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xrogaanWell, probably? I don't know.00:19
xrogaangolinux: I would make a subsection on that page titled "How to contribute".00:20
xrogaanYou know, to categorize the information and not have it in a big lump.00:22
xrogaanSimilarly, I would suggest moving the "old bug list" to an archive sub section.00:22
xrogaanWhat's the most relevant information somebody would want to find on the web page?00:23
golinux"Contribute covers more that development so not totally appropriate to that "Development" page00:25
golinuxWe need to keep things focused.00:26
Xenguyxrogaan: Feel free to /join #devuan-www.  We appreciate all suggestions, and contributions : -)00:27
golinuxxrogaan: Yes, please join in there.00:34
flingHow to delay starting tor until openvpn initializes connection?13:57
iv4nshm4k0vfling: The only way I can readily think of is to # update-rc.d tor disable and put an explicit invoke-rc.d tor start into the relevant Openvpn script.13:59
flingwhich automation/orchestration tool to use for setting up multiple devuans?14:00
iv4nshm4k0v(A more difficult, though perhaps justified in some cases, approach would be to add a dependency on openvpn into init.d/tor and edit the latter to somehow wait for the connection to come up.)14:03
flinggentoo has proper openvpn initscript for this14:03
flingalso works with multiple connections14:03
flingservice reported as running only when connection initiated14:03
iv4nshm4k0vfling: Some use Ansible with Debian; don't think it won't be similar with Devuan.  Personally, I use some ad-hoc scripts.14:03
flingHow to properly install cjdns? Maybe also yrd.14:12
flingalso ansible or puppet?14:18
frntzIs there any likelihood beowulf would see a backported 5.11 kernel? Or whatever Debian release it's based on.. I tend to forget their release names these days :P22:21
Tenkawafrntz: 5.11 hasn't even made it into debian unstable yet'22:29
frntzah, so I guess I'm holding my breath for nothing22:29
Tenkawaright now they are on : Version: 5.10.19-122:33
Tenkawajust  updated my repo and listed it out22:33
frntzah well, I'll have to build my own at some point22:33
Tenkawathats what I do22:34
TenkawaI run 90% arm so its useful for me to anyway22:34
frntznice, I would go full arm if I didn't have things i needed on x8622:35
Tenkawaonly thing I run x86 is my gaming/input laptop22:36
Tenkawa(and my mac laptop)22:36
frntzyeah, gaming is the thing I can't seem to give up too lol.22:37
frntzbut x86 has got to that point for me.. I may have to give it up regardless.22:37
Tenkawayeah my wife, me and and some of our friends play a lot online nowadays since remote gaming is so much more useeable for us22:38
frntzthat's understandable, lan parties are hard to arrange22:38
frntzthese days I see that even mitx boards are bloated.. user choice about rgb options is limited, e.g you either buy a new board with rgb support or you buy older hardware22:41
gnarfacefrntz: use beowulf-backports for a newer kernel.  i think it's only 5.9 or 5.10 yet but it might end up eventually being 5.11 before beowulf is EOL'd22:48
gnarfacefrntz: (if you're using AMD or NVidia official drivers you'll also need stuff from backports for them to match the kernel)22:49
Tenkawagnarface: he's aware of that but I confirmed "official debian" doesn't have it yet22:53
Tenkawaread above22:54
Tenkawaif debian doesnt have it... devuan isnt going to22:54
frntzindeed, though it's useful to know they might backport 5.11 at some point22:54
Tenkawafrntz: yes.. but it doesn't make any sense to muddy infornation22:55
Tenkawa5.11 likely will never get brought over anyway22:56
Tenkawaits not a long term release22:56
Tenkawaat all22:56
gnarfaceTenkawa: well, i think it was actually helpful information to add and i was not intending to muddy anything, but rather clarify22:56
gnarfaceTenkawa: it wasn't clear from just this interchange that he had tried what was already there yet or had incentive to22:57
frntzwell, 5.11 or greater will be useful. In any case, we'll seee but I have to build my own for now.. which is okay22:57
gnarfaceTenkawa: (and that's the thing i actually intended to add; incentive to try 5.10 because i don't see any compelling reason to wait for 5.11)22:57
gnarfaceTenkawa: (incentive and one important tip about the non-free driver components for common video cards, that is)22:58
Tenkawahe "specificly" asked about 5.1122:58
gnarfaceTenkawa: (both of those, i admit, might have been discussed prior, but like i said, i wasn't trying to steal your thunder, just improve detail)22:58
Tenkawawhich was relevant in this discussion22:58
Tenkawadebian doesnt have any 5.11 in it at all yet22:59
gnarfaceTenkawa: yea, but i also think people should avoid 5.11 right now for good reason, but people using 4.19 can benefit from 5.9 and 5.10 in numerous real-world scenarios)22:59
Tenkawagnarface: yes.. but let them decide.. thats not whats he asked22:59
Tenkawaanyhow.. I have to run for a few hours.. time to finish up some stuff before a storm hits us23:00
gnarfaceTenkawa: but it wasn't clear to me that you had given him enough information to decide that.  so while the situation where frntz might have already been on 5.9 or 5.10 would have been acceptable IMO, the situation where he decides to wait on 4.19 instead of trying a backports kernel was not23:00
Tenkawahe asked "(05:21:36 PM) frntz: Is there any likelihood beowulf would see a backported 5.11 kernel? Or whatever Debian release it's based on.. I tend to forget their release names these days :P"23:01
frntzall info is good guys, I take merit from whatever you think their release cycle might be.. I know there are no guarentees23:01
TenkawaI answered "(05:21:36 PM) frntz: Is there any likelihood beowulf would see a backported 5.11 kernel? Or whatever Debian release it's based on.. I tend to forget their release names these days :P"23:01
Tenkawa(05:29:28 PM) FreeNode:Tenkawa: frntz: 5.11 hasn't even made it into debian unstable yet'23:02
frntzyou both gave helpful answers, I was just weighing up the likelihood I would see 5.11 (or greater would be suitable) in backports23:02
Tenkawafrntz: ok :) cheers for now.23:03
gnarfaceit seems likely at the current rate23:03
gnarfacei don't think testing is expected to freeze until next year23:03
gnarfacei could be wrong23:03
frntzyeah, this ryzen support thing is.. well, let's just say amd needs a good kick up the ...23:04
Tenkawaback for a few23:07
Tenkawano.. 5.11 is a short duration kernel23:07
Tenkawathere will be around 40 point releases at most then it will be decommed like 5.9 was23:08
Tenkawaprobably less.. 5.9 only had 1623:09
Tenkawathe "stable" kernels are usually fairly shortterm23:09

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