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openbsdtai123Hi ! I managed to plot a graphic using Fluid of FLTK. This is not simple becauase of where are located the "Class" and there is no example on net.01:15
openbsdtai123SO here the method to plot a graph using FLTK, this would allow more dev for devuan : code is:
ullet_greets openbsdtai123 hop you're having a nice morning01:33
openbsdtai123oh yeah, I will continue maths... would be nice that those educative programs are online.01:35
openbsdtai123It seems that at school, in US, the students are learning on Microsoft Windows mostly the graphical applications or Windows methods.01:36
openbsdtai123alternatively it is to use OpenGL, Glut, SDL2 everywhere.01:40
golinuxThis is a Devuan support channel.01:41
golinuxNot your personal BS channel.  Maybe take it to a PM?01:41
openbsdtai123I  go to a channel for free talk01:46
golinuxopsenb This is a Devuan support channel not a chat channel02:03
golinuxopenbsdtai123: This is a Devuan support channel not a chat channel.  Apologies for the misfire02:04
* specing reloads golinux02:04
golinuxPlease take OT to #debianfork or a one-on-one02:05
golinuxullet_: Ditto02:06
ullet_ python3-pyqt5.qtwebkit : Depends: python3-pyqt5 (= 5.11.3+dfsg-1+b3) but 5.12.3+dfsg-3+b1 is to be installed04:11
ullet_do i need to build that stuff, or can i force install it?04:11
xrogaanwhat are you trying to install?04:27
ullet_qutebrowser-qtwebkit xrogaan04:29
ullet_ Depends: python3-pyqt5.qtwebkit (>= 5.7) but it is not going to be installed04:29
ullet_ python3-pyqt5.qtwebkit : Depends: python3-pyqt5 (= 5.11.3+dfsg-1+b3) but 5.12.3+dfsg-3+b1 is to be installed04:29
ullet_i'd like maintainers to at least tive me >=04:30
ullet_but it's low priority, just a heads-up!04:30
xrogaanyou may have something requiring pyqt5 and blocking the install. Try an 'aptitude install'04:32
xrogaanit'll let you know about conflicts04:32
ullet_it suggests04:36
ullet_     Keep the following packages at their current version:04:36
ullet_1)     python3-pyqt5.qtwebkit [Not Installed]04:36
ullet_2)     qutebrowser-qtwebkit [Not Installed]04:36
ullet_i think i need them installed, no?04:37
ullet_xrogaan: ?04:37
ullet_i enter 'n' for no04:40
ullet_trying harder Y04:40
ullet_open: 5003; closed: 19434; defer: 59; conflict: 88 for the first attempt04:41
ullet_open: 10013; closed: 43979; defer: 67; conflict: 99  second run04:41
ullet_open: 15048; closed: 71664; defer: 87; conflict: 150   3rd04:43
xrogaantry dist-upgrade on python3-pyqt5?04:44
xrogaanor just a dist-upgrade alone, if your system isn't up to date04:44
ullet_just upgraded04:45
ullet_i'll let the qute guys know04:46
xrogaanor at worse, uninstall   python3-pyqt504:51
ullet_interesting maybe the regular qutebrowser conflicts with qutebrowser-qtwebkit, i'll try uninstalling python3-pyqt5 which removes qutebrowser as a dependency05:03
golinuxWrong channel meep_____   chat on #debianfork09:48
GeneralStupidHi, yesterday i upgraded to beowulf, since then I have some mail issues... I use dovecot and postfix. The issue i cannot solve is, that dovecot is saving incoming mails twice16:24
gnarfaceGeneralStupid: first thing you should do in a situation like this is check debian's bug tracker to see if it has already been reported as an issue (if so, they might have a temporary fix posted as well, and if not there is a possibility the damage is self-inflicted)16:27
GeneralStupidgnarface: does not look like16:29
gnarfaceGeneralStupid: the second thing i would do then is verify that those packages are the right versions (distro-mixing or even using of backports in the previous release might have left behind some mismatching versions that escape upgrade)16:30
GeneralStupidgnarface: i also checked this. core, sieve and everything else are the same version16:32
gnarfaceGeneralStupid: alright, seems like it must be a bug then.  best report it.  anything interesting show up in the logs or does it seem to be functioning correctly other than duplicating stuff?16:33
gnarfaceGeneralStupid: is there any possibility custom configs could just be accidentally launching the daemon twice or something?16:34
GeneralStupidi just raised the verbosity level.16:36
TwistedFatehelp someone, my in-game FPS is limited to 60FPS but i don't have v-sync on.. what could cause this?21:34
sixwheeledbeastthe game is set to 60 or it cant get any faster?21:51
TwistedFatesixwheeledbeast: it was force locked to 60 FPS even though the v-sync was off22:21
TwistedFateturned out it was an overlay called mangoHUD that caused it22:21
ullet_ /223:40

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