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systemdlete[Firmware Bug]: TSC doesn't count with P0 frequency!02:58
systemdleteone of my VM's randomly freezes up -- this has happened about 3x now.  CHecking the messages log, I see this just before I have to reboot the host machine it is running on.02:59
systemdleteI didn't have this problem until the last few days, after my big hardware swapparoo (mainboard failure, etc).02:59
systemdleteBecause I could not use my 8-core FX8350 on this mb, I had to revert to my thuban 6-core, and 1/2 the memory (only 2 slots on this board).03:00
systemdleteI googled for the cause of it, but I am not sure what they are talking about.  Something about WSL2?03:01
systemdletethis is a beowulf (actually, starlinux) with all the updates applied.03:01
systemdlete(BTW, so far new board is looking good with my FX8350, and I will install it soon)03:02
systemdleteSince I won't be depending on this physical MB too much shortly, this is not a big deal really.  But it would be nice to understand what is going on.03:03
systemdleteIt could be something related to the athlon CPU vs the FX CPU.03:03
systemdleteI see this error now on another starlinux VM, about 20 minutes ago03:08
systemdletethis one is still running though (I'm on it now)03:08
systemdletesorry... this does nOT appear related03:10
systemdleteafter all03:10
systemdleteMy bad.  This occurs sometime after boot it seems...03:11
systemdletesomething is definitely freezing up my VM though.03:11
systemdleteWhat happens is that the mouse becomes less responsive until finally, there is no response from the mouse or the keyboard.03:12
systemdleteUp to that point, there is no problem.  Could this be due to bad PSU?03:12
systemdleteI'm putting in a new PSU for the new mainboard, so hopefully this won't be an ongoing issue.03:13
systemdleteSo many problems!  So many worries!03:13
OksanaTired. Why is it that ntpdate does work to fix the time (had 1h offset for weird reason), and sntp doesn't work for that purpose?06:59
OksanaAnd ntpdate is said to be the deprecated one!07:00
Centurion_DanOksana sntp is the simple (aka less featured or "stupid") version protocol which is less accurate then ntp which tries alot harder to compensate for network latency to provide very accurate synchronisation to the time source.07:59
e3d3Can I savely uninstall mdadm when not using raids ? I ask because I doubt if it is only used for raids in Devuan.15:38
r3bootuninstall it, and try to rebuild your initrd. It might be used/included in there15:44
r3bootBut I do wonder, where do you think it is being used for apart from raid?15:45
r3bootOksana: keyword here is bursting. Normally, an ntp daemon will 'step' towards the correct time in small increments15:47
r3bootntpdate will burst by default, w/o stepping15:47
r3boot(if you specify ntpdate -b)15:47
e3d3r3boot: I don't know where it could be used but can't imagen that default most Devuan users have raid.15:48
fsmithrede3d3, I'm guessing you installed from the live iso. It's there in case you need it, and it is safe to remove it if you don't need it.16:02
e3d3fsmithred: Indeed, I installed from the live iso. Do I really need to rebuild my initrd after uninstalling it ?16:05
cronolioinitrd it is separated system16:11
e3d3cronolio: you mean that initrd has no mdadm stuff in it ?16:16
cronoliodunno, when i able to control system i don't use initrd, when can't control i use default16:18
fsmithrede3d3, it will be rebuild automatically when you remove the package.16:21
fsmithredyou could also get rid of lvm2 and cryptsetup if you aren't using them16:22
e3d3fsmithred: thanks. I'll read more about the last 2.16:22
e3d3cronolio: you also thanks.16:22
fsmithredcryptsetup is for encrypted filesystems16:23
fsmithredlvm is logical volume management16:23
cronolioyeah, some post install/delete scripts should care about this16:24
fsmithredand you are not using lvm or you would already know about it.16:26
e3d3Good to now. I had no clue if those programs are used somewhere by Devuan.16:27
fsmithrede3d3, if you want to remove everything you don't use, you would be better off doing a minimal install from one of the installer isos and then adding only what you want, possibly excluding Recommends as well.16:29
e3d3fsmithred: If I remember well we have spoke about this before; I'm partly lazy cq tired of glueing basic tools together.16:31
fsmithredif you install a full desktop (like the desktop-live does) you may have trouble removing some of the graphical apps.16:31
fsmithredlol, ok16:31
fsmithredthen you should ignore any installed programs that you don't use.16:31
fsmithreddon't bother them and they won't bother you16:32
e3d3I care most about unnecesary running processes and unneeded big apps. Most of the default full install suites me very well16:33
e3d3it is not that big16:34
e3d3I'm so happy with Devuan that it replaced my previous OS (that I tweaked ca 8? years ) easily16:36
e3d3what should I install to play all commercial DVD's with 'parole' ? The good, bad & ugly gstreamer plugins are already installed.19:21
fluffywolfa bittorrent client.  :P19:21
e3d3does that help more than e.g. installing paint ?19:22
fluffywolfeveryone knows it's easier to pirate media than to try playing the actual physical media.  heh.19:22
e3d3now I get you. I have the DVD's already19:22
amesserdid you install libdvdcss?19:28
amessererr libdvdcss219:28
e3d3amesser: no I didn't, but remember the name from long ago. It's not in the main repo. Hope I can find it.19:30
e3d3amesser: thanks19:30
fluffywolfremember when you could get that on t-shirts?  heh19:30
amesserthere is a porxy package which will download, compile and install it: libdvd-pkg19:30
e3d3amesser: is it not only meant for vlc ?19:31
amesserno, its needed by any program which want do play encrypted dvds19:32
e3d3okay. The link don't work19:33
amesserthis is since most media players use the same base libary libdvdread4 which in turn will try to dynamically load libdvdcss2 when encountering an encrypted dvd19:34
fluffywolfwow, no one seems to sell decss t-shirts anymore.19:34
amesserarr, seems page is in german only :-)
e3d3amesser: I'm Dutch, understand spoken German good but can also read it a little19:35
amesserfine :-)19:35
gnarfacee3d3: you just need the libdvdcss2 from the vlc repos.  the rest of the necessary dependencies should already be in the devuan repos and should install automatically along side vlc, though this does not mean that vlc is the only player that can use libdvdcss2 - xine and mplayer should both be capable of it too off the top of my head (though last i checked vlc is the only one that can render dvd menus right - with the20:06
gnarfaceothers you might have to navigate by title+track numbers)20:06
gnarfacee3d3: (reason for this being that the international laws that make libdvdcss2 illegal to redistribute are not enforceable in France, where the VLC project is headquartered)20:07
gnarfacee3d3: libdvdnav4 is the thing that renders menus, so if you're looking for a more updated list of players that support dvd menus, look for that dependency first20:09
gnarfaceand don't panic about which version of libdvdcss2 you need,  probably any of them will work.  it hasn't changed much.20:10
gnarfacethe current version still works on ceres, but i tested that on the same day that i realized i was still using the one from 20 years ago20:10
gnarface15 years ago20:11
gnarfacewhatever it was20:11
e3d3gnarface: amesser told me that I need libdvdcss. I found a contrib repo with libdvd-pkg, which is compiling libdvdcss right now20:11
gnarface1.01 or something like that to 1.42... no difference in apparent behavior except maybe support for a few more dvds20:11
gnarfacee3d3: oh yes, that should work20:11
e3d3finished, and it worked; DVD plays20:12
gnarfacee3d3: iirc what it does is basically just automate fetching the source from vlc's repos and building it20:12
e3d3gnarface: I understood something like that. It can also automatically update if I want20:12
gnarfaceif you have the video hardware to support it, make sure whatever player you choose is enabling vdpau20:13
e3d3I was a little scared that I messed DVD playing myself, because only after playing ca 50 DVD's I encountered the first encrypted DVD20:13
e3d3I use for the first time default installed "parole". It is not as nice as vlc but if I can see a movie than I want to forget all of the player.20:15
e3d3thanks all again for the friendly and adequate help20:21

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