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suavedandyfsmithred: 50000 iterations seem to be just fine.00:09
suavedandyNot too fast to be easily broken but not too slow to drive you into insanity over whether you've inputted the password or not.00:10
suavedandySection 3 part 2: boot time optimization00:13
suavedandySection 4: avoiding entering the password twice00:14
fsmithredbookmarked, thanks00:26
suavedandyfsmithred: You're welcome.00:40
suavedandyI've also configured fstrim cronjob.00:48
suavedandyThat's all for today. I can sleep piecefully at once.00:48
unixbsdOn ascii amd64, the fdisk will change signature. this fascinating feature shall be more legacy, and be removed as a feature. Keep clean and simple for fdisk is recommended.06:33
clortwhat signature?06:37
unixbsdah fdisk does change the signature after creating new one/partition.08:08
gecko_I have a question, how do I enable or disable services?12:41
gecko_I'm on runit now, and I know that I just have to link a directory with a run file, but devuan packages don't have any run files.12:42
gecko_So I'll probably switch to sysvinit or OpenRC12:43
Guest93281hi gecko_12:50
gecko_DPA: is that the command?12:50
Guest93281update-rc is for systemV12:51
Guest93281here you are a quickstart for runit:
gecko_I'm quite familiar with runit, but I couldn't find any run files for it.12:53
gecko_A little bit too lazy to write them myself12:53
Guest93281and here:
gecko_okay switched to sysv12:55
Guest93281gecko_: you can find some examples in void linux12:55
gecko_But there's no update-rc.d command12:55
DPAI've been using update-rc.d with openrc too, is there another command for that for that there?12:55
Guest93281DPA: i'm not familiar with openrc, i'm using runit12:57
gecko_I got sysvinit, sysvinit-core, sysvinit-utils, sysv-rc and sysv-rc-conf installed12:57
Guest93281I got sysvinit-utils12:58
Guest93281for shutdown, halt...12:59
DPAThats odd... Have you tried opening another tty (maybe bash cached something)? Are you root, with sbin in path?12:59
gecko_DPA: I rebooted and have terminal open13:00
Guest93281yes, i tried, and it works13:00
gecko_oh oh13:00
gecko_sbin must be missing for some reason13:00
gecko_because the command is in there13:00
gecko_weird, the path to sbin is in /etc/profile13:02
DPAThe package seams to be init-system-helpers13:02
gecko_I got the update-rc.d installed, but how do I add sbin to path?13:03
DPAIf you used sudo su, make sure there is a - (sudo su -)13:03
gecko_ah, okay that works13:03
gecko_su - worked, funnily enough I tried that before, but perhaps I didn't have the correct package installed13:05
gecko_or I missed something13:06
fsmithredgecko_, su changed when it got moved to a different source package13:06
fsmithredif you want the old behavior, one way is...13:06
fsmithredecho 'ALWAYS_SET_PATH yes' >> /etc/default/su13:07
fsmithredthere's more info in the release notes13:07
gecko_Like this is probably fine now that I know about it13:07
fsmithredI don't like it because I usually want root's path but don't want to change out of the current directory.13:08
gecko_On Void I would usually just use doas13:09
gecko_Using a preconfigure file with everything I'd allow myself to do without passwords.13:10
fsmithredsounds like sudo13:11
gecko_yep, but somewhat simpler to setup13:11
gecko_and somewhat simpler implementation13:12
Guest93281gecko_: update-rc.d will work for those symlinks located in /etc/rcS/d (unless /etc/sv/name_of_the_service already exits)13:21
Guest93281have a look at /lib/runit/run_sysv_scripts13:21
Guest93281he/she is gone, and my name has been changed13:22
fsmithredthe only sv files you get with runit in devuan are for the gettys.14:01
hagbard_In devuan I get this dmesg, when btrfs are mounted: "failed to execute '/lib/udev/${exec_prefix}/bin/udevadm' '${exec_prefix}/bin/udevadm trigger -s block -p ID_BTRFS_READY=0': No such file or directory"14:08
hagbard_Can this safely be ignored? Or am I missing something?14:09
gnarfacehagbard_: looks like a bug.  which release?14:14
gnarfacehagbard_: i think it's supposed to be looking for /bin/udevadm14:14
gnarfacehagbard_: see what this returns: dpkg -S udevadm14:15
hagbard_bash-completion: /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/_udevadm14:16
hagbard_eudev: /bin/udevadm14:16
hagbard_eudev: /usr/share/man/man8/udevadm.8.gz14:16
fsmithredin beowulf it's at /bin/udevadm with a symlink at /sbin/udevadm14:16
hagbard_eudev: /sbin/udevadm14:16
hagbard_it's 3.2.9-7 (the one from testing)14:17
fsmithred3.2.9-8 just got built for beowulf-proposed-updates14:18
fsmithreddon't know if it will help14:18
fsmithredactually I don't know if it's any different from -714:18
fsmithredwhat is looking for udevadm?14:19
fsmithredok, it's different. Long changelog entry on this one.14:21
rrqproblem rule is in /lib/udev/rules.d/64-btrfs.rules14:23
gnarfaceprobably a simple fix, no?14:23
gnarfacejust looks like a bad path14:23
gnarfacemistakenly prepending /lib/udev/ for some reason14:23
rrqyes: replace "${exec_prefix}/" with "/s" in the line with exec_prefix in it14:24
fsmithredwhat is the /s?14:25
rrq. making the command start "/sbin/udevadm"14:26
fsmithredlol, oh14:26
fsmithredI thought you meant /s/bin/udevadm14:26
rrqyeah I'm a bit lazy :)14:27
fsmithredI need more coffee14:27
hagbard_thx, so I just will edit the rule file14:40
hagbard_So, should I post that as a bug report somewhere?15:01
fsmithredlooks like it's our bug. In debian, the file uses /bin/udevadm15:24
fsmithredhagbard_, you can file a bug report against eudev at submit@bugs.devuan.org15:30
default__kinda new to devuan..  having trouble getting the higher resolutions working with the intel 4 gpu.  Is there a package I need to install or something?19:08
gnarfacedefault__: uh, maybe, probably not.  there's already 2 drivers on there, maybe try the other one19:17
gnarfacedefault__: for compositing window managers you'll also need mesa19:18
gnarfacedefault__: (the 2 drivers are "modesetting" and "intel" .... it usually picks the first one by default, try the intel one)19:18
gnarfaceif it is very new hardware you might need the kernel and mesa versions from beowulf-backports but i'm not familiar enough with that specific device to know the age19:20
rennjterminal: xrandr19:21
default__its not new.  thanks for the assistance.  I change the driver in xrandr?  not finding it yet ;/19:24
fsmithredyou can set resolution with xrandr. I think you need to create xorg.conf to specify a driver.19:26
gnarfaceyea, as far as i know you have to set the driver in the xorg.conf and restart xorg19:27
gnarfaceyou don't need the whole xorg.conf anymore19:27
gnarfaceyou can just have the driver part19:27
dzhigitdoes devuan accept bug reports for gnome?19:35
fsmithreddzhigit, I don't think there are any parts of gnome that we fork. Look for '+devuan' in the version.19:36
dzhigitthat's right but I believe the bug to be devuan specific19:37
brocashelmthat and the foreign language versions are all i see as being forked by devuan19:42
dzhigitit isn't forked but it's working in Debian not in Devuan19:43
fsmithredI don't know if there's any way to file a bug report on it if we don't fork the package19:45
fsmithredmaybe post it on forum or devuan-dev mailing list19:45
gnarfacedzhigit: what's actually going wrong on devuan that's not on debian?  typically the only differences are permissions related19:46
dzhigitI think I first mentioned it on this channel on Wednesday. When you open it it just says No Application Data Found. packagekit cli as well as gnome-packagekit are working so I think the problem is with this front end specifically,19:49
gnarfaceyou got elogind?19:50
gnarfaceacpid and udevd?19:50
gnarfaceprobably also need dbus19:50
gnarfacei assume it would all be chained together but...19:51
gnarfaceit's rare but things go wrong19:51
dzhigitthey are chained together. I think you mean eudev.19:51
dzhigitactually I don't have acpid19:55
gnarfacei actually really doubt that's the one that's causing this but you should have it unless it causes instability19:56
dzhigitI'm not sure if I had it on Debian either19:58
dzhigitjust installed it19:58
dzhigitI just tried installing updates through it and it gives a GDbus error20:09
gnarfaceis dbus running? some of this stuff in theory should have been started by gnome20:10
gnarfacei thought20:10
gnarface oh20:10
gnarfacei just thought of another one20:11
gnarfaceyou probably need udisks220:11
gnarfacein addition to whatever else20:11
dzhigitdbus is running but I think gdbus might be different20:11
dzhigitit's the gtk version or something20:12
dzhigitI have udisks220:12
dzhigitgdbus is used by xfce isn't it20:22
dzhigitso the devuan version should be good20:22
DPARegarding gnome-software and plasma-discover, isn't it just that it relies on AppStream, but that uses a different set of metadata,20:23
DPAwhich probably isn't present in devuans repositories, so it only finds already installed programs?20:23
gnarfacei don't keep up with gnome really, it's news to me it's back in devuan20:24
gnarfacei thought people were using mate or something?20:24
dzhigitis plasma discover not working either?20:24
dzhigitI just followed the instructions here to migrate from Debian and it said gnome was an option
DPAplasma-discover seams to kind of work, but if I for example search for "chess", it won't find stuff like "3dchess", I have to type the name exactly.20:30
DPAThere are no featured applications, and it won't show stuff in categories except if it's already installed.20:30
dzhigitthe search in gnome-software isn't working at all20:31
DPAIt does find the already installed libreoffice on my machine.20:32
DPABut stuff not installed yet, not even if I search for the exact package name.20:33
dzhigitthat's probably the issue20:34
dzhigitwhat has to be done in order to fix appstream?20:35
DPAI wish I knew. I don't really know how it works either.20:36
dzhigitso it's not as simple as copying everything from Debian?20:43
gnarfacegnome is a particularly bad case20:51
gnarfacethere might be a way to fix this but it's not a hugely popular choice so you might have to wait a while to talk to someone who has done it20:52
gnarfacei'd check the forum too20:52
dzhigitsounds like kde has the same issue20:56
dzhigitI rarely use software center myself, just couldn't help but noticing it isn't working20:56
dzhigitapt-get is easier for me20:56
DPAplasma-discover and gnome-software both use appstream20:58
onefang"apt" is even easier than "apt-get", four less letters to type.  B-)20:58
dzhigitalias a=apt-get20:59
dzhigitactually it's not working because you have to set the alias for the root user21:01
gnarfacetypically use apt-get too21:09
gnarfacewouldn't have noticed this21:09
gnarfaceyou'd think someone else would have though21:10
gnarfaceand maybe found a fix21:10
gnarfaceDPA, dzhigit: just a quick sanity check; you two both have the "less" package installed, right?21:11
dzhigitthe pager?21:11
gnarfaceyes, i have noticed that it improves searches in man, thought just maybe it could be related21:12
gnarface(string searches are case-sensitive without it)21:12
DPAyes, I have it.21:12
dzhigitit's set as the default pager as well21:13
dzhigitthe other thing is when you right click an installed application and click "Show Details" it opens in gnome-software says there are no details for that application21:14
dzhigitthat might be how I noticed it21:14
dzhigitbut when you click it from the list of installed applications from within gnome-software, it shows all of the details ¯\_(ツ)_/¯21:16
dzhigitalso just realized21:23
dzhigitgnome logs isn't working because it reads from the systemd journal21:23
dzhigitinstead of rsyslog21:23
apollo_is there /any/ way gnome hasn't been poisoned by its adjacency to systemd?21:24
onefangIt's also been poisoned by being adjacent to Wayland.  lol21:25
dzhigitlol one of the reviews says "Not on par with Windows Event Viewer, not even close."21:25
dzhigitsounds like a critique of journald21:25
dzhigitwhat's bad about wayland, other than that it is still missing some features X has?21:33
rennjdoes it have xrandr xinput xdotool21:43
rennjthose come in handy, and i happen to use, specially on craptop with shitty trackpads...21:43
dzhigitnot yet21:46
rennjhow about xev, xmodmap,XKeysymDB21:46
rennjyou know for tracking down keyboard issues and mappings21:46
dzhigitI think every wm/de has to implement its own way to do those things right now21:49
dzhigitmaybe they'll agree on a standard21:50
rennjgoing to replace the remote x11 ssh -X / xhost,export DISPLAY, and such?21:53
rennjwork well over rdp,vnc,nx21:53
rennjadd in xpra to that list...tmux/screen for x1121:57
rennjyeah Xvnc Xpra Xnest. handy21:59

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