libera/#devuan/ Saturday, 2020-09-05

ham5urgIs there any ARM-tablet out there onto which I can install Devuan?01:39
ham5urgOut of stock.01:49
gnarfacetheir stuff is always out of stock, you gotta get on the waiting list01:52
ham5urgI'm watching a Mobian, looks like it is running without Systemd.02:01
gnarfaceit might be, i don't know02:01
ham5urgPhosh looks good.02:01
gnarfacethe devuan images will probably boot on it02:02
gnarfacethe pine64 ones02:02
gnarfacewith little or no tweaking02:02
ham5urg is a Devuan.02:04
ham5urgBut Phosh is a must as I can see02:08
lamermasterhello, how to format ext2 with bad sector check, for removal of bad sects?08:02
gnarfacelamermaster: check the man page for mkfs.ext2 ("man mkfs.ext2")08:08
lamermasterI found something ... like with  -cc  or to use badblocks:
gnarfacelamermaster: it's the same thing basically; mkfs calls badblocks if you ask it to08:14
lamermaster  it seems to work with -c /dev/XXX, it will take long actually. 0.04% done...08:15
gnarfacethat is expected08:18
lamermasterdoes ext3 or ext4 give faster badblock removal?08:18
gnarfaceno, they're identical08:18
gnarfacethey all use the same badblocks tool08:18
lamermasteris there a badblock on ext4, I believed that linux removed it...08:19
gnarfaceit should still be there08:19
lamermasterso far, I remember that badblock was only for ext2 and smart tools utils does this instead on ext4.08:19
gnarfaceyou can use smartmon probably but you'd have to be already running it to catch the bad blocks afaik08:20
gnarfacethere's no other badblocks tool that any linux filesystem used08:20
gnarfaceand there isn't anything you can do to make it faster08:20
gnarfaceyou can get faster disks that's it08:20
ham5urgHas anyone got Devuan onto some Arm64 or Armel machine? Can you tell me the specific hardware? And which bootloader is needed?14:42
ham5urgEverywhere I read about RaspberryPi, is the hardware supported by open drivers?14:45
_I3^RELATIVISMprobably u-boot14:47
ham5urgI would like to compile a Devuan if there is any Android-tablet with open/supported hardware/modules. Is there any chance for such?14:49
DonkeyHoteinot really14:51
sixwheeledbeastpine64 stuff? could maybe run maemo leste for example?14:57
DonkeyHoteibut that's not a tablet iirc15:02
ham5urgI was reading about Googles Pixel C15:08
ham5urgFound this:
fsmithredham5urg, did you check these lists?
ham5urgCrazy world where no free driver/modules are available for mainstream hardware...15:18
sixwheeledbeastpine have a tablet afaik15:27
DPAI'm using devuan on my librem 5, (devkit and chestnut phone).15:57
DPAIt works pretty well, although there are still a few things I need to fix. I'm currently trying to get X11s glamor (GPU acceleration) working properly.15:57
DPAI've written some scripts to build images for it here:
DPAAs for laptops, the MNT Reform 2 uses the same SOC, so you could probably get that running on there too just by changing the kernel to the one adjusted for that hardware.15:57
DPAIt looks like the scripts for building the MNT reform kernel are here:
buZzham5urg: there's a bunch of arm devices for which actually open drivers exist16:29
buZzham5urg: gl finding them though ;P if you're already suffering at learning a bootloader, you'll have a horrible time figuring out the drivers to  use16:30
* buZz running 5.8.0 (but arch) on a samsung chromebook 2 (XE503C32) right now16:30
DPA_I3^RELATIVISM: Usually xfce if I use it as a desktop, or my own WM otherwise:
DPAPhosh I would have to compile first, or I could probably use a version from an existing repo such as the mobian repos, but it would definitly work if I did that.16:39
user___Hi. Weekend rant: I discovered after installing Beowulf after Wheezy (ha big jump) that the audio output is no longer as loud as it was. I use a custom made speaker and amp, it was made to work with the normal output volume of the PC, by me.20:28
masonuser___: If you're using ALSA, go into alsamixer and make sure both main volume *and* pcm are up.20:29
user___So I later noticed that pulse mixer / volume control has 100% volume and then you can take it beyond that to 150%, +10-11dB . Wow someone did magic on my hardware (which is 12 years old) and found a way to make it go to 15?20:29
masonOh, Pulse.20:29
user___No, he did not. He lowered the "100%" to 100%-10dB which is about 10 times less loud. Small wonder the speaker no longer performs?20:30
user___And you know who wrote pulse? Poettering.20:30
masonWell aware.20:30
user___Give me one reason for not downgrading to ALSA now?20:30
masonAnd Avahi, and elogind.20:30
masonuser___: I've heard that some Steam games won't work with it directly. Haven't seen it yet myself.20:30
user___Oh, and, in tcl snack (audio control package for tcl), I can't see or switch input sources using the ::mixer and ::audio normal commands in snack, which work in alsa20:31
user___AND xoscope is still compiled without ALSA as it was in ascii20:31
golinuxWhat about elogind?  That comes from gentoo20:31
user___So it can't use the provided faux alsa/oss /dev/dsp20:31
user___elogind is not running here, avahi was killed on install20:31
user___Could we make a list of Poetteringed stuff so we can reduce the surprizes to a minimum?20:32
user___Oh yes and pulse needs that rtkdaemon which is also by P. and I removed it because I have other priorities than millisecond accurate audio which is 10dB quieter than it should be20:32
golinuxelongind has nothing to do with Lennart20:33
user___That man should have a chaperone online all the time, watching everything he does (breaks)20:33
user___Now, any reason to stay on pulse and not go alsa?20:33
user___I read once bluetooth audio is pulse / jack only. No bt audio on alsa. Correct?20:34
golinuxTake you rants to #debianfork please20:34
golinuxIf you have a support question this is the place.20:34
masongolinux: FWIW. It explains what it is and where it's from.20:34
masonLuckily most things are fine using consolekit instead.20:35
user___So in reality the -10dB faux 100% volume in pulse is four times less loud, not ten. But you get it20:35
golinuxI look at elogind as a poettering vaccine20:35
golinuxtime for food.20:36
brocashelmsame, eating rn20:36
user___Has anyone else switched away from pulse to alsa here, on Beowulf? Happy? Reasons?20:36
brocashelmyes, but i did this a long time ago already on a different debian-based distro. alsa is blissful and just works20:37
user___agree. I did the pulse to alsa switch on ascii.20:38
brocashelmapulse is there for things like firefox20:38
brocashelmi'm using ceres and loving it20:39
user___apulse is the alsa faker in pulse?20:39
brocashelmapulse is to emulate pulse on alsa20:40
masonbrocashelm: Debian packages Firefox to use ALSA directly.20:40
masonNo need to apulse there.20:40
brocashelmmason: nice20:41
user___how did elogind-daemon get onto my system?!20:42
user___I see inittab is configured in the usual way20:42
user___Do we need elogind?20:43
user___I am nervous about the potential to "inhibit shutdown or reboot". The idea is to be ABLE to do that in an emergency, without travelling 2500km if possible.20:43
user___where does elogind enter the picture of login on a init /sysv based beowulf exactly?20:44
masonuser___: You can use consolekit instead, or depending on your environment, you can do without any of it, although it takes some surgery.20:44
user___/etc/init.d/elogind ...20:44
masonuser___: install aptitude, "aptitude why elogind", and pick your path to adventure.20:44
user___I think I had/have consolekit on ascii20:44
user___I have aptitude20:44
masonAlso, as you're doing your surgery, remember that you can apt --no-install-recommends to pare it down maximally.20:45
masonI think you'll find openssh-server recommending on one or the other.20:45
masons/on one/one/20:45
user___where do I put in the "aptitude why elogind" ?20:46
masonuser___: Don't try to get rid of libelogind0 though. That's going to take some repackaging of core packages before it can be done safely.20:46
masonuser___: Command line.20:46
user___wow. The rot has reached the core.20:46
user___I need to read up on that "inhibiting shutdown/reboot/forced logouts"20:46
masonuser___: How you do that will depend entirely on whether you stick with elogind or not, so make that decision first.20:47
brocashelmfor me, it pulled libpam-elogind, which was a result of policykit-1, which was a result of synaptic (the gui package manager)20:48
user___I need the above clarified 100%. The way it looks now, a randomly installed package later may decide to tell elogind to not allow the machine to be rebooted / shut down remotely.20:48
user___policykit and consolekit and so on are cancer on the scale of systemd20:48
masonuser___: Right, the way systemd works is to let you set up inhibitors for various events.20:48
user___There is no real reason for them20:48
user___Violating the unix access control and security model every day, that's what they are20:49
masonWell. Except that lots of software builds in that stuff now, so you have to decide what you're willing to tolerate.20:49
user___I assume openbsd has no systemd and never will?20:49
user___mason: one builds some shim lib and lives with it.20:49
masonbbiab anyway - killing zombies with my wife20:50
_I3^RELATIVISMfreebsd uses openrc if not wrong20:50
masonFreeBSD uses FreeBSD's init and rc structure, not openrc.20:50
masonUm... Forgetting the name. iXsystems' desktop variant used OpenRC.20:50
_I3^RELATIVISMoh cheers for correction20:51
_I3^RELATIVISMDo you know what OpenbSD uses at the moment20:51
masonTheir own init/rc, which forked intact from NetBSD.20:51
_I3^RELATIVISMoh ok anybody here ever wonder why CVS is still the choice for OpenBSD20:53
_I3^RELATIVISMIm starting to research git and it seams quite exploitable20:54
mason_I3^RELATIVISM: Best to ask in #openbsd. But in short, it still works just fine.20:54
Wonkaexplain "exploitable"?20:54
user____I3^RELATIVISM: Openbsd definitely does not use systemd20:54
Wonkauser___: WHY??!?20:54
user___Wonka: because some people like to be shot in the back from ambush...20:55
Wonkawhy would one create such a project...20:55
user___come on, he left out all the good parts. emacs.service ...20:55
Wonkawhich cannot be anything else than elaborate trolling20:55
Wonka(no browser running atm, haven't looked at it)20:56
user___Wonka: that's exactly what it is. Read the .md file?20:56
Wonkanot yet.20:57
user___I have a patch suggestion for him already. It is missing the functionality of blocking shutdown or reboot randomly, and saying "I can't let you do that Dave" sometimes.20:57
WonkaI'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I cannot let you do that.20:57
user___<aside> maybe we can base devuan on slackware in the future, slax style. They are at 14.2 since 2016 and still no systemd.20:59
user___slack was my 1.5st linux (Lasermoon demo disk was 1st), the 1st I installed and also my 1st love. Still use it on servers which need zero maintaince (no budget).21:00
golinuxPlease take off-support chatter to #debianfork21:01
user___we are done, it's just Saturday evening.21:01
user___the slackware suggestion was serious though. I know it won't happen.21:02
brocashelmdevuan is fine as it is. it's just as if debian never accepted being systemd'd. there are newbie-friendly slackware distros like slackel/salix, so no need21:04
user___has s6 been ever considered as a systemd-parts replacement? I do not realize whether it is suitable at all?
brocashelmbut yes, there is the #debianfork channel for this discussion21:05
_I3^RELATIVISMthe init system topic is pretty relevant ot this project21:07
_I3^RELATIVISMgiven that there are 3 option21:07
user___are there any efforts under way to minimize further dependency on poettering spawn? pulse? elogind? other things?21:07
_I3^RELATIVISMso dont agree with you sugestions brocashelm and golinux21:08
brocashelmi'm not suggesting it. mods want to encourage devuan-specific discussion here and everything else go to #debianofftopic or #devuan-offtopic21:09
_I3^RELATIVISMso  I will but thequestion diferently. Which init system the devuan project prefers techcally and also in terms of licensing21:22
_I3^RELATIVISMand brocashelm yes you were sugesting21:22
brocashelmif you want to be difficult, that is not my problem. take it up with the mods if you disagree21:29
brocashelmit was in relation to the bsd talk before golinux chimed in21:29
_I3^RELATIVISMnot being dificult, please dont endolge your ego21:30
_I3^RELATIVISMand please read my comment21:30
brocashelm^ there you go again with the tone21:30
_I3^RELATIVISMI was trying to say that although it was offtopic, the conversation evolved to one relevant for devuan21:31
_I3^RELATIVISMand if nobody elseis requesting space for a diferent question topic21:32
_I3^RELATIVISMis not productive brocashelm to try to shut down such conversation21:32
_I3^RELATIVISMand if you consider a refutation to your supposed sugestion, "with the tone" then that is a diferent history21:33
_I3^RELATIVISMwhich again I assume is a ego related issue21:35
brocashelmyou're telling me about having an ego and just spammed five lines in a row. anyway, take it up with the mods if you have an issue21:36
_I3^RELATIVISMyou seam to be the person having the issue here I just would apreciate not trying to shut tdown further conversations that might be important for this project21:38
brocashelmtake it up with the mods21:39
_I3^RELATIVISMand again now you proved it is actually a ego thing, lines of messages doesnt have any relation to ones ability to present ones argument21:40
brocashelmtake it up with the mods21:40
_I3^RELATIVISMI know the easiest way to run from blame is with rpetition, but there is nothing to be taken to the mods just a try to present you my refutation to your action21:41
brocashelmtake it up with the mods21:41
_I3^RELATIVISMwhich essenteally shut down an important conversaton21:41
brocashelmask them if they agree or disagree with what you're saying and that will be that21:42
brocashelmso take it up with the mods21:42
_I3^RELATIVISMnot wasting any more of my time with you though21:42
* _I3^RELATIVISM is afk21:42
brocashelmyou were the only one wasting your time :)21:42
user___phew so I was not :)21:43
fsmithredholy shit, the reason we ask OT conversation be taken elsewhere is because some us read the scrollback for support question, and we prefer not to have to wade through a lot of OT conversation.21:45
user___fair enough. Sorry for the noise. Still, valid q: s6? ever considered as systemd almost replacement in devuan?21:46
fsmithredyeah, someone is supposed to be working on 66, but I haven't heard anything about it recently.21:47
fsmithredI did install s6 in one VM, but I have no idea what to do with it.21:47
user___from an overflight it looks like a candidate21:47
brocashelmany plans for improving runit support? i remember you saying there weren't enough users yet21:47
fsmithredthe vision for the future is that all the init systems will be able to use or convert systemd service files21:48
user___whose vision for the future?21:48
fsmithredlotta people21:48
fsmithredthe service files are the best part of that whole mess21:48
_I3^RELATIVISMwhy not just draw a exit strategy for the kernel instead of trying to comply with linux?21:48
brocashelmi did get a good lol at the openbsd-systemd git21:49
* _I3^RELATIVISM is back21:49
fsmithredwhat do you mean exit strategy?21:49
brocashelmwb ;)21:49
_I3^RELATIVISMstill stroking your egoI see21:49
_I3^RELATIVISMfsmithred: like hyperbola did21:49
user___I am Really Worried about the capability of systemd / elogind lib linked apps installed later, being able to quell a remote commanded reboot or shutdown. This has got to be addressed. Is there any plan to keep an eye on these things? My policy neutering script from last week does something similar but it needs to be re-run every time something installs a new polkit policy21:49
fsmithredI don't know what hyperbola did21:49
fsmithredour goal is to provide debian without systemd21:50
_I3^RELATIVISMusing openBSD kernelfor instance21:50
fsmithredsounds like more work21:50
user___without systemd and not without other things also contaminated?21:50
fsmithredif it's a useful goal, someone should make a devuan derivative that does it.21:50
user___did you read my rant above about pulseaudio and where 10dB of loudness disappeared?21:50
brocashelmnah, just laughing at the irony of the exchange21:50
user___there is iron in irony!21:51
fsmithreduser___, no, I missed your PA question, and I probably don't have an answer. I just use alsa. Sometimes jack.21:51
user___fsmithred: at "Hi. Weekend rant: I discovered after installing" ...21:51
_I3^RELATIVISMmaybe once its done it will be a viable ooption for a project like devuan21:51
user___right, alsa then. On beowulf or moved on to ceres?21:52
brocashelmi don't think devuan needs to be anything other than a systemd-less debian21:52
user___I think devuan needs to be a Poettering less debian.21:53
brocashelmjust don't install poetteringshit :)21:53
user___Eventually. Not that I have something against the guy but everything he touched or added seems to break at least two things.21:53
_I3^RELATIVISMbasically they are using OBSD codebased mergd with theyre own code base and licensed under GPLv3 to solve the issue with linux kernel current direction21:53
brocashelmsystemd is harder to get away from, though21:53
_I3^RELATIVISMthat is what i meant by exit strategy fsmithred21:53
fsmithred_I3^RELATIVISM, check with us on that in another year21:54
_I3^RELATIVISMsounds good21:54
fsmithredor do it21:54
_I3^RELATIVISMI know you have other goals before that21:54
fsmithredI can tell you a couple ways to make live isos21:55
_I3^RELATIVISMlike FSDG etc,so totally understandable21:55
_I3^RELATIVISMhopefully the linux kernel will correct its course but I find that rather unlikely.21:56
user___this is linux in general and pretty scary.
golinux_I3^RELATIVISM: This is a support channel not a general discussion channel especially about systemd21:57
golinuxsystemd can never be a topic for support  here because it does not exist id Devuan21:57
golinuxid > in21:58
_I3^RELATIVISMit is important to discuss it given that you use the linux krnel21:58
_I3^RELATIVISMand sytem is being forced upon the linux kernel21:59
golinuxDon't push it21:59
golinuxMaybe you'd like a time out?21:59
_I3^RELATIVISMso has I  sayed before I do not agree with your suggestion21:59
golinuxYou are not the one who has ops21:59
_I3^RELATIVISMgolinux:  I do not appreciate either the wrong-full use of power or empty threats, so if that is the way you want to act I will gladly leave this room given that Im not interested in participating in censorship. so22:02
user___I forgot to mention that pavucontrol permits upping volume to 100% only not 150%. I am going ALSA tomorrow.22:02
brocashelm>channel has rules22:02
fsmithredit's not important to discuss it here22:02
_I3^RELATIVISMI would apreciate you let this important conversation continue and stop spamming22:02
brocashelm>moderator enforces rules22:02
brocashelm>accuse moderators of censorship22:02
brocashelmum ok22:02
_I3^RELATIVISM<_I3^RELATIVISM "it is important to discuss it gi"> ^22:02
fsmithredcontinue it in one of our OT channels, PLEASE22:02
_I3^RELATIVISM<_I3^RELATIVISM "and sytem is being forced upon t"> ^22:02
golinuxThat is what #debianfork is for22:02
golinuxYour nonsense makes it harder for devs to read these logs to find important stuff that could make devuan better22:03
golinuxIf you want to help devuan take it to #debianfork22:05
_I3^RELATIVISMthat shows a lack of awareness for what is to come, and how systemd will come as a default in the linux kernel. Hopefully my refutation will ignite an interest for this important topic. but after this inlogical position my interest for devuan projet has severely diminish.22:06
brocashelmuser___: alsa is very stable. if you use xfce, there is a panel plugin called xfce4-alsa-plugin that you can use in place of the pulseaudio plugin. it's not in debian's repositories, so you'd have to get the source. here's the thread on the forums:
_I3^RELATIVISMgolinux: ^^22:07
user___I know, I was on alsa on ascii22:07
brocashelmtried ascii on and off and it wasn't yet my time. beowulf made me stay22:09
fsmithredvolumeicon-alsa is in the repo22:10
user___looks like there's a way to a2dp bt on alsa. Interesting.
brocashelmdidn't know about volumeicon-alsa22:13
user___there is a volume control for the xfce toolbar in ascii already and it works with alsa just fine22:13
jiefkmatrixnikelIs there a way to stream audio sources to different sound cards in ALSA the same easy way Pulseaudio does (AKA you select the sound card directly from a dropdown list) ?22:14
user___yes once you have the files configured you can select sources and sinks in the applications22:15
gnarfacejiefkmatrixnikel: not exactly that easily but it's definitely possible22:15
gnarfacejiefkmatrixnikel: yea, every application just takes its own configuration for choosing soundcards at that point22:15
user___jiefkmatrixnikel: in English: some config script editing by hand is needed but then it works. And there are examples and help online.22:15
gnarfacejiefkmatrixnikel: no more pulseaudio as a middle man22:15
gnarfacejiefkmatrixnikel: you can use arecord/aplay with stdin and stdout to bounce streams off the inputs and outputs of adjacent cards.22:16
gnarfacejiefkmatrixnikel: and you can use the snd-aloop module to create extra virtual cards if you need more cards to bounce stuff off22:16
jiefkmatrixnikel"gnarface" ( thanks, That's exactly what I want : Ditch pulseaudio once and for all. But the simplicity it provides makes it a showstopper.22:19
gnarfacejiefkmatrixnikel: unfortunately it is the simplest entity to provide such a service.  you can do without it but you need to learn some bash22:20
gnarfacejiefkmatrixnikel: the only other currently maintained and in-production answer i know of is Jack but it is definitely not simpler than pulseaudio or manual configuration.  it's sort of the worst of both worlds in those regards22:21
jiefkmatrixnikel:) thanks for the suggestion "gnarface" (
gnarfacejiefkmatrixnikel: you don't have to really know much bash though.  for example, any properly behaved alsa client should be able to use a different soundcard at start up by you just supplying the ALSA_CARD environment variable specifying any non-default card22:23
gnarfacejiefkmatrixnikel: (most programs have their own internal configuration but a few don't, and for those you can use this ALSA_CARD variable)22:24
lamermasterconcerning the command "xset" in utils xorg, is there a possible libx11-dev way to get dpms "xset s off ;  xset -dpms "  to not switch off, out of the box?#22:37
gnarfacelamermaster: i'm not sure i understand your question.  are you asking the xset command for the opposite of what you're doing here?22:38
gnarfacelamermaster: it sounds like you're asking for a way to disable the command from doing what it says to do, but why even run it in the first place then?22:38
lamermasterI would like that the monitor keeps ON all the time, no dpms to put it off after a while.22:39
lamermasterI know that this can be done without having xset.22:39
lamermasterI wanna have only xserver-xorg gcc make libx11-dev evilwm into my box, for raspberry zero. (slow stuffs).22:40
gnarfaceoh, well xset is the easiest way to do it, but those defaults come from BIOS settings actually.  you can turn this off in your BIOS unless you're computing with a tortilla22:40
lamermastersurely that it does not come from bios but from X11 / xorg.22:40
lamermasterxorg has the power.22:40
gnarfaceoh, a rpi0... classifies as "tortilla" in this context22:40
gnarfacebasically you're S.O.L. unless you patch Broadcom's closed-source firmware22:41
lamermasterall devuans behave the same for dpms ,... ok, let's say on amd64, it is too with dpms ON.22:41
gnarfacexset is so vastly easier to do this with you should just use xset22:41
gnarfaceit's actually a legal requirement for hardware vendors to default that to ON believe it or not22:41
gnarface(look into 80's/90's early environmentalism laws, RE: "Energy Star Compliance"22:42
gnarfacebut really, your typical amd64 is going to have a BIOS setting to disable it22:42
gnarfacethe rpi0 doesn't even have a BIOS22:42
gnarfacethe xset command has several formats but the one that has been the most reliable for me across all versions is: "xset dpms 0 0 0"22:44
lamermasterwell, the xorg layer can do it... we can see it on BSD; that this dpms feature is not activated by default. it depends mostly on X (or wayland if considered).22:44
gnarface(the zeroes are "standby," "suspend," and "off" times, i believe)22:45
gnarfaceno, you're misunderstanding something fundamental22:45
gnarfacethe DPMS feature is a hardware feature of the display itself22:45
gnarfacexset just gives you access to it22:46
masongnarface: xset -dpms ought to work for you as well.22:46
gnarfacemason: maybe it does now but it didn't once in 2013 so i changed formats to one that's easier to parse, apparently22:46
masonFor my media system, I say "xset -dpms" and "xset s off" and that's enough to prevent the screen from flipping off on its own, as we do it by hand when we're done using the TV.22:47
gnarfacelamermaster: well, i dunno. maybe try vbetool instead.  i'22:48
masonPretty sure that's been the option for a very long time, but whatever works.22:48
gnarfacelamermaster: i've only used vbetool to force blanking rather than prevent it, but maybe it will work too22:48
lamermasterI think that it might be possible using libx11-dev right with a small X11 code.22:49
gnarfacelamermaster: but now that i'm thinking of it more, what i vaguely recall the situation being for RPI models is that you need their actual own custom tool they've released to twiddle the hardware bits directly after boot22:49
gnarfacelamermaster: for that though it is actually accessing their proprietary blackbox firmware22:49
lamermasterI dealt with libx11-dev a bit... I have forked fspanel and evilwm, this is why I ask. Little bit of X notions.22:49
gnarfacelamermaster: all i could suggest is look at the code of that raspbian tool to see what hooks it calls22:50
lamermasterI will check how the xset works, maybe I can modify a little Xhello to get this ...22:50
mason(Debian Potato)22:50
mason(which is circa 2000)22:51
lamermasterthis is yeah xset22:51
lamermaster  DPMSGetTimeouts(dpy, &standby_timeout, &suspend_timeout,22:53
lamermaster                        &off_timeout);22:53
lamermasterit uses the extension... not fun.22:53
masonlamermaster: Ah, sorry, you already noted xset -s off and -dpms. As for doing that by default, I'm not seeing defaults in config, so it's probably cooked in.22:53
gnarfacei think most of the weird behavior i had over the years was to do with one way or another failing to set all 3 of those values to something coherent22:53
lamermasterX11/extensions/dpms.h  sounds doable with little c code.22:53
mason shows how to do the xset things straight from config, although this isn't the same as default/out of the box either.22:54
lamermasterI am happy, I will have no jungle or zoo in my installation22:57
lamermasterdebootstrap, then apt-get install xserver-xorg xterm xinit libx11-dev gcc ;22:58
lamermasterand then I compile evilwm, this fork of xset and fltk from source. all stays very fine.22:58
lamermasterTo put a wallpaper, I have a little X11 code as well. No scrot either, I have my own as well to create a png (no lib, except libx11-dev).22:58
masonlamermaster: You sound like you'd like
lamermasterI like BSD, not linux... I just use linux for the raspberry and arms, by obligation. Still, time make bogomips.c   gives still best perfs for the linux kernel. it is the fastest.23:02
lamermaster 648  0.0  0.2   3860  2200 tty1     S    22:10   0:00 evilwm23:03
masonHm, there's a lot of movement for ARM (including rpi) in FreeBSD lately.23:03
lamermastermy evilwm does great job ;) litle usage of mem.23:03
lamermasterfreebsd is a very robust system, more stable than linux by far.23:04
lamermastermy file server is freebsd, it can run 2 or 3 years no problem.23:04
masonbbiab, chickenherding23:07
lamermasterwhat is it?23:11
fsmithredPlease do not feed the coyotes.23:17

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