libera/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2021-02-10

Human_G33ki have an issue.02:59
Human_G33kat the end of an install03:00
Human_G33kthere is an infinite loop03:00
Human_G33kany ideas ?03:00
gnarfaceHuman_G33k: which installer image?03:09
gnarfaceHuman_G33k: seems whack, i'd try to see if i could get past the install completion by not installing apache until afterwards03:38
gnarfacebut i'm wondering if this was a fresh install or if there could have been vestiges of something else on the filesystem conflicting with that postinst script somehow?03:39
gnarfaceyou didn't provide any 3rd party packages to the installer up front, did you?03:39
Human_G33khi gnarface thx to take time for me03:41
Human_G33kso pretty fresh install. the install (devuan) works i setup some others "websites" and no trouble. the issue is related to fusiondirectory.03:42
Human_G33ka package in repository and also it's own repository03:42
gnarfaceit does look like a bug then03:48
gnarfaceare you able to verify if that happens any time you install it or only if it's included at system install time?03:49
gnarfacelike if you purge it and install it again, do you get the same error over again?03:49
gnarfaceHuman_G33k: and to be clear, was it the regular netinstaller, a dvd set iso, or a live image?03:54
Human_G33kand already with previous version04:00
Human_G33klet me check the version i use. but it's not the first time i have this issue. and i can not find why this package not work a this step install04:01
Human_G33kand the fact is the software work only the last part of the install fail.04:03
Human_G33kgnarface, devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_amd64-server.iso04:10
Human_G33kbut i asking myself if its not a perl bug or something04:11
Gramcordoes devuan use sysvinit or openrc?04:13
Gramcori read both can be used04:13
fluffywolfyou may also be able to use openrc, but I haven't tried.04:13
rrqHuman_G33k: you mention "inifinite loop" .. what is looping? is apache2 looping during start up?04:27
Human_G33krrq, no the perl script never finish (postinst) and apt/aptitude is stuck04:41
Human_G33keverything is in the paste04:41
Human_G33kit s more an idle or a stuck thing than an infinite loop04:42
rrqok .. which selections did you do on the task selection dialog, apart from web server ?04:43
Human_G33kthere is no selection dialog04:43
Human_G33knot for that package.04:44
Human_G33kor something prevent it to be show04:44
rrqwasn't there a selection dialog during the installation before it entered this state ?04:45
Human_G33kif you know how can make the package as install it solve my issue.04:45
rrqhmm I htought you were installing a system from devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_amd64-server.iso and ran into this towards the end ... but you were doing something else?04:47
Human_G33kinstalling fusiondirectory04:47
Human_G33kand if i had an echo just before the exit 0 at the postinst script i see it04:48
Human_G33kbut still stuck04:48
rrqah ok .. but devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_amd64-server.iso is involved in this?04:48
Human_G33kgnarface, ask me what install iso i use i say it04:49
Human_G33ksry if my english was bad04:49
rrqok .. I misunderstood ... I probably is of less help than gnarface then :)04:49
rrqis fusiondirectory a client for some server?04:50
Human_G33kits a web interfaces for manage slapd04:50
Human_G33kand schema04:50
rrqhave you checked network traffic while instllation is hanging? maybe the client is waiting for a missing server?04:54
gnarfaceyea, it might be a good clue to know if it works right when the ServerName is correct04:56
Human_G33kdo you think it can trigger an error humm04:57
Human_G33kgnarface, sry but not working even with the error fix05:01
rrqlast year, were you HumanG33k then and did you resolve this issue then?05:05
Human_G33kpretty sure i hack the thing by "mark package as install"05:07
Human_G33kyes it's also me05:07
Human_G33ki try to setup a vm from scratch with nothing else than that to see where issue can from.05:09
rrqright ... seemingly the postinst is completed ... can you find the dpkg process that has "--status-fd 22" as argument? what does it wait on?05:12
Human_G33khow can i do that ?05:13
rrqpgrep -a status-fd05:13
rrqpgrep -af status-fd05:13
rrqmight say something05:13
rrqwhat about: pgrep -af fusiondirectory.postinst05:15
Human_G33kin the paste there is some htop output if it's related05:15
rrqbtw your past says "/varlib/dpkg/info/fusiondirectory.postinst" ... should there be a / after the "/var" in the beginning?05:16
Human_G33k17601 /usr/bin/perl -w /usr/share/debconf/frontend /var/lib/dpkg/info/fusiondirectory.postinst configure05:16
rrqok .. so that process is hanging05:17
Human_G33ki can not explain myself why05:17
rrqmmmm it's not easy to figure out where .. is there a file /usr/share/debconf/frontend with stuff in?05:18
rrqor that is a socket perhaps?05:18
Human_G33kfile command : /usr/share/debconf/frontend: Perl script text executable05:19
rrqI have never been to that part of the forest before :)05:21
rrqmmm is there a file /var/lib/dpkg/info/fusiondirectory.config ?05:23
Human_G33k1 while ($confmodule->communicate); <= the line05:24
rrqdo you have a console for the VM where the installation happens? it looks like the installation wants some operator input.. somewhere05:26
Human_G33ki currently connect through ssh05:27
Human_G33kalso a console on the proxmox webui05:28
Human_G33kit help ?05:28
rrqI don't know how, but you should be able to configure debconf to interact without "gui frontend" ...05:29
rrqcheck the webui first05:29
Human_G33k DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive05:29
Human_G33kalready try nothing05:30
Human_G33kand other packages works i have the blue screen form05:31
Human_G33kif its the debconf stuff05:31
rrqI'll have to go .. back later05:32
Human_G33kok thx.05:32
Human_G33knothing on the console05:32
Human_G33ki will debug old fashion "hello world" output05:33
garotowhat's the root password for devuan_beowulf_3.0.0_amd64_minimal-live.iso?13:51
miojogaroto: you could use sudo passwd root13:58
miojoand change it13:58
xinomilopassword should be : toor13:59
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fsmithredDocScrutinizer05, can you adjust the spam filter?14:35
numzobcuriousity got the best of me, tried to join that channel (lol?).  it's invite-only14:35
fsmithrednow you are marked14:35
onefangBoth of them?14:35
numzobso ... i wonder: why spam it and then not let anyone in?14:35
numzobthe ny one14:35
plubhi. i am trying to make a chroot with ascii devuan to build an old version of a package14:36
plubmkdir /oldascii && debootstrap ascii /oldascii
onefangI was thinking perhaps those channels had been trojaned in some way.14:36
plubreturns with W: Failure trying to run: chroot "/oldascii" dpkg-deb -f  Version14:36
numzobdon't you have to speficy the shell to use when chrooting?14:37
numzoband the shell has to be there, also14:37
plubthe log says14:37
plubchroot: failed to run command 'dpkg-deb': No such file or directory14:37
plubchroot: failed to run command 'mount': No such file or directory14:37
fsmithreddebootstrap --arch amd64 beowulf /mnt
plubchecking /oldascii i see no dpkg-deb or mount binary14:37
fsmithredtry something more like that14:38
masonAh, right, merged-not-devuan14:38
masonplub: use merged14:38
masonIt's so easy to miss that.14:39
fsmithredtrue. Maybe we should change it "our-very-own"14:39
fsmithredmake it easy to see14:40
onefangThat's not accurate though.  Debian-systemd+DevuanStuff14:40
fsmithredI mean replace /devuan14:42
fsmithrednot /merged14:42
fsmithred"merged" makes perfect sense14:42
plubi need an old version of a package, and building it on newer ceres libs has too many problems, so i make an ascii chroot with debootstrap14:43
fsmithredyeah, that should work14:43
numzobwould you have to chroot every time you need to run it?14:43
fsmithredor install it on an actual ascii installation14:44
fsmithredyou could run it in a VM14:44
onefangI've done both, debootstrapped into a qcow2 image, then ran it as a VM.14:45
DocScrutinizer05fsmithred: sorry, missed your call. Looking into it14:45
masonfsmithred: Ah, I think it'd violate POLA less if we made /devuan valid as the product. I wouldn't ditch /merged but I'd definitely want to move to something else instead of /devuan for the overlay. Maybe... /overlay14:47
masonI'll bring it up this week.14:47
DocScrutinizer05fsmithred: what do you suggest to adjust?14:47
DocScrutinizer05please PM me14:47
* numzob googled pola ... got "principle of least astonishment?"14:48
masonnumzob: yes14:48
masonnumzob: "I want to install Devuan" - "Oh, /devuan is the wrong repository."14:49
plubit was called /merged because it merges debian with devuan changes?14:49
onefangKeep in mind, some mirrors mirror other things, so already have a /devuan/merged14:50
plubi made a wrong assumption changing /debian to /merged.  i probably should have realized my error.14:51
plub*i made a wrong assumption changing /debian to /devuan.  i probably should have realized my error.14:51
fsmithredor /devuan/devuan, onefang14:52
fsmithredgotta go. bbl.14:53
masonplub: Easy to do.15:19
msiismSo, Pidgin has been crashing sort of regularly on Beowulf for me. After resorting to starting it from the terminal every time, I finally got to see why:
msiism(Sorry for the German in there. I forgot to set LANG=C.)19:29
msiismHas anyone else had the same experience. This usually happens when using the scroll bar to jump around the backlog a lot.19:29
onefangIt only recently started to crash on me, I think if I do any rearranging of tabs.  Seems stable if I don't do that.19:29
msiismOkay, I hardly ever do that.19:30
onefangUntil a few days ago, it was the first thing I do.  So all my #devuan IRC channels are together, my girlfriends tab is first, etc.19:31
msiismI see. I'm hardly ever in more than four channels at the same time.19:32
onefangThough I only switched to pidgin when I upgraded to beowulf, coz psi and psi+ no longer actually log on in the beowulf version.19:32
msiismWhy that?19:33
onefangCoz I like psi+.19:33
msiismNo, I mean: Why do they not log on?19:34
onefangThey just fail to log on.  Worked fine in ASCII.  shrugs19:34
msiismI see.19:34
onefangOn the other hand, I don't jump around the backlog a lot.  Every morning I scroll back to catch up on what I missed while sleeping though.19:36
msiismI tend to make notes based on my backlog quite often. And if you've had several other conversations happening inbetween, you'll have to do a lot of jumping around to get things together.19:38
gnarfaceplub: if you've got questions just ask them, no need to wait for permission or anything21:13
* plub tips his cap to debdog :)21:14
plubjust rewatching it21:14
plubmy question was answered thank you gnarface . i am now questionless.21:14
debdognice topic, unfortunately off-topic :/21:15
gnarfaceoh i see, i didn't scroll back far enough21:16
hagbard_Finally got the glibc through it's test suite. But I am non the wiser than yesterday, still don't know what made the difference.21:18
hagbard_It's said that stupidity is trying the same thing and expecting different results, but with the glibc it seems to be possible to get different results indeed if you build/test the very same code repeatedly.21:20
plubwhat are you trying to do hagbard_ ?21:20
hagbard_Oh, yesterday I was asking in here about test suite failures during the build of glibc. But now it got through all the tests just fine.21:22
hagbard_Was just rebuilding it from the debian source.21:22
gnarfacesomething had to have changed...21:22
numzobthis is giving me flashbacks of linux from scratch  :)21:23
gnarfacethough i shudder to imagine the implications if it was environmental....21:23
gnarfaceusually it's just some version issue21:23
gnarface(usually a compiler bug)21:23
hagbard_I've found the exact same set of test failiures in a bug report for gentoo, also with no solution there. And similar ones for LFS.21:24
numzobiirc there were always a set of "known" test failures21:25
numzobscary stuff21:26
hagbard_Yes, these are marked as XFAIL, and don't break the build if they (expectedly) fail. But I had (unexpected) FAILs.21:27
hagbard_And I got the very same set of FAILS on a different machine with pure debian.21:27
hagbard_Today I've repeated the build on my devuan box, for one last try before giving up, and no fails.21:29
hagbard_Oh wait, I have booted with a different kernel this time.21:30
gnarfacethe kernel... interesting?21:31
plubso you're compiling gcc and running the included tests?21:31
plubi feel like donny at the bowling alley21:32
hagbard_Yesterday it was with the devuan/debian-repo kernel (with corresponding headers), on both machines. Today I had booted my devuan laptop with a vanilla kernel.21:32
hagbard_plub: yes, that's what I did.21:33
hagbard_Except the kernel, I can't think of any differences in the build environment since yesterday.21:33
plubi will try this21:33

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