libera/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2020-12-02

fsmithredneed to go to the kitchen. bbl.00:00
suavedandyI'll go get some sleep. Will wrap everything up after I wake up.00:05
XenguyDoes anyone happen to know if zsh typically gets installed by default?00:25
XenguyRight now I'm getting this:00:26
XenguyThe following packages have been kept back:00:26
Xenguy  zsh-common00:26
XenguyIf I try to install zsh-common, then it wants to remove zsh, strangely enough...00:27
XenguyThis is on Ascii00:27
gnarfacei assume no00:29
gnarfacebecause the stock kernel doesn't support it, and there are license issues00:29
gnarfacewait, sorry00:29
fsmithredzsh not zfs. I did the same thing00:30
gnarfacei did that last time too00:30
gnarfacebut the answer is the same anyway00:30
fsmithredblame mason for talking about zfs.00:30
gnarfacezsh won't be installed by default, the default is bash unless you tell it to be dash00:30
gnarfaceother options have to be manually configured&installed00:30
gnarfaceeh, there might be some cases where you can get busybox too00:31
XenguyThanks folks, I think I'll just uninstall zsh, since I use bash00:31
fsmithredI have zsh and zsh-common00:31
gnarfacelots of people like zsh, i wouldn't knock it, but if you're not using it, you won't miss it00:31
fsmithred5.7.1-1 in beowulf00:31
fsmithredand I only have it because live-sdk uses it00:32
Xenguyzsh sounds pretty good, but I prefer to just stick with the default shell00:32
gnarfacei can't see it installed anywhere here00:32
XenguyThis is Ascii, FWIW00:32
XenguyI may have installed it myself, and just forgot I did00:32
fsmithredI have both on ascii, too, but they are not the same version00:33
fsmithredI don't have the newest version.00:34
danuantrying to autorun a script in runlevel1 without logging in the console , trough an init.d script  but anything after rc1.d/S02single does not seem to run after it switches actual runlevels00:34
fsmithredzsh depends on zsh-common, so you should be able to install both00:34
XenguyThere, that's that issue dealt with, and I just increased my disk space by 15Mb  ; -)00:35
XenguyOr rather, saved myself 15Mb of space00:36
rrqIanJ:  shows cpp a dependency for x11 via x11-xserver-utils01:56
rrq.. for xorg via ..01:57
FatPhilWhat does it mean when my /var/log/btmp is continually growing? There are no messages appearing in any other file under /var/log02:07
FatPhillastb shows a seeming infinitude of: root     ssh:notty   Wed Dec  2 03:06 - 03:06  (00:00)02:08
FatPhilroot     ssh:notty    Wed Dec  2 03:06 - 03:06  (00:00)02:08
FatPhilAh, one reason other log files may not be showing anything is that perhaps after /var filled with btmp, log rotation got all confused.02:09
IanJrrq: Thank you for the reply. But I'm really not understanding why it would be a dependency for any of those things. It must be a mistake?02:24
IanJIf you were building from source I could understand it, but not for binary packages.02:26
rrqpresumably there's some utility using cpp for it's input/configuration file(s)02:26
rrqeg xrdb02:27
IanJwould that need a c pre processor?02:28
rrqwell cpp offers a macro language; I suppose originally developed for use in C, but it's its own langauge02:34
rrqnot sure it's Turing complete, but reasnably clean and easy for some purposes02:35
rrqwhen you want to go macro language crazy, you'll use m402:39
* tuxd3v tuxd3v still remember the good old days with the m4 + sendmail.. :)02:42
FatPhilAhhhh - as soon as I get logging working again, fail2ban kicks in rather swiftly.02:43

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