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onefangNext issue with Beowulf and my bleeding edge graphics card in this new super desktop of mine - to do 3D and video playback I need Mesa version 19 or 20, but beowulf has 18.  Chimaera has 20, but my pinning isn't working so well, it always wants to remove and upgrade a whole bunch of unrelated stuff.02:51
onefangBeowulf and stable are pinned at 500, chimaera and testing are pinned at 50.02:51
onefangapt install -t chimaera libegl-mesa0 libgl1-mesa-dri libglapi-mesa libglx-mesa002:52
hagbard_Hmm, if you need bleeding edge, there's also unstable.02:52
hagbard_WHich isn't as unstable as it sounds.02:53
fsmithredor mixed testing/unstable02:53
onefangMixing stable/testing is what's not working.  I know testing has the correct versions of Mesa.02:54
onefangIt wants to remove things like build-essential and replace things like binutils.  WTF?02:54
fsmithredstable/testing is too far apart02:55
fsmithredI have chimaera on a laptop and haven't had any trouble with it02:55
fsmithrednot used it for a lot - video chat mostly02:55
onefangBeowulf/stable is what I want to be the main part of the install.02:56
onefangI try to run the same on my server as on my desktop, so it has to be what ever stable is.02:56
onefangSo what I want to know is how do I get it to not try and remove or replace all this unrelated stuff?  Just replace Mesa.02:57
fsmithredbackport it02:58
onefangYou mean I move it into beowulf-backports?  I have no idea how to do that.02:59
fsmithredapt source mesa-whatever03:00
fsmithredapt-get build-dep mesa-whatever03:00
fsmithreddpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b03:01
fsmithredif you're lucky, it'll work03:01
hagbard_or just move on to testing, would be the simplest and easiest way03:01
onefangI don't want to be lucky, I just want to not have to tear out way more hair than I have for the last couple of weeks and get this thing to behave.03:02
onefangLike I said, it has to be Beowulf / stable, coz I'm not putting testing on my server, and I want to put the same version on my deskto.03:02
hagbard_stable is a bit of a misnomer, might as well be called obsolete-since-years, as is tradition with debian. And bz extension with devuan also.03:03
onefangI know that.03:04
onefangI'd even go with a PPA or other external repo.03:04
fsmithreda proper howto03:05
fsmithredfor pre-built, maybe check mxrepo03:05
hagbard_another thing you could try is to turn recommends off, and use aptitude to resolve dependencies.03:05
masonManual backports are a decent option for getting targeted newer things.03:05
fsmithredI assume you already checked beowulf-backports03:06
onefangI already have reccomends turned off.   The problem with manual backports is that apt upgrade wont give me upgrades, I'll have to manually track changes and manually backport it over and over.03:06
onefangYep, already checked beowulf-backports, that's how I got the card working at all.03:07
onefangSo there's no way to get pinned chimaera to behave?  I'll just chuck out that idea and use a PPA.03:08
onefangCoz THAT's the easiest and quickest.  Chimaera was just the easiest, quickest, most correct.03:08
fsmithredI second the suggestion to try with aptitude03:09
fsmithredif you try to install something from chimaera that needs newer versions of other things, there's no easy way around it.03:10
fsmithredmaybe installing the deps from beowulf first would help03:11
fsmithrednot sure about that03:11
onefangWhy does it need to replace aspell large parts of python, etc?  makes no sense.03:11
fsmithredno idea03:12
hagbard_dependencies, and aptitude will tell you which ones, and will suggest alternative actions, if possible.03:13
onefangThe PPA did the trick.  Now I have 3D and video play back.05:54
tuxd3vonefang, what is the video card you brought?06:14
tuxd3vonefang, what is the video card you brought?06:20
onefangSaphire Pulse Radeon RX 5600 XT.06:32
QualityGlassare backports bad, guys?08:59
unixbsdhi, why xlockmore is no longer there in repositories, while xlockmore is available in slackware and slack based distro?12:25
hagbard_Its because most packages in devuan come from debian repositories, and debian threw it out in 2012:
hagbard_There it says: "buggy, unmaintained, security bugs"12:39
systemdleteis there a memtest86 on the install media?  I don't see it19:38
gnarfacesystemdlete: it's on the netinstall, maybe check in advanced options or something like that?19:43
systemdleteok, thanks19:43
gnarfacesystemdlete: it's a boot media option, before you start the actual installer19:43
gnarfaceboot menu*19:43
systemdleteI'm still not finding it.  I tried rescue boot and expert install19:46
systemdlete(netinstall image, yes)19:46
systemdleteI tried getting a shell, and looked for memtest*19:46
syco-systemdlete, as gnarface said .. it's a boot menu entry19:47
systemdleteyou mean in the installed system?19:48
systemdleteI boot off the net install.  now what?19:48
syco-at boot of the install medium .. before you launch the install19:48
systemdleteI dont see an option for memtest or the like19:48
systemdleteI see Install, advanced, help, and install with speech synthesis19:50
systemdlete(this is the net install for 64 bit)19:50
fsmithredno memtest on that19:51
fsmithredlive isos have it.19:52
systemdleteAm I nuts?  Or will I become so soon?19:52
systemdletelive iso19:53
systemdleteone live iso, coming up...19:53
systemdletefsmithred: Could I use live-minimal to save on download?19:54
systemdleteI had to look in the subdirs, yeah.  Thanks.19:55
systemdletethe main directories don't say how big the images are19:55
fsmithredI think it's around 45019:56
systemdletethe other is over a 1g19:56
systemdleteI lost my vbox on ascii -- no clue though -- vbox gives a minimal and mysterious error message.19:57
systemdletebarely creates any logging.  The guys at vbox channel are not sure either.19:57
fsmithredI haven't used vbox lately19:57
systemdleteSo they want me to check memory.  This would kill me, considering I just upgraded a few months ago to 32GB19:57
systemdleteI tested the ram thoroughly; probably about a day and a half.  I always do this with new memory sticks.19:58
systemdletebut I suppose anything can go flakey19:58
fsmithredyou might need newer memtest19:59
systemdleteddr3 memory, if that helps19:59
fsmithredif this doesn't work, go download the memtest iso from the upstream site19:59
systemdleteI have that over on my testbox19:59
systemdleteand I just downloaded it here on my testbox20:00
systemdleteI mean, I keep copies everywhere just in case, plus a known quantity of reliable bootable ISO for emergencies.20:00
fsmithredgood plan20:00
systemdleteOne gets burned too many times, and starts taking precautions, and more precautions.20:01
systemdletefsmithred: It's memtest+ 5.01  is there a newer version than that?20:06
fsmithredpretty sure that whatever is in debian is a lot older than what's at the memtest site20:07
fsmithredascii, beowulf and ceres all have the same version20:08
systemdleteheh.  The memtest iso I got from does not want to boot.20:23
gnarfacethere's really no memtest on the netinstall isos?  i really thought there was, under the advanced boot menu option somewhere20:24
systemdleteStill no luck with official, latest memtest20:29
systemdleteI will revert to memtest+20:29
systemdletefrom the install media20:30
systemdleteactually, I've downloaded memtest+ from the devuan repos20:31
systemdleteI'll try that20:31
systemdletesame thing.20:36
systemdleteOh well, back to devuan boot media...20:36
systemdletegnarface: Did you find it?20:39
gnarfacesystemdlete: i admit i did not look though.  i'm probably just remembering the live image20:46
systemdleteturns out that memtest no longer supports bios boot for some time20:48
systemdletethis is bios boot20:48
systemdleteneither of my PCs have EFI, just my laptop.20:48
gnarfaceoh, i guess mabye try ascii then?20:49
gnarfaceunexpected but possible20:49
gnarfacewould think it is insane if it doesn't at least still support it with a cmdline option20:50
onefangOnly 32 GB of RAM to test?  I just installed a new desktop with 256 GB.  I haven't run memtest on it yet.  lol21:02
mason32G of RAM is more than just about anyone realistically needs. Not sure it's something to poke fun at.21:53
masonNow, making fun of people who spec a new system and don't use ECC RAM might make sense, but it should be done in #devuan-offtopic.21:54
masonsystemdlete: I don't remember if the Debian live images have a memtest. Checking.21:55
masonHrm, not the standard/Buster stick I have kicking around anyway.21:56
masonsystemdlete: Anyway, remember that slots can be flaky too, not just sticks of memory.21:57
masonsystemdlete: Which is to say, once you get a tester going, if you have time for this, might make sense to test each stick installed alone in the first slot.21:58
onefangI wanted to use ECC, but couldn't find any that gave my new system 256 GB.  Linus had the exact same problem with a similar Threadripper system.22:46
onefangThink I'm over the major humps with my new desktop, now to tweak it all.22:47
systemdleteonefang, if you start memtest now, it will be finished by the time you retire.22:51
* fsmithred thinks there might be a time paradox involved22:51
systemdletemason:  If I find a fault, yes, then I 'd need to figure out which stick/slot is the culprit.  But if it all passes, say, 3 full times through, I am not sure further inquiry would be necessary.  Or do you disagree?22:52
systemdleteAnd, mason, I am not firmly set against the possibility of the mainboard being suspect.  In the past, it has done a few things (minor) that might point to a problem with hardware.22:53
systemdletee.g., the usb 3.0 ports have been flakey, although I wonder if that might be the OS drivers at least in part.22:54
onefangI'm semi-retired now.  lol22:54
systemdleteI also wonder if the SATA ports might have some corner case issue. Every once in a while, a disk seems to go "bad," but after running badblocks and other tools on it, the disk turns out to run fine.22:55
systemdleteonefang:  I just assumed you were younger, given you only have one fang.  :P22:56
systemdleteI figured it was a baby fang.22:56
systemdletebut what do I know?22:56
fsmithredyou haven't seen his avatar22:58
onefangWell one tooth is really small, coz it's a baby tooth, so it only looks like I have one fang.  However, that baby tooth is over 50 years old.22:59
fsmithreduh, Rip van Winkel22:59
systemdlete(and watch both ways, here.  Mother hen will be coming by soon if we keep this up...)22:59
onefangI'm more like Santa Claws.22:59
systemdlete(no humor in the support channel!)23:00
systemdlete(quit it!  quit it now!)23:00

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