libera/#devuan/ Friday, 2020-08-28

yanmaaniIs there a specific mirror you guys know to be good that I can try?00:00
gnarfacestand by yanmaani i'll answer the question in a second, afk00:00
gnarfaceshort version is situation probably normal00:00
markizanoyanmaani: can you do a pastebin of what you're trying to do?00:00
yanmaanimarkizano: I'm trying to update as normal00:01
yanmaaniIt says it lacks a bunch of packages ending in deb10u2. It has packages ending in deb10u1 in the list.00:01
yanmaaniso I think my mirror is just out of sync00:01
Jjp137yanmaani, what's the specific package(s) that 404'd00:01
yanmaaniJjp137: a whole bunch, but among others dnsutils bind9-host libbind9-161 libisccfg16300:02
yanmaani <- it fails to fetch this one00:02
gnarfaceyanmaani: note that most devuan packages are actually unaltered debian packages served by redirect, and will not actually show up on the devuan mirrors if you surf to them directly with a browser (expected behavior)00:02
Jjp137ah seems like the bind9 source package was updated very recently00:04
gnarfaceyanmaani: yea, and there's a build delay00:05
markizanonote to self: don't upgrade to beowulf in the next few hours :D00:05
gnarfaceyanmaani: and the *-security and *-updates are in a different place00:05
Jjp137to the point that even Debian's own packages website is still showing deb10u1 for libisccc-export16100:05
gnarfacedo we have a mirror-status page of any sort yet?00:06
gnarfacedebian has a mirror status page where you can actually see which ones are behind at any given time00:06
Jjp137I think onefang has one but I don't remember it at all00:07
Jjp137not sure if this is the latest or whatever but found this looking through the devuan-dev mailing list:
Jjp137but I don't know if it actually tests for package versions00:08
fsmithredbind9 1:9.11.5.P4+dfsg-5.1+deb10u2 is in beowulf-security00:46
fsmithredmaybe update and try again after a couple hours Jjp13700:47
Jjp137also yanmaani ^00:47
fsmithredyeah, thanks00:47
fsmithreduse not auto.mirror and not packages.devuan.org00:48
Jjp137yeah I did hit a 404 with libisc-export1100 about an hour ago but I tried again and it worked00:49
Jjp137probably some Debian mirrors lag behind and one might get redirected to one? idk how it all works00:49
fsmithredit wil probably get fixed with a re-direct00:50
fsmithredI mean packages.devuan (auto.mirror.devuan) will get re-direct to deb.devuan which is the current roundrobin00:50
fsmithredall the mirrors are copying and there is some delay00:51
Jjp137oh I've been on for quite a while now00:52
Jjp137but if a package was very recently uploaded to Debian (and Devuan doesn't need to fork it), is it possible for a short time that amprolla tries to get the updated package from a Debian package mirror that still has the previous version of the package?00:54
yanmaaniJjp137: just waiting fixed it, thank00:55
fsmithredJjp137, I think that kind of delay is possible, but the main repo updates every couple of minutes.00:58
fsmithredthe devuan mirrors update slower than that00:58
fsmithred2-4 hours, I think00:58
flingHow do I get icecat?04:15
masonfling: If you don't want to build it, there's an option noted here:
flingmason: how to build stuff on devuan?04:34
flingI only built things on gentoo04:34
masonfling: apt install build-essential and you'll have most of what you need04:35
masonfling: If you want to control packaging without getting too complex, also apt install stow04:35
masonIf you want to read about Stow:
flingwhat is the latest repo/branch/tag?04:54
masonfling: For what software?04:55
flingwrong channel :D04:57
golinuxFor Devuan? Beowulf is stable release04:57
flingshould I upgrade my ascii?04:57
golinuxEventually I suppose.  I'm still on Jessie04:58
golinuxDragging my feet into ascii04:58
masongolinux: Will we point Amprolla at the LTS repositories?04:59
masonFor that matter, do we already?04:59
golinuxAlready does04:59
masonJessie LTS ended a couple months ago. Strech/ASCII should go to 2022.05:00
golinuxYes, in June05:01
golinuxThere were some updates after that.05:01
golinuxBut now very quiet05:01
golinuxThose repos are archived05:02
golinuxThat happened while you couldn't make the meets.  Probably was discussed on the ML05:02
masonYeah, there was a good gap in there.05:04
golinuxmason: Still here?
masonAh, thank you.05:51
flinggolinux: why still jessie?07:59
openbsdtai123is it possible to have xlockmore or a deb to install it on a raspberry rpi3b ?10:56
JorilI fear you have to compile it yourself, xlockmore has been removed from Debian in 201211:24
systemdleteWhich is more recent, rsyslog 8.24.0 (ascii) or rsyslog 8.1901.0 (beowulf)?12:12
systemdleteif beowulf's version is newer, then why is the version number... uh... ???12:13
JorilBullseye has 8.200612:13
JorilMaybe they switched to YYMM ?12:14
systemdleteand bullseye corresponds to... ?12:14
JorilDevuan 4 Chimaera12:15
systemdleteright, which I heard was Daedalus?12:15
systemdleteoh no12:15
systemdleteyou're right12:15
JorilI guess Daedalus is for Devuan 5 :D12:15
systemdleteyeah. sid12:16
fsmithredno, sid=ceres12:16
systemdleteI thought ceres was the dev version12:16
systemdleteceres is whatever the current dev version is12:17
systemdleteit won't always be sid.12:17
fsmithredyeah, when bullseye goes stable, there will be a new testing suite. I don't know the name that debian will use.12:18
systemdleteOh, I don't know that.12:18
fsmithredyeah, thanks. I was one of the people to proofread that page.12:18
systemdleteAnyway, it sounds like rsyslog is going sort of to yymm releases12:18
systemdleteI just wish they'd drop the 8.x part though.  It just creates more confusion.12:19
systemdleteThanks Joril.  I suspected it might be that, but with the 8. part in front it is kind of... half-done12:20
systemdleteThe good part is that I hear the new rsyslog (8.1901) has new syntax -- maybe a type that actually works.  I've been hacking at it for a day now in ascii and it seems like 1/2 of the syntax does not work or only a little bit.12:21
systemdletethe web pages are incomplete or a bit misleading.12:21
systemdleteSo I removed the multi-bay rack that was creating all sorts of fun on the one PC and moved the drives into internal bays.  All of the drives work normal and get speeds of 3.0gbps.12:24
systemdleteget this -- I hooked up the rack to my other PC here, externally because the box is not large enough for the rack, and all those old 500GB disks which I thought had died months ago...12:24
systemdleteum.  They are all working inside the rack!12:25
systemdleteSo, gnarface's theory about the controller on the mobo of the 1st machine may have been spot on.12:25
systemdleteI didn't believe it because, nominally, some of the disks were working.12:25
systemdleteAnd, strangely, the new disks are all working connected directly to the mobo sata sockets12:26
systemdleteI have assembled several raid arrays with 3 of the older drives which appeared to not work in the rack on the 1st machine. They failover properly as they are supposed to when I remove a drive or force a failure with mdadm.12:27
systemdleteI am thinking that gnarface was right on the money from the get-go.12:27
fsmithredthat's not a rare occurrance12:28
systemdleteI wonder... I am thinking of ordering a pci sata controller, sticking it the box, reconnecting the raid and see if the thing works right12:28
crashoverrideunless you're talking about eyes that got really rancid.12:29
fsmithredhuh, I thought this thing had spell-check12:29
systemdletefsmithred is an independant thinker, that's why12:29
fsmithredtoo many years since my last spelling bee12:30
systemdleteI've given up my own role as spelling and grammar nazi.  It's a losing battle, especially as newcomers increasingly start writing and speaking English.  I think we just make it more difficult for them to nitpick all of this.12:32
systemdleteBesides, I would not mind at all if English were a bit more orthogonal.12:33
systemdletesee, I don't even know12:33
systemdleteI have a brand new ASRock mobo here I could install and replace the asus board.  Best part of that is it supports SATA III (6.0mbps)12:34
crashoverrideon imgur there's a photo of a covenant baptist church sign saying: "Thou shalt no covid thy neighbor's life"12:34
systemdlete(appropriate, crashoverride)12:35
crashoverridesorry for the offtopic :D12:35
fsmithredyou think the asrock will be better than the asus?12:35
crashoverridestatistically, better only for RMA12:35
fsmithredah, yeah12:35
systemdletenot necessarily.  But I'd think the sata ports would be in better order.12:35
systemdleteASRock not good?12:36
systemdleteSo, maybe better to order that pci card then?12:36
fsmithredmy "no" is based on a single data point12:36
fsmithredtry it before you spend money12:36
systemdletefsmithred:  One customer experience data point is all it takes.12:36
systemdletehow about you crashoverride?12:37
systemdleteThing is, being as lazy as I am, I really don't want to do all the work of replacing the board, recabling, etc.12:37
systemdletePopping in a cheap card seems easier12:37
fsmithredoh, you would need enough spare parts to hook up the board without putting it in the box12:38
systemdleteBesides, if I'm gonna replace the mobo, I want to get one of those nice cable management power supplies.  They're pricey, but I hate having to try to hide extra cables I'll never use.12:39
* systemdlete sees his credit card balance increasing. Oh well.12:39
systemdletespare parts?12:39
systemdleteIt has a video card built in, sound, etc.12:39
fsmithredspare power supply12:39
systemdleteOh, I get you.12:40
fsmithredborrow the peripherals just to test it12:40
fsmithredthen you can decide if you want to go through replacing mobo12:40
systemdleteI wonder if I have a working spare PS around here though.12:42
systemdleteYeah, it could be fun.  I'd just have to find a place to assemble it all.12:43
fsmithredneed ram, too12:45
systemdleteI actually have the 16gb ddr3 from the main box12:50
systemdleteyou know, I really SHOULD have splurged and gone 64gb even if the board couldn't do it -- this asrock can.12:53
systemdleteI've hit the 32gb mem limit already.  Funny how that happens.12:53
systemdleteRunning lots of VMs to test with.12:54
r3bootGet an old hypervisor ;)12:54
systemdletethat will teach me for being cheap.12:54
r3bootram is cheap in those things, plus you get all kinds of nice enterprisey features12:55
systemdlete(I can't help myself)12:55
systemdleter3boot:  Suggestions?13:02
systemdleteI just realized, fsmithred.  Not only do I have spare ddr3 memory, I actually have a spare x6 CPU that used to be in my main box.13:03
systemdleteI just need the power supply.13:03
r3bootfor a hypervisor? Check with (small) hosting companies. The average economical lifespan for a server is 5~7 years. Find one of those, and you can get them for the price of iron or free13:04
r3bootI picked up a dell r620 last christmas for free, with 2 x 6core xeon @ 2.2GHz + 256GB ram13:05
systemdleteyou are talking about some sort of hardware box?13:05
r3bootyes, physical servers13:05
systemdleteHow much will my power bill go up?13:05
systemdleteWill I be leaving the neighborhood in the dark?13:05
r3bootthis box does 130W or so, idle13:05
r3bootso not that much tbh, atleast not for this configuration13:06
systemdleteI'll think about that.13:06
r3bootin .nl we also have companies like, that allow you to buy ex enterprise stuff for consumer prices13:06
systemdletewhere did you come across them?  Craigslist?  or some industry magazine?13:06
systemdleteah, ok13:06
systemdletewhat is the generic term I would search on?   "Hypervisor" gets a lot of hits for Hyper-V and similar products (software)13:07
r3bootI have a bunch of servers iig; I got a dell r710 from (2 x 6core, 96GB ram, 6T storage, ~1000 euros), and @ home I've got the dell r620 and a supermicro chassis ( 2 x 6core, 32gb ram, 16x2T hw raid) for free (company I worked for wanted to get rid of them)13:08
systemdleteThat could be a lot of fun.13:08
r3bootthe keyword is hypervisor-class servers; You can recognize those by the huge amount of ram that is in here by default13:08
r3bootplus things like sr-iov13:09
systemdleteok, thanks again.  I will consider it.13:09
dethais it just me, or is rather slow?13:14
dethadjph helpful as always ;)13:25
djph*yes, it is13:25
djphI still haven't had enough coffee to be actively unhelpful :P13:26
detharight. So I can ask for help with $random plastic wifi router and a repeater?13:27
djphyou can, but #networking is where you'll get the most abuse for it :D13:28
r3bootyeah, indeed13:29
mn3mHi All. Quick question. Is there any issues with Looks connection refused from several sources...13:42
mn3mIt looks moved to . All is working there. Thanks ;)13:56
user__Annoyances: new: user can't use ping, only with sudo. Even after neutering all policy files with my script from yesterday. Will check each script again in case there is a missed one.19:02
user__New2: rtkitd causes high system load for no reason. Uninstalled package. Reference: -- package author: Lennart P.19:02
user__No effect on system so far.19:03
user__And yes rtkitd is usually bumping pulseaudio thread priority so sound is "much more responsive" than under ALSA/OSS. Yes, yes. NO.19:03
user__Anyone got ideas on how to tame ping? If it's not a policy?19:04
nemouser__: I know I can't ping without root on the freebsd server I have an account on. I assumed they were doing it at the device level19:05
user__Right. That is wrong. There are two possible solutions: "secure" rate limited ping (one usually) wrapper, seen on Suns and elsewhere, and simply using ping the old way, where only root could use the fast ping options.19:07
user__NO need to "improve" it. Me will now dis-improve it.19:07
fsmithreduser__, dpkg-reconfigure iputils-ping19:08
fsmithredor possibly dpkg-reconfigure -u ...19:08
user__fsmithred: does not solve the problem19:10
nemouser__: I suppose if you like living dangerously you could make your own suid rate limited ping wrapper ☺19:11
user__There is no need since the usual linux ping already has rate limit for users. One per second19:11
user__And now, mysteriously, it started workiong19:13
user__I think someone is messing with my system19:14
user__this is really going too far19:14
user__ this talks about filecap but filecap is not installed here19:16
user__at this point I want a clear explanation why it did not work till now and now it does19:18
user__so there is no filecap but there is getcap on beowulf19:19
user__and this has for /bin/ping; /bin/ping = cap_net_raw+ep -- which is correct to permit ping as user19:19
user__but why did it not work before this?19:19
user__this system is very suspect of interference now19:20
DPAPing used to be a suid binary, I think nowadays has a capabillity for the stuff it needs, but not sure which one.19:20
DPABoth is probably fine. For the latter, the fs needs to support attributes, and they have to be (and usually are) enabled.19:20
DPACapabilities are a kernel feature, they don't need userspace programs to work.19:20
DPAI can't tell why it didn't work initially, something must have changed. You didn't remount the rootfs or anything like that?19:20
user__no did nothing of the sort. googled meanwhile and kept trying ping.19:22
DPAThat is very strange indeed...19:24
DPADo you maybe have automatic updates enabled?19:24
user__grep setcap /etc/init.d/* -> nada19:24
user__where ARE the scripts which set up things at boot time?19:25
user__I am so fed up of people breaking things left and right.19:25
user__disabled all xfce4 terminal keyboard shortcuts, still switches tabs with Alt-Number -- can't use multi tab window with irssi. Used to work in wheezy and ascii.19:26
DPAuser__: Those caps are applied by the kernel based on file system attributes. File system attributes are just as persistant as the file they are on.19:27
DPAThey don't need to be reapplied after a reboot.19:27
buZzuser__: just use xterm then19:27
user__Ah. And where are these flags stored in the fs?19:27
buZzits a better terminal anyway19:27
user__buZz: :)19:27
buZzless memory, less cpu19:27
buZzfaster rendering19:27
user__rxvt or bust19:28
buZzbetter in all accounts19:28
buZzxterm does 24bit colors and unicode19:28
buZzrxvt doesnt19:28
user__true but I seldomly need colors and unicode19:28
buZzor features :D19:28
user__Interesting I tried ping and that worked 1st then ping localhost worked after that but ALSO ping router worked, did not work before that. Numeric ip router address in all cases. Trying to backtrace my steps to understand what turned it on.19:29
user__So beowulf uses polkit, getcap / libcap, apparmor. Anything else? No chastity belts, nothing? Why did they stop so soon. I assume these things are grandfathered in from debian but ?!19:31
user__DPA: I had polkit and libcap change on me after beowulf install from live iso using refracta, it worked fine for 2-3 days when I then installed a lot of things using aptitude and apt, and then it started behaving strangely, polkit policy files were probably modified, and so on. I suspected an intrusion and / or a trojaned package or two or three.19:32
user__worked fine for 2-3 days means over 2-3 reboots at least too.19:33
user__why is this whole security circus going on anyway? group and user permission based security works on huge systems, why are all these new toys needed?19:34
user__I am beginning to sound like I'm going to go back to NetBSD for simple and works things.19:35
user__ping -i for users used to be settable to 1 second or longer, now 0.2 sec. Why?19:37
user__yet another way to block ping and other things: -- see message from ncopa about net.ipv4.* in systcl.config19:39
user__this is so crazy. There used to be the story about the cathedral and the bazaar but this is going too far.19:40
fsmithreduser__, did consolekit get installed along the way?19:41
user__I don't know. Looking.19:41
fsmithredwhat stuff is no longer working?19:43
DPAuser__: Do you have a link to the exact iso? Maybe I can take a look at it.19:43
DPAuser__: I mostly agree that supplementary groups would in most case be sufficent and nicer for permission control, if tools and kernel interfaces19:43
DPAwould have been written with them in mind.19:43
DPAThe only limitation I don't like about unix permissions is how they can restrict program permissions or a users permission, but not19:43
DPAboth at the same time.19:43
gnarfacesystemdlete: it's not 100% conclusive; there's a chance that a weakened aging power supply - one that's only barely too weak, but almost still pulls it's weight - might cause similar failure behaviors, but in that case i'd expect that total drive count would affect stability in the same way20:04
gnarfacesystemdlete: (like, in those cases you usually also sometimes get intermittent booting, and removing one optical drive seems to fix it, so at first you think it's the optical drive's fault)20:06
gnarfacesystemdlete: (for example)20:06
systemdleteThere's one other thing I forgot to mention.  The box that the array rack is connected to is not only a different (MSI) mainboard from the original machine (ASUS mobo), but the MSI system is running beowulf as opposed to ascii.20:59
systemdleteToday, I will install an ascii partition on the MSI system and see if I can at least partially reproduce the problems I was seeing on the ASUS system.21:00
gnarfacefor science!21:01
systemdleteI mean, rather than speculating.21:03
F_SauceHelllo all!21:39
user__fsmithred: here?21:42
user__I looked at what changed. One thing that changed is the mixer used to be the xfce4 supplied one and now it is the pulseaudio one. The xfce supplied mixer/volume control controlled pulseaudio before too.21:43
gnarfaceF_Sauce: if you have questions just ask, don't wait for permission21:47
user__I assume at least one of the packages pulled in something bad.\21:48
user__Suggest an antivirus / etc one can run from the live system? I do not expect it to catch state trojans but it is a try.21:48
user__State trojan = Germany's Bundestrojaner.21:49
gnarfaceclamav is easy enough to use21:53
gnarfacewill probably catch windows mail viruses at least21:53
suavedandyGuys. How do I install Wayland?22:00
gnarfacehmm, good question22:01
gnarfacesuavedandy: the debian wiki page may still be accurate enough for this22:03
gnarfacesuavedandy: dunno though, haven't tried wayland myself22:03
fsmithreduser__, xfce4-mixer no longer exists22:06
fsmithredI guess someone decided it was no longer needed since everyone uses pulseaudio. (not me!)22:06
fsmithredvolumeicon-alsa is a reasonable substitute if you want volume control on the panel.22:07
suavedandyThere's no Wayland.22:08
fsmithredapt install xwayland (maybe?)  If you try it, let us know if it works.22:08
suavedandyIt's a compatibility layer for Xorg.22:09
suavedandySway isn't here either.22:09
fsmithredthere are 161 packages with wayland in the name22:09
fsmithredthat's not accurate - maybe half that many22:10
suavedandySo basically, there are no Wayland compositors other than, say, GNOME or KDE.22:10
brocashelmthere's also enlightenment desktop22:10
brocashelmwhich uses wayland optionally22:10
suavedandyI guess.22:10
gnarfacei see sway in ceres22:10
suavedandyNo tiling WMs at all.22:10
suavedandyLet me check the Backports.22:11
gnarfaceweston is present in beowulf too22:11
gnarfaceinitial checks suggest this should all be identical to debian22:11
gnarfaceif it works there it *should* work here too22:11
gnarfaceand in the same way22:12
brocashelmdebian's wiki speaks very fondly of wayland...22:12
suavedandyNo Sway in the Backports either.22:13
suavedandyAnd I was planning to use a tiling WM.22:13
gnarfacedebian's wiki also lists enlightenment, which is present22:14
suavedandyWell, MAYBE you can set up KDE to behave like that but that's a lot of extra work and KDE is still mouse-focused.22:14
suavedandyNot only do I want to use keybinds more but also my touchpad sucks.22:15
brocashelmi only used enlightenment briefly when i was testing a gentoo install. i found it bloated22:15
gnarfacewell, the relevant part is that it should be working, according to all accounts, just none of us have tested it22:15
suavedandyIs there a Wayland package tho?22:16
suavedandyHave you tried Enlightment, guys?22:16
gnarfacethat is not a measurement of whether it is working or not, apparently22:16
gnarfacei'm using enlightenment right now, just not with wayland22:17
suavedandyThat's a wordy word.22:17
brocashelmi only like xfce of all desktop environments and shilland isn't supported. i hope xfce will end up being the based and redpilled de not to use it, but who knows what their devs think22:17
crashoverridebrocashelm: debian has embraced "new stuff" way too easily in the last decade22:18
crashoverridewayland might not be as bad as systemd, but it certainly isn't the graal either.22:18
suavedandyI don't think it's necessarily a bad thing.22:19
brocashelmcrashoverride: it does not surprise me. ubuntu, red hat, and microsoft employees are maintaining debian packages22:19
suavedandyOr a good thing.22:19
crashoverrideas an alternative it is a good thing22:19
brocashelmwayland is not a problem as long as it's still a choice22:19
gnarfaceenlightenment isn't as bloated as the output of "free -m" makes it seem; it caches aggressively to scale up well but scales down almost as well22:19
crashoverridebut so is Xorg22:19
crashoverridebrocashelm: exactly22:20
brocashelmxorg might not be perfect (no software is), but i don't see a real reason to scrap it entirely for some meme compositor22:20
suavedandyIs Google involved in Debian?22:20
crashoverridewell, the reason is "debian used to be old as fuck, so let's blame it on how complicated software is"22:20
crashoverridein what isn't google involved?22:21
suavedandyGoogle bad.22:21
suavedandyAlways pokes its dirty hands into everything.22:22
brocashelmthe less influence from poetteringshit (systemd, pulseaudio), gnome, red hat, fedora, wayland, etc., the better22:23
gnarfacesuavedandy: they make rust and chromium, notably22:23
gnarfacesuavedandy: and obviously firefox22:23
gnarfacesuavedandy: (well, less firefox these days)22:23
suavedandyThat's obv not a good thing.22:23
brocashelmthose things will only continue to stifle gnu/linux on the desktop because they aren't meant for stability22:23
brocashelmi guess yet another reason i use devuan over debian, aside from not using shitstemd. don't fix what isn't broken and keep it that way22:24
gnarfacesuavedandy: also there's nodejs a bunch of packges with "google* in the name for various web tool protocols and such but it's not clear how much of that is contributed by 3rd parties just to support google's products or by google themselves22:24
suavedandyMozilla is also shaydaaay.22:24
brocashelmi hate mozilla22:24
suavedandyI heard all kinds of things about them.22:24
brocashelmbut i can't get into chromeshit one bit22:24
brocashelmso i'm screwed22:24
brocashelmbest case scenario is finding a fork i like22:25
gnarfacealright, i'm as guilty of drifting off-topic as anyone, but let's try to keep the editorializing in -offtopic22:25
brocashelmend scene22:26
suavedandybrokashelm: Fix what isn't broken as long as you don't break anything.22:26
suavedandyLetter rong. Oof.22:27
suavedandyOh, well.22:27
suavedandyI tend to avoid extremes. Not always. I either jump to extremes or not depending on the situation, really.22:28
suavedandyLike, I did indeed abandon YouTube seeing where it was going to. So I do make brash decisions sometimes.22:29
suavedandyIt's complicated.22:29
brocashelmindeed. feel free to join #devuan-offtopic to continue the convo :)22:29
suavedandyThat's rather sad that there are no tiling Wayland WMs.22:32
suavedandyAnd still no Greetd.22:33
gnarfacewell, but there is one it's just not in stable yet22:33
gnarfaceand there's two if you count enlightenment which can be put into tiling mode22:33
gnarfaceyes, and this is the 3rd time you've been told, read more carefully22:33
gnarfaceit's even ON that debian wiki page, which as far as i can tell is still completely systemd-agnostic for facts related to wayland/weston/xwayland/etc22:34
suavedandyYou're talking about Weston, right?22:34
gnarfaceno i'm not talking about weston i'm talking about sway22:34
gnarfacehah oh well... somewhat complicating the matter is that it was just taken out of the repo between now and the last time i said it22:35
gnarfacei still have it here in my proxy even, but it just stopped showing up in moments ago22:36
gnarfacei swear to you it used to be in testing and unstable though22:36
suavedandyHmmmm. I checked the backports for Sway before. Looks like it isn't backported yet then.22:36
gnarfaceit'll probably come back in a few hours22:36
gnarfacei'd say just wait22:36
gnarfacethis is bleeding-edge stuff22:36
suavedandyOof, edgy.22:36
gnarfaceyou can keep an eye on package presence here: pkginfo.devuan.org22:37
suavedandyBetter not cut yourself.22:37
gnarfacewell, like i said, i'm still using x11 (for this reason, though i haven't said it today that's not a secret)22:37
user__fsmithred: what volume control is on the live beowulf iso panel? That's what I had on before pulseaudio mixer replaced it22:37
gnarfacemost of us here are still using x11 for reliability22:38
suavedandyI also remember Sway being in alpha. Tho I could be wrong.22:38
suavedandyIs Wayland still in alpha?22:39
user__Didn't ubuntu drop wayland recently ?22:43
suavedandyBig oof.22:44
user__Or someone else. Too many new features with bugs too many old required features neglected22:44
user__mint? just a second22:44
user__ 201822:45
user__it all started in 2011 apparently
user__so in 7 years they did not manage to make it usable to the point where early adopters dropped it22:46
user__fsmithred: pavucontrol is what I have on now22:50
user__Before it was something else.22:50
user__Not important.22:50
user__bye for 2day22:51

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