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nemowhen is ascii EOL?03:59
golinuxnemo: When stretch is EOL04:07
nemo2022-06-30 seems04:12
nemothat's plenty04:12
Wonkahmf. "pdns-server" has lost /etc/init.d/pdns, only a systemd unit file left...14:21
Wonkapdns-server_4.1.6-3_amd64.deb still has /etc/init.d/pdns, pdns-server_4.3.0-5_amd64.deb doesn't.14:23
Wonka"Upstream has moved around socket dir and there are known issues with the init scripts. Operators will be better off just using the systemd units instead." *sigh*14:25
Wonka_what_ issues, please?14:25
DPAnetwork-manager did it too:
xinomiloat least pdns has put somekind of explanation for that15:11
xinomilonetwork-manager maintainer just does whatever he likes, and doesn't give a sh*t ..15:12
DPAMaybe someone should make a backup of them, before they are all gone.15:25
fsmithrednetwork-manager 1.26.2-1+devuan1 is already in ceres15:27
brocashelmyes, got that one installed15:29
ranixnetwork-manager is a piece of shit and the maintainer is an asshole, anyone who uses it deserves what they get16:30
ranixback in my day we used /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts and liked it16:32
masonranix: You can still use those, although I've always found them awkward.16:32
* mason ♥s ifupdown for network configuration.16:33
sixwheeledbeastSeems a pretty troll move to remove working code with no explanation on software used by a lot of people...16:45
ranixit's not a troll move it's a power play16:46
r3bootit's offtopic even ;)16:46
ranixit's not offtopic, devuan is going to have to fork yet another package if this guy keeps his sandy vagina dry16:47
r3bootthen the focus should be on the package, not vagina's16:47
r3bootAlso, this is something that is going to happen more often in the future, so discussing /some/ plan to prepare for that is probably more useful16:48
ranixfair enough16:48
r3bootI get it from a software developer pov; Since all the major linux distro's are systemd-based, it makes sense to support a unit file + drop the rc script. (less support calls)16:51
sixwheeledbeastsorry that was probably a topic more suited to #debianfork16:52
ranixthat would be arguable - but he didn't make that argument. He dropped the init script with no explanation whatsoever, ignored the bug reports, and marked them 'wishlist' severity16:52
sixwheeledbeastIs there some way to ship the scripts in like a shim separate from the debian package or is that not ideal? Is it just better to make "+devuan" packages at that point.16:54
sixwheeledbeastit's the wishlist that rubs salt in it TBH16:54
phoggthat nm bug is pretty damning.16:55
r3bootIt's still their choice to make, so either fork it, or deal with it ;) j/k16:55
r3bootBut I think a +devuan package should work just fine in these cases16:56
r3bootOr maybe even something like devuan-rcscripts, which has rc scripts for everything that needs them, together with some tooling which detects the installed applications, and enables the corresponding rc scripts.16:57
r3bootOr a generator based on the unit file that come with the services (although this one will probably generate some flak :P)16:57
ranixyou would need to update devuan-rcscripts fairly frequently depending on the number of supported daemons16:57
ranixit'd be a temporary solution though16:58
r3bootbut it saves you from having a lot of +devuan packages16:58
ranixand it serves as a list of affected daemons16:58
r3bootIn all practicalness, I do think that +devuan is the most clean solution16:58
phogga generator based on a unit file seems harmless, but I would still want the generated script packaged with the .deb and not have the unit file ever land on my systems16:59
r3bootOr maybe the powerdns team needs some encouragement from ppl still using that rc script, to re-include it, who knows16:59
sixwheeledbeastthe idea of having all them script when you may only need one isn't ideal either17:41
golinuxTalking about doing is not actually doing18:18
golinuxAnd indeed that is more suited for offtopic channels.18:18
rowbeei'm surprised #964139 isn't CLOSED WONTFIX, however setting it to wishlist makes it pretty much that alreadyu18:55
rowbeei think the worst part is the 0 explanation. _why_ remove the init scripts? _why_ is it not a bug?18:56
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infobot\"Multiple exclamation marks,\" he went on, shaking his head, \"are a sure sign of a diseased mind.\" - Terry Pratchett, Eric19:32
RyushinYay.  Got Devuan running in a loop image on my Samsung Android Tablet.  Just waiting for my Thinkpad Bluetooth keyboard to get here next week and I'll be set.21:36
yoozHello, Devuan...hope this is the right place for this.  I'm pretty desperate for help.  Brevity is not a strong suit of mine, but if anybody is willing/available, I'll try to keep things short re: my issue.  TIA21:47
golinuxJust tell us your issue.  You don't need an invitation22:01
golinuxyooz: ^^^22:01
golinuxBut before you post, please read the Release Notes if you haven't already22:05
yoozMy laptop was stolen recently..along with phone and all backups (2FA, KDBX, etc). I don't usually keep these together...long story.  As luck would have it, my SSD was not in the laptop at the time.  I still have it but I'm having difficulty accessing it from another machine.  I'm trying to get to the one KDBX file left that I can (maybe?) access in my LUKS Home partition.  I know the pw.22:05
ranixwhat do you mean you're having difficulty accessing the ssd from another machine22:07
golinuxWOW!  That's quite a story.22:07
ranixbecause it's encrypted?22:08
yoozI know, I know...I was robbed leaving a poker room in Houston.  I have the police report, I know this sounds ridiculous.  I was in a rental car and that was stolen along with phone, laptop backpack and everything in it.22:08
ranixdo you have a backup of your LUKS headers22:08
ranixor is the luks header present on this disk22:09
yoozno, bc in my haste to purchase another laptop and access, I bought maybe the worst Linux machine there is.  It seems.  A HP x360 Envy.  I can't get Devuan to even load on this things.  I've tried accessing it from live distros that WILL run.  No dice.  I'm doing something wrong.  I'm new (1yr with Linux).22:09
ranixaccessing the drive from another machine will require decrypting the partition you want to access, because you've encrypted it with LUKS22:10
ranixis this the boot drive from the lost machine?22:10
yoozYes, it's a NVMe drive (not sure if matters).  Only had Devuan.  boot, home, root partitions22:11
yoozI hoped that I could just plop it into new laptop and voila22:11
ranixcan you get another machine to boot from that drive22:11
yooznot so much, I see22:11
yooznot this one, no22:12
ranixhow far does it get before it fails22:12
yoozit recognizes that a disk is there...the disk check is fine.  But it never tries to boot and does not show as an option in bios22:12
rennjtruecrypt/veracrypt would have been  plop it into new laptop and voila22:12
ranixdoes your bios not support booting via efi or something22:13
yoozI've been attempting to access it from Gnome Disks via live mediums22:13
rennjoh and the code has been audited22:13
ranixor do you maybe have efi boot turned off22:14
ranixin bios22:14
yoozit's a very new laptop, I might get the jargon wrong but pretty sure it's UEFI.  I turned off secure boot, TPM module is that an issue?  TPM from the old laptop??22:14
ranixperhaps the problem is the opposite of that and you're unable to boot via a non-uefi bootloader22:15
ranixand you need to turn uefi off22:15
ranixdo you remember whether or not your booatloader was uefi on the disk22:15
yoozMy old laptop was an Acer515, had option for AHCI (ACHI?) or Optane.  I had it on the former.  This laptop does not have this switch.22:15
yoozdoes that relate to uefi?  again, forgive my ignorance.22:16
yoozmy other laptop was UEFI, I'm fairly certain22:17
yoozI boot into live Mint usb, Tails, problem.  But Devuan even on USB will not boot22:17
yoozOh, and this...I get "Failed to read/write IOMMU...." every time22:17
yoozno matter the distro22:17
yoozat boot22:17
ranixI think if you had the worst possible case, your keys were on the tpm and as a result you were totally unable to load your luks partition, you would at least get to grub22:18
ranixit sounds like you have not yet gotten that far22:18
yoozI don't think so.  Again, Devuan will not boot on a new USB image.  It goes to black screen and solid, non-blinking cursor at top right.22:19
yooztop left...sorry22:19
ranixthat's what would happen if you tried to boot an efi device without using efi22:19
ranixi.e. if I install devuan on my usb stick with a uefi bootloader and tell my bios to boot directly from the disk and not via uefi that would happen to me22:20
yoozOK, so there is no "legacy" option or the like in my bios.  Would turning secure boot on and loading the "HP defualts" for this have anything to do with that?22:20
ranixit sounds like you are trying to use legacy boot and not efi boot22:20
ranixand need to do the opposite22:21
ranixI'll duck out in case someone else here knows more, that's all I can do for you22:21
yoozOK, thank you very much for your help.22:21
golinuxyooz: Next time stay in quarantine22:28
yooz^no doubt.  I was dumb.22:29
yoozI'm a bit more isolated than most..but I've given enough sob story.  I just hope that I can access my keepass file.  I can access it with a yubikey if I can get to it.  Feel like I'm close...but so far.22:31
golinuxHope everything works out for you22:33
sixwheeledbeastwhy not boot your live image and mount the luks system from there?22:42
sixwheeledbeastif you had a mint or other distro working?22:42
yoozI should be able to do this from the Gnome Disks gui, or no?22:43
yoozthat's what I've tried22:43
yoozfrom mint, it tells me the PW is incorrect or not a LUKS partition.  I'm almost certain that I've got the PW, right.  I could be off on the last digit or two.  Could I use Hashcat in that case?  The password is only 6-7 chars and I'm 100% certain on the first four.22:47
sixwheeledbeastno idea, when i use LUKS I just mount using my file manager. I suppose there will be some CLI option.22:48
fsmithredblkid will tell you which partitions are LUKS22:51
fsmithredyou could mount from command line or..22:52
sixwheeledbeastBrute forcing a decent 7 char password would likely take a few months or so?22:53
fsmithredif you can boot live media, you could get to grub command line and boot the drive22:53
yoozI know the first 4 digits with 100% certainty, six22:53
sixwheeledbeastalthough you have a few chars I suppose22:53
fsmithredone two or three unknown22:53
fsmithredwon't take long22:54
yoozi could do one only myself hunt n peck style on the keyboard22:54
yooz2-3...gonna need some help22:54
yoozI began to wonder if I was even attempting something possible (mounting it from Mint live in Disks gui).  You guys have given me some more direction with the UEFI/Legacy situation and sixwheeledbeast, I think I will continue to try to mount the partition from a live medium.  I'm going to get back to it and see if I can figure this out.22:56
yoozthank you all for the input22:56
yoozone last thing, I can load Mint live...the UEFI/Legacy thing is moot as far as trying to mount the partition, right?22:57
fsmithredonce you boot, the uefi is irrelevant22:57
yoozI should be able to mount the Home partition from another distro, like Mint regardless?22:58
fsmithredcryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sd... some-label22:58
fsmithredmount /dev/mapper/some-label /some-mountpoint22:58
fsmithredor maybe /dev/nvme-whatever22:59
yooz"Error: /dev/nvme0n1p3 is not a valid LUKS volume, or you don't have permission to access it."23:35
yoozusing bruteforce-luks to eek out the last 2-3 chars, this is the error I'm getting23:35
yoozsudo cryptsetup luksDump /dev/nvme0n1p3   = expected output, AFAIK.  anyone know what the permission issue would be?  TIA23:40
sixwheeledbeastjust the generic response that the password is wrong?23:41
yoozthat's the error when I attempt:  bruteforce-luks -t 6 -l 6 -m 7 -b "****" /dev/nvme0n1p323:42
yooz6 threads, 6minimum chars, 7 max, beginning of PW "****"23:43
yoozsudo or no, permission error23:44
Guest20811sudo chown -R yooz /dev/nvme0n1p3?23:51
yoozi had tried that but no.  I didn't recursive at first but didn't change outcome23:55
yoozI made backup of the header, btw.  Pretty sure I got that right, not sure if any if this can be destructive23:57

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