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aitorabout the localization mentioned above...01:54
Guest79364apt-get install locales01:55
Guest79364sed -e 's/# en_US.UTF-8/en_US.UTF-8/' -i /etc/locale.gen01:55
Guest79364locale-gen en_US.UTF-801:55
Guest79364update-locale LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LANGUAGE=en_US.UTF-8 LC_CTYPE=en_US.UTF-801:56
Guest79364this is the code used in the live-sdk, but you can use "dpkg-reconfigure locales", and the same for "console-data"02:00
DarwinElfupgrade Devuan 2 to 2.1?11:44
gnarfaceit's supposed to work, yes11:47
gnarfaceor are you trying to figure out how?11:48
Jorilgnarface: isn't it just a normal apt update?11:48
gnarfaceit shouldn't be any different than a normal update, yes11:48
DarwinElfyes, I am trying to figure out how... or maybe I already did but forgot11:48
gnarfaceif you already did "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" you already have it.  it's safe to do again.... unless your /etc/apt/sources.list is jacked up11:49
DarwinElfi have some virtual private servers with Devuan ASCII... /etc/debian_version says 2...11:49
DarwinElforiginally I had to convert them myself11:49
gnarfacei assume you have to update them yourself11:50
DarwinElfi setup unattended-upgrades11:50
gnarfaceit probably has a log somewhere you can verify11:50
JorilOdd, my /etc/debian_version says 911:51
DarwinElfoh, or maybe I hadn't set it up...11:51
gnarfaceDarwinElf: there's also /var/log/apt/history.log11:51
DarwinElfisn't part of it apt-get dist-upgrade?11:54
GyrosGeierit's a conffile11:55
GyrosGeierso dpkg refuses to overwrite it if it's changed vs what it expects11:55
gnarfaceDarwinElf: that's only for upgrading to a new release.  you're just upgrading the current release.  it also shouldn't matter if you run it anyway though.11:56
gnarfaceDarwinElf: (dist-upgrade will just be redundant in that case)11:57
DarwinElfoh, so that would be something like 3.0 next?11:58
gnarfaceupgrading to that would include a change to your sources.list file and the dist-upgrade step you metioned11:59
DarwinElfi'm not sure what to choose in 50unattended-upgrades .  I'd like to upgrade only stable/security realeases unless I need to use something like backports in the future, then do that at that time...11:59
gnarfacei've never used it, honestly.11:59
DarwinElfbut there are so many choices I don't know what they all are...11:59
gnarfacedo you know about man pages?12:00
gnarfaceif there aren't any, or if they suck, check in /usr/share/doc/[package name]/ for supplementary documentation12:00
DarwinElfthere isn't one12:00
DarwinElfand there isn't really any documentation on this12:01
gnarfacenot even in /usr/share/doc/?12:01
meep_____DarwinElf: i autoinstall security updates across prod servers12:01
meep_____It works fine12:01
DarwinElfthe documentation in the configuration file is as cryptic as some of the worst Unix manpages12:01
meep_____Never had an issue12:01
meep_____*on Devuan Stable12:01
DarwinElfwhat's codename 'ascii-updates"?'12:08
gnarfaceDarwinElf: previously known as volatile - stuff like updates to the tzdata package12:11
gnarface(like when the president orders it changed for example)12:12
gnarfacesometimes stuff needs to be updated to be "correct" even if it's not a "bug" or security vulnerability.  understand?  that stuff goes in udpates12:12
gnarfaceat least that's my vague understanding of it.  the system will function fine without it but i'd recommend leaving it on12:13
gnarfacethere might be a reason to exclude it but i think when in doubt it's safe to assume you want it12:14
gnarfacethe free geoip database updates might fall under that category too, iirc12:15
ChimpZhello there15:28
ChimpZanyone has a good argument in favour of NOT upgrading from Ascii to Beowulf?15:28
ChimpZor, alternatively, anyone has a simple/elegant way of installing opam 2.0.x on Ascii?15:29
mason(Context: I answered last night so I won't again, but I thought this'd be a less biased place to ask than the dev channel.)15:30
Tenkawamason: what is the dev channel btw?16:12
TenkawaI'm interested in potentially getting more involved if I can (especially now that I have a lot of free time)16:13
tponafChimpZ: i don't know that package but you might consider compiling opam 2.0.x16:24
Tenkawayeah a good ole apt -b source sounds pretty good to me too16:27
ShorTieis 'DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive' valid ??16:28
ShorTieNo such file or directory16:28
tponafi also find my long relationship with Beowulf has been a happy one16:28
TenkawaShorTie: checking16:29
Tenkawayou need to set that variable beforehand ie:16:31
Tenkawasudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive sh -c 'echo $DEBIAN_FRONTEND'16:31
Tenkawathen run the apt commands with -y16:32
Tenkawareference this page its ubuntu but its still the syntax16:32
tponafyou're a credit to your community Tenkawa16:34
TenkawaI just really enjoy this and want to help where I can16:36
tponaf"That's the spirit"16:37
TenkawaLinux devuan-arm 5.5.13-v8 #116:38
Tenkawathats my pi4 I built the other day16:38
Tenkawahumming nicely16:39
Tenkawabuilding the 5.6 kernel for it right now16:39
tponafi forgot you were with me in the devuan-arm treehouse Tenkawa :)16:39
Tenkawanow that it has been released16:39
ShorTieblaaa, dummy, Thankz16:40
tponaf5.6 here16:40
TenkawaShorTie: cool16:40
ShorTiechroot $(PKG_ROOT) dpkg-reconfigure -f noninteractive dash, worked16:40
Tenkawabtw nice to see you here16:40
ShorTiei didn't relize it twas just setting a variable .. :/~16:41
Tenkawayeah, not very intuitive16:42
Tenkawabut at least easy to fix16:42
ShorTiethis is workin preaty good for my SmoothWall conversion so far16:43
tponafthe netson nano can be live converted from ubuntu to devuan beowulf without rebooting too much16:44
ShorTiejust need to switch up the runtimeroot from package based to program based16:44
tponafit was kind of amazing16:44
TenkawaI'm going to have to buy a bolt on wifi switch/ap/extender because my provider is being pains about replacing my 9 year old cable modem thats acting up on the wifi16:45
Tenkawai'll just cable it up with one/more of the eth ports16:45
ShorTieswitch the initramfs creation from that is16:45
masonTenkawa: #devuan-dev16:45
Tenkawamason: thanks16:45
Tenkawathe jetson would be nice for me if I didnt do everything headless16:47
tponafok yes16:48
tponafif any graphics nerds are around, I'm hoping to get better video acceleration running on it16:48
Tenkawayeah my visual difficulties made me not look there as much16:49
tponafand if anyone knows mediumly-full featured gstreamer based video players i'd like to know one16:49
Tenkawanow sound/music... if someone came out with a board that had a great sound output on it16:49
tponafcan i interest you in a pure digital amp?16:50
Tenkawawhats name?16:51
tponafif you can suggest an offtopic place to chat that'd be better16:51
Tenkawajust a sec16:52
AlexLikeRockhi guys ,20:00
AlexLikeRocki need a  VIRTUAL KEYBOARD to my devuan,20:00
AlexLikeRockmy fiphical keyboard its broken20:00
masonAlexLikeRock: A cheap USB keyboard might be the most sensible solution.20:01
masonI can't see an on-screen keyboard being usable.20:02
AlexLikeRockwell , some times , its no available USB-KEYBOARD20:02
masonAlexLikeRock: Do you mean your keyboard works sometimes, but only sporadically?20:03
tponaf_there's a virtual keyboard named 'florence' for debian AlexLikeRock20:03
AlexLikeRockkeyboard of my laptop : NOT WORK20:04
AlexLikeRockUSB-keyboard : some times are LOSE at home20:05
AlexLikeRocki am at DEVUAN JESSIE20:06
tponaf_let me know how florence works for you AlexLikeRock20:06
ejrhi! so i installed devuan 3.0 recently and am very happy with it so far. i wonder about some services running though, and am not sure about what they all are. could someone please have a look at my services list (this is the result of ls /etc/init.d/) and tell me if there is anything running that should not be running on a relatively minimum installation?23:41
ejri installed tor, xserver,thinkfan and network-manager, so those are allowed23:41
Atari-FroschHm. In Debian Jessie, in mc (midnight commander) when I pressed return on an image file (jpg, png, …), it was opened automagically with feh. I have never configured that, it just worked. Now on Devuan ASCII I have feh installed, but mc opens images in gimp. I cannot find out where this was configured.23:42
masonejr: That's a list of service files, not a list of running services.23:43
ejryes, i stand corrected there23:43
masonejr: You can read each and see a description up at the top.23:43
masonIt's all pleasingly self-documenting, and if you have additional questions, feel free to ask them ehre.23:44
masonbrb in any event, checking in with the family after a string of meetings23:44
ejrprobably a good idea to familiarize oneself with the services anyway, so yes, i am looking into them individually. thx23:48
debdogAtari-Frosch: I am not entirely certain but I think mc uses debian's mime system but it is possible to overwrite the settings in $HOME/.config/mc/mc.ext23:50
Atari-Froschdebdog: OK, I'll look into that, thank you.23:52
debdogwould be nice to have some documentation 'bout that, Atari-Frosch :D  I think the mime system has some serious flaws. AFAIKS the latest prog that has been installed is the one the mime points to and that is not always favourable. esp. if the the latest prog was wine...23:55

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