libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2020-10-08

DeviousYou better kick all the neonazis from this group. freenode admins have been notified02:59
syco-omg :/03:07
masonsyco-: That's todays' troll. Safe to ignore.03:08
gnarfacejust follwed up with him in private.  he doesn't seem to have any basis for his allegations.03:09
syco-just thought friday was trollday03:09
fsmithredsame IP as yesterday, different name03:10
gnarfacedon't get me wrong, if there's neo nazis trolling here i'd want them banned immediately, but the last one i remember seeing was blap, and he was indeed eventually banned freenode-wide.03:11
gnarfacethat was over a year ago i think03:11
gnarfacewasn't it?03:11
gnarfaceand he certainly wasn't just piggy-backing off #devuan, he was spamming nearly every channel i was in03:11
fsmithredthe guy who came in here yesterday linked to a paste of a discussion he had with someone in another irc channel.03:13
fsmithredThat other person has a blog and certainly looks like a nazi.03:13
syco-i read that "discussion" .. was kind of childish03:15
* tuxd3v kill -9 nazi03:16
corey1Hello, everyone. I am a bit confused by a couple things related to Devuan. (1) Are the repositories identical to Debian repositories *except* systemd-related things? (2) Do most things install and work in Devuan the same way as in mainline Debian, e.g. packages built from source code from a git repository? (I am not a developer and new to these sorts of things.)17:16
onefangMost of the Devuan package mirrors redirect things to Debian package mirrors, except those few things that are Devuan specific.17:17
buZzcorey1: some packages from debian depended too hard on systemd and are removed17:39
buZzothers depended hard on systemd but could be adjusted to not do that17:39
buZz2) yes17:39
corey1Great. Thanks for the answers, folks. The next time that I need to do an installation, I will try Devuan. Also, I might as well fire up a VM to test it before then, too. Good work around here, it looks like. This should be the real Debian: is that the end goal?18:02
fsmithreddebian without systemd is the stated goal18:07
SuaveDandyGuys. How do you prefer naming BtrFS subvolumes?19:36
SuaveDandyAnd are there any instructions on installing Devuan with the bootloader on ESP?19:50
fsmithredwhat instructions do you need?19:50
fsmithredor better question: How are you installing?19:50
SuaveDandyRefracta installer.19:51
SuaveDandyYou said I don't need a boot partition.19:51
fsmithredyou need to have a suitable esp partition19:52
SuaveDandySorry, I took a long break.19:52
fsmithredinstaller will see it and as you to select it, I think.19:52
SuaveDandyWanted to finish all that but got off track a bit.19:52
SuaveDandyWill it really?19:53
fsmithredor if you're doing stuff manually in chroot, just 'grub-install' will work19:53
SuaveDandyWhat size does ESP need to bex19:53
fsmithredit will see the efi partition and use it19:53
fsmithredat least 64mb is safe. I usually use 200mb.19:53
SuaveDandyWhat about LUKS?19:54
fsmithredcan't encrypt the esp19:54
SuaveDandyI mean, the LUKS root partition.19:54
fsmithredwhat about it?19:54
SuaveDandyDo I need to make any manual tinkering or…19:54
fsmithredwith btrfs?19:55
SuaveDandyI mean, the standard installer can only install root LUKS with the boot partition.19:55
SuaveDandyDoes Refracta fix it?19:55
fsmithredrefractainstaller is ok with including /boot in the encrypted root partition19:55
fsmithredand you get a choice of ext2/3/4 for the encrypted filesystem19:56
fsmithredso if you want something else, that's more manual fiddling19:56
fsmithredgive me a hint19:57
SuaveDandyThe only question is if you can actually make BtrFS work with everything.19:57
SuaveDandyWanted to use your installer, obviously.19:57
SuaveDandyQuick and dirty.19:58
fsmithredyeah, I've done it, the discussions about it are on the forum. I don't recall if it was done with encryption or not.19:58
fsmithredI assume you would have to do that manually and not let the installer format any partitions.19:58
SuaveDandyI see it.19:59
SuaveDandyBut does that instruction work with your installer?19:59
fsmithredset config file for no_format19:59
fsmithredthe part about my installer in there is about my installer and the part about debian installer is about that.19:59
fsmithredwho else was in taht discussion? specing?20:00
SuaveDandyThat should be the one.20:00
specingI have a btrfs howto on devuan galaxy20:00
specingI think20:00
fsmithredthere's another thread that I'm in20:01
fsmithredI'll find the link20:01
SuaveDandyspecing: You answered to that thread.20:01
SuaveDandyIs that your how-to?20:01
SuaveDandy"[solved] install to existing encrypted Btrfs subvolumes"20:02
SuaveDandyFor some reason, I cannot open that link, fsmithred.20:03
fsmithredthe last post in the link I provided is a summary20:04
SuaveDandy"This site can't ensure the secure connection."20:05
fsmithredthat's probably not any better20:05
SuaveDandyNow that's downright weird.20:05
SuaveDandyIt isn't.20:06
SuaveDandyMaybe something's wrong with my connection.20:07
SuaveDandyI'm using VPN.20:07
SuaveDandyIt worked before.20:07
fsmithredgo to the Installation section of the forum, page 5 and scroll down to Jan 2020:07
SuaveDandyNow it isn't working anymore.20:07
SuaveDandyFor some unexplicable reason I got blocked both with and without VPN.20:08
SuaveDandyAnd I have no clue why.20:08
fsmithredwhat error you getting?20:09
SuaveDandy"This site can't ensure the secure connection."20:09
SuaveDandyLet me try reconnecting.20:10
fsmithredyeah, that's weird.20:10
hagbard_Random hint: If electron apps (e.g. Discord) keep crashing, it's due to a buggy/outdated version of libappindicator.21:02
hagbard_There's a patch in the debian bugtracker since 5 months, which fixes the library.21:03
hagbard_...but for whonowswhat reasons, debian just isn't uploading the fixed version. This way the broken lib also ends up in devuan.21:04
hagbard_Does anyone use/know gnu-mailutils (i.e. "mail")?21:05
hagbard_It just ate through my Maildir of mails of more than a decade...21:06
hagbard_Instead of reading files from "new", and moving them to "cur" afterwards, it takes them from "cur" and then straight out deletes them. Dubbleyoo-teeeh-eff21:08
stiltrYikes! Hopefully you've got a backup. If not, you can always give testdisk a try.21:09
hagbard_no worries, had a recent bacup21:11
hagbard_but that was still a bit of surprise21:11
stiltrGlad to hear it. Yeah, I certainly wouldn't have expected that either.21:12
hagbard_Next thing I'm trying to do is moving my encrypted /boot partition from luks1 to luks2. grub seems to support that by now, but appearently update-grup or things belonging to/called by/read by it don't yet.21:16
stiltrOh that's strange.21:18
masonhagbard_: I don't think luks2 works out of the box.21:23
hagbard_that's what i noticed.21:23
suavedandyIs it working?21:24
suavedandyCan anybody see me?21:24
masonsuavedandy: Are you there? I see something in the distance.21:25
suavedandyTHANK GOD.21:25
suavedandyThat AndroIRC client is ass.21:25
suavedandyGot another one.21:25
suavedandyEver heard of it?21:26
masonAh, I can't even imagine IRCing from my phone. I hate typing on it.21:26
hagbard_hexchat works fine in devuan21:26
suavedandyI use MessagEase for typing. Works great.21:26
suavedandyOther than that their emoji list is freaking broken.21:27
suavedandyBut the layout is actually type-friendly. Love it.21:27
suavedandyGlad that I'm not banned from Freenode anymore. It was a nightmare.21:28
suavedandyOh, it's very late. Better go get some sleep.21:33

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