libera/#devuan/ Sunday, 2020-09-13

unixbsdIt would be great if the bugs to format of mkfs.ext3 amd64 works in some years. it fails to format on disks. i386 works but amd64 fails.12:16
unixbsdWireless slow, ultra slow bug: also the wlan of devuan ascii and buster sometimes does not work anymore on devuan. On debian, it looks a bit more stable.12:17
unixbsdfsck.xfs does not call xls_repair. another bug.12:18
unixbsd(optional) the stable vi, less or elvis aren't anywhere by default in debian and devuan. su needs today '-', which is not necessary.12:20
unixbsdThe rest is ok and running.12:21
unixbsdanother bug: shutdown never happens. this is also pretty new. shutdown may hang time to time.12:22
unixbsdtmux does not work either by default: "tmux: need UTF-8 locale (LC_TYPE) but have ANSI_X3.4-1968"   <- this is another bug found.12:24
* man_in_shack grumbles14:09
man_in_shackneed to find out what's hanging my system14:11
unixbsdanother bug..." apt-get install gcc make   " will not install <stdio.h>. you forgot it in the deb. But, apt-get clang will install the right lib bin ;)19:10
fsmithredunixbsd, you get stdio.h with libc6-dev. If you did 'apt-get install build-essential' you would have gotten that along with gcc and make and a couple  other things.19:16
Wonka$ dpkg -S /usr/include/stdio.h19:16
Wonkalibc6-dev:amd64: /usr/include/stdio.h19:16
Wonkawell, fsmithred said it better already... slow me.19:16
fsmithredand any bug reports on those packages should go to debian. Pretty sure we don't fork any of those.19:17
unixbsdthis is ubuntu, gcc should or *must* had link to the lib stdio.h. This is very important!. stdio.h is ultra important.  "apt-get install build-essential"19:18
fsmithredwhat "this" is ubuntu?19:18
unixbsdbuild-essential is a way to install a loooot of junk food (libs) and non necessary for a compilation method. For simplicist compilation, in like clang deb (it has stdio) i.e. link, apt-get install gcc should be possible by default.19:21
brocashelmyeah, wtf is "ubuntu"? lol19:25
unixbsdubuntu method is to advise to install all web to compile a little hello world.19:27
fsmithredis it possible to use gcc without stdio.h?19:28
fsmithredI'm gonna guess that it is possible, and that's why it's not a hard dependency for gcc.19:28
fsmithredoh, the other way to get stdio.h is to install gcc and do not exclude Recommends.19:29
jeha2hi, does someone know where to fine-tune xfce4/devuan powermanagement?19:30
fsmithredwhich is the default setting19:30
fsmithredso one would have to go out of their way not to get stdio.h when installing gcc19:30
unixbsdwell, developers can try to install gcc and to compile something without stdio.h. good luck! It may still be possible somehow.19:30
fsmithredjeha2, you found the power manager in the settings menu?19:30
jeha2fsmithred, yes. but suspend-to-ram does not work. suspend-to-disk works fine. pm-utils suspend-hybrid works find. i want to tell xfce to use suspend-hybrid instead suspend-to-ram.19:32
fsmithredI'm surprised that suspend doesn't work.19:34
fsmithredNot surprised if you're just complaining about the lid.19:34
fsmithredyou have to select suspend from the menu or else do stuff with acpi to make it automatic19:35
golinuxunixbsd: You do know that mixing ubuntu pkgs into devuan is a recipe for disaster, right?19:37
fsmithredI don't think that was the issue19:37
fsmithredit was just a reference to bloat19:37
fsmithredI guess the real issue is that excluding bloat can sometimes exclude something you want.19:38
jeha2ok, i guess you're right. i think with acpid/pm-utils i could work19:39
fsmithredlook on the forum. It's been discussed at least a couple of times, and you can find sample scripts.19:39
fsmithredbtw, in chimaera, lid close does trigger suspend. I don't know what they did to fix that.19:40
brocashelmsuspend/hibernate have never worked for me on xfce19:41
fsmithredeven from the menu?19:42
brocashelmsuspend makes it impossible for me to restore my session and hibernate immediately wakes up again19:42
fsmithredmaybe something is missing19:43
brocashelmand i'm not even using a laptop; the os just stalls19:43
brocashelmi can only do a hard shutdown to resolve this19:43
brocashelmi don't use any display managers; i use tty to log in19:43
jeha2fsmithred, thanks. i have to confess i forgot about the devuan forum. i was using only google... bye bye19:46
fsmithredgood luck19:46
unixbsdbrocashelm: tty coool. me too,  you may find or use pibox.c ... a cool login manager for autologin:
brocashelmunixbsd: thanks, i'll check it out19:54
unixbsdstartx is quite cool way still. In BSD, this is still a retro method, many use it still today. By the way, does wayland have startx still...19:57
phoggunlikely since it's not X20:08
unixbsdphogg: well, we will have to learn how to use Wayland soon or later. even without startx if not there.20:22
luser978anyone running android studio on beowulf? it's slow here but it swaps, only 2GB ram. how much ram makes it happy?20:56
flingHow to log init to syslog?20:58
gnarfaceluser978: try out zram swap21:05
gnarfacefling: there's some package that makes it easy... boot[something]21:05
gnarfacefling: bootlogd, i think21:05
gnarfacefling: (possibly not the only way)21:06
gnarfaceluser978: (i don't actually know but using zram block devices for swap instead of your disk is turning out to be a huge boon to systems with ~2GB fixed ram)21:07
gnarfaceluser978: (and no, i know.  you'd think it'd be slower, and in the 90's it would have been, but it's really not anymore)21:08
flinggnarface: on gentoo there is logger option in rc.conf21:33
flingit writes to /var/log/rc.log which can then be read with syslog hmmm21:34
gnarfacefling: my assumption is that it's basically the same thing; a userspace daemon that launches immediately to catch dmesg into a boot log21:35
gnarfacefling: been a while since i used gentoo but my experience is that they'd have made it pretty transparent what the name is21:36
flingbut dmesg is logged anyway hmm21:37
gnarfacefling: is it?21:37
gnarfacefling: i don't know for sure that it is not21:38
flingsure kernel messages will sit and wait for syslog21:38
gnarfacefling: what is it you're trying to capture, exactly?  afaik to get anything earlier than dmesg you will need a serial cable21:38
flingoutput of init, different initscripts, the stuff you will see in boot console21:39
gnarfacefling: check /var/log/daemon.log - the default log location for daemons (make sure you actually installed rsyslogd and i strongly recommend logrotate too)21:39
flingI'm running devuan in lxd, no need for serial21:39
flingWhat is writing /var/log/daemon.log ?21:43
gnarfacefling: uh... rsyslogd, i think22:02
gnarfacefling: same with most the logs in /var/log/22:02
flingnot, what I want then.22:03
gnarfacefling: it's not the only option though, and some stuff (like apache) logs for itself22:03
gnarfacefling: and /var/log/boot isn't it, either?22:04
flingI don't have /var/log/boot22:04
fsmithredinstall bootlogd to get /var/log/boot22:06
gnarfaceyou might also need to set BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=yes in /etc/default/bootlogd?22:07
flingI have it in another container though22:07
flingbut the log says nothing has been logged yet22:08
gnarfacefling: did you check /etc/default/bootlogd?22:08
flingif you are still eseing this message your current init system might not write bootup messages to the system console at all22:08
flingI don't have /etc/default/bootlogd22:08
gnarfacefling: check /etc/default/rcS, too22:09
gnarfacefling: /etc/default/bootlogd should have been installed with the bootlogd package afaik though.  if it wasn't, check /usr/share/doc/bootlogd/ or /usr/share/doc/bootlogd/examples/ or something like that22:09
gnarfacenot sure why i have /var/log/boot here without bootlogd...22:10
gnarfacebut i'm on ceres22:10
gnarfaceso who knows22:10
fsmithredsame here on beowulf22:10
flingatleast I can see messages in console22:10
gnarfacei had really assumed it's rsyslogd doing it22:10
gnarfacei mean the list of usual suspects is not long here22:10
gnarfacethis isn't systemd22:10
gnarfacethere isn't much to it other than that rcS script and what's in /etc/init.d/22:11
gnarfacemaybe your init scripts just don't have much to say?22:11
flingI have no /etc/default/rcS22:11
gnarfacenow i'm wondering if your post-install hooks didn't fire right or something22:11
gnarfaceyour install is starting to seem suspect22:11
gnarfaceare you using a weird shell?22:12
gnarfaceeven dash can cause compatibility issues from time to time22:12
gnarfacebashisms sneak into startup scripts occasionally when they're not supposed to22:12
flingI have no idea :D22:12
flingthe idea is to read boot log with syslog-ng and send it to a remote22:14
gnarfacewell, mabye the choice of syslog-ng over rsyslogd is actually the difference between your system and ours22:16
gnarfacebut fyi rsyslogd can remote log over the network, too22:16
gnarfacei don't remember what my issue was with syslog-ng.  all i know is rsyslogd doesn't do it22:17
gnarface(or does do it, as the case may be... maybe this was the issue)22:18
flinginit/rc/whatever writes boot log from init start and to login prompt22:18
flingsyslog daemon can be configured to use this log as a source22:18
flingthen syslog can write it to messages or send it to a remote22:18
flingit does not matter if you use rsyslogd or syslog-ng22:18
flinglike this -> file("/var/log/rc.log" program-override("rc") );22:20
flingrc_logger="YES" in /etc/rc.conf makes /var/log/rc.log to appear on gentoo hmmm22:21
gnarfacefling: do you have the "initscripts" package?22:22
gnarfacefling: according to my sources the /etc/default/rcS file should have been in that package.  what happens if you reinstall it?22:22
flinghow to reinstall it?22:23
gnarfacefling: apt-get update && apt-get --reinstall install initscripts22:23
gnarfacefling: if it says you need to add --force then add it22:24
flingnow I have it!22:24
gnarfacewhat was the other one?  oh, bootlogd22:24
gnarfaceif this happened to that package it probably happened to others.  your install is suspect, though i can't be sure what went wrong.22:25
flingalso reinstalled bootlogd22:26
gnarfaceyou could probably write a easy 4-line shell script to loop through your package list and reinstall all of them though22:26
flingDoes it require something in inittab?22:26
gnarfacenot as far as i can tell22:26
gnarfacethough ... i mean22:26
gnarfaceyou didn't take out all the gettys did you?22:27
gnarfacei don't test a lot without them22:27
gnarfaceso if you're missing them too all bets are off22:27
flinglooks like I have all the ttys commented out22:28
gnarfacepackages add themselves to sysvinit startup typically by 1) adding a shell script to /etc/init.d/ and 2) adding appropriately-named kill/start symlinks to the /etc/rc?.d/ directories22:28
gnarfacetypically nothing changes the inittab22:28
gnarfaceand typically i don't mess with it unless i'm connecting a serial console22:28
gnarfacethat's assuming you are actually using sysvinit which i'm now also skeptical of22:29
gnarfaceif you've replaced it with an out-of-repo openrc then the gentoo documentation actually may be more relevant22:30
flinghow to check what I'm using? :P22:31
gnarfacedpkg -l |grep openrc22:31
flingI only have devuan repos22:31
flingempty ^22:31
gnarfaceok, you're probably fine then but you should still try to figure out why your config scripts didn't get installed22:31
gnarfacei mean nothing really works without them (not even xorg, all the time, despite what they say)22:32
flingmaybe because they were ascii before hmm22:32
flingWhat am I using instead of openrc?22:38
fsmithredsysvinit is the default22:38
flingAnd how can I see console without any tty in inittab? :S22:38
gnarfacefling: i think you don't, but i'm not sure22:39
gnarfacefling: the tty sorta is the console22:40
flingI mean I see the console output but I don't see where is it coming from looking into inittab.22:41
fsmithred1:2345:respawn:/sbin/getty 38400 tty22:42
fling^ going to uncomment this one22:42
fsmithredwho commented it?22:42
flingwhoever maintains lxd image22:43
gnarfacefling: oh, you didn't even make this image?22:54
gnarfacefling: that explains a lot22:55
flingI'm using default images, everything works just fine except for bootlogd :>22:55
fsmithreddoes a container actually boot?22:56
gnarfacefling: well, or so it probably seemed on the surface, the omission of the config files you were missing seems like evidence of deeper breakage somewhere, possibly in image creation22:57
gnarfacefling: it indicates the potential for other stuff to be broken less obviously elsewhere22:57
flingbut the containers are old and were created from random ascii images in the past22:57
flingor converted from debian22:57
gnarfacefling: well, it seems like someone tried to solve a conflict with one config file by omitting all the config files, and probably omitted a little too much22:58
flingBut I updated a lot since then22:58
flingAnd run dist-upgrade22:58
gnarfaceyea, that's weird22:58
gnarfacebut one reinstall got you your /etc/defaults/rcS file back, no?22:58
flingI never noticed missing configs before.22:59
gnarfaceso maybe ... hmm, but what else could have caused it?22:59
flingYes, I have /etc/defaults/rcS now22:59
gnarfaceunsolved mysteries22:59
flingI have no idea, I'm using zfs, files don't just disappear.22:59
gnarfacewell i'd put my money on it being something to do with the container, but it's not clear whether it's an accident or a mistake23:01
flingWhere can I see the script used for creating the images?23:03
flingMaybe it contains an obvious mistake or something.23:03
gnarfacefling: the lxc images?  i don't know... are they even part of the distro or did the lxc team make them?23:22
flinggnarface: lxd images. I thought devuan people maintain them.23:26
gnarfacefling: oh, maybe they do23:27
gnarfacefling: if there's scripts they'd be in the gitlab23:27
flinggnarface: you just run `lxd launch images:devuan/ascii my-container` and it crates new container using the official image23:29
flinglxc launch ^23:29
gnarfacemaybe there is some option to make it not ditch all the config files?23:32
gnarfacelol i don't know23:32
flingBtw how to install lxd on devuan?23:33
gnarfacelxc or lxd?23:40
gnarfacethey're both packages23:40
flinglxd uses lxc, criu, lxcfs, etc23:41
flingit all depends on how it is packaged23:41
gnarfacei suspect that what you're looking for is in the lxc package, and the lxd package refers to something else in debian23:42
gnarfaceoh, no it doesn't but just isn't present23:42
gnarfacelxde comes up in searches for it23:42
flingdoes this mean there is no lxd in devuan?23:43
gnarfacehere, run this command: apt-cache search ^lxc23:43
flingI see lxc and I don't see lxd ;<23:44
gnarfaceare you sure lxd is not in the lxc package?23:46
flingit should not be there23:46
gnarfacedid you ever try installing the lxc package?23:46
flingno but I will try later23:47

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