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gnarfacesuavedandy: dunno but there's a boat load of fonts: "apt-cache search ^ttf-" and "apt-cache search ^fonts-"00:01
gnarfacesuavedandy: (that should show most of them... there might be a metapackage or something to get all of them)00:01
n4dirRhineDevil: not sure if i understand it correct, but look at "copy the base.tgz"
Human_G33kRhineDevil, apt-source00:04
suavedandyr3boot: Is that the terminal from The Matrix?00:08
r3bootNo, from 80s era VT220 DEC terminals :P00:08
r3bootit's a rebuild of the fonts that were contained in the font cardridge of those terminals00:09
r3bootit used to be packaged for linux as well, but I cant seem to find it anywhere but here00:09
hagbard_I have that on an actual DEC terminal.00:09
r3bootwhich one?00:10
* r3boot has a vt510 + vt42000:10
r3bootah nice one00:16
hagbard_hmm, the chimaera repo still seems to be b0rked00:18
suavedandyEh, Inconsolata seems fine.00:34
suavedandyYeah, WAAAY better than DejaVu Sans Undertale.00:37
n4dirxfonts-terminus is not good?00:37
suavedandyThere's xfonts-terminus?00:37
n4dirbut you ask the wrong guy about fonts. To me they all look alike. I only used xfonts-terminus for the cool name00:38
suavedandyGimme a sec.00:38
suavedandyWhen you look closely, you'll notice that DejaVu has those ugly hooks.00:39
gnarfacei like bitstream vera sans mono, but hexchat cuts off the bottom of letters so i'm using deja-vu mono instead00:39
gnarfacebitstream looks better IMO00:39
suavedandyEspecially noticable when you look at "l."00:39
n4dirwell, i do see that some are more ugly than others. But i never really get it00:39
suavedandyIt looks like ass.00:40
n4dirlooks like i use Liberation Mono in st. Kinda works for me00:40
suavedandyHmm, I like how Cyrillic looks with Inconsolata.00:41
gnarfaceoh, woops i'm using Liberation too actually00:42
gnarfacei forgot00:42
gnarfacehexchat doesn't jack it up either00:42
gnarfacemicrosoft packaged their web core fonts00:42
gnarfaceso nothing is really stopping you from using courier new00:42
gnarfacejust fyi00:42
gnarfacewell, they didn't really package them, they packaged a downloader for them00:43
gnarfacebut it works00:43
gnarfacefixes a whole slew of issues with wine00:44
suavedandyYeah, I've installed Terminus.00:45
suavedandyLooks sexy.00:45
suavedandyHad it in TTY before as well.00:45
n4dirshould have said it earlier then. I first thought you excluded that already. Well, good anyway00:46
suavedandyNo way, dude.00:46
suavedandyIt's freaking Terminus.00:46
suavedandyAaand I can't change its size.00:47
suavedandyI'll just go back to Inconsolata then.00:49
suavedandySad. Terminus in TTY was hella sick.00:49
suavedandyAaand Inconsolata doesn't support Cyrillic.00:53
suavedandyWell, I'll switch to Courier, I guess.00:53
suavedandyI could go full English because it's my second language but… nah.00:54
gnarfacewe do really need some better fonts00:54
gnarfacewe have a ton but it's fair to say they're highly derivative and mostly poor quality00:55
suavedandyDon't get me wrong. Terminus is awesome. And it works with Cyrillic. I just don't know how to make it bigger. Maybe I wrote something wrong or something.00:58
suavedandyAnyway, I'm gonna go get some sleep.01:42
unixbsdIgn:1 ascii InRelease07:38
unixbsdErr:2 ascii Release 404  Not Found [IP: 80]07:38
unixbsdHit:3 stable InRelease07:38
unixbsdReading package lists... Done07:38
unixbsdE: The repository ' ascii Release' does no longer have a Release file.07:38
unixbsdN: Updating from such a repository can't be done securely, and is therefore disabled by default.07:38
unixbsdN: See apt-secure(8) manpage for repository creation and user configuration details.07:38
unixbsdit seems that sources list is looking bit strange07:38
rrqworth to note that gains a 301 redirect to which is the mirror collection08:33
luser977I like the DejaVu fonts.16:04
suavedandyI just installed st. Can't find config.h17:20
suavedandyWhat should I do?17:20
r3bootsuavedandy: config.h is part of the sourcecode for st. After you change it, you need to recompile & install it17:21
r3bootalso, I was wondering, do you already know cool-retro-term? :)17:22
r3bootit can give another dimension to 80s style terminals iig17:22
suavedandyDoes that mean that it won't get any upgrades after I compile it? That's the Git version, not the version from the repos.17:23
suavedandyIf I'll have to change stterm, will I need to purge the one from the repo first?17:25
suavedandyAnd get st from GitHub instead?17:25
suavedandyDoes that mean that it was pointless to install st from the repo when I'll have to download the source code anyway?17:27
suavedandyYeah, I've just asked the same question with different wording.17:28
suavedandyr3boot: cool-retro-term isn't in the repos.17:31
fsmithredcool-retro-term is in ceres17:32
suavedandyI'm on Beowulf.17:33
fsmithredso choices are backport it or wait until you catch up to it.17:34
fsmithredwhat did you do to get the error about missing config.h?17:34
suavedandyThere is no error.17:36
fsmithredwhy were you looking for config.h?17:36
suavedandyApparently if you install the binary instead of building from source you get the vanilla config.17:36
suavedandySo you can't reconfigure st.17:37
fsmithredwell, yeah, you get whatever the devs made17:37
suavedandyWell, that sucks.17:37
suavedandyBack to Urxvt, I guess.17:37
fsmithredswitch to gentoo and you get to compile everything17:37
fsmithredjust the way you want it17:37
suavedandyDo not want to maintain a Git repo fork.17:37
suavedandyDo not want.17:38
fsmithredotherwise, hope the devs use sane defaults. And debian has historically used sane defaults.17:38
suavedandyThat's Suckless we're talking about.17:38
fsmithredhow often do you thing stterm gets changes?17:38
suavedandyYou can't even set the font without recompiling.17:38
fsmithred-f font17:39
fsmithred              defines the font to use when st is run.17:39
suavedandyHave any alternatives to st?17:41
suavedandyOther than Urxvt.17:41
fsmithredthere are many terminals. I don't know which ones will do what you need.17:41
suavedandyWhat do you use.17:42
fsmithredI use xfce4-terminal and lxterminal the most17:42
fsmithredand xterm in my scripts when needed17:42
suavedandyYou use a stacking WM?17:42
fsmithredI use xfce or openbox17:42
suavedandyStacking WM it is.17:42
suavedandyNo wonder.17:42
suavedandyWell, I don't want the menus and the buttons and all that jazz.17:43
suavedandyJust a clean window with a black screen.17:43
suavedandyThe menus clutter space.17:43
suavedandyAnd force me to use a mouse.17:44
fsmithredI see rxvt(-unicode) but not urxvt17:45
fsmithredand when I search for rxvt, I also see aterm and eterm17:45
fsmithredI think eterm does have a menu bar. I used it long ago.17:46
fsmithredoh, aterm is just a dummy for rxvt-unicode17:47
suavedandyfsmithred: Urxvt is the alternative name for rxvt-unicode.17:47
fsmithredthat's the command?17:47
suavedandyIt's used everywhere outside the package name itself.17:47
suavedandyFor convenience.17:47
suavedandyThe command, yeah.17:47
suavedandyUrxvt is an abreviation.17:48
rktasuavedandy: Maintaining a st repo is really painless, it compiles faster as an apt upgrade will run and doesn't change much. I switched because the better font and easier inc-/decreasing it. Just change the to your needs and stash before you pull. But you should know C and git.19:16
masonsuavedandy: Did you decide you don't want urxvt? And with a lot of the suckless tools, distributions packaging them is a bit awkward. You're probably better off sticking with source builds and managing them with GNU Stow.19:17
suavedandyAre there console fonts bigger than 16x32?19:23
masonsuavedandy: Depending on your framebuffer, it might make more sense to think about virtual console resolution.19:29
rktasuavedandy: config.h points to for font configuration. I guess it depends of what font you install19:32
masonconsole-setup(5) lists the available font faces and sizes.19:32
masonunder the section "FONTFACE and FONTSIZE". And 16x32 is the biggest.19:32
suavedandymason: Can I check current console resolution?20:03
masonsuavedandy: I've never tried. Interesting. Looks like there's "hwinfo --framebuffer" available to get possible values, but this doesn't show the current or default one that I can see.20:05
suavedandymason: How do you chande the VT resolution exactly?20:26
masonsuavedandy: This discusses the method and notes a potentially conflicting driver:
suavedandymason: What does x32 mean at the end of the resolution?20:28
masonI'm assuming it's bit depth for colour.20:29
suavedandyAlso, why is it 4:3?20:29
masonThat's the monitor they've got I guess.20:29
gnarfaceyou should be able to set any resolution20:29
gnarface(that is supported by the display and the driver)20:29
gnarfacealmost nothing is going to bother using more than 16 colors (no, not 16-bit color, i mean 16 colors)20:30
masongnarface: Is the 32 colours or bit depth?20:30
gnarfacemason: oh, it's bit depth.  there's just really not many (any??) console programs that can use that many colors.20:31
gnarfaceif you're playing video to the framebuffer directly it might be useful though20:31
gnarfacethough, i didn't even need to set the resolution and color depth here.  i just needed the "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=keep" line and to remove the "nomodeset" option i'd previously put there to avoid a nvidia bug20:31
gnarfacethen grub auto-detected correct resolution&color depth, and the VT inherited it20:32
gnarfacei would say if grub shows you the right resolution, try just using the "keep" line.20:33
gnarface(and yea, if neither works, find the conflicting driver and blacklist it)20:33
gnarface(usually a problem with older versions of nouveau+nvidia drivers fighting with each other, but other combinations might be bad for other video hardware)20:34
suavedandygnarface: What I'm trying to do is to enlarge the font beyond 16x32.20:41
masonalright, back to napping as I want to kick this cold.20:50
suavedandyGood news: GRUB does change its resolution.20:54
masonsuavedandy: Goes it persist into the kernel?20:55
suavedandyBad news: while booting it switches back.20:55
mason(I got caught up in updating sdd notes.)20:55
masonsuavedandy: This might involve blacklisting the driver in question then.20:55
masonor setting nomodeset maybe?20:55
masontry nomodeset first I'd say20:56
suavedandyThe question is which is this driver in question.20:56
suavedandyI kinda find it funny that the first instructions I get is from Dell.20:59
suavedandyThis manufacturer seems to be quite interested in GNU/Linux, it seems.20:59
suavedandyDo they manufacture GNU/Linux laptops like System76 or something?21:00
koollmana few models, yes21:00
suavedandyGood news: it worked.21:03
suavedandyBad news: Awesome is very unhappy with this.21:04
suavedandyI'll figure out what I can do.21:04
miskatonicawesome window manager?21:04
suavedandyhdaudio: unable to bind the codec…21:09
suavedandymiskatonic: Yes.21:09
golinuxJust noticed this on the forum: Guests online: 10121:18
golinuxNever seen that many before at one time.21:18
suavedandymason: Seems like the resolution changing doesn't work if the resolution isn't 4:3.21:28
suavedandyAnd yeah, I get those hdaudio codec complaints with nomodeset.21:35
suavedandyAnd how can I make graphical GRUB and a cool animation instead of a scrolling init script?21:40
gnarfacesuavedandy: you can probably get the video hardware to cough up a list of supported text resolutions with the kernel cmdline parameter "vga=ask"22:04
gnarfacesuavedandy: (it will prompt you with a numbered list, you might have to memorize the number and look up the translation table)22:05
suavedandygnarface: It is obvious that it's something around 4:3.22:08
suavedandyI tested it.22:08
suavedandyThere's an answer on AskUbuntu that lists all of the resolutions that work.22:09
suavedandyAlong these are 1600x1200, 1280x1024 and 800x600.22:09
suavedandyThey all seem to work.22:10
suavedandyAnything else I tried does nothing.22:11
suavedandySo it's pretty much useless.22:11
suavedandyI don't want to have a stretched monitor.22:11
gnarfacesuavedandy: i'm sorry to inform you that this may be a hardware limitation... at the very least to make it budge you're gonna have to modify the driver, but usually this is all the hardware can do.  :(22:35
gnarfacesuavedandy: (and no, i don't really know why, but i assume it's generally cost)22:35
suavedandySo. After starting unclutter once my cursor gets hidden after being idle for 1 second after every Xorg startup.23:32
suavedandyI haven't really written the command into .Xresources23:32
suavedandyWeird I say.23:33

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