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Hurgotronsauron-: pm-hibernate and pm-suspend00:01
sauron-Hurgotron what do i have to type to disable that? the man pm-hibernate doesnt tell00:07
Hurgotronsauron-: Just the command, no parameters.00:11
sauron-used sudo pm-hibernate and went to hibernation00:12
sauron-thats what i want to disable00:12
sixwheeledbeastI don't believe there are options for that. You would have to control the commands with users and permissions.00:12
Hurgotronah, disable... sorry, misread.00:12
sauron-in that case... how do i set in power do nothing when close screen in my laptop?00:13
HurgotronSimply remove the commands? :)00:13
HurgotronEnergy management.00:13
sixwheeledbeastIt's not just a simple one line command you will have to look into how to make those permissions and test them00:13
systemdlete2exim4 is supposed to work out of the box, for a minimalistic configuration?  I run lsof and I don't see exim4 listening on ANYthing00:53
systemdlete2Trying to figure out what needs twiddling by looking at man pages, etc00:54
XenguySorry, just laughing00:54
systemdlete2no problem.00:54
XenguyIt should work out of the box...00:54
XenguyAnd I'll stick my neck out and say...00:54
systemdlete2I even ran dpkg-reconfigure00:54
systemdlete2and say...00:55
XenguyAlthough exim has always been the default MTA for Debian/Devuan, I absolutely preferred working with Postfix, having used both00:55
systemdlete2yeah.  Seems I normally end up removing exim4 and replacing it with postfix also00:55
XenguyI don't know why they just didn't bite the bullet and replace the default with Postfix00:55
systemdlete2OK, thanks for the reality check.00:56
XenguyBut whatever, that's life00:56
systemdlete2that's linux00:56
Xenguyhah, yeh00:56
XenguyI don't want to hijack your thread though00:56
XenguyYou have a problem with exim it seems00:56
systemdlete2actually, that's debian with systemd, after surgery to remove systemd00:56
systemdlete2I hate this.00:57
XenguyIt's annoying, certainly00:57
XenguyBut not insurmountable00:57
systemdlete2It doesn't end with just this package though...   (right)00:57
systemdlete2we have a workaround00:57
XenguyWell share if you have something useful00:58
systemdlete2just postfix, that's all00:59
systemdlete2there might be another MTA out there, idk00:59
XenguyOh, OK, you move fast00:59
systemdlete2Yes, I have learned to give up quickly with these things...00:59
XenguyPostfix is top-notch, I really enjoyed using it, and it is supposedly designed with 'security' in mind01:00
XenguyI trust it01:00
systemdlete2Let's hope that postfix is systemd-proof01:00
XenguyGood question01:00
systemdlete2It's easy to configure and runs without problems; I agree.01:00
XenguySomething tells me yes, but do your own research01:01
gnarfacesystemdlete2: it's "dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config"01:28
systemdlete2I did that.01:28
gnarfacedid it ask any questions?01:28
systemdlete2But I have postfix working, thanks01:28
gnarfacealright, nevermind then01:28
systemdlete2(yes, it did.  And I answered all of them with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  I swear I did.)01:29
gnarfaceyou can imply what it listens on in there by specifying addresses01:30
gnarfaceif you ever actually need to get exim4 working, it's something i've studied01:30
gnarfaceit's very good actually but i admit i bought and read their book01:31
gnarfaceit's possible the whole thing won't make any sense whatsoever without reading the book01:31
gnarfacebut the upshot is that every problem i had with it before turned out to be me mistaking how it would treat the strings you feed to it in the dpkg-reconfigure fields01:31
Xenguygnarface: Did you ever try Postfix?01:32
XenguyOr are you happy with Exim?01:32
gnarfaceXenguy: after sendmail, anything is better.  (and yea, i read the sendmail book too, so it's an apples-to-apples comparison)01:33
gnarfaceXenguy: but no, i didn't try postfix because i have a deep-seated fear of trusting a database with my mail01:33
gnarfaceXenguy: i have heard it's much easier to set up though01:33
XenguyThat's very funny gnarface , thank you for that humor01:33
XenguyI've seen that mention of concern re: database, perhaps it was you ; -)01:34
gnarfacewhen postfix first came out it was a real cause of commotion01:34
gnarfacethat was considered quite a risk back then01:34
XenguyAll I know is that it is intentionally designed for (good) security, and it seemed to work like a charm when I tried it01:35
gnarfaceopen source databases have admittedly improved a lot in the mean time...01:35
XenguyWell as you mention, sendmail was the gold standard back in the day...01:36
gnarfaceyea but it was just all we had, really01:36
XenguyThere ya go, it was first, that's all01:37
XenguyNowadays, I'm thinking Postfix or Exim, either/or01:37
gnarfacethe folks at The University of Cambridge did a really good job on exim4 but it's clear that it was invented in a university research lab01:37
XenguyCan we talk about this stuff here?01:37
gnarfaceeh, we should take it to #debianfork probably01:38
XenguySure, let's do01:38
mtnmanis there a channel for devuan embedded?02:01
XenguyI need somebody!02:26
gnarfaceif mtnman comes back, he's probably looking for #devuan-arm02:26
XenguyNot just anybody!02:26
beagleboniushello, i have installed devuan_ascii_2.0.0_armhf_beagleboneblack.img to an sd card and booted the BBB from that card.  how can i gain network access?  neither wicd nor manpages are available on that system....02:27
Xenguyoops, try the netinstall instead?02:28
beagleboniusi don't think netinstall is available for the beaglebone black, i have only located disk images for it.02:30
Xenguygood luck then02:32
beagleboniusthank you02:32
frabbittheres this open firmware package for atheros: firmware-ath9k-htc02:34
frabbitin debian:
frabbitit contains the open-firmware version:
frabbitis it possible to make this packages in devuan too? cant get it throught backports...02:35
frabbit*available in devuan ascii02:36
frabbitit is available in beowulf:
frabbit_or can i just download it and install it with dpkg, it has no dependencies, will ist cause problems anyway?02:42
frabbit_arg.. disconnected again... >=o02:42
Xenguyfrabbit: direct install with dpkg should work fine, just don't mix versions02:46
XenguyThere's also 'checkinstall'02:46
XenguyI really like that one02:47
frabbitXenguy: ok. nah theres no version of that package in ascii.02:49
frabbitXenguy: thx =)02:54
frabbithmm.. can i verify this downloaded packe now somehow?03:03
frabbiti downloaded it over a non https mirror...03:04
frabbittheres the debian-archive-kexring here, can i do it with that?03:04
frabbit*debian-archive-keyring package03:04
frabbitroot itself has no keys when i run "gpg --list-keys" with root03:05
frabbiti downloaded the binary btw.03:10
frabbitthe mirrir doesnt offer a .sign or something03:30
frabbitwheres that f****** key!03:38
MinceRmaybe you can just get gpg to get the key from or or something03:40
frabbitMinceR: yeah i thought so but that gpg server thing doesnt work03:43
frabbitthere were a talk here or in debianfork yesterday with... ah who was that03:44
frabbitMinceR: can i extract the key from the debain keyring package?03:44
MinceRi'm not sure, but probably03:46 is often down03:47
frabbithm... i cant remember when these keyservers were last working correctly...03:54
frabbiti always download keys direct from the developer pages03:54
fsmithredadd beowulf main repo, update, apt-get download firmware-ath9k-htc, remove beowulf repo, update again.03:55
fsmithredbut you probably should get the source and backport it yourself03:56
frabbitfsmithred: sure thats a way i know too. but it must be possible to get the debian package signing key ....03:59
frabbitasc sign and so on...03:59
fsmithredyou should already have it03:59
frabbitin debian-archive-keyring03:59
fsmithredyes, debian-archive-keyring04:00
frabbitrigth. so how to verify now my downloaded foobar.deb with that key?04:00
frabbitdownloaded from an unencrypted offical debian ftp mirror in germany04:01
fsmithredI don't know04:01
frabbitim searching for about an hour now how to extract that key or use that keyring package but cant find anything...04:03
frabbitthere should be a tool to use the keys in that package when it is not possible to extract them04:04
frabbiton next install i will change to beowulf04:33
frabbitgnarface: the WLAN-Stick works with wicd-gtk ive tested it on someone elses computer with devuan and xfce and so on that ive installed for that person.07:50
engideaI have installed devuan3.0 and it is GREAT !! Thank you all (yes, I also have donated some money)10:49
engideaIf you use KDE, just install that and not the default desktop, otherwise install fails10:49
engideaAlso, at the moment I have to $ pulseaudio --start to get sound working, not a major issue, just telling10:50
Digitanyone got minbrowser working in devuan?16:58
Digiti got from installing its deb, in ceres.  idk, i probably need to upgrade again.16:59
devuanfreeWhy has devuan beowulf live RC2 in its current name? Becuase it is still sort of a beta version?16:59
fsmithreddevuanfree, because it's better to call it RC2 than to say if's done and then find out it's not.17:00
fsmithredif I did everything right, those files will be renamed17:00
fsmithredlast issue to be fixed was that some kernel modules did not get loaded when booting from optical media17:01
devuanfreefsmithred: sorry for the question, but I am not familiar with the terminology.17:01
fsmithredso that sound didn't work in the live session, which makes it difficult to test your hardware17:01
fsmithredasking questions is fine17:01
frabbitDigit: what is minbrowser?17:01
devuanfreefsmithred: so, I know that when I find a beta version it is still not advisable to use it if security is important, but I've never found myself wondering what to do with a RC2 version (whether or not I should use it)17:02
fsmithredRC="Release Candidate"17:02
frabbit16:58 < fsmithred> last issue to be fixed was that some kernel modules did not get loaded when booting from optical media - oh! =o thats good to know!17:02
frabbiti always install an os that way17:02
fsmithredwhich means, "We think it's done, but just in case we missed something, we've covered our butts."17:03
devuanfreefsmithred: ok, I think I understand better that way.17:03
fsmithredfrabbit, yeah, I think wireless was affected by that, too.17:03
frabbitfsmithred: ok.. so i shouldnt change now to beowulf17:03
fsmithredanother thing to consider is that we are providing mostly debian packages that have not been changed17:04
fsmithredso most of the packages have been stable for about a year17:04
frabbitthats sad... the plan was to do it in the next time17:04
fsmithredour own packages have been ready since the beginning of this year17:04
fsmithredbeowulf has been stable in the generic sense for about 5-6 months17:04
frabbityeah ive heard that here before17:05
fsmithredbut we can't officially release it until all the installation media are bug-free17:05
frabbitbut that optical install thing is a problem for me...17:05
frabbit17:00 < frabbit> i always install an os that way17:05
devuanfreefsmithred: well, a few months ago I downloaded the beta version, but there were still problems with the desktop (it sort of froze with my hardware, but I don't remember right now, it was around 3 months ago)17:05
frabbitim not trusting any net install17:05
fsmithredfrabbit, you don't need network to install from the live isos17:06
fsmithredyou don't need sound to install the desktop-live17:06
fsmithredyou might need sound to install the minimal-live if you are blind.17:06
frabbitfsmithred: yeah and i burn that isos to a dvd17:06
fsmithredyeah, and you can boot that dvd and install the system.17:06
frabbiti need braille then17:06
fsmithredand all will be fine.17:06
fsmithredminimal-live will talk to you if you want.17:07
frabbiti can make minimal expert install from live?17:07
frabbitand thats what i want17:07
fsmithredlive isos install what is on the medium17:07
devuanfreefrabbit: if you are using the LIVE version, you usually don't install it, just run it and use it, if you intend to install to your computer use the non-live version, which is complete now17:07
fsmithredthen you need installer dvd17:07
frabbitdevuanfree: i know thx ;)17:07
frabbitfsmithred: correct17:07
frabbitfsmithred: will it always be that the optical media boot is one of the last thing that will be worked on it? in the future releases i mean?17:09
fsmithredI hope not17:09
frabbitfsmithred: ok =) me too17:09
fsmithredthis problem came to my attention just a couple weeks ago17:09
fsmithredI had not made a live CD or DVD in a couple of years17:10
fsmithredit's never been a problem in the 10 years I've been making live isos17:10
fsmithredand it's a weird problem. Doesn't happen if you boot from usb or if you boot optical media to ram.17:11
devuanfreebut is it fixed now?17:11
frabbiti thought the last days that im not so helpful for devuan project but asking a lot of questions and stuff.. i cannot code so i thought it would be good to run "testing" to test it out and can help with reporting any bugs (if i find some)17:11
fsmithredalso happened occasionally when booting iso in qemu17:11
fsmithredI hope you don't find any17:11
frabbitfsmithred: =D17:11
fsmithredwe want to get this out. And we plan to do a point-release soon. There are some packages already staged for that.17:12
frabbitno i mean that could be my way to support devuan, running the latest version etc17:12
fsmithredwe always need people to test stuff17:12
frabbitthe optical media boot thing is fixed?17:12
frabbit17:08 < devuanfree> but is it fixed now? 17:09 < fsmithred> yeah17:12
fsmithredyeah, fixed as in workaround. It works.17:12
frabbitoh cool!17:13
frabbitthen i will change to beowulf soon17:13
fsmithredif you have sufficient ram, I suggest booting to ram anyway.17:13
fsmithredit takes a few minutes to boot, but then everything you do after that is fast.17:13
fsmithredplenty for an install17:13
frabbitso.. boot the expert installer to ram17:14
fsmithrednot plenty to browse youtube17:14
fsmithrednot possible17:14
frabbitno was a joke xD17:14
fsmithredboot to ram is for live-isos only17:14
frabbityeah but i want that expert installer17:14
fsmithredwhat's in expert that you need?17:15
frabbitthat thing is working too with optical media right?17:15
fsmithredthe optical media problem is only with the live isos17:15
frabbitfsmithred: its more about what isnt there that i dont need =D17:15
fsmithredand you might not even notice the problem17:15
frabbitfsmithred: oh i see17:15
devuanfreefsmithred: When a Release Candidate version moves on to Stable Release, is there any indication in its name about which RC version was the final one that did not change (RC1, RC2, RC3, ...) _17:18
frabbiti dont understand the question17:20
fsmithredI do17:20
fsmithredand the answer is no17:20
fsmithredwhy would you care about that?17:21
devuanfreeIf one were to download RC2 for instance and then, in a few weeks, the stable version is ready, to know that it is the same and it is not necessary to download again17:21
frabbitdevuanfree: u can just upgrade17:22
fsmithredcheck the sha256sum file for the new one and see if the checksums are the same as the old one17:22
fsmithredand yeah, once you get it installed, you don't need to install it again.17:22
fsmithredif you want to use the live iso as a live system, I highly recommend that you make your own live iso.17:23
fsmithredmodified for your use case17:23
fsmithredinstall system in vm, configure the way you want, run refractasnapshot, use the live-iso you just made.17:24
frabbitfsmithred: ive done that once =)17:25
frabbitworks fine17:25
devuanfreevm? Last time I tried to install virtualbox it was not possible. Is it removed perpetually?17:26
Digitfrabbit: a low distractions web browser.  i learned of it from
frabbitDigit: hmm.. looks like chrom stuff... what is it based on?17:28
fsmithreddevuanfree, I think ascii-backports has virtualbox17:28
fsmithredand you can always use the oracle version17:28
fsmithredascii=stretch, beowulf=buster17:28
fsmithredor use qemu instead17:29
fsmithredor install on a spare partition instead of a vm17:29
devuanfreeI see, well, I have to go now. I will think about this, thank you very much for your help. See you soon.17:30
frabbitDigit: and it looks to me like these webbroser for mobile phones17:30
fsmithredthere's a chromium-sandbox package. Is there a minbrowser-sandbox package?17:32
fsmithredDigit, ls -l /usr/lib/min/chrome-sandbox17:34
Digit-rwsr-xr-x 1 501 staff 6259104 May 15 17:53 /usr/lib/min/chrome-sandbox*   # o_O17:35
frabbitDigit: theres a wtf?! emot in our output? cool! =D17:36
Digitn_n noh.  i just added that.  the 501 and staff being novel to me.17:37
Digitbut no minbrowser-sanbox in there.17:37
frabbitDigit: ;P17:38
fsmithredthat looks right17:59
fsmithredI mean that looks like 4755. Not sure about the 501 staff18:00
fsmithred501 is first user id in those rpm-based distros18:00
fsmithredor second?18:01
fsmithredand it shows as a number because there's no user with that ID on your system.18:01
engideaanother small issue coming up with devuan3.0 is when using sddm, currently when installed the theme is quite "roough", it would be nicer to install the sddm-theme-breeze20:44
golinuxengidea: The only theming provided by Devuan is for the default Xfce desktop.  Any other theming, you are on your own.20:51
WafficusHi there, question about Devuan. Is the "netinstall" similar to the Debian "netinstall" installer?20:57
WafficusI ask because I recently redid my laptop and desktop for Debian minimum stable but found out how much systemd sucks, and I see that Devuan looks like a good alternative20:58
LordVadercould you guys pleas give me an advice? I'm usign devuan beowulf (upgraded from ascii) on my | arm board and I want to compile native GCC there. The build ends up like this:               |
LordVaderExactly the same invocation of configure on my pc box with u19.10 ends up flawlessly with a fresh GCC21:24
LordVaderwhat's the direction to move?21:26
golinuxLordVader: Might be better to ask that question on #devuan-arm21:39
LordVaderok thanks21:46
lvdanother funny thing just found: in my 32bit 686 virtual machine, which is also beowulf upgraded from ascii, there is no g++ (only gcc)! Weird bug... :)22:14
fsmithredlvd, did you install build-essential?22:15
lvdprobably no, but now I see, there are two different packets, one is for gcc, other for g++22:16
lvdsorry for noise :)22:16
fsmithredand there is build-essential which is a metapackage that gives you both of those and a few other things22:17

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