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frabbithi. ive red that a dualboot system (2 os on one storage-device), where one system is windows can be ugly... windows wont boot or go crazy.. i want to install a windows 7 professional and devuan on a ssd. anything special i need to do, except partitioning?01:45
fsmithredfrabbit, install windows first, leave or create some unpartitioned space, install linux and let it install the bootloader.02:00
fsmithredthere are a million howtos on this02:01
frabbit_fsmithred: ok thx...02:44
RhineDevilWhen my desktop pc resumes from suspend USB devices won't turn on. Note that I have noveau video driver installed12:32
RhineDevil I tried adding usbcore.autosuspend=-1 as explained in this post with no results12:32
user_mikeCongratulations being picked up by ParrotOS & GNEWsense14:32
user_mikeMy Yubikey 5 is working well with PAM_U2F, but it went from 1 touch to 2 touches for some reason14:33
user_mikeOn BeoWulf that is14:33
user_mikeAnd also I have to start PulseAudio each time I boot now, that just started randomly after 1 week with no issues14:33
rknopHey -- I'm running Beowulf, but don't seem to be able to install Okular.  The reason is a whole bunch of other support packages that aren't going to be install.  I traced down one path of the dependency tree, and got down to "libpolkit-qt5-1-1 : Depends: libpam-systemd"15:04
rknopHas systemd infected KDE to the point that we won't be able to use KDE utilities any more?  I depend on Okular, as I don't know that there's anything else that handles PDF annotations and PDF forms reasonably well.15:05
xinomilotry : apt install elogind libpam-elogind okular15:05
rknopHuh, that seems to be going.  package wizardry.15:06
rknopHow could I have figured out from the apt-get response that that was a way to get things to work?  Is elogind an alternative to something else that was installed?15:07
xinomiloapt depends libpolkit-qt5-1-115:07
xinomilo|Depends: <default-logind>15:08
xinomilo    libpam-elogind15:08
xinomilo  Depends: <logind>15:08
xinomilo    libpam-elogind15:08
rknopHmm... what I see is:15:08
rknop  Depends: <libpam-systemd>15:08
rknop    libpam-elogind15:08
rknopat the top15:08
rknop(I'm in the middle of the previous install command.)15:08
xinomilook, i'm in ceres, not beowulf15:08
xinomilodepends on either of those. elogind is alternative to systemd's logind15:09
rknopIt's weird that mine doesn't give me the second alternative, but the install command you gave me did owrk.  It seems a little mysterious to me.15:10
openbsdtai123there is a bug in the Xorg wrapper. this needs to be fixed at some points. dpkg-reconfigure will lead to failing startx.18:07
openbsdtai123I just inform you. debian is is the same. On Fedora, Opensuse, Slackware, no issue.18:08
openbsdtai123If once place anybox, perm will not work due to /dev/X perm. This is a common fix that may be implemented easy by just removing this permission. it is not necessary to follow debian, but rather instead look forward keeping Unix standards.18:10
golinux<openbsdtai123> I just inform you. debian is is the same.18:36
golinuxFile a bug with Debian then.18:36
radIf I connect with MATE to a remote server, shouldn't there be a gvfs mount in /run/user/1000?18:43
premobossim using chromium18:49
premobossi am on youtube and seeing a video. then video stop. i try to get the video with youtube-dl and got a message thht video was dedeted by owner. anyway i still have it in cache of cromium and i can see it about for 60%. qeustion: how can i retrive the video from the crhomium cache?18:50
radMaybe copy the cache directory of chrome and then see which of the files play with VLC? Start from the most recent files.18:52
premobossrad, already did, i identified some file bigger than others (5M, 6M) ecc but comnand "file" report them just as "data" and vlc is not able to blay them.18:56
premobossafter i failed, i came here to ask help :-)18:56
premobossalternative is to play file on crhomium and record it with mobile phone but it isa s o bad and inelegant solution18:58
furrywolfprobably better off asking in a chromium-specific channel...  also, I think youtube uses javascript to feed data to the player, so I have no idea how it gets cached.18:58
fsmithreddpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg-legacy appears to work properly. It gives three choices for who can run X: root, console users, anyone. I chose console users and my user can still run startx.18:59
kiwi_testhi all19:00
radpremoboss, just add all the files to the vlc playlist and hit play and see if anything plays as it goes through them19:05
fsmithredpremoboss, when was the last time you updated youtube-dl?19:07
premobossrad... good idea. let me do it19:07
premobossfurrywolf, do you cnow some chtomium-specific channel here on freenode, please?19:09
furrywolf#chromium has 360 users.19:09
radClipit is quite broken in beowulf.19:10
radthe hotkeys don't seem to work and if I open the settings or about dialog it's an empty gray square that sits undecorated at the top-left of my screen.19:11
radAlso the hotkey I set top open the advanced start menu doesn't seem to work either.19:11
radBut MATE hotkeys in general work.19:11
kiwi-testjust one question, will you change in the next releases to systemd?19:25
kiwi-testaccoding to the table on distrowatch it seems so
golinuxMuhahahaha!  No!19:27
golinuxThey say, "The project's primary goal is to provide a variant of Debian without the complexities and dependencies of systemd . . ."19:29
golinuxThat is why we exist.19:29
furrywolfwhere does the table say that?19:31
furrywolfit says init sysv in every column on the table.  heh.19:34
kiwi-testok maybe distrowatch made a mistake20:09
kiwi-testwhen you scroll down where systemd says in the column at testing says 241 and in unstable says 245.520:10
kiwi-testtherefore i asked20:10
radI guess those are the version of systemd that are available in the repos, coming from debian.20:16
radDoesn't mean they're used or will be used.20:21
radIt also lists the chromium version but it's not installed at all by default. Firefox is IIRC.20:22
kiwi-testyeah i got it20:27
kiwi-testanyway i am relieved to hear that20:33
kiwi-testcya buy buy20:33
merzbirddoes devuan use something other than ~/.Xresources for uh.. x resources?21:07
merzbirdor do i have to author one on my own21:08
Atari-Froschmerzbird: I guess you have to. Had the same problem some days ago.21:11
masonmerzbird: Don't forget .Xdefaults21:11
Atari-FroschIt seems it doesn't matter how you call it. You just have to tell /etc/X11/xinit/xinit.rc about it. :-)21:13
Atari-Froschlike this:21:13
Atari-Froschif test -f "$HOME/.Xresources"; then21:13
Atari-Frosch    echo "merging ..."21:13
Atari-Frosch    xrdb -merge "$HOME/.Xresources"21:13
masonJust saying, .Xdefaults works out of the box.21:13
Atari-FroschHm, did not for me. Or I did something wrong.21:14
masonWorks for me. And it doesn't have to be anywhere in /etc - if you want, you can xrdb -merge out of .xsession or something.21:14
merzbirdty friends21:16
masonmerzbird: FWIW, man X and look at the description of XENVIRONMENT21:16
masonThey note .Xdefaults-hostname but without -hostname works as well.21:17
masonDifferent behaviour for .Xdefaults and .Xresources, which I didn't know about until just now.21:17
masonSecond section talking about XENVIRONMENT I should say, since it appears a couple times in the man page.21:18

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