a /etc/init.d/dahdi in ascii, asterisk requires it. The packages for dahdi are installed. Does anyone know where it's start script lives? In which package?01:19
fsmithred_abc_, maybe this? /usr/share/doc/dahdi/examples/init.conf.sample01:38
_abc_fsmithred: did not think to look there. Thanks.01:42
_abc_Ok, that is not an init.d startup file, just params01:43
_abc_/usr/share/doc/dahdi/examples/50-asterisk is closer01:43
_abc_dahdi.ko is missing even though relevant packages are installed.01:45
_abc_ascii is stretch?01:47
_abc_I have no idea how to make dahdi work under ascii01:49
_abc_Giving up.01:49
fsmithredyeah, ascii is stretch01:52
fsmithreddid older versions have an init script?01:52
_abc_Nope. It is generated when building dahdi from source02:15
_abc_dahdi generates a .ko and an init script. Quote from makefile output per web link I found: "DAHDI tools installed successfully.02:15
_abc_If you have not done so before, install init scripts with:02:15
_abc_make config"02:15
_abc_So one has to build the source of dahdi by hand. I assume there is a script in the source package dahdi_source02:16
_abc_I also half assume a modern enough dahdi will generate systemd scripts not init scripts. But I'll ask in #asterisk some day. Thanks for the patience, moving on to zzz a bit.02:17
fugitiveHi. Is beowulf current stable ? says it is, but there are some broken link, and I am confused, since domain is `beta`.devuan.org08:56
golinuxfugitive: Beowulf is beta just like the beta website.08:58
golinuxIt will be stable soon.  Issues are with the installer08:58
fugitivedon't mind that. Cool, will upgrade tonight :)09:00
stovepipebeowulf grub boot says debian still09:06
golinuxfugitive: Do read the Release Notes09:07
Jorilstovepipe: modify GRUB_DISTRIBUTOR inside /etc/default/grub09:12
fugitivegolinux: yep, did already09:18
stovepipelol me changing it wont help09:20
stovepipei was pointing it out to whoever owns that part09:21
ejrnot sure if this fits into here or into #mate, but is there a way to install nm-applet without install all the gnome packages that come with network-manager-gnome? (running devuan 3.0)13:50
Jorilejr: what does it try to pull?13:53
ejrhmm, I'm not logged into that system now, but essentially hunreds MBs of packages. Installed is only a bare-minimum mate + Xserver and nothing else (I only need a mate DE with network-manager, no extra mate applications)13:56
Jorilmmh strange, on my system (I have MATE too):14:01
Joril# apt-get install network-manager-gnome14:01
JorilThe following NEW packages will be installed:14:01
Joril  dns-root-data dnsmasq-base libmbim-glib4 libmbim-proxy libmm-glib0 libndp0 libnm0 libnma0 libqmi-glib5 libqmi-proxy libteamdctl014:01
Joril  mobile-broadband-provider-info modemmanager network-manager network-manager-gnome14:01
ejri'll check, one sec14:02
ejrok, strange, now it only tries to install very few packages, like p11-policy and gnome-keyring. I guess the earlier massive load was because of some previous installations/dependencies...sorry for the confusion and thanks14:06
tponafhello Guest15643 \14:44
Guest15643hello tponaf :)14:44
tponafwhat are you working on Guest1564314:45
Guest15643today i started a qt version14:45
Guest15643today i also removed all the warnings thown by gcc during the compilation of libnetaid14:46
Guest15643the purpose is LxQT14:46
Guest15643there are no warnings now, and no segmentation faults:14:46
Guest15643it took me a lot of work14:47
tponafis there a readme i can peruse?14:48
onefangWhat does it actually do?14:49
Guest15643tponaf: today i'm fisnishing the ncurses interface; so, the usage will be very intuitive14:49
Guest15643there will be readme file anyway14:50
Guest15643what does it actually do?14:50
Guest15643the ncurses interface shows the information about the network connection: the IP address, the MAC address, the broadcast, the netmask, etc...14:52
tponaf i like this Guest1564314:52
tponafi have made some system status script using unicode14:52
Guest15643including whether the wire is plugged or not14:52
Guest15643*i have made some system status script using unicode*, good14:53
Guest15643it also shows if the network devices are UP | DOWN14:54
tponafit's all in bash, and the scrolling updates are still way too slow
Guest15643and you can bring up|down them (similar to "ip link set <device> up|down", but witten in C)14:55
tponafi might use that14:56
Guest15643i'll notify the release in the mailing list14:57
Guest15643i've been using it together with wicd, getting a lot of failures with the second one14:58
Guest15643but simple-netaid still never failed for me14:58
Guest15643i caused network flashing deliverately, trying to connect/disconnect several times but not flushing all the designed ip addresses15:02
Guest15643it causes intermittencies in the network connection, and the status icon of wicd fails15:03
Guest15643and depending on the way used during the disconnection, wicd might stop working15:06
Guest15643i'm happy with the work done in the libnetaid shared library: it'ĺl provide a lot of C utilities concerning with networking stuff15:09
tponafi'd like a way to auto-reconnect wlan if it goes down15:11
tponafno gui15:11
Guest15643installing libnetaid you can use:15:13
Guest15643void wireless_connection("wlan0")15:13
Guest15643in a very simple C program15:14
Guest15643this afternoon i'll share the definitive packages of libnetaid, and i'll document the usage, ok?15:15
Guest15643the libgiomm dependency shown in the screenshoot above is superfluous,and i have to remove it from CMake15:18
Guest15643only glib-2.0 is required, due to segmentation fault when using the sprintf function in netproc.c15:20
Guest15643this segmentation fault disappears replacing it by g_strdup_printf (this is for getting the mac address)15:21
Guest15643see you later, bye :)15:21
Tenkawawell I'm very impressed so far with what I see with Devuan.. if there are devs here good job and keep up the effort.. I will definitely be following16:24
tponafhi Tenkawa - using it for personal or professional use?16:35
Tenkawatponaf: starting personal but am a retired sysadmin.. focused on raspberry pi development now16:37
tponafdevuan arm is pretty nice16:38
Tenkawayeah I want to try to work on efforts to port it to the 416:38
Tenkawa2 of us just got native Debian 64 bit ported from scratch working on the 416:38
specingTenkawa: why broadcom why >_<16:39
Tenkawabecause I'm stuck at home with a lot of spare time16:39
Tenkawa(force retirement at a very young age gave me a lot of time to work on this stuff)16:40
specingTenkawa: why can't you people use more open boards like the olimex ones, from a small company that actually cares about FOSS?16:40
TenkawaI've been working on linux development since 199416:40
specinginstead of working for free for that megacorp16:40
Tenkawaspecing: I have 3 of those16:40
specing3 of those what?16:41
Tenkawaproblem is their hardware is horrid16:41
Tenkawaer olimex16:41
specingreally? In what way?16:41
tponafi found that opengl mode on pi3 with ethernet was an unstable combination16:41
Tenkawamind you I use everything headless16:42
TenkawaI'm strictly a server user16:42
Tenkawais olimex still making new boards?16:43
TenkawaI also like FriendlyElec16:44
Tenkawabut hardware specs are hard to come by16:44
tponafthese arm devices feel more human-scale to me16:44
tponafhappily puttering around with ~1GB and 1.2Ghz dualcore16:44
TenkawaI like my 3 quad core 4 gb ram boxes16:45
Tenkawayou should see distcc+ccache on those guys16:45
tponafthat's really a good idea16:46
tponafi should distcc with my collection of droid4 phones16:46
Tenkawathats whats been really nice with the raspberry pi 416:46
tponafwhat has16:47
Tenkawathe cores and ram at such a low cost16:47
Tenkawabrb.. need to switch my connection16:49
tponafi'm not a big fan of raspberry16:52
Tenkawaany particular reason?16:52
onefangTenkawa wont say why Olimex hardware is horrid, tponaf wont say why they are not a big fan of Raspberry.16:57
tponaf16:41 < tponaf> i found that opengl mode on pi3 with ethernet was an unstable combination16:58
Tenkawano.. I didnt say it was horrid16:59
TenkawaI said i dont like it16:59
Tenkawaits just old and o ut of date17:00
Tenkawa(at least my boards)17:00
Tenkawanone of them have it all right17:01
onefang<Tenkawa> problem is their hardware is horrid17:01
Tenkawa(sorry.. I have short term memory problems..."not being sarcastic")17:05
specinghow did you get retired early17:05
Tenkawawhich the damage also caused my memory probs17:06
golinuxTenkawa: Check out #devuan-arm and
Tenkawathanks :)17:32
tponaf iptables -F17:37
tponafiptables: Operation not supported.17:37
tponafPackage: iptables Version: 1.8.2-417:38
inakI installed refracta some time ago, but haven't seen any updates last few days. Is that normal, due to work on new beowulf iso? Or is there a file under /etc that I should modify?17:38
tponafwhy is iptables not honoring -F (flush the selected chain or all chains)17:38
Tenkawagolinux: going to test that newest image and see if it works17:40
golinuxTenkawa: Let us know how it goes.17:46
Tenkawawill do... setting up now17:48
fsmithredinak, only recent updates I've seen are web browsers and thunderbird. They've been there at least a few days and I haven't taken them yet.17:49
fsmithredI'm talking about beowulf. If you're on ascii, it might be pretty quiet.17:49
tponafif anyone wants pale moon browser for devuan arm, i have some config file and patches that yield a working build17:52
inakfsmithred: I'm on beowulf. Thanks for the info :)17:54
Tenkawagot the macine up18:18
Tenkawagoing to need to do some work and updating first because the kernel is direly behind18:18
Tenkawawould not read the internal nic on boot18:19
Tenkawayay for wired18:19
tponafdo you use iptables Tenkawa18:39
tponafwonderinf if /sbin/iptables -F gives you an error18:39
Tenkawaon occasion.. I put ib a 5.4 kernek and now we're all good18:41
Tenkawathe kernel did not see the device at all18:42
Tenkawait was not a iptables problem18:42
Tenkawaer 5.4 kernel18:42
Tenkawawireless is up and humming away18:42
Tenkawanext will be to run tests18:43
tponafand scrambling your dna :)18:43
Tenkawamy dna was already scrambled18:43
mn3mHi there... Is there any plans to add snapd ( to Devuan?21:02
mn3mprobably it's blocked by deps from systemd, but is there any bug reports?21:02
tponafi don't think we're very interested in running systemd'd packages21:03
Tenkawatponaf: so far so good on the rpi4 build... about to build an optimized kernel21:05
Tenkawathis thing flies21:05
tponafi'm happy with the nvidia jetson nano, aside from their kernel21:06
mn3mtponaf, Why systemd package? I see from description it's package manager...21:06
tponafmn3m: snap is bad21:06
Tenkawatponaf: I've thought about getting one of those21:07
mn3mI have nothing to argue, but when you have software in snap - how you will run it?21:07
tponafby apt installing it from devuan or compiling it mn3m21:07
Tenkawasnap is just a way to run it in a tmpfs really21:08
Atari-FroschQuick question: I just found that I cannot start a video DVD on my new Devuan installation. I posted this dmesg entries – – and someone on Twitter told me that libdvdcss might be missing, and that I could retrieve it from Now I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to use this repo in Devuan. What should I do?21:08
Tenkawasnaps are nice but before ubuntu I cant even remember them being around21:09
tponafloki games used to just ship the libraries their games needed with the game21:13
tuxd3vTenkawa, offcourse snapns were created by Ubuntu iirc21:14
tponafthough i haven't had to do this, my understanding is that statically linking will get you a (fairly) portable binary21:14
fsmithredAtari-Frosch, make sure libdvdnav4 and libdvdread4 are installed. If it still doesn't play, you probably do need libdvdcss. It's not included in the repo because it is illegal software in some places.21:16
tponafthat is until systemd came along21:16
Atari-Froschfsmithred: Both are installed.21:19
fsmithredtake the fewest packages needed from deb-multimedia21:19
fsmithreddon't leave it enabled in sources.list21:20
Atari-FroschI just thought about getting the source and compiling it myself.21:20
fsmithredoh. never thought of doing that.21:20
fsmithredthat should work.21:20
Atari-FroschOK. I think in this case that is better than trying deb.multimedia.21:20
Atari-FroschI was told before, when still working on Debian, that I should try to avoid that repo if possible.21:21
Atari-FroschIt just was not always possible. ;-)21:21
fsmithredyeah, I understand21:21
Atari-FroschOK, so let's install some devel stuff …21:22
fsmithredyou can end up pulling in a lot of stuff that can interfere with versions in repo21:22
fsmithredI'll be outside21:23
yetiAtari-Frosch: build such stuff in a VM of the same os release?21:25
Atari-Froschyeti: No VM available here. I usually have no need of them.21:25
yetia chroot?21:25
Atari-FroschWhy should I do that at all?21:25
yetispeeds up cleaning up21:25
yetiafter building21:25
tuxd3vAtari-Frosch, ascii has a 'libdvdcss2' package21:26
Atari-FroschI see. Well, I don't see a problem here.21:26
tuxd3vbut its not what youthink it is..21:26
Atari-FroschNot in the repos I use. – So what does that do?21:26
tuxd3vlike fsmithred told, this package has the right way to retrieve compile and generate the binaries of libdvdcss21:27
tuxd3vthe process is completly automated21:27
tuxd3vit will also retrive code, compile and generate the library ;)21:27
Atari-FroschI see. But it's still not available here: :~# apt search libdvdcss221:28
Atari-FroschSorting... Done21:28
Atari-FroschFull Text Search... Done21:28
Atari-FroschAnd then comes the prompt again.21:28
Atari-Froschdeb ascii main non-free contrib21:28
Atari-FroschPerhaps I should active the src packages?21:29
yetithat helpsalot™21:29
tuxd3vho.. right now I see it in search but I can't download it too, tough I already have it installed :)21:29
tuxd3vlibdvdcss2 in its form is not illigal, as it has no libdvdcss code inside21:30
tuxd3vbut will permit you do continue the retrive of code, compile and install it :)21:30
tuxd3vin a automated process21:31
Atari-FroschOK, I'll active the src packages and see if I can get it then.21:31
tuxd3vso lets call it a meta-package21:31
tuxd3vlike fsmithred  told above, the real libdvdcss binaries could infringe the laws of some countries21:33
tuxd3vbut you are not infringing any laws installing libdvdcss2, because it has no code or binaries on it :)21:33
Atari-FroschWell, I just want to watch DVDs I bought. ;-)21:33
* tuxd3v me too, I will see now matrix revolution :)21:34
Atari-FroschUnfortunately, after activating the src packages and apt-get update, libdvdcss2 is still not available :-(21:34
Atari-Froschtuxd3v: Have fun. Stargate SG1 Season 10 is waiting for me.21:34
Tenkawatponaf: I actually didnt realize snaps were created by Ubuntu.. never been a big user of Ubuntu... played around with it a few times but it always felt like it was trying to control too much21:40
Atari-Frosch… as soon as I have a working libdvdcss2 …21:40
TenkawaAtari-Frosch: lol thats what I'm watching right now21:41
Tenkawafor the third time21:42
Atari-FroschTenkawa: :-D21:42
tuxd3vAtari-Frosch, but..21:42
Tenkawatrying to intertwine between it and Atlantis' episodes21:42
tuxd3vyou can install 'libdvd-pkg'21:42
tuxd3vin the process it will ask you some questions21:43
Atari-Froschtuxd3v: That is there, yes.21:43
tuxd3vlater you can do a 'dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg'21:43
Atari-FroschAnd that would do the trick?21:44
tuxd3vI believe yes21:44
tuxd3vjust try it21:44
tuxd3vapt-get install --reinstall libdvd-pkg21:45
tponafTenkawa: a 'solution' that's just a band-aid creating more problems, imo21:45
tuxd3vwhen it finishes you can run ''dpkg-reconfigure libdvd-pkg'21:45
Tenkawatponaf: no.. had to.. they ran on the same night back to back originally so if I dont the storyline gets messed up21:48
Tenkawaor are you talking snaps?21:48
Tenkawathe snaps always seem like a potential setup for inconsistent errors21:50
* tuxd3v tuxd3v is eating popcorns :P21:50
TenkawaAtari-Frosch: you said season 10 right?21:51
TenkawaI'm on season 10 ep 4 atm21:52
tponaftuxd3v: i suggest getting coconut fat to pop them in, around 200-204°C21:56
tponafalso popcorn will keep in storage for 10 years. i have confirmed this.21:56
Tenkawaugggh I'm getting hungry21:56
Tenkawawe are on major lockdown here21:57
* tuxd3v tuxd3v is feeling that somebody wants his precious popcorns.. :)21:57
tponafi also reccommend flavocal butter-flavored popcorn salt (original recipe)21:58
MinceRthere's no need to include your nick explicitly in an ACTION (/me) :>21:58
tuxd3vGlobally, there are more than 800000 people infected now..21:58
tuxd3vand rising..21:58
Atari-FroschTenkawa: yes, 10. I'm on the second DVD, ep 7 or so.21:58
TenkawaAtari-Frosch: is this first time through?21:59
Atari-FroschTenkawa: For me, yes.21:59
Tenkawagreat show eh?22:00
tponafwhat television series are you talking about Tenkawa22:00
Atari-Froschtponaf: Stargate SG122:00
Tenkawamake sure you watch Atlantis at some point too22:00
Atari-FroschTenkawa: Yes it's great, and I plan to order Atlantis when I'm through :-)22:00
Tenkawaboth are on Hulu22:00
Atari-FroschI buy DVDs, so I cannot be tracked and can watch it whenever I want. :-)22:01
Tenkawa(I have all of them all on dvd but watch streaming out of convenience)22:01
Atari-FroschHA! That's it! tuxd3v, I did what you said, and the DVD just started in VLC \o/22:01
Tenkawalet em track me.. I dont care22:01
Tenkawaif they are that bored...22:02
tuxd3vAtari-Frosch, yeah, nice movies now22:02
* tuxd3v Atari-Frosch don't tell nothing to fmishtred, because now he will be jealous of us :D22:03
tuxd3vAtari-Frosch, 'libdvd-pkg' - the magic packet :)22:04
Atari-FroschYeah, indeed.22:09
Atari-FroschOK, then good night for now, I'll be watching Stargate, thanks to you :-)22:09
TwistedFateugh.. i think i corrupted my usb flash thumbdrive by removing it before it was unmounted22:10
TwistedFatehow can i completely wipe it and make it all good? :322:10
TenkawaTwistedFate: you "sure:" you corrupted it?22:11
tuxd3vTwistedFate, make fsck on it :)22:11
Tenkawawhat were you doing when you pulled ir?22:11
Tenkawayeah I was going to advice a fsck22:11
TwistedFateTenkawa: i was copying files to it and kde/plasma dolphin said that it was complete, but in reality it was still writing to it22:11
Tenkawaer advise22:11
Tenkawasystem or just random?22:12
TwistedFatei can't belive that gnu+linux still doesn't have a proper file transfer progress report22:12
tuxd3vTwistedFate, the linux cache is ... damm22:12
tuxd3vdo always a sync before pulling it22:12
Tenkawathats not "linux's" responsibiloty22:12
TwistedFatetuxd3v: i did sync but it hanged22:13
Tenkawaits the filsystems22:13
TwistedFateso i removed it22:13
tuxd3vif it hangged it was because it was still writing :(22:13
TwistedFatei also noticed it changed from /sdd to /sde22:13
Tenkawayou definitely had blocking io22:13
Tenkawai bet dmesg was ugly22:13
TwistedFateoh yes, yes indeed :322:14
TwistedFate[183354.488562] blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sde, sector 9214368 op 0x1:(WRITE) flags 0x4800 phys_seg 256 prio class 022:14
TwistedFate[183354.488567] Buffer I/O error on dev sde1, logical block 1151540, lost async page write22:14
TwistedFate[183354.488683] blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sde, sector 9216416 op 0x1:(WRITE) flags 0x4800 phys_seg 256 prio class 022:14
TwistedFate[183354.488809] blk_update_request: I/O error, dev sde, sector 9218464 op 0x1:(WRITE) flags 0x800 phys_seg 14 prio class 022:14
TwistedFatebunch of those22:14
Tenkawathats actually potentially media errors22:15
Tenkawawhat kind of media/drive?22:15
Tenkawaahh you said usb22:15
TwistedFatekingston usb3 flash thumbdrive22:15
Tenkawavery old?22:15
TwistedFatenot really, a couple of months old22:16
Tenkawayeah thats not very old22:16
TenkawaI've burned up a few but its taken a LOT  longer22:16
TwistedFateyou think the usb thumbdrive itself is bad?22:16
Tenkawawell.. start with the full fsck22:17
Tenkawamake sure it comes back cleab22:17
Tenkawaer clean22:17
TwistedFatehow do i do that?22:17
Tenkawaboot in single user22:17
Tenkawathen run e2fsck -fy /dev/devicename22:18
Tenkawais it ext2 or msdos?22:18
TwistedFatei can't remember, it's either ntfs or ext422:19
Tenkawayou can try just fsck -fy /dev/thatdevice22:19
Tenkawaie /dev/sdb122:19
TwistedFatei don't have it connected right now22:19
Tenkawai know22:19
TwistedFatebut i can check later22:19
TenkawaI'm just telling you how22:19
Tenkawaif you have an install cd/usb disk you can use rescue mode to check it from there22:20
TwistedFatewhy rescue mode though?22:26
TenkawaTwistedFate: its made for checking/rescueing broken installs with utilities and such22:37
Tenkawaalo safest way to mount the disks22:37
Tenkawaer also22:37
Tenkawaespecially since thats whats suspect right now22:38
tponafvery nice mpv can play bitchute urls directly22:51
TwistedFateTenkawa: i just checked via gparted22:54
TwistedFateit's showing as sdd again, it's ext422:54
TwistedFateTenkawa: should i just do fsck -fy /dev/sdd?22:55
TwistedFateas root22:55
Tenkawamake sure to put part #22:56
TwistedFatefsck -fy /dev/sdd122:58
TwistedFatefsck from util-linux 2.33.122:58
TwistedFatee2fsck 1.45.6 (20-Mar-2020)22:58
TwistedFatePass 1: Checking inodes, blocks, and sizes22:58
TwistedFatePass 2: Checking directory structure22:58
TwistedFatePass 3: Checking directory connectivity22:58
TwistedFatePass 4: Checking reference counts22:58
TwistedFatePass 5: Checking group summary information22:58
TwistedFate/dev/sdd1: 11/944704 files (0.0% non-contiguous), 84906/3777024 blocks22:58
Tenkawathats a good sign22:58
Tenkawaonly 11 files22:58
Tenkawaoh that might be boot22:59
Tenkawahow many partitions are on there?22:59
TwistedFatejust one sdd122:59
Tenkawawill it mount like on /mnt22:59
Tenkawamount /dev/sdd1 /mnt23:00
TwistedFateTenkawa: it mounted via dolphin file manager23:00
Tenkawawhats in there?23:00
TwistedFateTenkawa: lost+found dir23:00
Tenkawais there very many files23:00
TwistedFatefreshly formated to ext423:00
Tenkawawas anything on it before?23:01
TwistedFatestrange, it's not letting me write to it23:02
Tenkawaoh really?23:02
Tenkawawhats the error?23:02
TwistedFatethere's no error23:02
TwistedFatejust don't have the option to copy in dolphin23:02
TwistedFateerm, paste23:02
Tenkawaopen up a shell23:03
Tenkawarun a df  | grep sdd23:03
TwistedFatewhat the heck "touch: cannot touch 'test.txt': Permission denied"23:03
Tenkawait might be mounted as a diff user23:03
TwistedFatedf |grep sdd23:03
TwistedFate/dev/sdd1        14805376      36904  13996684   1% /media/twistedfate/c5762f3a-6fd9-4d94-b5f8-7e0e99e7028123:03
Tenkawais there anything in lost+found?23:04
furrywolfdid you format it while it was mounted?23:05
Tenkawafurrywolf: no he pulled it23:05
Tenkawawe were hoping coalescing and a fsck might save it23:05
furrywolfok, I missed too much context to be useful, then.23:06
TwistedFateTenkawa: i can as root23:06
TwistedFatebut not as user23:06
Tenkawabut its not looking good23:06
furrywolfbbl, work23:06
TwistedFateTenkawa: does this help?
Tenkawalet me look23:07
Tenkawano.. go to /media/twistedfate/c5762f3a-6fd9-4d94-b5f8-7e0e99e70281/lost+found23:08
Tenkawaand ls23:08
Tenkawaanything in there?23:08
TwistedFateTenkawa: no
Tenkawayeah looks like it is just gone23:09
Tenkawaat least the media is still good23:10
TwistedFatewhat is gone?23:13
TwistedFatethe data or the usb thumbdrive (hardware)?23:13
Tenkawa devuan-arm 5.5.13-v8 #123:14
Tenkawathats my pi423:14
TenkawaTwistedFate: the data23:15
TwistedFateTenkawa: i don't care about data, i formated the drive on purpose23:16
TwistedFatei just need it to work23:16
Tenkawaah cool23:16
Tenkawayeah it looks good23:16
TwistedFatei zapped it23:28
TwistedFatethen made new mbr23:28
TwistedFateand formated it to ext3, mounted it, chowned it to my user and now i'm copying file via terminal (cp)23:29
TwistedFatehopefully it wont screw me over like dolphin23:29
Tenkawagood luck23:31
TwistedFatedoes any of know how to create a bootable windows 10 usb flash thumbdrive from a gnu+linux system?23:37
TwistedFateTenkawa: sigh.. terminal showed me the prompt after 'finishing' the copy, then i ran 'sync' and now it just hangs..23:45
masonTwistedFate: sync not coming back means it's still writing, not hung23:45
masonTwistedFate: you'll see errors in dmesg if it actually hangs, and even they might be illusory, as I've seen USB writes throw hung task warnings but still finish23:46
Tenkawahow much  are you copying?23:47
TwistedFateTenkawa: a little less than 5 gigs23:47
masonbbiab anyway23:47
Tenkawait could take a while23:47
TwistedFatewhy would the terminal give me the prompt before it finished copying?23:48
TwistedFatehmm looks like it's done23:48
TwistedFatefreaking gnu+linux23:48
Tenkawathats a unix thing23:48
Tenkawadisk buffers23:48
masonTwistedFate: Buffering. This is all normal.23:48
Tenkawaits io cache23:48
Tenkawacompletely normal23:49
masonTwistedFate: Be grateful to sync(1) for not having you pull out the USB stick before it finished writing.23:49
TwistedFatethis is weird, 'umount fleska/23:50
TwistedFateumount: /home/twistedfate/fleska: target is busy.'23:50
Tenkawawhat directory are you in?23:50
TwistedFateshouldn't it unmount without problems when copying and sync are done?23:50
Tenkawado a fuser -cu /home/twistedfate/fleska23:51
Tenkawato find out what has it locked23:51
TwistedFatefuser -cu /home/twistedfate/fleska/23:51
TwistedFate/home/twistedfate/fleska:  5283c(twistedfate)23:51
Tenkawanow ps and see what that is23:52
TwistedFatehuh it's gone23:52
TwistedFateunmounted now23:52
Tenkawait might have been the indexer23:52
Tenkawatheres a search indexer i think by default for removeable media23:53
TwistedFateseems to be ok now23:54
TwistedFatemy other PC reads it, copying the file now23:54
Tenkawagood deal23:54
TwistedFateTenkawa: do you by any chance know how to create a bootable usb flash thumbdrive23:55
TwistedFatefor windows 10, from gnu+linux?23:55
TenkawaI saw a reference on google to something called woeusb23:55
TwistedFatethat bloody thing doesn't work23:55
Tenkawaoh ok23:55
TwistedFatei tried to compile it from source and to install it from a third party repo on two different distros23:56
TwistedFatenone worked23:56
Tenkawadid you try woeusb-ng too?23:56
TwistedFateTenkawa: i haven't23:59

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