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masonsystemdlete: We had what looked like a bad slot in my younger stepson's computer, but now I suspect that it's a marginal slot, and running the system a bit while reseating his memory wiggled something into place. Dunno. We're going to have to replace his motherboard/CPU/RAM I think.00:49
masonMight be a good opportunity to move him onto Devuan, since he's on Ubuntu at present.00:49
systemdleteYOu should probably sit down with him, calmly, and discuss what losing systemd means to him.   You know, you talk, then let him talk a bit, let him express his feelings about losing systemd.  It will be hard at first, but eventually he will come around.  Just be patient, OK?01:01
systemdleteThis will help avoid him being traumatized and never feeling his OS is "normal" again.01:02
systemdlete(having some fun here)01:03
systemdlete(in the support channel, no less)01:03
systemdleteSo, mason, do you think I should let the memtest run some more?  It's completed one pass, no errors.01:04
masonThere's good reason to stick to #devuan-offtopic for off-topic things, especially if the channel's busy. Obviously there's a range of tolerance for this.01:04
systemdlete(That depends whose nick we are talking about)01:04
masonsystemdlete: If your initial issue is a crash, but it only happened once, yeah, I wouldn't want to blame memory too much. Does dmidecode no memory errors?01:04
masons/no memory/show memory/01:04
mason(Is this ECC?)01:04
* golinux is watching.01:07
systemdleteNo mention of ECC.01:08
masongnarface: o/01:08
systemdletegolinux:  Hello officer!  How are you this sunny day?01:09
masonsystemdlete: There's no need for that.01:09
systemdleteanyway, it's not ECC01:10
systemdleteCould I use ECC in the same slots though?  Or does the board have to support it?01:10
masonsystemdlete: The board would have to support it. What's the model?01:10
systemdleteASUS M5A7L-M/USB301:11
systemdletemanual right here01:11
masonWas going to ask if that's what you meant.01:11
masonsystemdlete: Yes, that does support ECC RAM:
systemdleteBut I don't think the memory is ECC01:13
masonAlmost certainly not unless you went for ECC explicitly.01:13
systemdleteIf it is, corsair doesn't say so on its support page01:14
systemdleteIn the past, I've been told NOT to get ECC memory.  Not sure why, but there was some reason for that at one time.  But I may be carrying some old baggage about that from decades ago.01:15
systemdleteAnyway, I always avoided it because of that ancient admonition.01:15
masonIt's more expensive, and it can be slower since it's doing more.01:15
systemdletemaybe uses slightly more power?  Years ago, that could have made a significant difference, idk01:16
masonThat might be too. It's more chips for the same storage.01:16
systemdleteIf I wind up upgrading the board to a mb that takes up to 64gb, I might go ahead and splurge on ECC.  If I am buying that much memory, I doubt the additional $50 or so will matter much.01:18
systemdleteBut I am hoping to get a few more years out of the current board.01:18
systemdleteI only bought the new board as a backup in case this one decides to blow a capacitor or the like.01:19
masonThe QVL for that doesn't call out ECC. Dunno. But the age of the board would make me want to think about replacing it rather than replacing all the RAM.01:20
systemdleteIt was brand new when I put it in about 3-4 years ago.  I know the board is "antique" in terms of the technology, but I prefer staying 1 generation behind anyway.01:22
systemdleteMainly to avoid the kinds of headaches I've had with the laptop, which is 2019 tech and I've faced some challenges getting stuff to work.01:22
masonAlright. That's reasonable then.01:24
systemdleteHonestly, I wouldn't mind picking up another one of these m5A78l-m/usb3 boards (or similar) if I can find it under $50 just because it has been a very solid board.01:27
systemdleteOr at least, it has presented far fewer issues than any of the ones I've had previously, including limited memory slots, and other limitations.01:28
systemdleteOTOH, finding AM3/AM3+ hardware is getting increasingly harder to find now.01:28
systemdleteIf I do find some it is usually expensive.01:28
systemdlete(read: more than I want to pay)01:29
masonsystemdlete: Come to #devuan-offtopic for this.01:29
masonI linger there.01:29
masonOne channel over ->01:29
systemdletedevuan live boot sings at bootup?18:35
systemdleteit plays a tune when it gets to the boot prompt?18:35
fsmithredyou using the minimal-live?18:35
fsmithredthat's so you can do it without looking at the screen18:36
systemdletesort of "doo-doo DOOdoo doo"18:36
golinuxThat iso is for visually impained18:36
fsmithredthe speech option is between the tones18:36
fsmithredand it will read the whole installation process to you18:36
systemdleteAh, ok fine18:36
systemdleteJust checking...18:36
fsmithredbut from your description, you got some different sounds.18:37
golinuxMaybe what is needed isn't installed18:38
systemdleteI guess I'd describe it as 1-2-3-2-118:53
systemdletemight be more accurate.18:54
systemdleteI'd try to describe it using musical notation, but I am not very adept at that.18:54
systemdleteIs there a way to install from live?  (just wondering)18:58
systemdletenot that I want to18:58
debdogyes, it's called refracta19:00
systemdleteiow, no19:01
systemdletedoes that installer have expert mode for, say, a minimal install?19:23
fsmithredsystemdlete, the live installer just installs (copies) what's in the iso19:27
fsmithredyou could make changes while running in the live system, and those changes would be carried over to the install, but you might need a lot of ram to do that.19:28
fsmithredlive isos also have debootstrap installed, so you could use them for that kind of install19:28

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