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ham5urgfsmithred, to gpt/partition/format/raid/debootstrap/bios-boot-grub/efi-boot-grub was a success.14:06
ham5urgThe single point which was a problem to find any information about was14:07
ham5urgmount /dev/sda1 /boot/efi14:07
ham5urgmount -t efivarfs efivarfs /sys/firmware/efi/efivars14:07
ham5urgand do a grub-install after that14:08
ham5urgeverything else was working like a charme14:08
fsmithredham5urg, good to hear14:09
fsmithredI've never mounted efivars for a uefi grub-install14:09
fsmithredwere you chrooting from a non-uefi system?14:10
ham5urgNeither I mounted efivars before, but to be honest, I always tried to stay in the bios-mbr-partition scheme as long as possible. bios-GPT is quite easy, Efi is a complicated thing.14:12
ham5urgI was chrooting from a efi-only system14:13
ham5urgI booted devuan-desktop-live for installation.14:14
msiismHey, I've just upgraded my system from ASCII to Beowulf and that caused a little bit of breakage here. The two major problems are: I have to boot the 4.9 instead of the 4.19 kernel to get a working X environment and have my wifi card work.16:25
gnarfacemsiism: is it a nvidia video card?16:26
msiismI run X by by executing 'startx' from the TTY. When I boot the 4.19 kernel, I will get my desktop, but the system will be completely frozen after that (can't switch to another TTY) and I'll have to reboot.16:27
msiismgnarface: I think so. Let me check.16:27
gnarfacemake sure the driver is loading, dkms could have failed during upgrade16:27
msiismgnarface: Yeah, the driver is apparently not leading because booting with the 4.19 kernel will also not give me the higher resolution console graphics.16:28
gnarfaceok, first make sure non-free is enabled and the nvidia-* packages got installed16:28
msiismI think I was using nouveau.16:29
gnarfacethen just try running dkms as root with the 4.19 kernel booted16:29
msiismOr, wait, that's my laptop, yeah. I'm actually using the on-board graphics card on this machine: 00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82G33/G31 Express Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 10)16:30
gnarfaceoh if it's an intel one, you might need to make a partial xorg.conf snippet to make the intel driver load instead of the modesetting one16:31
gnarfacenouveau won't load on an intel video card though16:32
gnarfaceso make sure you don't have both...16:32
msiismOkay, I only have the Intel one.16:32
msiismIs there a howto for the xorg.conf?16:33
gnarfaceman intel16:33
msiismOkay, I'll try that. :)16:33
gnarfacewell, find your xorg log to make sure it's not already loading16:34
gnarfaceyou could have some other problem16:34
gnarfacelook at the xorg log first, but i'm suspecting it will confirm the modesetting driver loads instead, after it tries several dumb framebuffer drivers16:34
msiismOkay, checking…16:36
msiismgnarface: Looks like the Intel driver is loading just fine: However there are other errors concenring "systemd-logind" that I can't really make sense of.16:40
msiismI also have no xorg.conf, currently.16:48
msiismWould it be possible to simply downgrade to ASCII again by editing /etc/sources.list and then running apt-get dist-upgrade again?16:51
* msiism re-reads Beowulf release notes17:00
fsmithredmsiism, if you want to downgrade from beowulf to ascii, you need to pin ascii to 1001 priority17:00
gnarfacemsiism: downgrading isn't a supported action in devuan or debian, you might get away with it, but it's not really the ideal solution... also, really... i mean really... instead of a 4-line config?17:00
fsmithredelogind is a replacement for systemd-logind17:01
msiismfsmithred: Yeah, that's what I thought.17:01
fsmithredmaybe you need to add libpam-elogind (just a guess - I didn't see the messages)17:01
gnarfacemsiism: the converse could be true fyi, loading the modesetting driver with a custom xorg.conf snippet could work better17:02
msiismfsmithred: I just checked. I have it installed.17:02
gnarfacemsiism: it's the default for there to be no xorg.conf and for it to rely on auto-detect17:02
msiismgnarface: Yeah, I know. I just wanted to mention I have no xorg.conf and thus no special conifugration set up.17:03
gnarfacemsiism: lockups could also be a regression though not a misconfiguration... keeping the 4.9 kernel temporarily or trying the backports kernel might be better options17:03
gnarfacemsiism: when it locks up, does an error appear in the xorg log?17:04
gnarfacemsiism: or in the dmesg output, for that matter?17:04
fsmithredis it really locked up, or is it that mouse and keybaord are not working?17:04
msiismfsmithred: Good question. How would I be able to tell? I mean, I can't switch to another TTY.17:04
fsmithredunplug and re-plug inputs and see if that fixes it17:05
msiismgnarface: I just realized that the log files are in ~/.local/share/xorg/. Checking that now.17:05
msiismfsmithred: Ok, I'll put that on my list.17:05
fsmithredalso check to see if kernel modules are not getting loaded, like sound or wireless17:06
gnarfacemsiism: ctrl+alt+f2 doesn't switch to a new tty when it locks up?17:06
msiismgnarface: Right.17:07
msiismI'll reboot now and see whether re-plugging keyboard and mouse will do anything.17:13
msiismOkay, so, I noticed that when the system "hangs" after running 'startx', the moitoring bar on my desktop is actually working just fine, counting up uptime and displaying CPU usage etc.17:22
msiismHowever, re-plugging keyboard and mouse did not help.17:23
msiism(Both are on PS2 ports.)17:23
fsmithredcan you ssh in?17:23
fsmithredI've only done the plug thing with usb17:23
msiismfsmithred: You mean ssh into that machine booted with the 4.19 kernel?17:24
fsmithredinto the machine that's locked up17:24
fsmithredor whatever it is17:25
msiismHm… I'd have to set up SSH for that, I guess.17:25
fsmithredjust trying to find a way to get in to see what's going on17:26
fsmithredcan you boot to single?17:26
msiismfsmithred: That should work, yes,17:27
msiismHowever, I'm on that machine right now. So, I'll always have to exit IRC when I reboot…17:28
fsmithredif you get in, check to see if all modules are loading17:29
msiismMaybe, let me try uncommenting "needs_root_rights=yes" in /etc/X11/Xwrapper.conf and see if that helps.17:29
fsmithredlsmod | grep snd17:29
fsmithredshouldn't need that line if elogind is installed17:29
fsmithredlsmod |wc -l17:29
fsmithredor lsmod | grep something-you-know-should-be-there17:30
fsmithredoh, they probably don't all load in single user mode17:31
fsmithredanyway, if you discover that some modules are not loading, the fix is to add 'sleep 1' to udev init script17:32
msiismIdeed, no sound is heard.17:32
msiismAlso, I'm getting this error from udev on boot: "specified kvm group unknown"17:33
fsmithredeveryone gets the kvm message17:33
msiismI see.17:33
msiismWell, the stange thing is that, apparently, also needed sound modules are actually loaded.17:34
fsmithredoh, ok. So maybe that's not your problem.17:34
fsmithredI need to be afk for a bit17:35
msiismOkay, thanks for your help so far.17:36
msiismAfter a bit of fiddling around, I've found that the following works when I've started X on Beowulf with the 4.19 kernel: I connect my mouse to a USB port before booting, then re-plug it after starting X (either to a USB port or the the USB-to-PS2 adapter in the PS2 mouse port, where it's usually connected). This also makes my PS2 keyboard work.18:36
msiismNow I only need to find out what causes this and get it fixed. As mentioned earlier. Thisdoesn't happen when booting with the 4.9 kernel.18:38
msiismMaybe this is best discussed on the forum.18:42
* msiism prepares a little write-up18:51
mtnmanis there a non-systemd equivalent for the following command? "systemctl set-default"19:30
specingprobably editing inittab and changing some param19:32
mtnmanspecing not sure how to go about what you are suggesting19:32

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