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david_skBeen trying for several days to connect to the Devuan website, but keep getting a "secure connection failed".  Is it just me, or is the official site having difficulties?01:47
meep_____david_sk: your internet is probably being mitm attacke01:50
meep_____Try connecting over tor01:50
meep_____To avoid censorship and blocks to the Internet, this website is also accessible using Tor at the address http://devuanzuwu3xoqwp.onion01:50
david_skOkay, I'll give it a try.  I've never noticed such problems with other websites, so this one is a new one to me.  Thanks!01:52
fsmithredare we considered evil in some country?01:59
crashoverride#define we02:00
david_skI've tried a couple of web browsers and they all tell me that the authenticity of the data could not be verified against the certificate.  FYI02:06
david_skI was able to access it without problems a while ago, but I can't recall exactly how long ago that was.  Maybe a couple of weeks ago?02:08
meep_____Someone's trying to hack you02:08
sgageI am having no trouble accessing the Devuan website.02:08
meep_____Is it possible to setup Devuan for ANSI art on the framebuffer?02:08
pndmeep_____: david_sk i would be surprised if any targeted or even untargeted attack was to blame here...02:12
pndif you can access tor tails heads, you likely arent being mitm/targeted02:13
openbsdtai123it is easy.. fbi02:16
openbsdtai123wget logo.png ... chmod 777 /dev/tty0 ;   fbi -d /dev/tty0  logo.png and voila.02:16
openbsdtai123there is a bug with fbi and ioctl. this is linux, ioctl may give issue.02:17
meep_____Apt doesn't use tls02:20
meep_____It verifies stuff out of band with gpg02:21
meep_____Also mass collection is widespread now02:21
meep_____Even just being a comcast customer all udp/53 network packets are intercepted and redirected to their own dns server for collection02:21
meep_____And comcast has been known in the past to intercept http and inject ads02:22
golinuxmcr: Yawn . . .05:33
meep_____How do i attend?05:34
meep_____Hopefully I can do so without nonfree software like zoom?05:34
malade_mentalHi all dev1ers!11:27
malade_mentalI wanted to know if there was some debootstrap guide to install devuan from another distro11:27
malade_mental(i.e. debootstrap ...)11:28
gnarfacemalade_mental: you just need the devuan version of debootstrap and it will work fine11:48
openbsdtai123hi guys11:53
openbsdtai123sure... here the mega world most reliable technique to install it....11:53
openbsdtai123     this is made by openbsd userland, so it shall be reliable. no manual however.11:54
openbsdtai123If you need a Grub to boot that deboostrap image, let me know, I can create you a tiny 15 mb iso hybrid with all necessary to install.11:58
openbsdtai123salut ...11:59
openbsdtai123gnarface: this is likely better for new incomers to linux world.:  having bit basics of SH:11:59
gnarfaceopenbsdtai123: i don't usually assume people asking about debootstrap are new incomers12:02
openbsdtai123deboostrap is teh most reliable way to install devuan12:09
openbsdtai123there many bugs in the regular installers.12:10
openbsdtai123installing kde is failing, fairly.12:10
openbsdtai123I downloaded DVD 1 devan stable and it cannot install. I believe that new incomers have no other choice than using deboostrap.12:10
fsmithreddevuan-live isos and refracta isos have devuan debootstrap installed.12:33
openbsdtai123the grub on the buster does not install properly on the stable devuan. this is a big drawback and big bug to fix. So incomers would run another OS, rather than looking how to boot it.12:39
openbsdtai123I would recommend to go Lilo as well as workaround in the devuan installer. Since you have to be a clone of debian, you have no chances to modify the debian/devuan installer. Lilo is likely very good alternative for newers.12:40
openbsdtai123(sorry stable, beowurlf).12:40
malade_mentalgnarface: wonderful :}14:45
FlibberTGibbethow stable is ceres these days, please?16:19
FlibberTGibbetor is it chimaera?16:22
FlibberTGibbetright, thanks crashoverride16:23
FlibberTGibbetreckon it's safe(ish) to try on a spare laptop?16:23
FlibberTGibbetcurrently running beowulf16:23
crashoverridehonestly, from my experience, TIAS.16:24
crashoverridewith this kind of issue, TIAS.16:24
FlibberTGibbetyeah. i'll backpedal if smoke comes out the USB ports :)16:25
fsmithredFlibberTGibbet, chimaera (current testing) is in pretty good shape16:39
fsmithredI have it on a T420 with xfce and it works.16:39
fsmithredFlibberTGibbet, there may be some tricky points if you upgrade from beowulf16:41
fsmithredI had to remove libc6-dev and build-essential and then add them back later. When someone else did it a week later, it was slightly different. You may need to be creative with the package manager.16:44
FlibberTGibbetthanks  fsmithred. yes, just saw that with libc6-dev/build-essential. but otherwise seems to be holding its own -- using apt rather than apt-get this time around17:00
fsmithredI had to also do apt install libgcc-8-dev=8.4.0-417:00
FlibberTGibbet4TB of tex-related packages to upgrade too (zzzzzz...) :)17:01
fsmithredoh yeah, also removed libgcc1 first17:01
FlibberTGibbeti'll see what breaks next time I try to build something, and worry about those -dev packages accordingly then :)17:01
fsmithredsounds like a plan17:02
FlibberTGibbetcould have been worse, I could have been updating a single library + dependencies in npm!17:02
fsmithredI don't know it17:03
FlibberTGibbetnode package manager <- javascript libraries...built for folk who love downloading updates...17:03
FlibberTGibbetappears to be working. or at least it's too late to back out anyway...17:10
fsmithredI'm confident you'll get there17:10
fsmithredI didn't ask what your desktop is17:10
fsmithredanything other than xfce might give you other surprises.17:10
fsmithredde I mean. Any wm is probably fine.17:11
fsmithredthere's no wicd in chimaera17:11
FlibberTGibbetoh, ok. generally use xfce in any case -- sometimes i3 when the spartan mood strikes...17:19
FlibberTGibbethad to go to mate on my mx laptop due to xfce vs. 4K display -- not a problem on this machine17:20
fsmithredconnman or network-manager-gnome if you want gui wireless17:21
FlibberTGibbetgreat, will take a look. which works better for you?17:22
fsmithredtried both briefly. They work.17:22
fsmithredconnman is probably lighter weight17:23
fsmithredn-m has a lot of extra plugins17:23
FlibberTGibbetah, ok. will give both a try and see what sticks. not as though public library/cafe wifi networks are much of an issue at the moment...17:24
FlibberTGibbetoh, that's not good17:29
FlibberTGibbetthe dist-upgrade failed on tpm2-abrmd17:29
FlibberTGibbetwhich seems to be an init helper17:29
fsmithredmaybe just do upgrade first, or...17:30
fsmithredinstall tpm2-abrmd=2.3.2-117:31
fsmithredand then repeat the dist-upgrade17:31
fsmithredor remove it and install it after you reboot17:31
FlibberTGibbetah, for some reason it stopped complaining about that. all more or less ok after reboot, and for some reason wicd is still there and running.17:34
FlibberTGibbetqualified win then17:34
fsmithredoh, probably the beowulf version of wicd17:35
FlibberTGibbetwell, if it works for now...17:35
fsmithredoh, 1.7.4+tb2-6+devuan1.1 is in ceres17:35
FlibberTGibbetah, this is great. xfce 4.14 seems to handle themes a bit better -- dark everything now :)17:36
FlibberTGibbetthanks for the advice, anyway.17:42
Junicchisup, i just fully switched to devuan20:09
Junicchiin debian i was using systemctl to hibernate, how can i do it in devuan?20:10
meep_____Pm-suspend is sleep20:10
meep_____So pm-hibernate is probably what you want20:10
Junicchii don't have any binary starting with pm 0w020:10
Junicchiits not preinstalled i guess20:11
meep_____It's a script20:11
Junicchiyup, found them under pm-utils package20:14
mcrmeep_____, I don't know what they are using, but I don't think it's zoom.21:07

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