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donut-assassinHello guys!06:01
donut-assassinI have an old thinkpad with Devuan installed on it, I dropped it while running, the disk is OK, but now has 5 bad sectors, and has lost the eudev program.06:02
donut-assassinon bootup it boot sto runlevel 2. Enters Slim login manager, but (probably since [e]udev is missing) now no longer detects keyboard. On REISUB i can drop into a root shell.06:03
donut-assassin..however it appears the hard-drive is locked as read-only, since eudev is missing, I can no longer detect plugged in USB's for backup. I have a 30GIG virtual image I need to recover, the disk is fully-encrypted with LVM. What other options do I have, or can I repair the system by booting in with a Devuan USB live-installer?06:05
fluffywolfI'm not familiar with encrypted lvm, so I don't know how hard it is to decrypt without booting it.  you could try booting the drive in something that could have a second non-usb drive installed and copy it there.06:17
fluffywolfbut, any drive that now has 5 bad sectors, might be seconds away from being a brick.  imaging it would be the first thing I'd do.  but, as I said, I know nothing about encryption, so I don't know if that'd work.06:20
donut-assassinfuffywolf: thank you!06:34
fluffywolfglad to help, although I'm not sure I did.  :)06:39
fluffywolfbbl, bedtime06:40
donut-assassingoodnight :)06:49
deldenzen is there any way to uninstall certain kde applications like konqueror without uninstalling the whole system?09:19
gnarfacewith kde maybe not...09:23
gnarfacedid you try just purging the konqueror package?09:24
gnarfaceyou could try disabling recommends during upgrades.09:25
gnarfacethat'll cut down on extra stuff anyway, maybe not kde specific09:25
deldenzenis there any way to uninstall all the packages which were recommended?09:27
gnarfacehmm, there should be but i forget exactly09:29
gnarfaceusually what i do is directly remove one of the ones i see it install, then run "apt-get --purge autoremove" on what's left over09:30
gnarfacesometimes i'll have to repeat that a couple times09:30
gnarfacewhen you upgrade, upgrade like this to keep it lean: apt-get update && apt-get --no-install-recommends upgrade09:34
gnarfaceyou can add it to some config file to make it permanent but i forget the details on that too09:35
gnarfaceit's in the man page somewhere i think09:35
walexall those settings are in '/etc/apt/apt.conf' or '/etc/apt/apt.conf.d/*.conf'12:24
grntceh, the wokerati at rathead are at it again17:49
Xenguyapt-get update && apt-get upgrade -s gave this output:19:17
Xenguy^^ Quite a bunch of software to be updated.  This is on Beowulf.19:17
XenguyIs anyone seeing similar upgrades?19:18
fsmithred58 packages today19:18
fsmithredand I just did it a few days ago19:19
XenguyThanks fsmithred, just checking to make sure19:19
fsmithredand another new kernel19:19
onefangSimiliar to what I got yesterday.  Most of it is bits of Libre Office.19:19
Xenguyfsmithred, yep, here too19:19
Xenguyonefang, yeah19:19
fsmithredmy uptime was only 18 days, and I upgraded from -14 to -1619:19
golinuxLibre Office is a hog19:20
fsmithredso there was -15 in there. -14 was from Jan 3019:20
onefangMono is much worse.  lol19:20
fsmithredwelcome to kernel of the month club19:20
Xenguygolinux, While I think of it, I just ran across this image manipulation program called 'krita' yesterday.  Installing it now to have a look.  Might be a useful compliment to GIMP.19:48
Xenguy"As you learn about Krita, keep in mind that it is not intended as a replacement for Photoshop. This means that the other programs may have more features than Krita for image manipulation tasks, such as stitching together photos, while Krita’s tools are most relevant to digital painting, concept art, illustration, and texturing. This fact accounts for a great deal of Krita’s design."19:53
golinuxXenguy: Thanks.  I'll check it out.20:26
melodiea lady handed me a laptop Asus23:15
melodieI looked into the bios : the machine date is 2002!23:15
melodieI changed the cmos battery, changed the RAM for PC 2700 1GBx2 and added a 32GB PATA SSD23:16
melodiesince yesterday I tried more than half a dozen 32bits distros presented as light, on the web23:16
melodietried them in virtualbox23:16
melodiealso I tried some light antiX spinoffs too but could not even start youtube and listen to music (lags too much).23:17
melodiefinally I installed Devuan which brings much more joy in that oldie!23:17
melodieI meet with a little annoyance, I hope someone can help me with that : Synaptic won't start, it is setup to use pkexec and pkexec works better with systemd. So I don't want to add systemd so I tried the antiX trick : "su-to-root -X -c synaptic"23:19
melodiethat works, however23:19
melodiewhat is funny, it triggers the Terminal to prompt me for the password.23:19
melodieany idea how I could get a regular x window to prompt for the password?23:19
melodieI have tried several options, but no luck yet23:20
rrqour mxlinux friends have a short forum thread on this:
melodierrq I look thanks!23:29
fsmithredmelodie, pkexec should work correctly in devuan. Is policykit-1-gnome installed?23:31
melodiefsmithred let me check23:31
fsmithredare you keeping this for yourself or returning it to the original user?23:32
melodiefsmithred yes it is, version 0.105-723:33
melodieneither nor, it's for another end user, why?23:33
melodieI already have met with some kind of trouble around pkexec lately, I had heard there was a bug in some versions of policykit gnome23:34
melodieI can find a turn around, but I'd rather ask for advice this time23:35
fsmithredI was thinking maybe you would do better to use command line instead of synaptic23:38
fsmithredbut that depends on the user23:38
melodieI do use command line, a lot, however I am trying to get the linux boxes I hand over to end users as graphical as possible23:38
melodieso typing a root password in a terminal feels not right23:39
fsmithredI just 'su' and then run graphical apps23:39
fsmithredbut I messed with root's path to get that to work23:39
fsmithredand yes, I have to type root's password23:39
fsmithredmight work better with sudo, but I don't use that much23:39
melodiethis is what I have done to try to get as close as possible to what is desirable:23:39
melodieneither su not sudo23:40
melodiethese are potentiel sources of trouble and security issues23:40
melodieI have installed menu23:40
melodiewhich brought in the "su-to-root" command as the one antiX uses23:40
melodieI have used the exact same command line as them in the synaptic.desktop file:23:41
melodieExec=su-to-root -X -c synaptic23:41
melodieman su-to-root says the same23:41
melodiebut now when I start synaptic from the menus it prompts a terminal instead of prompting a graphical window, which is a bit strange23:42
melodieit should trigger a window23:42
fsmithredwhat window?23:42
melodieI mean a X window23:42
fsmithredare you thinking of gksu window?23:42
melodiefsmithred any window, gksu does not exist anymore right?23:42
fsmithredpkexec has replaced it23:43
melodiebut if thers is no systemd maybe.. I don't know, gksu still exists in antiX23:43
melodiemaybe I try to install gksu from antiX ? :D23:43
fsmithredprobably an old version forward-ported23:43
fsmithredyou could try23:43
fsmithreduse dpkg, not apt23:43
melodieok why not23:43
melodieyes, sure23:44
melodieI'll have to dpkg-repack first23:44
melodieI have a antiX with Openbox installed in the same machine23:44
melodieto get a gksu package to install23:44
melodieor maybe I boot one in vbox on my regular machine23:45
fsmithredI mean what needs to be changed in the package?23:45
melodieI don't understand why you are asking htis23:45
fsmithredmaybe I don't understand what dkpg-repack does23:46
melodieit seems if I don't get a gui window to prompt for password in Devuan is because there is neither gksu nor systemd23:46
melodiedpkg-repack rebuilds a package from an installed program23:46
fsmithredyeah, thanks. I just read that and it makes sense now.23:46
melodieit makes it rise again from it's ashes! Like the phenix!23:46
fsmithredare you saing menu only creates a window for the password if systemd is installed?23:47
melodieor if gksu is installed23:47
melodiethe window looks a bit different for both23:47
melodieone is simple, the other one, when having systemd informs of what policykit rule it is using23:48
sgageJust for a data point, pkexec works fine for me on all Devuan versions from23:49
melodieanother solution would be to tweak the rule I tried, but I still can't get it to prompt for a password, when using that rule I just start it with privileges without password23:49
melodiesgage ok23:49
sgageascii to ceres.23:49
melodiesgage how does synaptic start in your install?23:50
melodieor other gui admin tools such as "Users and Groups" ?23:50
melodieceres : is a terminal admin tool?23:50
fsmithredhere they start from the apps menu. A pkexec window comes up for the password.23:51
melodiefsmithred ook23:51
fsmithredor from terminal, 'synaptic-pkexec' gives me the same23:51
melodiefsmithred from a root terminal, isn't it so?23:51
fsmithredI just installed and tried menu, and it does the same as for you - a terminal comes up for the password.23:51
fsmithredno, synaptic-pkexec is run as unpriv user23:52
fsmithrednot root23:52
fsmithredthe graphical pkexec window asks for root pass23:52
fsmithredI like terminals and think there's nothing wrong with a terminal asking for root password.23:52
melodiewhen I tried the regular way I had a terminal window prompting for a password, and asking with which users I should use23:53
fsmithredtried exactly what?23:53
melodiestarted normally from menus23:53
melodiewithout tweaking the synaptic.desktop file23:54
melodiewithout menu installed23:54
sgagemelodie, 'Exec=synaptic-pkexec' in the .desktop file23:54
melodiesgage I know I have commented it to keep it23:54
melodiein fact23:54
melodiewhen starting from menus it would not do anything23:55
fsmithredis elogind installed?23:55
melodieso I tried invoking as user23:55
melodiefsmithred I check23:55
fsmithredand libpam-elogind23:55
fsmithredand maybe a display-manager (e.g. lightdm)23:56
melodieyes, and slim is the default dm I think23:56
melodieyes, it's slim23:56
melodiewould it be better to install lightdm?23:56
fsmithredyeah, and pkexec should work with that23:56
fsmithredyou did a full desktop install from install iso?23:57
melodieyes, the one with Xfce423:57
fsmithredthen it should work23:57
fsmithredi.e. starting synaptic from the menu should work23:57
melodielet me check the list of removals23:57
sgageoff to a zoom meeting. good luck melodie.23:59

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