libera/#devuan/ Sunday, 2020-07-05

kreyrenWhy is `gamemode` package doesn't install the expected packages ?01:33
kreyrenit should provide `gamemoderun` but it doesn't01:33
kreyrenwhich doesn't seem to be an issue on debian01:33
debdogaccording to there is no file gamemoderun in that package01:38
debdogin fact, that file is not found anywhere
debdogis it created via script during the installation?01:39
kreyrenah the version is outdated01:40
kreyrendebdog, thanks for help ^-^01:43
* kreyren is fixing pinning now01:43
kreyren> gamemode-daemon : Depends: libsystemd0 (>= 243)01:49
kreyreni guess that this is a bug?01:58
kreyrenahhh it requires systemd even on exherbo ;c02:00
search_socialit requires systemd or it "requires" systemd?05:31
search_socialmaybe force install and it won't matter05:32
gnarfacekreyren: libsystemd0 !== systemd06:03
gnarfacekreyren: (libsystemd is still present but vestigial without systemd itself running)06:03
kreyrengnarface, sounds same, smells same06:03
gnarfacekreyren: well, it's the runtime libraries, but they're harmless without the payload06:04
gnarfaceall they're doing is taking up space06:04
kreyrenunless there are applications like gamemode that are provided from debian that are utilizing them~06:04
kreyrengnarface, that's definition of bloatware! :p06:04
gnarfacekreyren: well, no, bloatware has advertisements06:05
kreyrentrue but still06:05
kreyrenwait no that would be adware~06:05
gnarfacekreyren: you might be right about gamemode in theory but afaik that shouldn't be possible based on the current way systemd works06:05
* kreyren is creating new sandbox for gamemode now06:05
gnarfacewell, it can't hurt.   better safe than sorry06:06
kreyrenye and i've submitted to make it run on exherbo06:06
gnarfacekreyren: you're right it's unnecessary bloat, conceded06:08
gnarfacekreyren: it's a lot more work to rebuild all the packages to remove libsystemd though, so they just removed the systemd daemon, which should leave the rest of it's dependencies unused06:09
gnarfacekreyren: there might be work in progress to get libsystemd out too for future releases, it's just that there's economic constraints, you understand?06:09
gnarfaceright now this was the only way to make ends meet06:10
gnarface... but, volunteers welcome!06:12
kreyrengnarface, like i am already making exherbo downstream might as well include devuan too :p06:14
search_socialjava.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: appguru/Main has been compiled by a more recent version of the Java Runtime (class file version 58.0), this version of the Java Runtime only recognizes class file versions up to 55.012:22
search_socialgod help me12:22
search_socialE: Release file for is not valid yet (invalid for another 12d 5h 14min 40s). Updates for this repository will not be applied.12:25 is a DNS round robin in front of a bunch of mirrors.  Did you catch the IP of the one giving you that message?12:26
search_sociali don't know how to do that12:26
onefangAlso check the time on that computer is correct.12:27
search_socialit's not12:28
onefangDate: Sat, 04 Jul 2020 04:31:46 UTC is the timestamp on, that's in the past.12:31
search_socialokay changing the date fixed it thanks12:33
onefangOr rather on pkgmaster, which all the mirrors sync to.  It might be different on what ever mirror you got yours from.12:33
search_sociali don't see an updated java in experimental so i guess i'll be pulling from debian12:34
gnarfaceit would also be missing in debian12:35
onefangIf the date was that far out from that mirror, other things might be wrong.12:35
search_sociali can't imagine why this java file would be so new then12:35
gnarfacewell, experimental is going to have pretty new stuff in it12:36
gnarfacebut i wouldn't recommend using it12:36
search_socialthat's how i feel about java :)12:36
gnarfacethe thing is, java won't be different between debian and devuan, they should be the same packages, unless the devuan mirror is out of date, which is a transient issue that should clear itself up shortly12:36
gnarfacesometimes other stuff goes wrong but it is rare12:37
gnarfaceand also, just fyi, "i guess i'll just pull it from debian then" is also very likely to wreck your system12:38
gnarfacein all other cases12:39
search_sociallooks like package version is same anyway12:40
onefangMost Devuan packages are just the Debian packages, we don't change many of them.12:40
onefangMost Devuan mirrors just redirect you to Debian mirrors for most packages.  Unless they ARE a Debian mirror to.12:41
onefangThat's why the word "merged" is in the URL.  B-)12:41
search_socialgood call12:46
buZzsearch_social: if you want newer packages, maybe look at backports?13:24
buZzbasically , but devuan has beowulf-backports , etc13:24
search_sociali have those as well as experimental idk why the java is so new anyway13:25
search_sociali'm trying to just recompile it atm13:25
buZzno clue what you're doing ;)13:25
search_socialAn exception occurred applying plugin request [id: 'com.github.johnrengelman.shadow', version: '5.2.0']13:29
search_social> Failed to apply plugin [class 'com.github.jengelman.gradle.plugins.shadow.ShadowBasePlugin'] > This version of Shadow supports Gradle 5.0+ only. Please upgrade.13:30
search_socialyou know i must say, this gradle tool is awesome13:40
search_socialIt has a running timer of the build, displays whta each processor is doing, and when it failed it isolated the error message clearly13:41
buZzyeah CI tools are fun13:43
openbsdtai123how to start tmux onto the /dev/tty0 ?17:08
kreyrenHow is this possible?
kreyrenassuming this system having dGPU22:58
kreyrenGPU: AMD ATI Radeon HD 6630M/6650M/6750M/7670M/7690M22:58
* kreyren has probably some package missing~22:58
* kreyren installed firmware-amd-graphics and is trying to reboot~23:01

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