libera/#devuan/ Saturday, 2020-10-24

joybukeHowdy there, im trying to figure out how to customize cinnamon's default configuration system wide. Anyone know how to do that?00:00
fsmithredjoybuke, you have to look into the cinnamon config file, probably in /etc/xdg/00:01
joybukemore so looking for the default background area00:03
fsmithredis desktop-base installed?00:04
fsmithreddo you have a devuan background?00:04
fsmithredor a cinnamon one?00:04
fsmithredso it's (I really should know this)...00:05
fsmithred /usr/share/desktop-base...00:05
fsmithredbut really you should use the alternatives system00:05
joybukeenlighten me00:07
fsmithreduh, to do it that way, you'd have to use one of the bg's already there or add and alternative00:07
joybukefor desktop-base or update-alternatives00:07
joybukeim fine with just adding a new picture to the defaults if needed00:08
joybukeits just where are those files located?00:08
fsmithredgrep -rni your_way /etc/xdg/00:08
fsmithredHere's how I normally figure it out00:08
fsmithredChange the desktop in my user session and then look in ~/.config to see where that change got stored00:09
fsmithredthen I know to make the same changes to the same file in /etc/xdg/00:09
fsmithredthat will make it the default bg for anyone who has not already changed their bg00:11
joybukefound the backgrounds in desktop-base00:12
joybukeI could just edit them there, but you said thats not a good way of doing it00:12
fsmithredyou could replace the default bg file with another image but give it the same name00:12
fsmithredthat's a shitty way to do it00:12
joybukeI rather it not be a convoluted mess00:13
joybukeI see .xml files in here with the names of things00:13
fsmithredfiguring out how to use update-alternatives is a mess00:13
fsmithredyeah, that's what you want00:13
fsmithredwell, what you really want is in cinnamon files, not desktop-base00:13
joybukeI'd think the starter background would be based on what desktop-base wants00:14
fsmithredsomewhere is a cinnamon file, probably xml, that has the bg in it00:14
fsmithreddesktop-base has no code to deal with cinnamon00:14
joybukeannoying, but I can work it00:14
fsmithredcinnamon has code to use whatever bg desktop-base uses00:15
fsmithredyou can override that by putting the right config file in /etc/xdg00:15
fsmithredprobably /etc/xdg/cinnamon/something00:15
fsmithredI only know xfce00:15
joybukethe only DE file I see in here xfce400:15
fsmithredand openbox00:15
joybukethat and some other stuff00:16
joybukemost seems kde related00:16
fsmithredwhere are you looking?00:16
fsmithredyou can't start a post with a slash. Precede it with a space.00:16
joybukeah, new to IRC and all00:17
joybuke /etc/xdg00:17
fsmithredno cinnamon files?00:17
fsmithredlook in /usr/share/cinnamon00:17
fsmithredmaybe something there00:17
joybukewait wait, I just found something00:17
fsmithredand then I think you'd have to copy the file to /etc/xdg00:18
fsmithredthat's probably just going to change the user's configs00:18
fsmithrednot system-wide00:18
fsmithredI don't know00:18
fsmithredsee what's in it00:18
fsmithredrun it and see what it does00:19
fsmithredshould be an Exec line in it00:19
joybukeyeah I ran that00:19
joybukejust dumped an error relating to .service files00:19
joybukeand DBus00:19
systemdlete2I get sound through the speakers on my 2-in-1 laptop, but alsamixer doesn't seem to show anything other than "headphones" -- even when no headphones are plugged in!!!  I cannot get sound through the headphones if I *do* plug them in.   I've rebooted and no change.00:20
fsmithreddid you try what I said about changing your bg and looking in .config?00:20
systemdlete2(yes, the "headphones" in alsamixer are unmuted)00:20
systemdlete2It's an ASUS T101H (transformer) and it is running ascii.00:21
joybukeI did and nothing appeared00:21
joybukeman I'd help with the alsa stuff but it is such a mess, haven't ever gave it a deepdive00:22
fsmithredthere's no ~/.config/cinnamon directory?00:22
fsmithredafter you changed your bg?00:22
fsmithredit has to be stored somewhere in your user files00:23
joybukeoh yeah, but I can't find it00:23
fsmithredgrep -rni <pattern> ~/.config00:24
fsmithredwhere pattern is all or part of the new bg file name00:24
fsmithredthat will tell you which file and on which line it appears00:24
fsmithredand the line00:24
joybukenothing appeared00:26
joybukethis is werid00:26
joybukeused glob chars and exact names and got nothing00:26
fsmithredglobs won't work with that00:27
fsmithredjust partial pattern with no spaces or in quotes00:27
fsmithredmight be ~/.cinnamon00:30
joybuke~/.cinnamon is for user stuf iirc00:31
joybukeaah gsettings might be useful00:32
joybukeI see why you linked that now00:33
fsmithredstackexchange usually has very good answers00:33
joybukeI use them all the time, just couldn't find anything, maybe just didn't look hard enough00:34
joybukeah nvm about the ghsettings thing, its for setting, not showing the URI00:36
joybukei'll just go with the desktop-base fix00:39
systemdlete2Also having problems with a usb headset on a PC running ascii.00:50
systemdlete2(why is sound on linux always so... so... grmph!)00:50
joybukeI think we need systemd-soundd00:51
systemdlete2And to think that I had this working some time back... before umpteen browser updates and kernel updates and god knows what else00:53
joybukeassumed you ruled out hardware issues?00:54
unixbsdwhen I use fsck and create a new partition, it will change the Signature. that damage grub. can this genious feature be changed in future?10:36
gnarfaceunixbsd: the new partition probably just had a different UUID than the old grub entry.  should be easy to fix...10:50
gnarfaceunixbsd: (expected behavior)10:51
gnarfaceunixbsd: ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/10:51
debdogmayhap there is a way to tell grub to use LABEL or the device entry instead?10:53
clortwe didn't need uuids in the 80s10:53
gnarfaceyes, you can still use labels or device nodes11:03
unixbsdhi clort12:03
unixbsdI can do fsdisk with slackware, fine, but when I do my fdisk with devuan it will modify everything.  then my grub2 on part1 netbsd is damaged, and I need to put grub2 on mbr again.12:04
unixbsdslackware does not alter disks in that way.12:05
unixbsdbsd ither.12:05
unixbsdbsd either.12:05
xrogaanI didn't have 5 different drives hooked up in the 80s12:07
xrogaanThe issue without uuid is that the order in which drives were "read" was determined by the BIOS, and so it can become a nightmare if you misconfigure or change your amount of drives. With uuid, that order becomes irrelevant: your drive will always have the same path.12:09
xrogaanSo, I setup Evolution with a google agenda. The software proceeded to remind me of all the events that occurred the previous 12 years.12:10
xrogaanIn gnome fashion, it doesn't explain why it does that at all or why it's useful.12:12
systemdlete3I could use some help with sound on devuan ascii...  Can't seem to get any kind of headset working.  On my laptop, it does not seem to recognize the buds plugged into the jack port; on my PC, it seems to ignore the USB headset I am trying to use there.13:16
systemdlete3Both of these devices worked successfully in the past on ascii.  I just haven't used them recently, like in the past 5 or 6 months now13:16
systemdlete3I've tried monkeying with alsamixer, no help.  (I do not have pulse and never used pulse here)13:17
clortalsa is a discipline in itself, and I forget what i learn a few months later13:17
systemdlete3aplay -l shows me the respective headsets in either scenario.13:18
systemdlete3I note that there is no "auto mute" shown in alsamixer.  I wonder if that might be the issue?13:18
clortalsamixer now lets you switch between sound cards with f613:19
clorti keep a small archive of asound.conf files to refer-to for the different setups13:19
systemdlete3I seem to have sound problems EVERY time I return to (trying to) use headsets13:19
clorti don't think anything has changed in the OS13:20
systemdlete3It's a nuisance to have to fiddle with asound.conf every time.  I don't always want to use headsets.13:20
systemdlete3but yeah.  That's probably the issue.13:20
clortis it a usb headset which supplies its own sound card?13:21
clortsound cards used to not be dynamically added and removed.  this complicates life.13:21
clorthaving a static - constantly connected sound card, for your headset, will eliminate issues with dynamically adding sound card devices13:22
systemdlete3I have no idea, actually.  aplay -l or -L shows the headset when it is plugged in.  It just does not play sound through them.13:26
systemdlete3I think this might help me:
systemdlete3I find it odd that after 25 years, Linux STILL does not offer carefree sound support.  I know sound is difficult, but the tools provided are crude.   And pulse is no solution to anything.13:28
systemdlete3I had to muck with /etc/asound.conf; modifying .asoundrc didn't seem to do anything special.   Do I have to log in again after modifying it?13:30
systemdlete3Supposedly, .asoundrc is read after /etc/asound.conf, overriding the defaults set there.  And supposedly each alsa app reads both of them.   That doesn't seem to be happening for me though.  :(13:32
systemdlete3Well, at least I have sound.  I was resisting modifying the systemwide alsa config all day... thanks for pushing me a bit there.13:33
unixbsdI noticed that clang should be added to the LIVE DVD devuan.15:06
fsmithredwhy? Is it part of the normal desktop intsall?15:21
brocashelmyoutube-dl's site hosts the latest build in case you don't trust third-party repos16:38
* icemodding hi ppl!16:52
gnarfaceif you have a question icemodding just ask16:58
icemoddingok, thanks.16:59
fsmithredbrocashelm, do you know how runit handles getty? I'm trying to set autologin for tty1 in a live iso that has runit17:02
fsmithredI tried having the live-config script edit /etc/sv/getty-tty1 but get error that it's not a real file.17:02
fsmithredok, it's a directory that contains a file of the same name. I missed a level.17:04
suavedandyOkay. So regarding passwordless poweroff.18:20
suavedandyTurns out you don't need to add the rule to sudoers at all.18:21
suavedandyelogind replaces systemd here.18:21
suavedandyelogind poweroff18:21
suavedandy*loginctl poweroff18:22
suavedandySo. What superviser does the OpenRC installation use? Still SysV?18:33
suavedandySystem V ≠ SysVinit18:34
suavedandyI want to restart a service. I have the system with OpenRC installed.18:50
* ShorTie Thinkz, /etc/init.d/Service restart maybe18:53
gordonDrogonsuavedandy, I don't have a direct answer as I've never used openRc, but I understand the scripts are still in /etc/init.d, so /etc/init.d/servicename stop/start18:53
suavedandyDev1 Galaxy doesn't work anymore.19:14
suavedandyOh, Lord, not again.19:14
gnarfaceseems fine19:16
suavedandyNot to me.19:17
suavedandyAlways happens to me exclusively.19:18
suavedandyHave to use VPN.19:18
suavedandyMight as well run VPN full time by this point.19:18
brocashelmi use vpn 99.9% of the time when possible19:20
suavedandyWell, if only there was a free VPN that didn't give you a strong download/upload penalty.19:25
fsmithredwhat are speeds like with riseup-vpn?19:27
suavedandyI have no idea.19:30
fsmithredif I can get it to work again, I'll try19:32
suavedandyThat service actually has an ancom political ideology, hm.19:38
suavedandyHaven't noticed it.19:38
suavedandyTho duh, red and black star.19:38
gnarfacesuavedandy: i wouldn't recommend using a vpn service, free or otherwise.  i'd recommend renting a virtual server and putting your own vpn on it19:39
suavedandyI have problems with accessing the forums with my IP.19:39
suavedandyAt home.19:40
brocashelmyeah, riseup is far-left (their e-mail service vets anyone who isn't), but they don't require an account for their vpn19:40
suavedandyWhat do you mean "vets?"19:40
brocashelmi got 40-50 mbps download with riseup's vpn, which is half as fast as without a vpn19:40
brocashelmi meant they check whether or not you agree with their message before getting an account19:41
fsmithred6-7 MB/s19:41
suavedandyI mean, I don't like big corporations as much as the next person.19:42
suavedandyBut I don't consider myself a communist.19:43
brocashelmme neither19:43
fsmithred13.7MB/s without the vpn19:44
fsmithredso, I get half like you19:44
brocashelmon ethernet?19:44
fsmithredthat's a download test, not a speedtest19:44
brocashelmoh ok19:44
brocashelmi check with speedtest19:45
brocashelmthe cli19:45
suavedandyYa using speedtest-cli?19:45
brocashelmyeah, you can get it in devuan's repo19:45
brocashelmit's a lot better and faster than using the browser19:45
suavedandyI know. Tried it. Works well.19:45
suavedandyHeheh, well.19:45
brocashelmbut yeah, riseup appears to require invite codes for registrations, so you have to know someone using their service who would vouch for you19:46
suavedandyPrivate club, huh?19:47 was giving me 75Mb/s before it threw an error19:47
suavedandyI mean, haven't read much Kropotkin so maybe in the future I'll look at anarcho-communism differently.19:48
suavedandyTo be fair, I'm not that deep into politics.19:48
fsmithred105 without the vpn19:49
fsmithredwhich is 5 more than I'm buying19:49
brocashelmi wonder if there is a way to modify the bitmask client or whatever and add multiple servers. you can only use the same ip for a while19:50
suavedandySo, guys. There's an init system. There's service manager. There's a supervisor.19:51
suavedandyAm confoozed.19:51
fsmithredI just checked, and I did get a different ip address than I got when I tried this a few days ago.19:52
suavedandyWith Void you install it and everything is Runit.19:52
n4diryou can change the IP address, it seems19:53
n4dir-select-gateway. But it seems you folks speak of other stuff, i don't fully get it19:54
fsmithredseveral conversations happening at once, all with the same people19:55
fsmithredtry to keep up19:55
n4dirha ha. nah, i meant the bitmask stuff. No clue of such, but i could change the IP to communism-anarchism ... urgh : with select-gateway19:56
n4dirMax Stirner i read. Not sure, i don't think he hits the nail. But it sure is fun, at least in German19:57
suavedandyStirner is entirely different.19:58
n4dirain't easy to translate anything Hegel based to other languages. Imho19:58
suavedandyAncaps agree with Stirner more.19:58
suavedandyStirner is an egoist.19:58
n4dirto sum it up: learn German !19:59
n4dirsuavedandy: i disagree.19:59
suavedandyHe is anarcho-individualist.19:59
n4diri agree19:59
suavedandyEgoist doesn't mean egotist or egocentrist.19:59
suavedandyOr hedonist either.19:59
n4dirin german egoist has a very bad taste. Hence i would rather say indiviualism20:00
n4dirand keep the times he lived in in mind. Bit of an overreaction, i guess.20:00
suavedandyI don't consider egoism as something cancerous.20:02
suavedandyIt wasn't an offence.20:02
n4dirsame for Nietzsche, a few decades later, but the same public bullshit. ups ... not off-topic, and i gotta eat.20:02
n4dirlast note: same now.20:02
fsmithredhey folks, we're not in offtopic here20:03
suavedandyWe are aware.20:03
suavedandyI was talking about OpenRC.20:03
fsmithredlooks like a philosphy discussion20:04
syco-fsmithred, nihilist :p20:04
suavedandyNow I'm reinstalling with Runit.20:04
suavedandyNah, it's politics.20:04
fsmithredso, I made a live-iso with runit today. Anyone want to try it?20:04
suavedandyI want to install a simple tiling WM.20:05
fsmithredtell me if it's good. I hae no idea what I'm doing.20:05
suavedandyLike herbstluftwm.20:05
fsmithredI'll upload it20:05
suavedandyWhat's the best dynamic tiling WM for newbs, guys?20:06
fsmithredxinomilo, in a minutes20:07
fsmithredxinomilo, give it another 10 minutes to finish:
xinomilono worries, i'll probably test tomorrow or monday20:09
fsmithredcool, thanks20:09
fsmithredI put it on a usb and it boots. And I did get autologin working on tty1.20:10
xinomiloi was thinking lately the way systemd was introduced in debian.. it was all about boot speed , get more desktop users aboard.. well, runit is much faster...:P20:10
fsmithredI got mixed feelings about that.20:11
suavedandy10 pm. Damn.20:11
fsmithredI understand the sentiment, but I also have a bad taste in my mouth from that boot-speed scam.20:11
xinomiloit wasn't a scam imho. as a sid user, i also tried systemd in the early days.. it did boot faster, back then..20:13
xinomiloif speed was used a "trojan horse" ..., well maybe...20:13
fsmithredmaybe it did boot faster when it didn't take an extra five minutes to boot.20:14
fsmithredthat's what I ran into.20:14
fsmithredI tried it when jessie was still in testing20:14
fsmithredoh, if you need to login on the live, it's root:root and user:user20:15
xinomilook, downloading ...20:16
fsmithredone minute to go on the upload20:16
fsmithredsha256sum: ef3f7a8193a87610072572d6b29af9f8ae340b8abc6fd12ea8f96eb9d17e5463  r10_runit-20201024_1516.iso20:18
fsmithredHere's a statment from Washington State Department of Agriculture:20:24
fsmithredwrong window20:24
ShorTieThe grass is Green and the Sky is Blue20:42
golinuxMuch bluer with air travel mostly shut down.20:55
golinuxQuite an improvement20:55
suavedandyWindows XP wallpaper.21:00
luser978ok, so now that "they" are no longer using chemtrails, what *are* they using to control "us"? :)22:22
luser978>^ golinux22:23
syco-luser978, 5g22:23
fsmithredfear, since 2001-09-1122:24
luser978an imperfect "killer" virus maybe... hmm22:25
n4dirthe most lame killer ever seen22:25
golinux"They" are still (trying to) control countries around the globe.  Why not it's own citiaens22:25
luser978it kills by lockdown22:25
n4diri do remember / think about a bit of what i read from Focault. These days22:25
n4dirhe sure would have loved all this22:26
golinux"This" is nothing new.  It has ever been thus.22:44
suavedandyI can't use sv to supervise services.23:19
suavedandyWell, that is depressing.23:20
suavedandyWhy even use runit instead of OpenRC then?23:21
suavedandyMost of the stuff is SysVinit anyway.23:21
fsmithredsome say it's fast23:22
suavedandyIs it tho?23:22
suavedandyTo me no difference.23:23
fsmithredI don't knjow23:23
suavedandyOn Void Runit was a full-fledged supervisor at least.23:23
suavedandyAnd here it has sv but you can't even use sv.23:23
suavedandyWait. Can you install runit along with runit-core tho?23:24
suavedandyIt's installed.23:24
fsmithredI don't know, but I just booted my runit vm23:24
suavedandyRunit supervision just doesn't work on Devuan, I guess.23:25
suavedandyDevuan doesn't even have a virtual /var/service/ directory.23:25
suavedandyNo wonder.23:26
suavedandyOpenRC's service supervision doesn't work either.23:27
suavedandySo the system is still kinda SysVinit.23:28
suavedandyAlthough you can… erm… list services… with rc-status.23:29
brocashelmrunit is faster than sysvinit in my experience for boot time23:30
suavedandyAlthough OpenRC is meant to supplement SysVinit, it seems.23:30
brocashelmbut yes, runit could do better in devuan during session23:30
brocashelmi'd be down to volunteer23:31
fsmithredsv status /etc/service/getty-tty1/23:31
fsmithredrun: /etc/service/getty-tty1/: (pid 2308) 371s23:31
fsmithredsecond line is the output23:31
fsmithredI don't know what it means, but the only dirs in /etc/service are for gettys23:32
plasma41I installed runit as both my init and my service manager. I'm not using it any differently to what I was using before; I just switched just to verify I could.23:32
fsmithredhow do you make it the service manager?23:32
suavedandyfsmithred: That's not how it's supposed to be.23:33
fsmithredhow should it be?23:33
plasma41I just installed all the runit components. One of those is its service manager.23:33
suavedandyThere is an actual directory that stores services on Void.23:34
fsmithredI have runit-init and auto-installed runit and runit-helper23:34
suavedandyTo activate a service in Runit you're supposed to symlink the service directory to /var/service.23:35
suavedandySomething like…23:35
brocashelmperfecting runit on devuan would be amazing. no need to install void or antix to get the full experience23:35
suavedandyln -s /etc/sv/elogind/ /var/service/23:35
fsmithredsv man page says services are in dirs under /etc/service23:35
brocashelmi reckon this will be a forked package?23:36
suavedandyWell, then Runit's supervision doesn't work properly, I guess.23:36
suavedandyI remember Runit's site describing the service dir as /etc/sv/ also.23:38
fsmithredlooks like it could be anywhere if you give the full path in the command, or you can set $SVDIR23:39
fsmithreddefault being /etc/service/23:39
brocashelmi remember reading an experimental blog post on getting runit to work on ubuntu 16.0423:42
brocashelmhere it is:
brocashelmi never tried it, but it looks pretty interesting23:43
suavedandy"Failed to reboot with elogind: Interactive authentification required."23:44
suavedandyWell, that's hella weird.23:44
suavedandyRunit being real funny, I guess.23:44
brocashelmthe only problem i had with installing runit was i could not soft reboot/shut down while sysvinit was active (kept getting stuck), so i had to do a hard reboot23:47

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