libera/#devuan/ Saturday, 2020-05-23

frabbithi. i have a ssd here with windows 7 and want to use the rest space to install devuan wit the partions / /boot /home /temp and /var. all partitions except /boot should be encrypted. anyone has a good guide for that? i only found guides where the whole disk is used or only two partions exists ( /boot and / and / will be encrypted). Problem ist, that the installer wants a passphrase for each partition i00:18
frabbitchoose in "Confidure encrypted volumes"00:18
frabbiti use the Expert installer00:18
frabbitive done it like this: use the biggest free space,  create a 200MB /boot partion as primary and beginning at location.00:21
frabbitfor the rest of the free space i choosed Automatically partition the free space00:22
frabbitas /home /var and /tmp00:22
frabbitafter that i need to edit the 200MB partion again as /boot and ext4 (is that a bug?)00:23
frabbitthen i wrote the changes to disk and configure encrypted volumes00:24
frabbitand there i choose all the created partions above (and /) except /boot00:24
frabbitbut then it asks for a passphrase for every single partition... o_000:25
gnarfacefrabbit: did you use LVM?  I think this step requires LVM00:25
frabbitive never done this manually in the installer, i always used the wwhole disk before and encrypted it00:25
frabbitgnarface: hey. =) no but i thought that its maybe what i need00:26
frabbitit can group the partions right? so i can just encrypt the group?00:26
gnarfaceyea, the thing about encrypting the whole disk... i think that might be required though, but i also think that LVM is somehow key to a lot of encrypted disk setups00:26
gnarfaceyea, LVM is about managing partition groups ... sorta.  it defines a layer of "volumes" which are sortof just soft-partitions i guess00:27
frabbityeah..i do not really understand what it is (ive red the wikipedia article)00:27
frabbitmaybe in the future00:27
gnarfacethey can be changed around on the fly without the restrictions normal partitions have in a running system00:27
gnarfacehmm, did you read the Devuan release notes?  they might have mentioned this in there, i forget00:28
frabbitso do i need to choose configure the LVM first after i partitioning?00:28
gnarfacei think first, or at the same time00:28
gnarfaceit should be in that same partitioning step of the installer00:28
frabbitgnarface: yeah that dynamicll thing is what i understand00:28
frabbitfirst? oh...00:29
gnarfacewell, it should be clear one way or another00:29
gnarfacethe tool should imply a workflow...00:29
gnarfacebut i also think i remember hearing that leaving /boot unencrypted is also a requirement unless you're using a libreboot bios00:29
frabbitso: 1. "Configure LVM" choose the free space there, 2. Configure encrypted volumes and 3. create partions inthe encrypted volumes?00:30
frabbitgnarface: yes /boot must be unencrypted, but i wrote that above00:31
gnarfacehmmm, yea sounds right, i think.  i've never heard of LVM sharing a disk with a windows partition though, so that will be interesting00:31
frabbitno libreboot on this laptop00:31
frabbitgnarface: you only know windows and not-encrypted gnu/linux on same disk?00:31
gnarfacefrabbit: i haven't really used windows for almost 20 years.  LVM didn't even exist back then00:32
frabbitgnarface: oh! =D00:32
frabbitthats a long time00:32
gnarfaceneither did disk encryption afaik though it might have... it would have been a real chore for a 150MHz chip00:33
frabbiti do not really want to use windows.. but i need that for some games... sadly00:33
gnarfaceoh?  which games, maybe i can relieve you by telling you you're wrong00:33
frabbit=D sure not sorry ;)00:34
gnarfacea whole raft of them work as good in Linux now, if you're willing to go through a similar amount of effort with Wine or Steam00:34
frabbita lots of adventures that run only under windows (or some with steam or gog under linux but i wont use this services)00:34
frabbitno wine00:34
frabbiti messed arround with taht in the past under ubuntu... wasnt fun00:35
frabbiti came from console gaming, i just wnat to put in the game and play00:35
gnarfaceit really might be prefrable to dual-booting in some cases now.  and you could still access the windows partition through qemu for non-game stuff like your tax software or whatever else they've bound you to themselves with00:35
gnarfacewell, do what you want, but when they brick your windows7 install secretly trying to update it to windows10 behind your back, i'll still be happy to help you free yourself of it for good :)00:37
gnarface(at that point the games will also be a lost cause anyway)00:37
frabbitso i configure the free space on the disk as lvm but now and i cant choose it for encryption and even not edit it to create partitions...00:38
frabbitgnarface: the windows 7 is only for offline gaming ;)00:38
frabbiti would never go online with a system that isnt maintained anymore...00:39
gnarfacewell, that's smart.  that might save you00:40
frabbiti cant even remove the lvm from that free disk space... wtf?! o_000:40
gnarfacehang on00:41
frabbitah under configure lvm again00:41
gnarfacewhen you make it LVM, you can't choose for it to be encrypted at that step?00:41
gnarfacethis looks legit, did you see this?00:42
gnarfacethere's actually an ascii-art graph above it of the partition/volume/group topology, maybe that'll clear things up for you00:43
frabbitbut this is not for the expert-installer is it?00:44
gnarfacei assume it either is or it applies to both00:45
gnarfaceall the expert mode installer does is ask extra questions00:45
frabbiti cant do that here...00:47
frabbitah wait00:47
frabbitim stupid00:47
frabbitthere are two entries00:47
frabbitdidnt saw that in hte first place sorry <=)00:48
frabbitin the partion table is now a new entry on the top00:48
gnarfaceit's ok, it's not a super intuitive interface00:48
gnarfaceyou get used to it's quirks eventually00:49
frabbitbut i cant split that into several partitions...00:49
gnarfacehmm, should be possible some how00:50
gnarfacei don't know if you have to create the volume groups first or not00:50
frabbiti did00:50
gnarfacevolume groups should group your physical volumes, then you should be able to define your logical volumes as /usr, /home, /var, /tmp whatever00:51
gnarfacegoogle said you should be able to then define the logical volumes as either encrypted or not, but this example from debian's wiki seems to put the unencrypted volumes outside the LVM table.00:52
gnarfaceit's possible there are feature differences by version though, i am not sure.  did you say this was ascii or beowulf?00:52
frabbitits ascci00:54
frabbiti need to pay arround here a bit...00:54
gnarfacealright, good luck.  it's slow in here right now but keep at it, eventually someone will show up who has done this before00:54
gnarfacei vaguely recall something about cryptsetup being important, maybe an environment variable you have to set or something, not sure if that's still an issue but i remember talk about it00:56
frabbiti need to create a volume group, the the logical volumes, these are the "partitions" (/var /home etc.) the at configure encrypted volumes i can select them to encrypt00:56
frabbithm but i wonder i f it wont be the same then (a passphrase for each partition)00:56
gnarfaceyea, they might each need their own passwords at that point.  not sure00:57
gnarfaceseems logical that they would though00:58
frabbitoh got erros here now o_000:58
frabbitgeez! why is that so messy...00:58
gnarfaceis that progress? errors like?00:58
frabbiti can encrypt a usb devcie with cryptsetup and create a partition tabel and partitions witj parted... why is that here so much different?00:59
gnarfacebecause you're encrypting the whole physical device in that case, a case in which it also does not have to be bootable01:00
frabbitgnarface: sorry didnt "Failed to create a filesystem,"01:00
frabbityeah that bootable makes the difference but whole divece or not? why does that matter?01:00
gnarfacei don't know enough about the actual encryption code to know why, but it's a fundamental limitation.  like the type of limitation based on hard limits of physics and reality, not something marketers can lie their way out of01:01
gnarfacealso linked to why the technology doesn't work on individual files01:02
gnarfacesomething about the actual drive identifiers being encrypted before mount time, so it happens below the driver level or something like that?01:03
gnarface(probably also directly linked to why the government can't break it)01:03
frabbitthis installer step should be rewritten...01:06
gnarfacehah, i'm sure that's been said before01:06
frabbitnow i cant delete the encrypted partion...01:06
frabbitand the lvm neither...01:07
gnarfaceoh, are you using the graphic expert mode or the text/ncurses expert mode?  some people have found the text version to be more intuitive01:07
frabbiti abort and use gparted live for deleting it... man...01:09
frabbitcan i install devuan on several partitions wich are all unencrypted and then just use cryptsetup LUKS after installation to encrypt them?01:11
gnarfacehow old is that ascii installer?  i know it has been patched once or twice01:11
frabbitfrom december01:11
gnarfaceif that's something cryptsetup can do normally, should work just fine in Devuan, yes01:11
frabbit.. hm dont know01:11
frabbitbut i dont think so... as i said normally i encrypt first and then create partions and filesystem01:12
gnarfacemy understanding was that you could indeed do this with LUKS and without LVM but in that case the *whole* disk needs to be encrypted.  LVM is the only trick afaik to just encrypt *some* of it01:13
frabbitook =(01:13
gnarfacei could be wrong though, really01:13
gnarfaceyou need to talk to someone who uses this on a laptop01:14
gnarfaceand i know they've been here, i just forget who01:14
gnarfacei vaguely recall some gotcha about having to set up a CRYPTSETUP environment variable in the grub config or something.  maybe search the forums about it?01:15
frabbiti cant delete the encrypted partion with gparted!01:16
frabbitholy shit01:16
frabbitdo i have to dd that now?01:16
gnarfacehahah, i dunno.  mabye lol01:17
frabbityou need to choose deactivate first01:17
frabbitweird... that thing isnt mounted or something.. o_001:17
frabbitnormally do not use gparted01:17
gnarfaceyea, it would have to be able to decrypt it before mounting it, i understand that much01:18
gnarfaceand while it's mounted... the encryption is of basically no protection01:18
frabbitweird gnome stuff01:18
frabbitfrom deleting you mean? yes01:18
gnarfacefrom anything really01:18
frabbitok from being read01:18
gnarfacethe primary use case for this technology is computers that are powered off01:18
frabbitah that you mean01:19
frabbitsorry i didnt read corrctly01:19
frabbiti start the installe r again...01:20
frabbitwe need an entry here: "Guided - use the larest continuous free space and set up encrypted LVM"01:22
frabbiti try now wit only one partition01:23
frabbitdo i need set "Bootable flag: On" for /boot? i saw a video where the guy leave it at off...01:25
HurgotronI usually set it, but I think modern bootloaders don't care.01:26
frabbit(probably he forgot for his videotorial but i thin i remember ive done this the first time i set up a suse manually, but that was 5 yeasr ago)01:26
frabbitHurgotron: i see thx =)01:27
frabbitok ive set up no three partiions: /boot, / and swap, the two last are encrypted now.. lets see if asks for the two passphrases at boot...01:29
frabbiti use the same passphrase for both partitions01:29
Hurgotronfrabbit: You should be able change the config later so that stuff not necessary at boot time gets mounted using a keyfile (in /etc)01:33
HurgotronPersonally, I use encrypted LVM.01:33
gnarfaceHurgotron: he was trying that with the ascii installer and couldn't figure out how to get it to work.  i have never tried it, could you lend some insight to the scrollback conversation?01:36
Hurgotronoh, there's more scrollback than I thought. hangon01:37
frabbitsomeone in #replicant told me: "you can create a partition for /boot and another for the encrypted volume, that way you only need one password,  inside the encrypted volume create a lvm devices with all the partitions you want. I used to have my laptop with debian that way"01:41
HurgotronThat sounds quit right.01:42
HurgotronYou use the encrypted volume as a physical volume for LVM. You create a volume group, and inside that volume group logical volumes. These get used like partitions. / and swap and maybe more.01:45
frabbitHurgotron: yeah sounds logic to me... ive tried to lvm first and then encryption (tired, sad frabbit here)01:46
gnarfacesorry, frabbit01:46
frabbitwill try this now01:46
frabbitGnhm? why?01:46
frabbitgnarface: why?01:47
HurgotronI should write that up some day, if only for myself. In my case, I have RAID-1 on the lowest level... so LVM on top of cryptfs on top of RAID-1.01:47
HurgotronI was migrating from Ubuntu a few days ago. Somehow I got confused and managed to overwrite LUKS header of my big fat data array with a partition table. Total data loss (OK I had backups).01:49
HurgotronI should have had a backup of the LUKS header, though :P01:50
fsmithredwhere is that?01:51
frabbitHurgotron: oh! =o01:51
fsmithredI have already had to find and use the backup files for lvm01:51
fsmithrednot fun, but nice that it's possible01:51
Hurgotronbackup files for lvm I did have...01:53
Hurgotronfsmithred: man cryptsetup, luksHeaderBackup01:54
gnarfacefrabbit: i led you down the wrong path at first, sorry01:54
frabbitgnarface: you led me nowhere wrong. i didint know and you didnt know for sure.01:54
frabbitgnarface: everything is fine you helped me alot already in the past and probably many other people here too! =)01:55
Hurgotrongnarface is definetely extremely helpful, indeed.01:55
frabbityeah definetely01:56
HurgotronI had lots of fun fighing with the installer in the past, it's really not easy (but I wouldn't know how to improve it either). It really gets funny when you want to swap around disks and the RAID autoassembly finds rests of previously used partitions and starts resyncs in unforeseen ways. It really needs the command line and a big stick to get rid of that.02:00
gnarfacethanks guys, happy Friday02:00
frabbithere its already saturday =D02:00
bengiulhello, have anyone here change an ubunutu system to devuan without reinstalling?02:14
gnarfacebengiul: not me, but multiple people have reported succeeding at it02:15
HurgotronI did that once, just for kicks. But I would really not recommend it.02:16
gnarfaceyea, i would recommend making a full backup first02:16
golinuxThere's this post on the forum but no response/discussion
bengiulHurgotron: did you take notes about problems and solutions?02:17
bengiuli will build a package database and grab all the equivalent debs from beowulf02:18
bengiuli know apt will break, and there will be breakage killing systemd02:18
golinuxAlso please read the documentation on before proceeding for beowulf02:18
bengiulbut it can be done if you have all the packages you will need, from devuan, in a seperate archives dir02:18
golinuxDo some reading before you try this.02:19
golinuxYou get to keep the pieces02:19
Hurgotronbengiul: it was some pre systemd Ubuntu in my case. 12.04 to ascii I think. I basically just changed the sources.list and did update and dist-upgrade, and prayed. It worked, surprisingly. I didn't use the resulting istall., though, becasue I didn't trust it. Looked ok superficially, though.02:20
Hurgotronfsmithred: thanks for reminding me to do the LUKS *and* LVM backups this time :P02:22
frabbitwhy there are two dirs under GNU/Linux called root? / and /root? =)02:36
bengiultwo meanings - the root user and the root of the filesystem02:38
bengiulthe /root is the superuser's home directory02:39
frabbityes i know, but why not two different words?02:39
bengiulidk the hystory / etymology of the 'root user' term02:39
frabbiti treid to wrote /admin02:40
frabbitas suggestion to replace /root02:40
frabbitbut i got status output from freenode xD02:40
frabbitok ive installe dbased system now02:41
frabbitthe way -> encrypted disk(space) -> create volume group -> create logical volumes worked02:42
gnarfacefrabbit: were you able to follow that procedure with only the installer, or did you have to do some pre-setup with a live image?02:43
frabbitinteressting BRUB says that it founds Windows Vista, but its 7 here xD02:43
frabbitgnarface: all installer02:43
frabbitGRUB (sorry im really tired)02:43
gnarfacei knew what you meant02:44
gnarfacei'm not sure what it means that it thinks it's windows vista instead of windows 702:44
gnarfacebut it might be detecting some MBR traces from an older install02:44
gnarfacei don't know if it matters02:44
Hurgotronsame family, partition id, whatever02:44
frabbiti dont care probably windows 7 tells GRUB that its vista02:45
frabbitHurgotron: yeah02:45
frabbithmm what about that EFI thing here?02:45
frabbitah i can correct later if windows does not boot02:46
frabbitok done02:46
Hurgotrongnarface: and yes, I never had to use anything but the installer. Bu sometimes I needed the busybox shell of the installer to kill unwanted RAIDs or somesuch02:46
frabbitbooting now02:46
frabbitok tried windows 7 first but now it says that it need to check the filesystem...02:47
frabbitnow windows does reboot the computer...02:48
frabbitah cool windows still runs! =D02:49
* frabbit cleans his forehead from sweat02:50
frabbitinteressting cant see the encrypted devuan disk here in windows, even the /boot not02:51
frabbitok reboot to Devuan now02:51
frabbitand there i am! cool! =D02:52
frabbitworks like a charm02:53
frabbitlearned something new again, very cool.02:55
frabbitis that something for: ? =)02:56
bengiuldatabase query error has occurred.  is the a trustable site?02:58
frabbitbengiul: i used that site to get rid of systemdeath when i was using debian02:59
bengiulmaybe has it02:59
frabbitbengiul: but what has a database error to do with trust?02:59
bengiuli have befriended my constant companion called Paranoia03:00
golinuxThat site has been reinstated from the web archive copy but I can'03:03
golinuxt remember the new name03:04
golinuxIt's in the dng email archive with in last week or so03:04
bengiul2018 snapshots work03:05
golinuxbengiul: ^^^03:05
golinuxYou don't want to use those instruction though.  Use the ones at for ascii and for beowulf03:06
frabbitive done a little wallpaper, cause the success here got me into the mood to do so:
bengiulwallpapers are always nice03:22
frabbitwish i had a sticker printer. in the past i always need to go to the library print the logos on a color printer, cut them and glue them onto the place i wanted them03:24
bengiulmaybe you can buy blank sticker sheets for printing on?03:24
frabbitbengiul: probably =)03:25
frabbitbut atm it doesnt matter i dont want to go to public places like the library03:25
bengiulthen just go to an online sticker printing service03:26
bengiuldpkg-query -f '${binary:Package}\n' -W > mypackages.txt  will get me a list of packages installed03:28
frabbitbengiul: good idea!03:28
bengiulthen i can cat mypackages.txt |xargs -I % apt download %03:35
bengiulor ok maybe not03:35
frabbitbengiul: =) i can give you my scripts for things like that if u wnat03:43
frabbitCreate List Of Installed Packages :
frabbitRestore Installed Packages From Given List :
frabbitWith these two scripts you can test programms and after that set your system to the point before testing03:51
frabbitthes f**cking paste site censored "$@"  !03:51
frabbitthese idiots03:51
bengiulheh, thanks03:52
frabbitCreate a List:
frabbitRestore the system:
frabbitbengiul: do NOT use the scripts from paste2.org03:53
frabbiti will avoid these site from now on...03:53
frabbitthe see an @ and censore it as "email protection"....03:54
golinuxThis is a devuan-specific support channel not for general chat. Please take it to #debianfork03:54
frabbitgolinux: ok =)03:55
frabbitgolinux: i thought it would maybe helpful for other too, sorry03:56
frabbitbengiul: ill send u 2 more scripts via pm03:56
bsd4meI now have a larger partition to use and wondering if better to move my refracta installation over to the partition, or install beowulf and just copy my home dir to new installation.04:17
frabbiti need to sleep.04:21
frabbitthx for your hel gnarface and Hurgotron =)04:21
bengiuland don't use wlan, kids04:28
gnarfacebsd4me: the first approach is easier assuming sufficient expertise, but assuming that same amount of expertise and sufficient bandwidth, the latter approach is probably faster and has less chances of long-term complications based on simply diverging from default expected package selections and userspace configurations (though i can't really weigh in on specifics)04:46
gnarfacebsd4me: so basically it's a question of whether you think you can afford to redownload all those packages just to have an installation that looks more "stock"04:48
gnarfacebsd4me: (though it may also be an opportunity to erase any messes you might have made in the mean time)04:48
bsd4megnarface: Thank you! Some of that is what I was considering. Think I'll try install beowfulf. Then upgrade kernel to 5.x04:49
bsd4megnarface: lol, Very true about messes :)04:50
onefangYou can avoid the redownload of packages by copying /var/cache/apt/ around.04:53
bsd4meonefang: thanks! I should have thought of that because yesterday or day before, I did apt apt clean :/04:54
bsd4meOh well, I have a fairly fast internet connection.04:55
bsd4meok, off to install beowulf 3. bbl05:00
fonkygood morning all07:12
bengiulhi fonky07:30
fonkyhey bengiul07:42
fonkyhow are you07:42
bengiultrying to work up the courage to convert an ubuntu install to devuan. how are you fonky07:43
fonkynot really a problem07:45
fonkyjust apt07:45
fonkyif it is an old install07:46
fonkybut there will be tons of leftovers07:46
fonkyand systemd dependancies07:46
fonkyas those dirty systemd distros have everything tied up07:46
bengiulyeah i want it all set up right before reboot07:46
bengiulit's aarch64 too07:47
bengiulon an emmc, not sd card07:47
bengiulso well, fun time07:47
fonkyoh, not really production?07:47
fonkyuse i mean :)07:47
bengiul hobby use, and so i can compile stuff a bit faster than my other arm box07:48
fonkyhow is linux on arm btw07:48
fonkyi avoid arm chips because of all of the included bugs07:49
fonkybut x86 is not much better, at least the new ones07:49
fonkybugs as in holes07:49
fonkyhi golinux07:49
bengiulbrowsers are generally too heavy, opengl support is an endangered species, most driver work is done for android only07:49
golinuxThis is a support channel.  Do you have a question?07:50
fonkyi do not have a testbed system which could run linux4arm so not really going to check, but thanks for the info07:50
fonkyhave you noticed how ugly things are07:50
fonkymost of the arm stuff gets opengl07:50
fonkywhile amd is trying to push vulkan07:50
fonkyeven though opengl is mature and stable and needs no replacement07:50
golinuxGeneral chat (and bitching) happens on #debianfork07:50
bengiulopengl != opengl-es07:51
fonkyit is like google is trying to alienate and take over opengl07:51
fonkyprobably has some ties to opengl07:51
golinuxThanks.  That's perfect for #debianfork07:51
fonkyok :)07:51
golinuxfonky: ^^^07:51
fonkysorry mr regulator07:51
golinuxNot a mr07:51
onefangThat's Mz Regulator!07:51
fonkyok, gardening time07:52
fonkyare there any07:52
fonkypossibilies of requests for devuan packages07:52
fonkyto be included in the mainline, forums or otherwise?07:53
fonkypleas not requests but then again07:53
golinuxWe only package stuff to deal with systemd removal07:53
golinuxI don;t understand your question actually onxce you finished it.07:54
fonkywell nevermind07:56
fonkyim lazy07:56
fonkyif only packaging a .deb packet would not involve all the info one must input i would make them all by hand07:57
fonkyi was thinking of opensnitch, douane07:57
fonkyand palemoon07:57
fonkybut then again07:57
fonkyhave a nice day07:57
onefangPalemoon has deb packages, and an apt repo.07:57
fonkyyeah, but pusser only includes the latest and greatest07:58
onefangI use it on my Devuan desktop.07:58
golinuxIn Steve Pusser's repo07:58
fonkywhich is incompatible with 80/160 addons/extensions07:58
fonkyi use07:58
fonkyand the coder just does not seem to care07:58
bengiulrunning patched palemoon myself07:59
golinuxAbd this is not a Devuan support question07:59
fonkyand also palemoon has become bloated since 201507:59
fonkytrue :)07:59
golinux-----> #debianfork07:59
bengiulit's the only usable javascript-solid browser for my little SBC08:00
golinux(Are they that clueless?)08:00
onefangDon't make Mz Regulator get out her badge and handcuffs!08:01
fonkyin any case08:01
fonkymight come handy08:01
fonkyNOT a devuan related thing tho08:01
fonkyif using palemoon or any firepox derivative08:03
fonkythat still handles old extension08:03
fonkyhere is a ton08:03
bengiuli have devuan on all the devices now08:05
bengiulthat's interesting, thank you fonky08:05
bengiulhowever i'll note that addon security is perhaps more questionable from such sites08:06
fonkyits a copy of the repository08:16
fonkyin any case, contact the coder if code is questionable08:16
fonkyor rewrite it08:16
fonkymozilla did delete the old repo though08:17
fonkywell, could come handy08:17
fonkyin any case try ipfuck.xpi08:17
bengiulany other ones you like?08:18
bengiuli try to use few plug-ins to prevent cpu use08:18
fonkythat one just changes ip the server side sees08:18
fonkyper http request08:18
fonkysome sort of masking08:18
fonkyeasy on the cpu08:19
fonkynice for badly configured apache nginx installs08:19
bengiulthat's oh ty08:25
bengiulinterestin indeed08:25
bengiulit is replaced by ipflood now?08:26
bengiulkhadas vim3 will be fun with devuan ceres09:33
bengiulfast enough for 1080p h264 video with just sofware / x1109:34
bengiulwell this is fun the amount of breakage i have10:17
bengiulbut i'll work my through with dpkg10:17
bengiulok gpgconf setup10:20
bengiulinit-system-helpers manually installed10:20
bengiulbut that broke /usr/lib/apt/methods/http: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:21
bengiulwhere do i manually grab aarch64 libhogweed5 ?10:24
bengiul  doesn't have packages10:25
bengiuli forgot the structure of the apt server10:25
bengiulno debs here either
bengiulneed to fix apt11:17
bengiulcan i browse to my needed files?
onefangThe tricky bit with that is that the Devuan mirrors redirect most packages to the Debian mirror system, coz we only fork a small percentage of files to remove systemd.11:28
bengiulwell i have an unbroken arm64 system that i can use to pull packages11:29
bengiulthen scp over11:29
onefangIf you look at the relevant Packages files on the mirrors, it will give you the full paths, which will get redirected if /DEBIAN/ or /DEBIAN-SECURITY/ is in the path.11:29
bengiulwoo fixed apt12:38
bengiulok no not quite12:45
bengiulOuch!  Got SIGSEGV, dying..13:02
HumI got the request to send the bug report 474 to debian. There is no documentation about it at . Maybe I can write a text about it and send it to someone with write access.
HumWhat is the normal way to report a bug upstream, just file a complete new bug report, maybe cut'n'paste from the original one and add links to the down- and upstream bug reports?14:28
Bjornnlooks like that issue is bouncing back and forth between debian and devuan Hum14:28
HumBjornn: I didn't have a look at debian now.14:29
BjornnI have a copy of debian and devuan so I can switch in and out, that would be a great way to test to see if it is a debian problem or a devuan problem14:30
HumI just find a bug report about a missing man page at the Debian BTS. Where and what do you see about the issue bouncing back and forth?14:32
Bjornnat your link
Bjornndebian passed it devuan and devuan passed it back to debian14:33
Bjornnthe emails attached at the bottom14:35
fsmithredI see nothing on that page showing that the report went to debian.14:36
fsmithredAnd the last message requests that the submitter send a bug report to debian.14:36
HumMe too, I even did a forced-reload of the page14:37
fsmithredbugs are not automatically forwarded to debian. We thought that might not work out so well.14:37
Humfsmithred: should "reportbug --bts debian avfs" work?14:37
fsmithredno clue if that would work14:37
fsmithredI always submit bugs manually through email14:37
Humfsmithred: thx. A feature like "Forward this bug upstream" for maintainer would be nice. I guess I would have to file that feature request to Debian?! Though Debian would use it quite seldom, I guess. Ubuntu, Devuan and others would take most of the profit.14:39
fsmithredno, reportbug is a forked package. We'll take bug reports for it.14:40
Bjornnmy bad, I thought debian was the originator of the first email14:44
Humreportbug --bts debian says relaying denied. I will try to file a bug at devuan, right?14:50
FrapeXI've been trying several xfce/gtk themes and noticed that some of these themes really slow down the GUI (on my box anyway, AMD Athlon XP 2400+). For example, with the Adwaita all is snappy, moving the mouse cursor with The Gimp is instant and editing works greats. But, with for example the theme Xfce-kolors all becomes sluggish and gimp becomes unusable.  What could be the reason for that?14:53
XelraaAthlonXP that didnt even have SSE2 be happy devuan even boots on that16:19
XelraaFrapeX better to use an old OS for an old system16:19
HumFrapeX: If you find a solution better then devuan/debian, please tell me. [X|L]ubuntu will lose support for 32bit i586 sooner or later.16:51
some_alexhi! There is no SHA256SUMS.asc file in installer-iso dir on mirrors for beowulf_3.0.0_RC17:07
FrapeXHum: I choose Devian because it still supports my system. Ubuntu dropped support for i386, I know ;(17:13
HumFrapeX: yes, ubuntu already dropped support, with lubuntu and xubuntu the support end 2021-04 or something like that17:14
debdoghuh, how do wine-users cope with that?17:14
FrapeXXelraa: yes, but I want to stay up-to-date with security updates also. WinXP works great, but no security updates with that anymore.17:16
some_alexwho manages ISO images and mirror infrastructure here?17:16
FrapeXHum: unfortunately17:16
fsmithredsome_alex, I'm checking if there a sig file somewhere17:25
sixwheeledbeastUbuntu hasn't copletely dropped support, it's needed for wine and steam.17:27
some_alexfsmithred: thanks, how long does it take to propagate to mirrors?17:28
debdogI see, so just the kernel but kept the multiarch thingy? sixwheeledbeast17:28
fsmithrednot sure how long for isos, probably a few hours17:28
fsmithredsome_alex, what are you looking for?17:29
some_alexfsmithred: I need SHA256SUMS.asc for /devuan/devuan_beowulf/installer-iso/ in order to verify the new 3.0.0_RC release before installing it17:30
fsmithredit's not going to propagate until it gets uploaded to files.devuan.org17:31
fsmithredand the dev who signs those isos will be asleep for a few more hours17:31
fsmithredbest we can do right now is that I can tell you what I'm getting for a checksum if I have the file you want, because I got them before they even went up on the server.17:33
fsmithredoh, nm, I don't have most of them17:33
some_alexfsmithred: I can wait, just wanted to tell about this so that the people in charge are aware and take action eventually :)17:34
bengiulinteresting the number of things that break swapping devuan for ubuntu in sources.list and upgrading21:27
bengiulkind of a course in 'getting to know linux'21:27
bengiulreminds me of Mishka in Firefly21:28
sixwheeledbeastWell they are completely different distributions.21:32
sixwheeledbeasteven if they are both debian derivatives21:32
bengiulit's fun. if i don't manage to sweep-up the ubuntu remains and kill systemd, i'll learn how to make a proper devuan image for this board21:35
bengiultrying to do stuff teaches me respect for people who can do stuff21:37
bengiulthat respect seems a bit lacking nowadays21:37
bengiulldconfig: file /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/ is truncated21:38
sixwheeledbeastwhatever floats your boat21:39
bengiuli just want devuan on this sbc21:39
sixwheeledbeastdevuan has an arm64 build?21:48
golinuxbengiul: Did you ever look at this post that I suggested?
sixwheeledbeastit was a question as to why not use them21:50
gnarfacesixwheeledbeast: yes, there are some arm64 images21:52
bengiulfrom what i've read on khadas forum i'd need to roll my own kernel and get that into my image21:53
gnarfacepossibly.  you can get devuan onto a lot more devices than just what there are images already available for21:54
sixwheeledbeastYer I know about them I don't understand why bengiul not using them? Is there a reason to go from ubuntu > devuan?21:54
gnarfaceusually the only hard part is building a kernel and u-boot for the device.  then you can debootstrap the rest normally21:54
bengiuli'm trying to avoid the hard part :)21:55
bengiulsystemd will have won when the linux kernel requires it21:55
gnarfacepeople will just change to a different kernel then21:55
gnarfacethere are some waiting in the wings already, merely starved of the commercial attention Linux has been getting lately21:56
gnarfacethen Microsoft will buy Linux and close source it21:56
gnarfaceor something obnoxious like that21:57
gnarfacebut that's not really a support discussion until it actually happens21:57
gnarfacei'm not clicking on that link, bengiul, sorry22:00
frabbitis it possible, that dhclient and wicd-gtk kills each other?23:22
frabbitafter offline install i used dhclient to update the system. then i installed wicd-gtk and tested if it works and it does. now i booted the compter and runned a script to update the system via apt, but it has dchlient at the beginning. dhclient wasnt able to get a connection, so i tried to connect via wicd-gtk but it coudnt get a connection either...23:24
frabbiti rebooted and tried to get a connection with wicd-gtk and avoid dhclient but it still doesnt work...23:26
frabbitdhcp tries several times when running dhclient, but in the end it faisl and gives: "No DHCPOFFERS recieved" and No working leases in persistent database - sleeping."23:28
gnarfacehmm, possible, though that error could be caused by other stuff too23:34
gnarfacedid you try assigning a static ip?23:34
frabbitgnarface: no not yet, but i need that clickable thing to work again, its not for my computer (i do this stuff manually)23:35
gnarfaceyea but a static ip would be to check to make sure the problem isn't with the network itself23:36
gnarfaceor the device23:36
gnarfacemabye dhclient is just running on the wrong device23:36
gnarfacei don't know if it's allergic to wicd-gtk or not but that seems possible23:36
frabbitno can say its not. it worked yesterday and im on the same router atm with this computer im usign.23:37
frabbitoh wait23:37
frabbitin the settings there is the localhost as hostname, but i changed that at least yesterday23:37
frabbithm doenst help to write the new hostname there...23:39
frabbitweird here in wicd-gtk settings i can choose dhclient... so it shouldnt kill each other...23:40
frabbitill reboot again, maybe thats necessary to get that hostname change in wicd to work...23:41
frabbitdoesnt helped...23:50
gnarfacemight it be an issue with wicd being allergic to the hand crafted /etc/network/interfaces file?23:50
gnarfacethat happens with wicd and network manager, i think23:50
frabbitill try changing back the hostname, reboot and check again23:51
frabbitgnarface: sure but i didnt touched that file23:51
frabbitand with dhclient, i broke my network ones with this...23:51
frabbitargh! frustrating!23:55
frabbitwhy not one service, usabel as cli and or gui.... *sigh*23:55
frabbitgreat this shit breaks everything.23:57
gnarfaceit's probably simple to fix23:58
frabbiti try removing dhfoobar23:58
gnarfacethere are more than one dhcp clients in the repo available23:59
gnarfaceone of the others might work better23:59
gnarfacebut this may also be a known issue that others have addressed, i just don't use wicd myself23:59

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