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bgstack151tatsumaru is no longer here, but for the logs: I use the Discord dpkg for Debian just fine. Er, I think that's one of the ones I have to wrap with apulse, but yeah.03:03
onefangI just use the Discord web site.  Less binary blobs on my system.03:04
WafficusHi there, can anyone please help me with the nvidia-driver package to only allow the nvidia-driver package to be installed via its non-free driver and to not allow any other non-free package to be installed via "pinning"? I had help for this the other week, but it still won't install unfortunately05:23
gnarfaceWafficus: you need *every* package the nvidia-driver package call in as a dependency, plus a few extras in most cases... not that i could help you without consulting the documentation myself, but it's not a rational goal05:46
plasma41Wafficus: nvidia-driver has hard dependencies on other packages from non-free. nvidia-driver will not install without those.05:46
gnarfaceWafficus: it should be possible though, yes, if that's your question, but it'll simply break the functionality of the driver05:46
gnarfaceplasma41: i think you could force it somehow, but it's not gonna actually make the card work05:47
gnarfaceWafficus: what program are you actually trying to get working?  the issue could be something else...05:47
WafficusI haven't used anything yet05:50
WafficusI wanted to make sure I had the proper newest drivers first05:50
Wafficusbefore attempting some emulators05:50
doubledutchMaybe a not-popular choice...05:51
gnarfaceWafficus: oh, well don't sweat the boatload of ~200MB of nvidia driver packages that come along with the base nvidia-driver package.  it's par for course05:51
gnarfaceWafficus: and you're probably gonna want contrib as well05:51
doubledutchbut     wget; +x, 777; su ./sgfxi05:51
Wafficusi'll be honest though, its the second time I've used "pinning" so though I get the concept, I think I'm a bit lost on what else to do05:51
doubledutchHas had me at happy GLX gears very quickly very many times05:52
doubledutchafter so many methods attempts, binaries sources and tools failed05:52
doubledutchJus sayin05:52
gnarfacedoubledutch: i recommend trying the packages in the repo before any 3rd party solution05:52
doubledutchgnarface: agreed05:52
doubledutchJust the supergrubdisk2 in yr back pocket05:52
doubledutchif all else failes05:53
gnarfacedoubledutch: actually, to be specific, i recommend trying the packages in the repo, then the packages in the backports repo, before resorting to 3rd party solutions05:53
Wafficusthis is what's present for my "sources.llist" in /etc/apt:
Wafficusthis is what's present for my "zz-nvidia" pin file in /etc/apt/preferences.d:
Wafficuswhat i don't get is that if I manually try to install those dependencies even when they're present on that zz-nvidia pin file, apt won't allow me to install them06:04
Wafficusis this a case where I should just make a note to allow all non-free software, install nvidia-driver to allow everything to do its thing, then lock down the pin again accordingly, and just undo each time I want to update the nvidia-driver package?06:07
Wafficusif so, how do I go about that route?06:07
Wafficus*given the two pastes I have above06:07
Wafficusfor the time being, I commented out the sections, and I'll just make a note to uncomment it when I want to update drivers06:17
Wafficusit seems to be installing the nvidia-driver package fine at this point though06:17
WafficusIts failing on nvidia-persistenced now06:38
Wafficusis this because of Devuan's lack of systemd?06:39
hemimaniacWafficus: you can remove just the nvidia-persistenced and apptitude will merrily carry on06:47
Wafficusthat's the thing though, if I try to install nvidia-driver06:49
Wafficusit says that error06:49
hemimaniacyes it will error, but nvidia is installed, after rebooting, just remove nvidia-persistenced in synaptic and all is well06:50
Wafficusok I'll try rebooting06:50
WafficusI just removed nvidia-persistenced06:50
Wafficusand will reboot06:50
brocashelmhas anyone had issues trying to extend their monitors with devuan beowulf? no matter how hard i look into the configs, i just can't seem to get this to work. xrandr complains about failing to get size of gamma. i'm using radeon rx 460 and this was not an issue for other xfce distros08:32
gnarfacebrocashelm: too many things can be possibly wrong, i haven't seen a problem with it here so chances are you're missing a package or a permission setting08:51
gnarfacebrocashelm: with that card, it could be related to driver auto-detection08:52
gnarfacebrocashelm: (limitations of the auto-detected driver)08:52
gnarfacebrocashelm: (note that card does need some non-free stuff, which isn't necessarily included by default, to enable hardware acceleration/3d/compositing)08:55
gnarfacefind the xorg log08:56
brocashelmgnarface: ok, got this portion from my log just now.
brocashelmstill having trouble trying to get the system to recognize my radeon gpu. more details:
zatumilwhat is your gpu model number and kernel version?10:50
zatumilmaybe you need something non free
devuanhello guys, does any one knows how to show in desktop folders and trashbin?11:13
devuanin lxd3?11:13
zatumilI dont know maybe #lxde11:21
fsmithreddevuan, maybe gvfs is missing?11:32
devuanfsmithred, thanks in advance fopr that tip :)11:33
devuanmaybe indeed11:33
fsmithredhow did you install lxde? Did you install the lxde package, or did you install individual parts?11:34
devuanfsmithred, indeed that solved the problem :)11:42
gnarfacebrocashelm: sorry, i missed the log paste, you should use but was it like i suspected, it's loading the modesetting driver or some framebuffer/svga thing?11:47
gnarfacebrocashelm: you probably are missing the amdgpu package, is my guess (perhaps some other stuff too)11:50
lunariohi there15:09
gnarfacehi lunario, just ask your question15:13
lunarioi don't have any, just saying hello & idling in the chan :)15:13
gnarfaceoh, ok15:14
gnarfacejust making sure15:14
lunariooh, except maybe that my problem of random ~/Desktop folder creation still persists (i asked about this here about 17 hours ago and was suggested some advice, but none helped)15:15
gnarfacethey aren't getting created?15:19
gnarfaceor, you're trying to stop it from getting created?15:19
lunarioit is getting created and i don't want it to15:20
gnarfaceif you're trying to stop it from getting created, first you gotta figure out what is creating them15:20
gnarfaceoften the window manager15:20
gnarfacebut it could be a lot of things15:20
gnarfacei'm using enlightenment, and it makes one for each display15:20
gnarfacenot really much that can be done about it afaik15:20
lunariomy xdg user dirs:
lunario.conf file:
lunarioi am using dwm and i highly doubt it's responsible for this15:21
gnarfaceno graphical login?15:21
gnarfaceit's gotta be something15:21
gnarfaceWine might even create those directories, i'm not sure15:22
lunarioi don't have wine installed15:22
lunarioahhh! i think i just found it... it's my browser (palemoon)15:23
lunarioalthough i have set the download folder to ~/ afaik15:23
lunarioyeah, it is set to ~/... but then i will ask the palemoon people for more help on this15:24
gnarfacemabye it needs it for drag&drop support? i'm not familiar with dwm15:27
gnarfacecan you drag links to the desktop ?15:27
lunarioas i said, it's because of palemoon for sure. when i close palemoon, delete ~/Desktop and then relaunch palemoon, the folder is immediately created again15:29
lunarioalso no, drag&drop doesn't work on my system afaik (and i would never use it anyways)15:30
gnarfacewell i'm trying to imagine reasons it would do that and i'm not coming up with a lot15:30
gnarfacein enlightenment, those directories hold .desktop files; desktop shortcuts15:31
gnarfacedoes it actually populate the directory?15:31
gnarfaceor just make it and leave it empty?15:31
fsmithredlunario, try 'rm /etc/xdg/autostart/xdg-user-dirs.desktop'15:32
lunariono, it has no content. i could just keep the directory of course but it just bothers me when i see it in ranger all the time, when there are only 3 other folders in ~/. i like to have it tidied up as much as possible15:32
lunariofsmithred: didnt help15:33
fsmithredhave you tried uninstalling any xdg stuff?15:33
lunariono. are they non-essential?15:35
fsmithredxdg-user-dirs                         0.17-2                              amd64        tool to manage well known user directories15:35
lunariothe installed xdg packages would be xdg-user-dirs and xdg-utils on my system15:35
lunarioi will remove xdg-user-dirs first15:35
fsmithredYou have to shoot or stab it in the brain.15:37
lunariopuring xdg-user-dirs didn't help (unless i need to restart?). purging xdg-utils means a lot of important packages are going to be removed (, so i am not going to do that15:38
beanwould someone help me with this?  this showed up in .xsession-errors
bean(using beowulf)17:15
gnarfaceif you use, i'll look at least17:15
gnarfacehave there been any problems?17:25
gnarfacei think this error might be a normal network timeout17:26
gnarfacelike from some remote desktop client trying to connect?17:26
buZzFatal IO error 0 (Success) <- sounds nice :D17:27
gnarfacebean: had you just closed a xrdp or vnc connection?17:27
gnarfacebean: if you're not experiencing any other unexpected behavior, i think this error may be normal17:34
beanthe error coincided with the display glitching out and displaying very distorted windows.  I tried to take a screenshot but they looked normal in the screenshot17:51
beanI installed firmware-amd-graphics and then when I rebooted and launched a caja window, this happened17:51
gnarfacethat sounds like a compositor issue17:51
gnarfacewhen it doesn't show up in a screenshot that usually means it's a compositor issue17:52
beanI looked it up myself and about all I found so far is that it might be an issue with libxcb17:52
gnarfacethis is on beowulf?17:53
gnarfaceyou might want to try the beowulf-backports versions of some of this stuff to see if it fixes anything17:53
gnarfacenamely the kernel, mesa, and that firmware package17:53
beanah, of those?17:53
beanthanks, I'll give it a shot I guess, I mean I'm not sure if the mesa stuff will pull in a bunch of other stuff or something but...17:54
gnarfaceit would be better if you talked to someone who also had a amdgpu card17:55
gnarfaceto know exactly which packages17:55
gnarfacei think the struggle is usually about making sure you actually got all the matching mesa packages17:57
gnarfaceand the kernel, mesa, and that firmware package usually are closely matched in a set, so you can't really just upgrade one or the other ane expect it to work right17:58
WafficusHi there, I'm trying to figure out how to get HDMI sound working but can't figure out how to get it working on alsa-mixer. I think I setup the default sound card as my usb audio interface on this machine, but I'm trying to just switch it over to the Nvidia HDMI sound to the TV18:46
WafficusI am able to see the Nvidia HDMI sound device in alsamixer, but I can't control it, and its listed as "SPDIF", which I"m not sure what that means18:47
gnarfaceWafficus: you can't toggle those switches on?18:48
Wafficusno, that's the weird thing18:48
WafficusI just see "MM" listed for each of the channels for the SPDIF's present18:49
gnarfaceWafficus: you should just have to toggle those switches on and then select the hdmi alsa device with your program18:49
gnarfaceWafficus: how are you trying to toggle it on?18:49
Wafficusits marked as "1 HDMI NVidia"18:49
WafficusI'm trying to use alsamixer18:49
gnarfacewhat key?18:49
Wafficus"alsamixer -c 1" that is18:49
gnarfaceright, you open that, then what key do you press?18:50
gnarfaceno, you press m18:51
gnarfacesee it toggle now?18:52
Wafficusyeah now all channels are set to "00"18:52
Wafficusyet I don't get any audio playback in youtube in Qutebrowser for a sound test18:52
WafficusI tried speakertest too but get an error18:52
Wafficusone sec, will termbin the error18:52
gnarfaceok, good, try this: speaker-test -c 2 -t wav -D hdmi18:52
gnarfaceplease use if you want me to actually look at the paste18:53
gnarfacebut i'm not really interested in the error because i doubt i could make any sense of it18:53
gnarfacetry that speaker-test first18:53
gnarfacedoes it play?18:53
gnarfacei said, paste.debian.net18:54
Wafficusok I'll try that speaker-test option18:54
Wafficusok i'll look for that, I usually use termbin for ease of use18:54
Wafficusno, it doesn't play18:56
gnarfaceshow me the error with my options18:57
Wafficussecond attempt using your options:
gnarfaceWafficus: ok, let me see the output of "aplay -L"18:58
Wafficusaplay -L output :
gnarfacethat was not18:59
gnarfacethat was the output of aplay -l19:00
gnarfaceplease try harder19:00
gnarfacedo you have a custom alsa config, ~/.asoundrc, or the like?19:02
gnarface-D hdmi should have worked19:02
gnarfaceyou might have to stop pulseaudio19:02
Wafficusgnarface: ~/.asoundrc19:03
Wafficusoh pulseaudio was installed too?19:03
Wafficusit must have been installed alongside one of the emulators I installed if that's the case19:03
gnarfaceWafficus: just move the ~/.asoundrc out of the way, i don't know if pulseaudio is installed too, you tell me19:03
Wafficusso comment out the lines then?19:03
Wafficus* within .asoundrc19:04
WafficusI commented out the lines in .asoundrc for now, but still no sound19:07
WafficusI tried using your speaker test options, but its giving a playback error19:08
gnarfacei told you to move the whole file out of the way19:09
gnarfacedidn't i?19:09
Wafficusok I"ll rename it19:10
Wafficussame thing happens19:10
Wafficuseven with the .asoundrc moved into another directory other than home19:10
gnarfacei dunno then19:11
gnarfaceseems like a driver problem19:11
gnarfacemaybe you're missing a package19:11
gnarfaceyou could try asking about it in #alsa... it's usually dead in there but someone might help you eventually if you're patient enogh19:12
gnarfacepatient enough*19:12
Wafficusah, idk19:12
WafficusI kind of just want sound to work on this TV to play some games19:12
Wafficusdon't want to spend all day just trying to figure out sound when it should just work19:12
openbsdtai123here my script� setup.c, just setup asoundrc1 or setup soundrc0  (   wowill give you setup.c )19:17
openbsdtai123Wafficus: alsamixer will tell you which card, while pressing  F6.19:18
Wafficuswould you look at that19:20
Wafficusanother normal person using termbin19:20
Wafficuswho would have known19:20
Wafficusi'll check it out thanks19:20
Wafficusopenbsdtai123: um, this is a giant .c script19:21
Wafficusopenbsdtai123: what am I looking for here?19:21
openbsdtai123this will tell you which sound card:  seq 1 1 10  | while read -r i ; do seq 1 1 10  | while read -r j ; do echo $i $j ; aplay -D plughw:$i,$j /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Rear_Center.wav  ;  done ; done19:25
openbsdtai123( I just try to help you).19:25
Wafficusopenbsdtai123: right, but I have no idea what half of these C based functions are supposed to do19:25
openbsdtai123this is enough. this is bash:  seq 1 1 10  | while read -r i ; do seq 1 1 10  | while19:27
openbsdtai123                       read -r j ; do echo $i $j ; aplay -D plughw:$i,$j /usr/share/sounds/alsa/Rear_Center.wav  ;19:27
openbsdtai123                       done ; done19:27
Wafficusopenbsdtai123: I tried what you initially gave, but a lot of what's present is giving this error: audio open error: No such file or directory19:27
Wafficussame thing with the second variant openbsdtai12319:28
xrogaanthe byhand list are gone from debian's ftpmaster :(19:40
* xrogaan is still waiting for the backported kernel image to show up19:41
hemimaniacoh he left, I had a slew of issues with sound on this rig after a fresh install, had a solution they could of tried19:56
xrogaanI don't understand your sentence.21:36
xrogaannevermind, I didn't read correctly.21:36

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