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frabbiti can change the tty with Alt+ArrowKey in a xsession? since when is that? o_001:13
gnarfaceit's probably not the tty changing but actually your window manager changing virtual desktops, no?01:24
frabbitnormally dwm does nothing by default with alt+arrow01:28
frabbitand this is only since ive run dpkg-reconfigure console-setup01:28
frabbitto change the font o fthe tty01:28
brocashelmwill devuan carry iridium-browser on the repo?01:29
fsmithredonly if it's in debian repos01:30
brocashelmi could not find it initially, so i had to use the browser's own repo (debian)01:30
brocashelmi see01:30
fsmithredyeah, it's not in the repo01:30
brocashelmi also noticed newsboat was rather old (2.12), so i compiled the 2.20 version with ease01:32
frabbitbrocashelm: i still use newsbeuter01:33
frabbitworks fine, also i like that name more01:34
Unit193...Same,also uses less ram when initially started.01:34
brocashelmfrabbit: i used newsbeuter first, but newsboat looked more promising01:34
frabbitbrocashelm: what does it promise to u? =)01:35
brocashelmi also dumped random gui music player #1406 for cmus01:35
frabbityeah cmus is nice01:36
brocashelmfrabbit: i'm using newsboat because it's more actively maintained01:37
brocashelmnewsboat/newsbeuter is perfect for keeping track of your youtube/other streaming site channel favorites and then having mpv as the "browser"01:38
brocashelmyoutube's ui is just terrible and not worth it, so rss is here to save the day ;)01:38
frabbitbrocashelm: u can use invidio.us01:39
frabbitbut ostly i use lynx to brwose and i always watch videos with mpv01:39
brocashelmfrabbit: unfamiliar. will check it out, ty01:39
brocashelmyeah, mpv is amazing01:39
brocashelma close friend of mine recently was added to their devs01:40
frabbitbrocashelm: #debianfork01:41
rtndoghi everybody01:50
tuxd3vdoes anyone knows how to run xterm in 256 colors?01:59
tuxd3vI am trying to set env var TERM01:59
tuxd3vbut tpur colors report always 802:00
tuxd3vtpur -> tput02:00
gnarfacetuxd3v: i think you need a terminal that supports 256 colors, and i'm not sure xterm does02:03
gnarfacetuxd3v: does it work with rxvt-unicode-256color?02:03
tuxd3vgnarface, I don't have rxvt to test :S02:04
tuxd3vthe strange part is02:04
tuxd3veven setting TERM=xterm-256color02:04
tuxd3vand langhing xterm, it is in 8 bit mode :/02:04
tuxd3vI believe is possible but it needs to be compiled with that option..02:05
gnarfacemaybe so02:05
yetiand $ tput colors02:11
yetide??an's default xterm02:11
yetiXTerm*decTerminalID: vt34002:11
yetiXTerm*numColorRegisters: 25602:11
yetiin .Xresources02:11
yetibut that may be independent... and only needed for sixels...02:12
yetibut sure wont harm if there and not needed02:12
tuxd3vthe strange thing02:13
tuxd3vwith TERM=xterm02:13
tuxd3vand tput colors 802:13
tuxd3vif I do this:02:14
tuxd3v curl -s | bash02:14
tuxd3vit really prints the total pallete of colors02:14
tuxd3veven tput reporting 802:14
tuxd3vby some reason that I don't uderstand lol it now is working with TERM=xterm-256color02:18
tuxd3vI will set this variable in the .bashrc :)02:19
gnarfacetuxd3v: maybe the missing variable is just that you needed to log all the way out and back in once?02:21
gnarfacetuxd3v: or maybe if you're using a graphical login daemon it had to be restarted02:21
tuxd3vgnarface, yeah, I will set in on login, and see again :)02:22
tuxd3vgnarface, yeti, yes that did the trick :)02:25
tuxd3vI also have now PS1 colored and such :)02:25
tuxd3vtough  I don't now if the resources consumed are a lot bigger or not02:26
tuxd3vbut the diference should be small02:26
tuxd3vthis is indeed another thing :)02:29
yetithat's enough colour for a month02:41
tuxd3vhahaha ehe02:41
tuxd3vI don't know why, but the colors are not the same in all terminals02:42
tuxd3vin xterm they are very bright02:42
yetiforget the toyterms02:42
yetilike gnome.term02:42
yetixterm is standard.02:42
tuxd3vthe Idea was to devuanize lnewt, and I am testing it, but currently with a theme more close to the ascii one..02:43
yetitry that in gnometerm
tuxd3vbeowulf cinnabar would be great, if I could manage to get that color02:43
tuxd3vwoow, that is awesome!!02:44
yetixterm has 2 or 3 souls02:45
yetiterminal + rastergraphics + (emulated) vectorgraphics02:45
tuxd3vhow does it launches another terminal?02:45
tuxd3vits the tektronik?02:45
tuxd3vthat is insanely beutigull02:46
tuxd3vbeutigull -> beautifull02:46
tuxd3vsimplicity in its pure glory02:46
yetifor the simple plot in near to no time02:46
yetino unneeded knobs and sliders02:46
yetiless distractions02:47
yetixterm -t   directly falls in that mode02:47
yetibut maybe the 2nd window can be opended via some command sequence from a normal xterm02:47
yetithe other soul02:49
yetibut thats incompatible with screen and mosh :-(02:49
yetiok... tec probably too02:50
onefangHow about tmux?02:50
yetino idea02:50
yetithere is a patched screen02:50
yetibut old02:50
yetiScreen version 4.02.01 (GNU) 28-Apr-1402:51
yetiwith sixel patches.02:51
yetitell the tmixers to support sixels AND tmux /dev/someserial02:52
yetithen I'd switch02:52
yetiI use screen as terminal for microcontrollers and pi-consoles and such...02:53
yetitmux considers this feature as bloat02:53
yetibut a terminalmultiplexer not capable of using a real serial too is one legged...02:54
tuxd3vit even does video, amazing, what some people can do with it.. Inever explored to much of it02:56
tuxd3vthe 256 colors is the maximum were I got02:56
tuxd3vand ofcourse the scrollbar, and the pointer in red color, and also blinking, but was only that never tryied tektronik 's emulation02:57
tuxd3vthe plot you make was awesome02:57
* yeti prefers boring03:00
yeti <<< I hope EXWM someday gets useable03:02
yetiexwm needs some more features added to emacs before it really can take off and my other wanted WM (sawfish) coughs on de??an which I could fix for i386 and amd64 but on armhf the windows have no borders and arent moveable... :-( and I want the same stuff on all nixens03:06
yetial new installs ar GUIless or have XFCE but some old configs with Gnome still are around...03:07
onefangEmacs has it's own window manager now?  It really is an operating system.  lol03:07
yetibut I'd prefer sawfish or exwm03:07
yetiand dont forget systemE03:07
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yetiI hate bots03:08
onefangOH NOES!!  YOU'VE WOKE THE BOT!!!03:08
mooslanybody  around?14:43
mooslI am preocupied14:44
tuxd3vmoosl, what do you mean?14:50
moosltuxd3v: what do you thing about the rumors of devuan switching to systemD?14:51
tuxd3vmoosl, what rumors?14:52
mooslto be announced in the next Devuan keynote conference.14:54
fsmithredwhen and where is that taking place?14:54
fsmithredmoosl, devuan with systemd already exists14:56
fsmithredit's called debian14:56
mooslfsmithred: just kidding14:56
moosli tried the 32bit install, quite impressed.14:56
mooslbut there are some lack of libC offers.14:57
mooslis it possible to switch glibc to musl?14:57
fsmithredI don't know14:57
mooslhow to propose Devuan leaders to include musl 32bit?14:58
fsmithredit's possible to install musl - I see it in the repo14:58
mooslI had to switch to a musl distro due glibc bloat.14:58
mooslmm.. I thought dyne irc had a devuan channel as well.15:00
mooslshould I proposed it in the forums?15:03
mooslmusl already can run full blown qt5 plasma desktop15:04
mooslthere no reason for devuan not to have a musl based iso15:05
fsmithredthere is nothing stopping someone from making one and offering it to the community15:06
moosldevuan got plenty of resources to produces such an iso on their spare time15:07
mooslit's already built by other distros15:07
fsmithredit was a major effort to get the current set of isos out15:08
fsmithredI was doing around 40 installs per week for the last few months15:08
mooslso it sloud be a matter of simply copy/pasting the patches and hooking up apt-get15:08
fsmithredit's a matter of someone willing to devote the time and effort to do it and maintain it after it's done15:09
moosldiff alpine-linux devuan15:09
mooslsomething like that15:09
golinuxmoosl: Please return to planet earth.15:12
moosleventually all distros will have to offer musl based isos15:13
mooslfsmithred: many reasons15:13
golinuxMaybe move this to #devuan-offtopic15:15
mooslgolinux: that's ok, I just wanted to raise the issue after trying 32bit out15:16
mooslgolinux: i'll go into the forums.15:18
golinuxmoosl: One suggestion . . . if you want a musl based iso, please put it together and offer it to devuan. Do not expect devuan devs to do it for you.15:21
golinuxSee you over there . . .15:21
mooslgolinux: first off, I don't have the diff/patching skillz to do so.15:22
mooslsecond, it isn't a crazy idea.15:22
mooslgolinux: how come debian had a mach iso?15:23
scott_Hi. This is my first time here. I'm on Linux Mint 17.2 (still pre-SystemD) and have used Mint for 8+ years.15:54
scott_But now I'm looking for a new distro.15:54
scott_Well I guess the search continues. Thanks for nothing.15:58
tuxd3vscott, what are your doubts?16:04
tuxd3valready quitted..16:04
tuxd3vwithout a question is dificult to formule a answer :/16:04
Atari-FroschBad service. :-þ16:06
tuxd3vAtari-Frosch, I really was not close to the computer neither16:10
tuxd3vanyway you expect always some one make his own questions :(16:10
Atari-Froschtuxd3v: Of course. Just an experience I made on IRC since I use it: People say something or even ask questions, wait a few minutes at maximum, and if nobody answers, they leave. As if the folks in a channel are staring at it all the time just waiting for people like this ;-)16:16
onefangSome people have such short .. oh look, a squirrel!16:37
brocashelmi saw scott_'s post in a mint thread. i'll try to get him to come back :D16:50
JorilNice :O16:57
yetimusl is the new rust?19:49
yetirewrite it in rust!  is demanded often...  e.g. someone triggered a long thread in Haiku(OS)'s forum bout this...19:49
GNULinuxPayI'm selling GNU/Linux licenses. $99 for single user, $49 for each computer if purchasing for 25 or more machines. Bitcoin payment only!19:50
yetidu mich auch!19:50
tuxd3vGNULinuxPay, I can also sell you some19:53
GNULinuxPaytuxd3v: for what price?19:54
yeti-> #debianfork19:55
tuxd3vits certainly bellow yeors :)19:56
tuxd3vyeors -> yours19:56
tuxd3vafaik selling gpl licenses its not possible, products yes19:57
tuxd3vwhat do you guys thins of its:19:57
tuxd3vwith xterm in 256 color mode:19:57
tuxd3vand this with tilda:19:58
tuxd3vis starts to take some shape tell me what do you think19:58
tuxd3vthis is the first real adventure with lnewt:
tuxd3vstill have a problem, I have hotkeys assigned to the listbox, but how to I manage the buttons :/20:01
tuxd3vanyone can help?20:01
brocashelmi think he is back as "GNULinuxGenuine" in #debian-fork20:06
tuxd3vbrocashelm, you mean  #debianfork :)20:08
brocashelmtuxd3v: yup :)20:09
brocashelmhow do i restart networkmanager service using runit?22:29
rtndogare you specifically wanting to do it with runit?22:33
rtndogor are you just tring to restart it?22:34
brocashelmi am using runit-init instead of sysvinit, and i needed to make some dns/resolv changes22:35
brocashelmi tried looking around for the service directory, but kept getting "unable to open supervise/ok: files does not exist"22:36
golinuxbrocashelm: I Don't begin to understand the finer points of init  but I think runit relies on sysvinit scripts.22:42
golinuxDo you have them installed?22:42
brocashelmgolinux: i installed runit-init and only have sysvinit-utils of sysvinit packages installed alongside22:44
brocashelmi just installed sysvinit and init again. i thought those would replace runit-init at first, but i guess not?22:46
golinuxHave you seen this thread?
brocashelmyes, i have seen it previously and followed those steps22:48
brocashelmrunit has been my init for a few days already22:49
brocashelmthe interesting thing is i just installed init and sysvinit back again, but apt did not complain22:50
golinuxSorry I can't be much help . . .22:55
fsmithredso which one is being used?22:55
brocashelmgolinux: no worries :)22:56
brocashelmfsmithred: runit22:56
fsmithredyou rebooted after reinstalling sysvinit?22:56
brocashelmlet me check22:56
brocashelmyes, runit is still my init22:58
fsmithredaptitude -s install sysvinit-core says it will remove runit-init22:58
brocashelmsysvinit-core is not installed22:59
brocashelmsysvinit, sysvinit-utils, and init are installed22:59
fsmithredI thought you said you reinstalled it22:59
fsmithredI think sysvinit is just a metapackage23:00
brocashelmsorry, i meant the literal packages23:00
brocashelmbut, i was wondering how i could utilize runit for restarting networkmanager as an example23:01
fsmithredI know nothing about runit23:01
fsmithredI just followed directions to install it and then kicked it around until I could make a live iso from it.23:01
fsmithredkicked my stuff around23:02
fsmithrednot runit23:02
fsmithredrefractasnaphsot depends on live-config-sysvinit(or other init system)23:03
brocashelmyeah, it removed those packages when i installed runit-init23:03
fsmithredbut there's no live-config-runit package23:03
fsmithredso I opened up some packages and copied files into place23:03
brocashelmi see23:04
brocashelmanother question i have is that since i do not want a graphical login manager (just tty -> startx), i keep seeing some ethernet crap interfering when i put in my username/password. would there be a way to get rid of this?23:04
fsmithredI was under the impression that if "-- quiet" is in the boot command, they won't show up.23:05
fsmithredother way is to edit something in /etc/sysctl.conf23:05
brocashelmin /etc/default/grub?23:06
fsmithred# Uncomment the following to stop low-level messages on console23:06
fsmithred#kernel.printk = 3 4 1 323:06
fsmithredyeah, for quiet, in /etc/default/grub23:06
brocashelmso, like this? GRUB_CMD_LINE_LINUX="-- quiet"23:07
fsmithredI think so23:07
fsmithredmake it the last option23:07
fsmithredyou have to run update-grub afterward23:07
brocashelmalright. just making sure where to place that. i also have GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT23:08
fsmithredplease let me know if it works23:08
fsmithredoh yeah, DEFAULT will just put it in the first boot entry23:08
fsmithredthe other will put it in all of them23:08
brocashelmtesting now23:10
brocashelmnope, it's still happening23:10
fsmithredsorry for that23:11
brocashelmi see stuff like this in the tty: eth0: NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex, etc. etc. and some UFW BLOCK info23:11
brocashelmwhen i get my login prompt23:11
fsmithredyeah, I know exactly what you're talking about23:11
fsmithredclose your eyes to log in23:11
brocashelmreverted grub changes and uncommented that line23:13
brocashelmrebooting again23:13
brocashelmgreat, it's finally gone23:14
brocashelmthank you23:14
fsmithredif you like magic sysrq keys, you can edit that file to enable all of them23:15
brocashelmkernel.sysrq=1 was already uncommented before i edited the file. i see kernel.sysrq=438 remains commented23:17
brocashelmi am not too familiar with that approach23:17
fsmithredoh yeah, I know who edited your file.23:17
fsmithredwhat's the equivalent of 'init 1' command for runit?23:51

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