libera/#devuan/ Saturday, 2020-06-27

TwistedFatemeh, i should have went with refracta then :/00:22
TwistedFatei might have kept using devuan, but tomorrow it's going to be purged00:23
rtnd0ghi all06:03
rtnd0gdoes anyone know anything about a Package called flatpack?06:03
rtnd0gi heard it was developed by the Freedesktop Project. But that is shady, cuz Freedesktop Project has ties to Lennart.06:04
rtnd0gbut I really wanna run some kinda sandbox.06:04
gnarfacertnd0g: just run it in qemu or something like that.  yea, you don't need flatpack, and yea, it's a vector for shady crap06:43
gnarfacertnd0g: there are a bunch of containerization options that don't require flatpack06:44
rtnd0gahhh i c. i suspected as such. imma look into alternatives. THANK you gnarface!06:47
rtnd0ggoodnight all07:40
jeringaWhere should I direct a question about the Beowulf magnet link being broken?08:15
jeringaThe .torrent file seems to work... Magnet link appears to be wrong... two lone peers with 0%08:16
gnarfacei think it might just be that nobody seeded it...08:24
jeringaShould'nt they point at the same place/torrent?08:25
gnarfacei'm really not sure08:28
gnarfacei'm not the person you should bring this too08:28
gnarfacegolinux: do you know about the torrent?08:29
golinuxWe're discussing it on -www08:29
g4570nhi aitor16:31
Guest73010hi, g4560n16:32
Guest73010i packaged icecat-68.9.0 for beowulf together with all the icecat-l10n-langs16:33
Guest73010btw, where can i find the sources of
Guest73010the old is not availabel16:34
g4570nGuest73010: try gitea.devuan.dev16:49
fsmithredGuest73010, old git is at gitlab.devuan.org16:52
Guest73010thanks!16:53 points to - that's the new git16:53
Guest73010i'm registered16:54
fsmithredif you maintain any devuan-packages, those are all just 'devuan' now.16:54
fsmithredso you would need to fix remote origin url on your local repos16:55
Guest73010i've some packages in mind16:55
fsmithredfor personal projects, you can just import from old git or make new ones16:55
fsmithredclick on the + to import16:55
Guest73010ok, thanks16:56

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