libera/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2020-10-13

devaI just upgraded to beowulf and now I can no longer see my adaptec raid - it doesn't even show up in lspci anymore. Shouldn't this just-work(tm)?16:50
gnarfacebeowulf from ascii or from debian?16:51
devafrom ascii16:51
gnarfacemake sure the driver module loaded16:51
devaI tried modprobe accraid and it loads the driver, but doesn't connect to any hardware16:51
gnarfaceinteresting, does it require non-free firmware?16:52
devaIIRC lspci should print out directly what is being reported by the BIOS, regardless of which drivers are being loaded16:52
gnarfaceif you upgraded without non-free in your sources.list you would have lost any non-free firmware associated with the old kernel16:52
devaAah, let me rephrase; I re-installed an old system with beowulf16:53
devaSo no upgrade was done16:53
gnarfacelspci doesn't show the array?16:54
DHElspci should show the card. otherwise the card is failed or possibly disabled in the BIOS16:54
gnarfacei mean the raid controller?16:54
devaI dumped lspci from the old system. Here is a comparison:
devaI only changed the boot order in BIOS. Perhaps it decided to bypass the array - I'll have a second look16:56
devaI fiddled around in the BIOS, didn't really change anything, uplugged a USB drive I had connected and now it works...17:15
devaI guess it could be a buggy BIOS or something...17:15
gnarfaceseems weird, i agree deva17:19
gnarfacelet me know if you figure anything out17:19
gnarfacecould be a power supply issue17:19
gnarfacewhat was the USB device?17:19
gnarfaceanything heavy?17:20
devaI tryed cold booting with the USB drive connected again and it still works17:20
devaSo I must have changed /something/ in BIOS17:20
DHEwell the bios usually requires you to explicitly save any changes. but a cold powercycle could be good for the card itself17:21
gnarfacenot necessarily, because a weak power supply situation would have some hysteresis17:21
devaOh well - it apparently just-work(tm) as expected, provided that the BIOS works(tm) :-D17:21
gnarfacealso, bios does cache hardware layout at POST time...17:22
devaThe PSU shouldnot be the problem. It is a minor powerhouse17:22
gnarfaceand sometimes the bios cache can get wrong...17:22
gnarfacesome bioses have a feature to manually flush it17:22
devaThe UI of the BIOS is target at gamers, and calling it easy to use and understand is a overstatement17:23
gnarfaceso, just by booting twice and entering/exiting the bios and saving changes once you could have changed something even if you didn't change anything, you know what i mean?17:23
devaIt does a have a lot of nice background animations though17:23
devaI'll write it down to my future self, for when I upgrade next time17:24

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