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mh4debuanHello!  Merry Christmas04:16
mh4debuanWhat do you think I should do if my VPN can not connect?04:17
mh4debuanI used apt-get to install the .deb to make sure of dependencies04:17
mh4debuanIs there some type of TAP adapter I need?  Something Non-Free?04:17
mh4debuanuser@host:~/Downloads$ sudo surfshark-vpn attack04:17
mh4debuanEnter a number to select the VPN connection type. For default UDP, press ENTER04:17
mh4debuan0 TCP04:17
mh4debuan1 UDP04:17
mh4debuan1 selected04:17
mh4debuanChecking for connection status...04:17
mh4debuanWas unable to connect to VPN server. Please try another server.04:17
rwpHello mh4debuan.  Welcome to the channel.  Just another user here.04:23
rwpWhat exactly did you install?  There must be a hundred different VPN choices.04:24
rwpPlus another few thousand possible VPN configurations.04:24
mh4debuanI installed SurfShark VPN client DEB surfshark-release_1.0.0-1.1_amd64.deb04:32
gnarfacemh4debuan: there could be a missing tun or tap driver in theory, though last i checked it should be already enabled in the stock kernel.  you might have to load it manually though if the vpn software sucks.  i notice that one isn't in the repos, so all bets are off, really.04:37
gnarfacethere are a number of VPN solutions already known to work, but at this point we don't even have any particular reason to believe the problem is not at the remote server end (most the time "unable to connect to server" means the problem is at the server)04:39
gnarfacemh4debuan: i mean, i assume the network is working because you're here talking to me, but that's not necessarily a forgone conclusion either.  is it the same machine you're here on IRC with, or is it a separate one?  the network connection without the VPN has been verified to work, right?  you can ping the server?04:40
gnarfaceyou could try to just "modprobe tap" and try again but you might first want to consult the vpn logs and double check the host configuration04:42
gnarfacemh4debuan: and i suppose it's worth checking... you're using the stock kernel, too, right?  and that build of surfshark VPN is for debian buster, and you're using devuan beowulf?  note that debian stretch actually corresponds to the older devuan ascii.04:45
mh4debuanI'm contacting their support, usually I just try the OpenVPN client first05:02
mh4debuanTheyre telling me to disable IPv605:02
gnarfacemh4debuan: seems worth a try unless you need ipv605:07
gnarfacemh4debuan: i like openvpn too.  linus wants everyone to use wireguard now, and it's supposed to be easier to set up, but it's also new and i can't vouch for it personally05:07
mh4debuanGot SurfShark VPN working, it was on their server side, I had to disable IPv6 and point my DNS to their name servers which is fine with me05:25
rwpYay! :-)05:32
tomtasticIf I want to install something from Debian experimental repo, is that as easy as just adding the debian repo to apt and pinning it at some low value ?14:42
fsmithredtomtastic, I think that will work. We don't merge experimental, so you can't just change the /devuan to /merged. Just be careful about what you pull from debian.14:57
tomtasticI'm just curious about the ZFS2.0 bits14:58
tomtasticI can probably wait until they hit unstable14:58
fsmithredI don't know about that. The local zfs expert is mason.14:58
tomtasticThanks fsmithred14:58
fsmithredsearch for zfs on the forum and you'll find a couple of howtos14:59
tomtasticAlready been using zfs-root on devuan for ?a few years? now15:00
tomtasticJust hankering for the ZSTD compression in 2.015:00
fsmithredok, then when you're done you can write an updated howto. :P15:01
tomtasticDevuan should schedule a hackathon for 2021. documentation can be a nice task for non-developer folk to contribute with.15:02
tomtastic</random thought>15:02
fsmithrednew wiki is still gestating15:05
tomtasticthere's a wiki ?!15:06
* tomtastic loves a good wiki15:06
fsmithrednot yet15:06
fsmithredwell, there's an old one that's pretty much been abandoned15:07
fsmithredat some point, there will be a wiki and there will be a need for content. Some can be moved/rewritten from forum and mailing list posts.15:08
n4dirjoin #devuan-offtopic16:19
n4dir_sorry, unplugged the power cable. lol16:24
user282069where did my on board sound go?
user282069lol; thank you for any thoughts or help ye :]17:06
* user282069 thinks more debug info required17:08
n4dir_usually the first thing to look at is the mixer. Using alsa or pulse?17:09
user282069ty n4dir yes using alsa17:10
n4dirand alsamixer doesn't show anything muted, as in MM at the bottom? Yes, sorry for asking the obvious17:10
user282069is always good to ask :] nothing muted. the mixer options i would expect to see are absent17:12
n4dirI think on some machines i see no mixer options, when i select the soundcard with F6, i get to see them.17:12
n4dirodd, but worth a try17:12
n4diruser282069: don't get me wrong, i am anything but good with sound-problems.17:13
user282069all help appreciated :] thank you again17:13
n4dirthere is #lau linux audio users and #opensourcmusicians. Try those too.17:13
n4dirminus the typo in opensourcemusicians :-)17:13
user282069ok that's great17:13
n4diryou have to wait there, in general, now Xmas in our way, but they sure know what they talk about17:14
user282069yes thank you. to say my problem again: there should be another card in addition to the HDMI and Loopbacks17:15
user282069namely the onboard card17:15
fsmithredcard 0?17:15
user282069which in the mixer is now a useless PCH thing17:15
n4dirthanks god i can hand that problem to fsmithred . am out now17:16
user282069yes perhaps fsmithred; thank you17:16
n4dirgood luck though17:16
fsmithredlol, I won't do any better with it17:16
fsmithredif you go into an audio app, can you select the right card?17:16
n4dirhere is a script i downloaded from ardour, it is originally from jack (audio server). Might help others to identify the problem. I can't make no sense of it:
fsmithredif it's very new hardware, it might need a newer kernel17:18
user282069yes thank you for the idea again fsmithred ; i think the board is 6 years old or so17:18
n4dirstill a script from someone, me, from the internet. Not always a good idea17:18
user282069and for the link17:18
user282069is a nice lookin piece of script17:20
n4diryeah, i think it is pretty good. But i am shy pointing to scripts from "someone". ardour is a reliable source, i asssume.17:20
fsmithredI looked at that script quickly and then ran it as user. Pretty sure it's safe.17:21
* user282069 also judges it fine :D17:21
fsmithredblack SUV just pulled up in front of the house17:21
n4dirj/k ?17:24
fsmithredjust kidding17:24
n4dirah. just .. you said it17:24
user282069ye is nice to simplify  digging into the alsa hierarchy with :] nothing relevant here today though17:24
n4dirI am prepared.  Some clothes and a bit of food. :-)17:24
fsmithredmaybe run '/etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart'17:25
user282069there is a card0;; although not in aplay -l;;; and not anything that actually works. hrm.17:25
user282069yes have tried17:25
fsmithredit should show up in 'aplay -l'17:25
fsmithredthe right kernel module is loaded17:26
fsmithredit shows up on lspci17:26
user282069thats rind the snd_hda_intel17:26
fsmithredcat /proc/asound/cards17:27
fsmithredshould show all the cards17:27
fsmithredis jack running?17:29
user282069no only alsa; thank you for these useful prompts and questions17:30
user282069cat /proc/asound/cards gives 4;; the first being a PCH17:30
fsmithredwhen did it last work?17:31
user282069last night17:31
fsmithred0 [PCH... ?17:31
fsmithredthat's what I've got.17:31
fsmithredwhat changed between last night and today? Update or install anything?17:32
user282069ye found it broken; started trying whatever restarts and config stuff i could; then updates17:33
user282069alsautils; mixer; asoundrc stuff; even slim and finally my pride and uptime :\17:41
user282069the 'cannot be a solution' solution of shutdown -r017:42
fsmithredyou haven't tried a reboot yet?17:42
user282069i have17:42
fsmithredI don't know what else to try.17:48
fsmithredI'll be in the kitchen. Back in a bit.17:49
user282069thank you again for your mind fsmithred :] no worries17:49
n4diruser282069: just a sledgehammer, did you try as root or as a different test user?17:53
n4dirnot saying it makes sense, but not bad to have that out of the way17:54
I_am_nobody777Hi Everyone ,18:03
user282069ty again ;; tried whatever with root and it appears the same18:03
user282069i did need root to /etc/init.d/alsautils restart18:03
user282069maybe i move this asound.state file; which i read can persist in unwanted ways18:04
I_am_nobody777I have installed devuan in  btrfs (in a subvolume) which is inside a LUKS2 encrypted partition . Everything works fine except closing the opened LUKS partition during poweroff or reboot .18:09
user282069how does closing the partition not work I_am_nobody777 ? does it make you wait some seconds ?18:12
user282069also i noticed some debug info flash by while booting;; where is this in /var/log again?? hm18:13
user282069ye maybe syslog or dmesg or boot18:15
I_am_nobody777user282069: yes , it prints " stoping remaining crypto disks <device mapper name >(busy) ....... failed " next proceeds to "stopping early crypto disk < same device mapper name> (busy) failed and then shuts down .18:16
I_am_nobody777So possibly, the btrfs subvolume is not unmounted  before the attempt to close the  LUKS partition .18:18
fsmithredI_am_nobody777, install cryptsetup-modified-functions to eliminate the shutdown delay18:40
fsmithreddeb beowulf-proposed-updates main18:40
fsmithrednote that it's /devuan and not /merged18:40
I_am_nobody777Got it , Thanks fsmithred . Will report back.18:42
I_am_nobody777fsmithred: Also in btrfs, when using compress=zstd , it defaults to compression  level 0 . I've created the btrfs filesystem with void and the default compression level for zstd is 3 for the latest btrfs and kernel . so , in devuan , does compress-force=zstd:3 works on the stable btrfs and kernel versions or should I use  backport or experimental repo version of them ? .18:55
fsmithredI have no idea. It does whatever it does in debian, because we don't fork any btrfs packages.18:56
fsmithredthere is btrfs-progs in beowulf-backports 5.9-1~bpo10+118:58
I_am_nobody777fsmithred: The modified crypsetup function worked perfectly (Lovely , to see all the green ok ). Thanks .19:12
I_am_nobody777fsmithred:  I will check if the stable btrfs and kernel version supports the zstd with specified compression level by mounting with compress-force=zstd:3 . But , I remember reading that , only Kernel 5.1 and above  allows setting the compression level . Let's see .19:18
masontomtastic: Hey there. Just noticed scrollback. My favourite method right now is to follow the "custom package" guide from, as I'm not a huge fan of DKMS. You can also build ZFS into your kernel with relative ease.19:30
masonI've not moved over to 2.0.0 yet as I've been waiting for 2.0.1 or similar, but as I fail to see show-stoppers appearing I might jump to it early. On 0.8.x now across my infrastructure.19:31
I_am_nobody777mason:  Hi , I was going for zfs but settled on btrfs .19:33
masonI_am_nobody777: I hope it works out for you. Since you have to chase the bleeding edge of kernel development for bug fixes, I think it is shaping up way, way more slowly than ZFS, and there are still horror stories of data loss, so please make and trust back-ups. That said, the world will be a better place of BtrFS becomes just as reliable as ZFS, so please submit bug reports if you encounter bugs.19:34
masons/make and trust/make and test so you can trust/19:34
I_am_nobody777mason: zfs is fascinating , mature and featureful , but , for various reasons  (like building kernel module , booting with zfsbootmenu from encrypted pool and etc ) it's complicated for me  . So , I went for btrfs . currently LUKS + btrfs works fine and I have installed devuan and void in subvolumes , dualbooting them  . Hey , whatever floats your boat , right .19:43
masonI_am_nobody777: Yeah, there are definitely lots of moving parts because it's not shipped with the OS.19:44
I_am_nobody777mason:  Exactly. Maybe in the future , zfs gets integrated in the linux kernel after resolving the license mess .19:46
masonI_am_nobody777: There are patent issues that probably have more teeth.19:46
I_am_nobody777mason: Yeah . see you around ^_^19:55
user282069ok noticed some more breakage20:47
user282069in apt history i read upgraded to linux-headers/image
user282069and is not among my grub choices20:48
user282069and the packages ;; which i autoremoved;;; still are20:49
user282069sorry seems no headers were installed for .13 o_O20:53
masonuser282069: UEFI or legacy?20:53
user282069and thank you for the reply and consideration mason o/20:54
masonuser282069: kk, so you shouldn't have to worry about an ESP. Running update-grub should update the system's notion of what kernels are there.20:54
user282069ye i was fishing around for this command with grub-*20:54
user282069ok i am installing --reinstalling the .13 headers and image; and then i will update-grub also why not20:55
masonuser282069: You can see what it finds by looking at /boot/grub/grub.cfg after it's run.20:55
user282069ok thank you very much20:55
masonstart reading that file at "/etc/grub.d/10_linux" and you should see entries for your installed kernels20:56
fsmithredinstall linux-image-<arch> and linux-headers-<arch> and you will always get the latest kernel and headers20:58

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