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e3d32 questions: 1) synaptic package manager gives error messages (, if I understand well because the post-install script of linux-image-amd64 can't find grub, that is indeed installed on another distro. How can I get rid of this error messages ?09:30
e3d32) What is the best way to transfer this system to a new sata hard disk ?09:31
e3d3Current disk is bad aligned so I thought about coping it to a new/formated disk.09:33
e3d3it = Devuan09:33
e3d3For now Devuan will be the only distro on the new disk so it needs grub again. Maybe I can solve both isues at the same time ?09:36
furrymcgeegrub, that is indeed installed on another distro?09:48
e3d3yes, grub is managed by another distro09:50
xinomilocopy devuan to new disk, chroot/boot devuan from a live usb, and install grub to the new hdd09:52
e3d3what copy method do you advise ?09:53
e3d3dd, cp, rsync ?? I normally only use cp :)09:54
xinomiloi use clonezilla but usually copy disk2disk, not partition2disk09:54
xinomilosometimes a new install is faster, and you can just copy /home over.. :)09:55
e3d3maybe the last is indeed the easiest, specially because I've made a snapshot just before or after the update09:56
e3d3and if I remember well the Devuan install was easy peasy09:56
e3d3and if I remember well clonezilla has a lot of required documentation09:58
e3d3xinomilo: Think I going to install from the snapshot and copy /home. Thanks for your answer.10:05
furrymcgeetar cC /mnt/old . | tar xC /mnt/new10:05
e3d3thanks, but I need some time to decode tar commands. tar --help is >300 lines.10:10
e3d3I have ^^^ this cartoon above my desk but still learn more tar usage than 'tar cfvz', that is; tar-zip stuff10:14
e3d3... but still have NOT learned more10:14
e3d3thanks all for helping, and sharing the more than nice Devuan. Think I'll manage from here.10:21
sixwheeledbeastI always look at that too logically and think why wouldn't you just "tar --help" :)10:30
adilixhi all14:17
adilixcan someone explain me how to install devuan , when i need a firmware? i cant install it without the rtxx.bin firmware, tried both isos the server cd1 and the network  iso14:18
fsmithredadilix, did you try ignoring that first question about firmware and proceeding? I think you need firmware-realtek which is included in all the isos.14:47
bruadilix: What version of Devuan are you trying to install? Because according to , "Non-free firmware packages are available on all Beowulf install media."14:47
bruIt could be that Jessie/ASCII installers don't have the packages you need14:48
adilixi use the latest version 3.114:58
adilixif i remeber right i was running in a loop, but let me try to install it again15:04
adilixso.... i am now on Detect hardware where it says Some of your Hardware needs non-free firmware..... in my case it the rt2860.bin , i confirm now with yes15:33
fsmithredyou're still early in the install, right?15:34
fsmithredskip that15:34
fsmithreddid you choose expert or regular install?15:34
adilixok now i am on the selection between eth0 and wlan015:35
adilixregular install15:35
fsmithredif regular, the firmware should be installed automatically. If expert, you'll be asked if you want non-free.15:35
adilixi will choose now wlan0 as my default network interface15:35
fsmithredif you're going to choose a mirror, choose the interface you want to use.15:35
fsmithredok, but eth is faster downloads if you're using a mirror.15:36
adilixthe problem is when i add my essid and password i run into a loop and i get asked again and again, because i get Attempting to find an available wireless network failed, so i believe there are no drivers for the card15:37
xinomilo...or firmware bug or card issue...15:38
fsmithredsometimes the module needs to be reloaded15:39
fsmithredI think I've seen that with rtl15:39
adilixits more firmware bug , card is working flawlessly with an other linux installed on the machine15:39
xinomiloif you see wifi networks it's working.. maybe you need newer firmware15:39
adilixmy other laptops and this one i try to install devuan are getting ip from wy virtoual router15:40
fsmithredare you installing in a VM?15:41
adilixi am not sure... it looks like the firmware doesnt gets loaded or so15:41
adilixno , on laptop asus eeepc 90115:41
fsmithredalt-F4 should give you a console with output15:41
fsmithredalt-F1 to return15:42
adilixaha we got it there is a problem with the firmware15:42
adilixkernel: [ 463.542661 ] rt2800pci 0000:01:00.0: Direct firmware load for rt2860.bin failed with error -215:43
adilixand what now?15:44
adilixshould i go for 3.0 beowulf ntwrok installer15:45
fsmithredgo for install without network and add the firmware after15:46
fsmithredif apt can't find it on the media, you can still get to it manually - it's in /firmware15:46
fsmithredapt install firmware-realtek15:47
fsmithred^^^ after reboot into new system15:47
fsmithreddo you know for a fact that the 3.0 isos work on this machine?15:48
adilixwou mean i should download the cd1 server cd15:48
adilixi dont know15:48
xinomiloi think firmware-ralink15:48
fsmithredoh, maybe.15:49
adilixdo you think it will work ? i think it would be the same thing if i install the firmware afterwards15:50
fsmithredyeah, I think you have a better chance. Other option is to force the hardware detect again.15:57
fsmithredthat's a little trickier, especially since I don't remember the files you need to delete.15:57
fsmithredis using a network cable an option? That would be faster.15:58
adilixyeah i have cable option, but i need the wlan later on when i am going out and so on15:59
fsmithredyou will be able to install it later16:00
adilixok, just downloading the server cd16:03
fsmithredI thought you had it already16:09
fsmithredany of the installer isos will do a netinstall16:09
adilixgood to know, but i had the netinstall atm here16:11
adilixwhere can i download the firmware package, any repo link?17:28
adilixcan someone send me this one
adilixi cant download it17:56
golinuxadilix: Try pkgmaster.devuan.org17:57
adilixhmmm no firmware-ralink
adilixcan i use the package from debian18:07
golinuxIt would be in non-free18:16
adilixthere iks no such folder18:31
adilixnormally it should be in pool/main/non-free like in debian18:32
plasma41adilix: non-free is not a subset of main, but rather a neighp18:33
plasma41adilix: non-free is not a subset of main, but rather a neighbor set of main along with contrib18:33
* plasma41 grumbles something about "keyboard layouts"18:34
adilixi need to download the package18:35
adilixlike so;O=A   can i download it from this sit18:36
adilixare these correct settings?18:48
golinuxYes but take note of this after the examples:18:53
golinuxNote that all software shipped with Devuan in the main component is free software. But if needed, non-free software is also available. Just add the non-free and contrib components to the appropriate line(s) in /etc/apt/sources.list like this:18:53
golinuxdeb beowulf main non-free contrib18:53
tuxd3vadilix, what is your device?19:16
adilixall ok thx, finally i got the network to work (cable)19:43
adilixbut when i try to install firmware-ralink i get Unable to locate package ....19:44
adilixgot it19:46
mesdoes anyone know of a list of mirrors for apt?23:05
plasma41mes: see
onefangThat's the ISO mirrors, for apt package mirrors -
mesI did see the get-devuan page but onefang is right most at least are iso mirrors23:09 is 35ms, but mirror is empty23:11
onefangYes, they have been very slack on actually getting it set up.23:12
onefangAnd I've been very slack on getting people to fix their mirrors.  lol23:13
fsmithredpackage mirror list is on pkgmaster.devuan.org23:13
fsmithredmirrors.txt pretty sure23:13
onefangI said that already fsmithred,  B-)23:14
fsmithredsorry, I just got done spending a couple hours getting windows xp and samba to cooperate with the printer23:14
fsmithredfeeling shell-shocked23:14
onefangYeah, that'll kill brain cells.  No worries.23:15
meslooks like is only one on this  side of the Atlantic, (or Pacific)23:16
fsmithredif you're in the eastern half, some of the euro mirrors are fast23:17
onefangI think there is South American mirrors from memory.23:17
mes Shit, is only 90ms but I get "InRelease is expired (invalid since 27d 18h 37min 52s)"23:22
onefangThey are slightly less slack than
mesI'm on Vancouver Island where I'm doing the build out. Instance will ultimately go to a linode in Cali. Anyone have a suggestion in europe?23:26 is in Brazil, in Netherlands (my own server) is always good.23:27 is in the middle of updating right now though.23:27
mesI should ask if linode would be willing to host a mirror.23:28
onefangThat would be cool.23:28
mesIt isn't a prebuilt option right now, but I wouldn't be surprised if it got used if it were.23:29 ?  is pretty fast23:30
fsmithredsledj rulz23:31
onefangBrazil is closer to Vancouver, so might have less ping time.23:32
* onefang smiles at fsmithred's endorsement.23:32
mesfor me is 160 - 260 ms, same for mirror.ungleich.ch23:33 is slower, I bet it is actually farther away as the plane flies and who knows where the cables run23:36 is in Iron Mountain in Amsterdam, very well located for Internet.23:37 it is, much faster than the default23:46

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