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gnarfacebrocashelm: google search results implies this isn't a common issue00:00
gnarface(which doesn't really probe anything but hints at the possibility you're right that you're missing something obvious)00:00
gnarfacebrocashelm: maybe try running ldd on the main binary (not the wrapper script)00:01
brocashelmgnarface: perhaps glibc version conflict? i had to doctor in libcurl3 for epsxe to work while libcurl4 thought it could be the one and only00:01
gnarfacebrocashelm: yes, that seems possible but i don't know.  i thought the last time i saw a glibc version conflict it was a more confusing error than just a segfault00:03
brocashelmgnarface: i just did ldd /usr/games/sorr (where the launcher is) and it said "not a dynamic executable"00:03
gnarfacebrocashelm: there was a game called "Kohan: Immortal Soverigns" - see if you can find info on how to run that with a modern glibc floating around still. the same fix may work for you.00:04
gnarfacebrocashelm: (the original linux retail port by Loki software is what you're looking for, this issue did come up with it some years back)00:04
brocashelmgnarface: i'm going to check that out00:04
gnarfacebrocashelm: are you sure /usr/games/sorr isn't a wrapper script though?  you opened it with a text editor to make  sure, right?00:05
brocashelmgnarface: oops, it is a script00:05
gnarfacebrocashelm: yea, they're getting sneaky these days00:05
gnarfaceif it needs a wrapper script to launch though that suggests it needs a fairly non-trivial environmental setup, so maybe there's something in there that's obviously wrong or outdated00:06
gnarfacemaybe you can just patch the wrapper script with a couple lines and it'll work00:06
brocashelmgnarface: what the file does is it cd's into the game folder and executes the LD_LIBRARY_PATH stuff, and it is an executable00:07
brocashelmgnarface: i think so, too. maybe some replacements00:07
brocashelmgnarface: this is the default /usr/games/sorr file:
brocashelmgnarface: it's from 2015, so obviously quite a long time ago. you can see it loads up zenity with an option to launch this game or read the doc00:12
gnarfacebrocashelm: what is in ./data?00:15
gnarfacebrocashelm: if it's a bunch of unpackaged libraries, try installing the devuan packaged versions of them and omitting the "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=data" assignment00:16
gnarfacebrocashelm: 2015 isn't actually that long ago and this shouldn't be having these types of problems00:17
brocashelmgnarface: the contents of /data:
gnarfacebrocashelm: hmm, yes many of these look very familiar00:18
gnarfacebrocashelm: find the devuan package for everything in there that starts with "lib*"00:18
gnarfacebrocashelm: the mod_* ones you might need, i don't recognize them so maybe they're part of the game, so you'll have to edit LD_LIBRARY_PATH to append your regular system library paths without removing the ./data path it hink00:19
gnarface*i think00:19
gnarfacebrocashelm: ... append or prepend.  now i'm forgetting for sure, but i think it's append00:19
gnarfacebrocashelm: (i used to have to do this all the time with Steam games on ceres)00:21
gnarfacebrocashelm: (primary suspect is that SDL version but it could be anything still)00:22
brocashelmgnarface: update: i put in export LD_LIBRARY_PATH="/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu" - and then i installed libsdl-image1.2:i386 and libsdl-mixer1.2:i386; program was complaining about wrong ELF class, so now it launches as long as it's pointed in that folder10:22
brocashelmgnarface: thanks for the help10:22
gnarfacebrocashelm: hey cool, congrats!10:24
gnarfacebrocashelm: does it run well?10:24
brocashelmgnarface: yes, i tested as far as the first level. looks like it was the sdl after all. i was having sound (muted) issues last time, and now i can hear them. i copied all the "mod" files to /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu so the game could reference them there10:27
gnarfaceinteresting10:27 still exists, so i will let them know of my solution in case any gnu/linux user lurks there10:28
brocashelmrunning the game on wine in the meantime was very degrading for me, ha10:29
rhYlapAnybody tried to get Warpinator running in Devuan?10:53
rhYlapGot it running, but my other machines aren't seeing it.10:53
gnarfacerhYlap: never heard of it, but maybe it could be a permissions issue?  if it expects you to be using systemd and defaults to a port below 1024 it might not work without root permission11:11
gnarfacerhYlap: (or specifying a higher port)11:11
ShorTieWarpinator is made by the Linux Mint team for Linux Mint, if it matters11:59
brocashelmthe only mint package i got working on devuan is mintstick (for creating/erasing usbs)12:12
rhYlapI use tons of non-repo .deb files.  LOL.  But so far none of them have required systemd.12:42
rhYlapwhich in and of itself is telling...12:42
flingHow to have networking configuration in separate files per interface?20:49
* fling found /etc/network/interfaces.d/20:50
dsp17Hi, new to IRC and not exactly sure where to get help with the following:21:33
dsp17since upgrade to beowulf, a proprietary software requiring activation by registering OS thinks it's running on a new OS after every restart.21:33
dsp17the creators of the software don't want to give details about how they find out what computer the software is running on. understanably. though very annoying21:34
masondsp17: Ah, machine-id patch at a guess.21:35
dsp17sounds spot on. Thank you. I'll go through it21:35
fsmithreddsp17, edit /etc/default/dbus21:38
brocashelmwhat's up with that troll on the forum?21:40
brocashelmi have never heard of a "debian master" trying to find a systemd-conspiracy in devuan, of all distros getting away from systemd21:41
fsmithredI just saw a name, and I'm pretty sure I know who you're talking about.21:43
fsmithredI'll take a look21:43
brocashelmhe's saying systemd is "encroaching" in chimaera21:43
fsmithredlike that's news21:43
fsmithrednot who I thought it was going to be21:46
brocashelmit's also happening in the "debian has fallen" thread21:46
fsmithredbut clueless people come in fairly regularly and say stuff that doesn't conform to reality21:46
brocashelmi can understand golinux's frustration in this chat, lol21:47
fsmithredwe will never satisfy picorro21:48
brocashelmsupposed to refer to an anime character?21:49
brocashelmthat was my initial thought21:49
fsmithredI'm not sure how to read his full name21:49
brocashelmi can decipher nonsense easily, but this "discussion" is so strange21:50
fsmithredthe one you linked?21:50
brocashelmthat one and the recent developments in "debian has fallen"21:50
brocashelmsome new guy joined in just to agree with the other user21:51
golinuxThere a 3 trolls in there now.  Please move this to #off-topic21:51
golinuxwoops #devuan-offtopic21:52
dsp17fsmithred and mason: thank you for quick support. Works as expected.22:07
masondsp17: Good, good.22:07
flingHow to specify static routes?22:22
flingit is not asking for routes via dhcp hmm22:26
flingup ip r a22:36
flingShould not I use openrc and netifrc?22:50
gnarfacefling: "man route"23:56

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