libera/#devuan/ Sunday, 2020-11-15

conifergnarface: I didn't manage to make firetools work, but thank you for your assistance!01:17
coniferI'm still a bit baffled why is "su -" preferred, it seems to make other things break01:20
coniferanyway, thanks once again, fsmithred & gnarface!01:22
fsmithredconifer, there's some info in the release notes about su01:22
fsmithredif you add that line I suggested, it will act like it used to01:23
fsmithredecho 'ALWAYS_SET_PATH yes' >> /etc/default/su01:23
coniferI mean, I find having it keep the user's path useful most of the time01:23
fsmithredsee 'man su'01:23
fsmithredyou need games for root?01:23
fsmithredI like getting root's path without changing directory01:24
coniferand with su - e.g. synaptic don't run01:24
fsmithredand occasionally I want to run a graphical app as root01:24
fsmithredso I just use 'su' like I have been for a long time01:24
coniferI don't need root for games, mostly chown or chmod on files I copied from pen-drive etc.01:26
fsmithredthose aren't in any sbin, so either way to get su should work01:27
fsmithredbut for commands in /sbin /usr/sbin or /usr/local/sbin you need to use 'su -' or do something else to fix root's path.01:28
fsmithredeither the line I suggested or export the full path from root's .bashrc01:28
coniferso if I set the ALWAYS_SET_PATH then both su and su - act the same way/01:29
fsmithredboth will give you root's path01:29
fsmithredbut 'su -' will change directory to /root01:29
fsmithredjust su will keep you in whatever directory you're in01:30
coniferI think I'd rather have an option to choose one or the other01:30
fsmithredchoose one of the other of what?01:30
coniferuser or root path01:30
fsmithredwhat's in the user's path that you need?01:31
coniferjust convenience of usually working on files in user dir01:31
fsmithredyou get that with su01:32
fsmithreddon't change directory01:32
fsmithredecho $PATH01:32
fsmithreddo that as user, and as root both ways01:32
fsmithredand note the differences01:33
fsmithredthe PATH variable is the path the shell takes to find any commands you run01:33
fsmithredthat's the command to Print Working Directory01:34
fsmithredit'll tell you where you are01:34
fsmithredI think maybe you were confusing those01:35
coniferI can see user has games in $PATH and not has sbins01:36
coniferbut for both su and su - it looks the same01:37
fsmithredyeah, you need the sbins to do certain things01:37
fsmithredoh, you added the line in /etc/default/su?01:37
coniferI don't even have this file, but now you made me wonder if I haven't fixed it somewhere in the past01:38
fsmithredlook in /root/.bashrc01:39
fsmithredexport PATH=whatever...01:39
coniferyes, it's there01:41
coniferis this fine or not recommended?01:41
fsmithredit's ok. I've done it like that before I knew about /etc/default/su01:42
fsmithredok, this current system I'm on is like that, and it's my main system01:42
fsmithredworks for me just like debian has worked for the last 12 years01:43
fsmithred(and devuan for the last 5)01:43
coniferanyway, when I do su - I can't run synaptic, while with su it runs01:45
fsmithredright, because su - gives you root's environment, which doesn't include user's desktop01:46
fsmithreddepending on what's installed, you might be able to run synaptic-pkexec as user01:47
fsmithreddid you do a full desktop install, or something lightweight?01:47
coniferit says "Probably you're running Synaptic on Wayland with root permission" - is this a generic error message?01:49
fsmithredI've seen that one01:49
coniferI'm not even sure I was using wayland01:49
fsmithredyou're probably not01:49
fsmithredagain, what did you install?01:50
fsmithredxfce? jwm?01:50
coniferyoe, a full install I guess01:50
fsmithredyou tried synaptic-pkexec as user, right? Not root.01:51
conifermate first, it somehow broke (but I'm a jinxed kind of person, so I'm used to it) so I switched to xfce01:51
fsmithredmake sure you have policykit-1-gnome elogind libpam-elogind01:52
fsmithredbefore you do that...01:52
fsmithredcheck to see if consolekit is installed. If so, there's more to do first.01:52
fsmithredor do nothing and don't use pkexec.01:53
coniferyou mean my error message about wayland? it's when I try to run synaptic with su -01:56
coniferI don't have consolekit but I have everything else01:56
conifersynaptic-pkexec as user shows gui asking for root pass01:57
fsmithredtry it01:59
fsmithredthat's what it should do if you select it from the apps menu, too01:59
coniferyes, it works fine, it's just that I picked a long and secure root password, and having to type it in again and again makes me cry :P02:01
coniferso when I have a su console open I'd rather run synaptic there if I need it02:01
coniferI guess I should've made my life easier with a simpler password02:03
coniferthank you again for your time and help02:04
coniferI need a rest, spend too much time in front of the screen already02:04
systemdleteI've installed an alternate video card on the machine having the (very recent) video hiccups that was freezing my system.  It's been running an hour or so without incident, so maybe this is a (temporary) fix at least.04:15
systemdleteIt's an NVIDIA card and seems to play quite well with the rest of the system.  So I will leave this in until another problem arises.  At least this looks like it could be a data point to compare with, help to figure out what is going on.04:16
DHEnvidia cards are known to have performance stutters when using the GPU for computation, like OpenCL/CUDA. could that be related?04:20
masonDHE: Last one was a Radeon.04:33
systemdleteSo far, so good, with the nvidia card.   DHE:  Thanks for the heads-up.  I appreciate knowing that.05:52
systemdleteI am not expert in video cards, or video drivers.  I understand a bit about how they work.  I just figured, switching out to a different card, which uses some different drivers might help to bisect the problem a little.  But please advise me if you think of more things I could do to get at the root.05:54
systemdleteI also should report that, from time to time over the past year or so, I've noticed that some of the components on the mb (Asus M5A7L/USB3?) have been... idk, kind of flakey.   One time, the USB3 ports in the back were tempermental, but now they are working fine.   More recently, a few days ago, the onboard ethernet was being flakey.  I had to reset and jiggle the clip a while and since then, it's worked fine.  Then this issue05:58
systemdletewith the video began yesterday (onboard radeon).05:58
systemdleteI wonder if the many kernel updates over these months may have addressed whatever software bugs may have existed, or if the hardware itself kind of "fluctuates" in stability.05:59
systemdleteIn my experience, though, mb usually go suddenly and completely.  Dead.  I've never witnessed slow erosion of stability or utility of various components.  I have many old mainboards here, most dead.  Not sure why I keep them actually.06:01
systemdleteProbably I've been through 10-15 mb's in the past 25 years or so.  The newer ones seem to last longer.06:01
gnarfacesystemdlete: i dunno, i've seen weird stuff happen, but if it's an old machine don't rule out the possibility that all weird and unpredictable hardware misbehavior could be a failing power supply06:44
gnarfacesystemdlete: things can behave all kinds of weirdly when they're not receiving spec power06:45
systemdletegnarface:  This machine is hooked up to a UPS, which theoretically at least, should be supplying steady 120 power.08:22
systemdlete(I think)08:23
systemdleteAnd this PS is fairly new, maybe a year old.08:23
ShorTiedoesn't mean it can not go bad, or flakey09:17
Junicchiopenrc vs sysvinit10:09
Junicchiwhich one is better? which one i should use?10:09
Junicchii've been using sysvinit for about 4 months10:09
Junicchinever tried openrc b410:09
gnarfaceJunicchi: you probably don't have a good enough reason to switch based just on that info10:42
gnarfaceif it's working fine for you there's no reason to change it10:42
gnarfaceif you're curious what openrc does, that might be good enough reason, but just know there's more risk if you don't know what you're changing from to begin with10:43
Junicchithere are a lot reasons to switching openrc like it's speed at the first hand10:48
Junicchiam i the only one or is down btw?10:48 is getting some work done on it10:49
Junicchii'm unlucky as always10:50
Junicchior it's the site10:50
fsmithredI don't see a speed difference with openrc. Boot times are the same (not using a stopwatch.)10:50
fsmithredrunit seems to boot faster, but I agree that unless you have a good reason to change, stick with sysvinit.10:51
fsmithreddo you write your own init scripts for anything?10:51 is working here10:52
unixbsdsince 2-3 weeks, the deboostrap method does not longer work11:39
unixbsdthe only way I can debootstrap is via using the DVD.11:39
brocashelmceres users: if you have mdadm installed, don't use version 4.1-9 (breaks update-initramfs/initramfs-tools)12:32
brocashelmrolled back to 4.1-8 for now12:32
fsmithredbrocashelm, does it cause problems even if you are not using raid?14:11
brocashelmit causes problems during upgrade attempts and just hangs on an unfinished upgrade. it did forewarn me with a bug report14:12
brocashelmso i pinned the package and upgraded the other packages in the pool14:13
fsmithredthanks. I'm in my ceres VM now. I'll try an upgrade.14:15
brocashelm>b3 - #974829 - 4.1-9 tries to copy non-existing /usr/bin/rm (proper location is /bin/rm) (Fixed: mdadm/4.1-10)14:16
fsmithredcreating a symlink to fix that does not help14:31
premobosshello, i ma trying to speed up the boot process ont a arm board, and i do the usual: recompile linux to get it lighter, eliminate unecessary service and so on. I will like to know tow muc time it is necessary to exegute /etc/rc.local and i add onto it the command "uptime > /dev/shm/record", but when i go to read the file, it report "0 min" but i need to know whow much seconds also. there is a place onto /proc or /sys that i can fin "milliseconds from18:25
fsmithredbootlogd might do what you want. I don't remember how, but there's a way to get the data into a chart.18:26
premobossfsmithred, if i cannot read directly from som place from virtual filesystems, i istall and try that, thanks.18:29
premobossfsmithred, it is faster to add "cat /proc/update > /dev/shm/text.txt" into /etc/rc.local. I tell you just in case.19:10
rktaI installed gcc, but  man gcc  gives  No manual entry for gcc  man 7 undocumented says  No manual entry for undocumented in section 7  What am I doing wrong? Where do I find documentation for this?19:45
floofywolfapt-get install gcc-doc19:48
rktaNo candidate version found for gcc-doc19:49
floofywolfthat's odd.19:51
floofywolfgoogling suggests debian had to remove them due to licensing issues.19:53
hagbard_its in non-free19:53
rktaOh come on debian...19:53
rktaI have non-free in sources.list19:54
floofywolflooks like it's in contrib, and only in backports.19:55
rktaI can ssh to another box and read it there, but this is again a point where wonder why should I stick with debian...19:55
* rkta is disappointed19:56
hagbard_i hve it in devuan unstable19:56
hagbard_and testing19:56
rktaI'm on beowulf19:57
floofywolfapparantly the GFDL, which the gcc docs are licensed under, is not compatible with digital rights management software.  which is a good thing, because DRM is evil.  apparantly debian does not want to abide by this restriction.19:57
floofywolfand thus purged gfdl docs.19:57
floofywolfif you add beowulf-backports contrib you should be able to get it19:58
rktaI do get the point, and I'm all for it, but as a user this sucks19:58
floofywolfdeb beowulf-backports main contrib non-free19:59
rktaAtleast provide some dummy man pages explaining it and point me to a solution19:59
floofywolfI don't know if I get the point.  I consider a license being incompatible with DRM to be a good thing, and the solution would be to eliminate the DRM crap, not eliminate the docs.19:59
rktafloofywolf: This, don't eliminate the docs...20:00
floofywolfbut, debian has been increasingly going to shit lately, so it's not surprising.  this is why devuan exists, after all.20:01
rktaThen, devuan, fix this sh*t. Give me hint. I know licenses are crap and painful. And about debian, there is a reason, why I'm here ;)20:03
rktaAdding contrib solved it.20:04
floofywolfdevuan needs more developers to start fixing shit like that.  shall I sign you up?  :)20:04
rktaI'm using it for 3 weeks or so and I volunteered to test the new installer when it arrives. So, if I'm happy I will stay and contribute. :)20:06
rktaI'm really pissed about the way things evolved the last years! </rant>20:08
floofywolfbbl, going to replace a bad cooling fan on the inverter for my solar system20:11
DonkeyHoteihow many planets does it have? :P20:12
onefangIt's an inverted solar system, it has -8.5 planets.  B-)20:18
WafficusI just added a new USB A to B cable for my audio interface, but I believe my .asoundrc remains the same. I'm having difficulty hearing any audio except the mic input for the Scarlett Focusrite Audio interface (2nd gen) device I have20:25
Wafficuswhen I play a sound via mpv, I get the following output:20:25
Wafficusthe only thing I have present in my ~/.asoundrc is: defaults.pcm.card 120:26
WafficusI'm not sure why I don't hear anything in Firefox or in mpv20:26
fsmithredare you sure Scarlett is card 1?20:28
fsmithredaplay -l20:28
Wafficusone sec will try that20:32
Wafficusit is card 2: USB [Scarlett Solo USB], device 0: USB Audio [USB Audio]20:33
Wafficusunder that section it says: Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #020:34
Wafficusso should I somehow make it be card 2 instead of card1?20:36
Wafficusyep that worked, will add that to my asound config dotfiles folder in its own separate fodler20:37
fsmithredyeah, if it's showing up as card 2, change it to card 2 in .asoundrc20:37
WafficusI do get the popping sound when a YouTube video starts20:37
Wafficusis there anyway to remove that?20:37
fsmithrednot aware of that problem20:38
Wafficusapparently it might be due to power saving20:39
Wafficuswill check that out20:39
n4dirIf i start jack and do stuff with vcvRack, then close Rack, the stop jack, mocp can't connect to alsa anymore.20:42
n4dirAs root i can start mocp20:42
masonWafficus: Some sound cards are just poorly supported under Linux. I had to get a little USB DAC for one system where there was just no answer.20:42
n4diri also can use mpv as user.20:42
n4dirwhat a confusion20:42
Wafficusmason: gotcha, yeah20:44
Wafficusthe fact that it works makes me happy to say the least20:44
masonOh, I guess it didn't qualify as a DAC...? Anyway, this thing:
Wafficusbecause even Focusrite themselves would refuse to support it20:44
Wafficusso its all good20:44
WafficusMy other SSD drive is in "read-only" mode, and I can't boot into Devuan21:41
WafficusI was installing something in Emerge within a Gentoo VM, and then the entire ssd wouldn't allow me to write to it21:41
Wafficusis there anything I can do to troubleshoot or fix it, or is the SSD just kaput?21:42
gnarfaceWafficus: probably just kaput, but if not, hdparm probably can unset the write-lock21:44
Wafficusas in destroyed?21:45
gnarfaceWafficus: make sure you know the difference between a write-lock ore a filesystem corruption (in the latter case you could fix it by just writing zeroes)21:45
WafficusI gotcha, yeah I have no idea what I'm dealing with21:45
Wafficusshould I just remount it or something?21:46
gnarfaceWafficus: if it's just a filesystem corruption but you can read everything, then i'd back it all up with tar to another disk while you write zeroes to this one with dd21:46
gnarfaceWafficus: trying a remount is worth it but the least likely to work21:47
Wafficusyeah I can't even boot into it to back it up though21:47
fsmithredboot live and run fsck?21:47
gnarfaceWafficus: also though, some manufacturers have proprietary diagnostic tools, and they're worth trying for recovery too.  actually if it's samsung, probably try that first.21:47
gnarfaceWafficus: yea, boot a live cd21:47
WafficusI think its not Samsung but "CT"21:47
Wafficusafter I run fsck in a live mode scenario21:48
Wafficuswhat else do I have to do21:48
Wafficusjust follow the prompts?21:48
gnarfaceyea it might just fix everything21:48
Wafficusok, I'll try that21:48
Wafficusgotta go get my usb stick containing Devuan one sec21:49
Wafficusso yeah I tried using Devuan's Rescue Mode21:55
WafficusI tried mounting sda2 (the affected drive) but that failed21:55
Wafficussda1, aka the one I'm on right now is totally fine, aka the 1 TB HDD21:55
Wafficusthe affected drive, sda2, a 2TB SSD has the read-only issue21:55
WafficusI tried using a shell command using a non-root file system aka the installer itself, but that didn't let me run fsck either21:56
Wafficusis there anything I can do while logged into the unaffected drive, sda1, or I need to somehow just overhaul the SSD anyway as a final attempt?21:58
WafficusI ask because the only thing I had on there honestly was a Gentoo VM in virt-manager as it was purely being used as a VM box to house multiple VM's21:59
Wafficusshould I just try running the Devuan installer to overhaul everything on the sda2 drive at this point?21:59
fsmithredyou got a shell in the installer iso and could not run fsck? Note: it should not be mounted for that.22:06
Wafficusit couldn't run fsck22:08
Wafficusthis was in "Rescue" Mode though22:08
fsmithreddo you have a live-iso you could boot?22:09
WafficusI was just using the min install Devuan iso22:09
Wafficusbut I guess I could overwrite it with Devuan live-iso22:10
WafficusI want this one right?22:12
fsmithredonly if you want to install from the live. But before that you want to boot the live system and run fsck.22:13
fsmithreddesktop-live iso is what you want22:14
gnarfaceWafficus: to be clear, you found the fsck command but ran it and it failed, complaining about not being able to write to the drive?22:15
gnarfaceWafficus: or you just couldn't find the fsck command?22:15
fsmithredno fsck on the installer isos22:15
gnarfaceWafficus: to backup the drive if you can't mount it, try using dd to copy a disk image22:16
gnarfaceWafficus: dd if=/dev/sda of=./sda_disk_image_backup.img22:16
gnarfaceWafficus: (if it gets through that, the resulting image will not have any hardware components that can refuse administrator override of write-locks)22:17
gnarfaceWafficus: (so you MIGHT be able to mark the .img "read-write" and then fsck it successfully where you couldn't on the physical disk)22:18
gnarfaceWafficus: (and incidentally, if that dd fails as root with a read-error, the disk is 100% borked)22:19
Wafficussda2 is the affected rive22:26
Wafficusso the modified command is:22:26
Wafficus"dd if=/dev/sda2 of=./sda_disk_image-backup.img" right?22:27
Wafficusalso, keep in mind22:27
Wafficusthis current drive is actually LESS in size than the other one22:27
Wafficusso this drive aka sda1, that works, is a 1TB HDD22:27
Wafficuswhile the affected drive is sda2, a 2TB SSD22:27
Wafficusits possible to backup the .img file on a drive with less space?22:28
fsmithrednot unless you compress it22:28
Wafficusif I wanted to nuke it though22:28
fsmithredbetter to use a bigger space, I think22:28
Wafficuscan I just run the installer for Devuan instead for sda2?22:28
fsmithredand better to use a separate drive if possible22:28
fsmithredyou don't need to back it up?22:28
Wafficusnot really22:29
WafficusI've only had it for VMs22:29
Wafficusthe only thing I really worked on was that Gentoo VM22:29
Wafficusso I don't mind re-doing it completely22:29
fsmithredanything anywhere on the entire drive that needs to be saved?22:29
WafficusI wrote everything down that I needed22:29
Wafficusyeah no, I don't use that only for sandboxing VMs22:29
fsmithrednuke it22:29
Wafficusok cool22:29
fsmithredstart over is easiest22:29
Wafficusso dd the drive first right?22:30
fsmithredI would still do some diagnostics if possible22:30
fsmithreddd why?22:30
Wafficusto fill it with zeroes no?22:30
fsmithredI might do a few megabytes at the beginning22:30
fsmithredwould not bother with the whole drive. Was there lvm on it?22:30
DeblukHi, I just tried Devuan for the first time and I installed some packages from the repository. When I installed the package `cockpit`, I noticed that the man page references to systemd and that there is no init script to start it. Do I have to write my own script or I am missing something here? I started it manually and it seems to work generally. Thanks!22:31
WafficusI think I did the setup where you basically just mount the whole drive, and let Devuan figure out the partitions22:32
gnarfaceDebluk: i don't actually know, (because i'm not familiar at all with that package,) but possibly, and it wouldn't have been unhead-of even before systemd.  look in /usr/share/doc/cockpit/ to see if they left you any examples.22:33
fsmithredWafficus, I would keep the number of partitions low.22:33
fsmithredMaybe one partition and swap, and probably a separate partition for /home22:33
fsmithreddon't let the installer make a bunch of partitions. It's likely to screw up the sizes.22:34
Wafficusyeah I'll try redoing it22:35
Wafficusone sec22:35
Wafficuswill be back22:35
fsmithredDebluk, hey, I looked up that package and I saw something familiar22:36
fsmithredsaw that yesterday22:37
fsmithredsomeone is attempting to build 389-ds-base for unstable22:37
fsmithredso we're on it. Looks like we forked the package, so it will have init scripts again.22:38
fsmithredyou might grab the scripts from an older version of the package.22:38
Deblukthanks, I'll have a look.22:39
Wafficusyikes, yeah tried to overwrite sdb aka sda2 or whatever22:44
Wafficusinput/output error received22:44
fsmithrednot a good sign22:44
Wafficusnot sure if I need to just take apart the computer, open it up, try to replug the ssd back in or something, and then see what to do22:44
fsmithredprobably not22:46
gnarfaceWafficus: try the manufacturer's diagnostic tool22:47
gnarfaceWafficus: sounds like it might be borked22:47
Wafficusits a "Crucial" SSD if that makes a difference22:47
Wafficusidk if they have a linux utility for it though22:47
fsmithredmx or bx?22:47
fsmithredI have a bx, never checked for utility. Someone recently told me there's no heat sink in it.22:48
gnarfaceWafficus: doesn't really tell me much, but i did just find out that Samsung disks are allergic to my AMD motherboard, and i need to disable NCQ for them from the kernel-command-line, or they periodically throw bus errors22:48
gnarfaceWafficus: i thought it was particular to Samsung, but if there22:49
Wafficusit was this one
gnarfaceWafficus: ... but if there's a particular type of errors in dmesg afterwards, they'll be the smoking gun22:49
Wafficusit is this one rather * MX50022:49
Wafficuswhat errors do I need to look out for when I attempt to boot into that sda2 drive?22:49
gnarfacejust look in dmesg22:50
WafficusI ask because it keeps spouting these read permissions stuff22:50
Wafficusit can't even boot into it22:50
gnarfacewrite errors and bus resets22:50
Wafficuslike its hard to describe22:50
Wafficuslike it keeps trying to access the drive22:50
gnarfaceit did used to work?22:50
gnarfaceor is this new?22:50
Wafficusyeah just today22:50
Wafficusuntil that Gentoo compilation thing in a VM22:50
Wafficusafter that happened, then even in Gentoo vm it complained of a similar read-only issue22:51
Wafficusand then I tried to take a screenshot and realized the whole damn drive was screwed22:51
Wafficusbecause I couldn't even save to the same disk because it was complaining about some read-only thing22:51
gnarfacewhat does "hdparm -r /dev/sda" say?22:52
Wafficusreadonly = 0 (off)22:52
gnarfacepromising, actaully... (incidentally, that's he drive i was wishing i'd gotten instead of this Samsung one as soon as i found out about the drive controller incompatibility)22:53
gnarfaceyou don't care what's on it, and you're not booted into it right now, right?22:53
Wafficusthat's correct22:53
WafficusI'm on my "Desktop" sorta drive22:53
Wafficusthe "just works drive"22:53
gnarfacedd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda22:53
Wafficuswith Openbox and stuff22:53
Wafficushold on22:53
Wafficussda1 is good22:54
Wafficussda2 is bad22:54
gnarfacethey're one device22:54
WafficusI don't want sda to be 'dd' 'd either22:54
Wafficusah gotcha22:54
gnarfacethey're two partitions on the same physical drive22:54
Wafficuswhat will that command do above though?22:54
Wafficussdb is the bad one22:54
Wafficussda is the one I wanna keep22:54
gnarfaceoh, my bad22:55
Wafficusno worries22:55
Wafficusjust wanted to confirm lol22:55
gnarfacewell just change sda for sdb in my example then22:55
Wafficusbefore I nuke the good one22:55
Wafficusok gotcha22:55
gnarfaceand yes, it would work on an individual partition too22:55
Wafficusdd: writing to '/dev/sdb': Input/output error22:55
gnarfacewell wait22:55
gnarfacewhat does "hdparm -r /dev/sdb" say?22:56
gnarfacesince i got that wrong too22:56
Wafficusreadonly = 0 (off)22:56
gnarfaceand you're sure that's the one?22:57
Wafficuslsblk shows its the 2 tb drive22:57
Wafficusaka sdb is the 2 tb one22:57
Wafficusaka 1.8T disk22:57
gnarfacecheck for firmware update22:58
gnarfacejust shooting in the dark now22:58
gnarfaceit's behaving like it is definitely fried, but hdparm would be expected to return "readonly = 1" when exhibiting this behavior for hardware failure reasons22:58
gnarfaceso we can't rule out a weirder glitch yet22:59
gnarfacebut keep in mind i've got 0 first-hand experience with these drives and i was recently thrown for an unexpected loop by an SSD too22:59
Wafficusah the firmware seems Windows specific22:59
gnarfaceif it's anything like Samsung's, that's just a blatant lie23:00
gnarfaceif it's like samsung's it's a bootable iso that doesn't care what OS you write it from23:00
Wafficusyeah but it seems like drivers that you have to install ON Windows itself23:01
Wafficushard to describe23:01
gnarface(i booted Samsung's with unetbootin from usb but my drive was already up-to-date it turned out)23:01
Wafficusbut its a Windows specific installer23:01
gnarfaceno, ignore those too23:01
gnarfaceoh, this just says "firmware update not avalable at this time" sorry23:01
gnarfacehopefully they release one23:02
gnarfacei would consider trying to RMA it23:02
gnarfacei still can't be 100% sure it's not fixable, but at this point it's given us enough trouble i think the worst their support staff could do is ask you to install windows on it to prove it23:02
gnarfacethis pdf says it's either-or23:03
gnarfaceyou can either use their "executive" windows software suite to update the drive, or you can boot the bootable ISO instead23:03
gnarfacebut there's no bootable ISO released for this drive yet23:03
WafficusI bought this back on 10/5/2019'23:04
gnarfacewhich suggests it's bleeding-edge hardware they haven't even patched the firmware on23:04
Wafficusso I don't know if I could actually take it back23:04
Wafficusrather return it23:04
Wafficuson Newegg *23:04
gnarfaceyea being over a year old totally nukes that theory actually23:04
gnarfacefor some reason i thought you meant you'd purchased it yesterday23:04
Wafficusnah, I've had it for just a year23:05
Wafficusnever had a drive fail this easily23:05
Wafficuskind of sad, idk23:05
Wafficusffn thing was like $220 too23:05
Wafficusstupid SSD meme23:05
gnarfacewell the windows executive suite might have some sort of diagnostic tool that would at least let you be 100% sure, but maybe actually can fix it23:05
gnarfaceif you're not opposed to installing windows to use it, it's worth a try23:05
gnarfacekinda your last resort at this point23:05
fsmithredsmartmontools maybe show something?23:06
gnarfacei should mention that's assuming it's not the actual port on the motherboard23:06
gnarfaceWafficus: keep in mind it could be the physical port or drive controller too... you tried it in another sata port just to be sure, right?23:07
gnarfaceWafficus: we're fairly certain it's hardware failure now but we don't know for sure it's the drive yet.23:07
gnarfacesmartmontools certainly is worth a look23:07
Wafficuson 'apt' right?23:08
fsmithredapt install smartmontools23:09
fsmithredsmartctl -a /dev/sdb23:09
Wafficusdamn just because it was after 1 year, Newegg won't return it23:09
Wafficusah that blows so much23:09
Wafficusnever buying an SSD again23:09
Wafficusyeah I'll try that23:09
fsmithredprobably should apt update first23:10
gnarfaceWafficus: well, for the future, if you have to (you probably will eventually, because eventually there won't be other drive types) f2fs is supposed to be made to not kill SSDs23:10
gnarfaceWafficus: i have a feeling that in about 13 months i'm going to be uttering the same curses though23:10
gnarfaceWafficus: that drive was the one supposedly known for resilience.  i got the one known for "speed" ....23:11
WafficusI install smartmontools23:12
Wafficusbut smartctl command doesn't exist23:12
Wafficusyeah I can still contact the manufacturer thankfully though23:12
fsmithredsu -23:12
Wafficusso I'll reach out tomorrow23:12
fsmithredto get root 'su -'23:12
fsmithredthen it'll be in your path23:12
fsmithredor call it as /usr/sbin/smartctl23:12
fsmithrednothing there I recognize as terminal23:15
fsmithredit says it passed, there are no reallocated sectors23:16
fsmithredI suppose you could run a test23:16
* gnarface is starting to wonder if it's not the cable or the SATA port actually, and the drive is fine23:16
gnarfaceWafficus: were you able to try the SSD plugged physically into something else?23:17
gnarfaceWafficus: that's a necessary step to fully deduce this issue23:17
gnarfaceit's more rare, but i've seen it more than once, the onboard harddrive controller, or even just one single port on it, goes bad23:18
gnarfaceit can happen23:18
gnarfaceoften doesn't leave any visible physical evidence23:18
Wafficusthis is the only desktop I have23:18
gnarfacedoes it have more sata ports?23:18
Wafficusyeah a ton more23:18
Wafficuslike 6 total I think23:18
Wafficuson this motheboard23:18
Wafficusits been a while23:18
gnarfacetry it, and if some are on a different controller (they'll be a different color probably) then try those too23:19
WafficusIve played around with my Thinkpad for the last two years more than I've ever used this desktop to eb honest23:19
fsmithredput sdb onto sda's cable and sata port, boot the installer iso and see if you can partition the drive23:19
Wafficushmm... well23:19
WafficusI'll try the third port23:19
WafficusI don't wanna mess up this one to be honest23:19
Wafficusbut yeah I do like the idea23:19
fsmithredrule out bad cable and bad sata port23:19
Wafficushmm kinda scared23:20
Wafficusthough I guess I'll back up my stuff23:20
WafficusI'll try this next weekend to be honest23:20
Wafficuscause I wanna backup the music stuff on here first23:20
fsmithredif you un-plug sda, it can't be harmed23:20
Wafficusand then i'll do it23:20
gnarfaceuh, to be clear, do this while the machine is powered down23:23
gnarfaceSATA hotplug isn't as universally implemented as people think23:23
gnarfacemanufacturers often only enable it for external ports23:23
fsmithredhuh. Where your smart output has 'Unknown_Attribute', my BX500 has actual names for things.23:23
gnarfacehmmm, suspicious23:24
fsmithredthe MX supports more tests23:25
fsmithredI don't think either one has error correction, but I do have a line labeled as Error_Correction_Count23:26
fsmithredvalue is 023:26
Wafficuswell, i'll try reseating the cables and see if that fixes it23:31
Wafficuswill be back23:31

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