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plasma41Vall: If you're wanting a extra minimal graphical desktop, I'd recommend checking out and
Vallplasma41: thanks for the info00:34
jiefk[p]Devuan users, hello ! Not sure if my question is related at all to Devuan, but I'm just seeking for general answers or hints anyway ^^" : How come bash crashes when I remote-detach screen ?06:57
jiefk[p]> screen -DRR06:57
jiefk[p]> [remote power detached from 10008.pts-1.devuan]06:57
jiefk[p]>Warning: Program '/bin/bash' crashed.06:57
trogplarwhy do you need -DRR07:00
trogplari suggest raising the issue with screen developers07:02
jiefk[p]An old habit trogplar  :) Also, man screen suggested it some years-time ago07:39
jiefk[p]> -D -RR  Attach here and now. Whatever that means, just do it.07:40
trogplarmaybe i never have bash crashing cause i don't use it.  that's just a guess though.07:41
trogplarsorry i don't know the cause07:41
trogplarThis paper presents a dataset of 174 malicious software packages that were used in real-world attacks on open source software supply chains, and which were distributed via the popular package repositories npm, PyPI, and RubyGems.08:14
trogplarpreprint paper.  might be useful if you have a manager who insists pulling in thousands of packages is 'safe'08:15
gnarfacetrogplar: that's more of a topic for #debianfork08:22
gnarfacejiefk[p]: i don't know, but i'm curious if tmux behaves any better for you08:22
trogplarroger that gnarface - i thought some admins in corporate would actually have a use for the info though08:33
openbsdtai123  I have devuan on arm64 / raspberry pi rpi3b (model b), and I would like to fetch the repository on my openbsd server, in order to offer (Offline) on my httpd server the pkgs.12:12
openbsdtai123Is it possible to fetch using NCFTP the full arm64 ascii repository? which ftp addr would be recommended ?12:12
trogplaropenbsdtai123: afaik most of the packages are hosted on debian's servers12:13
trogplarapt mirror would handle this transparently.  so you can make a shared directory on the openbsd server, and apt mirror it to there, using the rpi3b12:14
trogplarafaik. i haven't done this myself.12:15
openbsdtai123I thought the dir [pool] / packages would be on the NL ftp :
djphapt-mirror, or apt-cacher-ng, I think12:16
xinomilorsync + cron12:17
xinomiloapt-cacher-ng is apt proxy/local caching, not offline repo.12:18
openbsdtai123I desired to fetch it over ncftp ... with wget -R.12:20
xinomilomirrors with ftp enabled are listed here :
openbsdtai123thank you12:24
openbsdtai123not like this? ncftp ftp.pkgmaster.devuan.org12:25
openbsdtai123ah ok12:25
openbsdtai123seems to work ok, ncftp  ftp.fau.de12:26
openbsdtai123seems good and well populated . ncftp  . super12:28
gnarfacexinomilo: apt-cacher-ng does have a mirroring feature though12:29
gnarface"Guided precaching (Mirroring)12:30
gnarfaceApt-Cacher NG supports a massive download of package files referenced in a specified set of index files. This is configured with the PrecacheFor configuration option (see config examples and manual for details)."12:30
openbsdtai123I usually use the ftp, it works over 40 years ;)12:30
gnarface"In special cases this feature can be used to create a local partial mirror where the cache internal structure of packages mostly represents the contents of the remote package archive and includes everything apt might want to download."12:30
gnarface(there's some option checkboxes and a "Start Mirroring" button under that)12:31
xinomilognarface, could be.12:31
gnarfacemaybe not the perfect solution but it has the benefit of being easy to set up12:32
xinomilobut seems too much trouble, comparing to rsync repo12:32
xinomiloi'm using apt-cacher-ng daily12:32
xinomilobut without much disk space, so.. weekly cache expiration12:32
openbsdtai123On openbsd, I still haven't discovered xz yet ;) old kind of nix :)12:32
onefangIt's best to not use pkgmaster for grabbing everything.  That's our central mirror server that all the other mirrors rsync to, and we don't want to overload it with random people downloading the lot.12:34
openbsdtai123rsync is indeed for this perfect.12:35
openbsdtai123btw, does teamviewer work on devuan (without systemd)?13:47
xinomiloyes, unfortunately..13:48
openbsdtai123why unfortunately?13:48
xinomilowas looking for a reason not to use it, but it does work13:48
xinomilodon't like it really13:48
xinomiloproprietary crap13:49
xinomilobut without any foss alternatives around...13:49
openbsdtai123yep, propr. crap - indeed13:49
openbsdtai123good info about TV :
openbsdtai1233 sec:
bgstack15I use TeamViewer on Devuan, and it works mostly fine. I think my connectivity issue is related to the fact that I have wicd-gtk connect to the network only after I log in my X session.13:52
openbsdtai123ask me why people want to use all the time proprietary software? I cannot explain.13:53
xinomiloonce upon a time there was a foss alternative, gitso. gitso didn't need forwarding firewall rules in routers.. like teamviewer. so it was pretty straight forward to use.13:57
openbsdtai123I didnt know about gitso. good to hear that attempts. TV is prop. so people run for it. kids ;)13:59
openbsdtai123gitso for teamviewer, what about Skype? Is there an opensource (non sip, but skype like)?14:32
openbsdtai123cool to hear14:33
xinomilojitsi meet14:34
xinomilogitso is dead for many years now, unusable14:34
openbsdtai123does it goes through wall of fire ?14:38
onefangJitsi has screen sharing I think.14:40
onefangDevuan devs use Jitsi for our weekly video meetings.14:41

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