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rwpIs there an equiv to that can be used for virt-install --location to netboot an install ??00:28
rwpgnarface, Awesome!  I failed to figure it out on my own.  Thanks for the second brain.00:33
gnarfaceno problem00:33
gnarfacei dunno what you're talking about so i don't know if it'll actually work but the files seem to be there...00:33
rwpvirt-install is part of libkvm, a rather heavy KVM virtual machine management framework.  --location allows a fully netboot installation.00:36
rwpAlternatively I can download an ISO image and boot the image and install that way.00:36
rwpWhat's really very cool is that if you have either a local mirror or a local caching proxy and everything local then you can spin up VMs in literally just a few minutes from start to login.00:38
rwpThat path you gave me seems to be working.  I am able to netboot from it.  And I am currently working through an install right now.00:40
rwpWhich means you have enabled me to spend some endless many hours, days, weeks, fixing my automation for Beowulf. :-)00:41
gnarfacei think?00:44
rwpI know, right!?  It's a sucking hole of time.  But automation really is worth the time investment.  preseed files plus system configuration scripts and all of that to automate everything.00:45
rwpA few hours of trial and error can save you several minutes of looking at the README file.  :-)00:47
rwpAnd just casually working through a serial console installation I just finished it and am now logged into a pristine new Beowulf VM.00:55
rwpAnd if one does not want the serial console (I would call that server style) then virt-manager is the fully graphical GUI.00:55
mexonHi Folks, I know the general answer to this is 'when its ready' which is completely understandable but I'm looking for a general approximation of when Devuan's current testing branch will move to stable, given that Debian 11 is pretty close at this point02:38
ShorTiei'd say give it a month or 2 after debian stabilizes02:39
mexonFair enough, excellent, appreciate it.02:40
systemdleteerror during dist-upgrade from ascii to beowulf in eudev:
systemdleteI've run --fix-missing but after applying additional upgrades (ones that got missed due to the breakage), the same error comes back.05:45
lts-systemdlete: I've used successfully, and that states "[apt-get install evdev] The last command is known to cause package breaks but we will fix this as part of the migration process" and then instructs to run "apt-get -f install". I haven't had issues with that.06:08
lts-i.e. --fix-broken06:09
gnarfacesystemdlete: do you have a custom kernel or a very old one or one from a different distro or something?06:20
gnarfacesystemdlete: i haven't seen this error but it's the type of thing i'd expect to see if you had compiled the kernel without inotify06:20
gnarfaceor like, maybe if you forgot to upgrade the kernel to the current release06:21
pandakekok9Hi, can anyone look as to why my build of iwd for experimental is stalling?
rrqpandakekok9: seems to be something lost in the final handshake w i386-builder07:47
* rrq looking ...07:59
gnu_srssystemdlete: The comment about buster-to-beowulf is wrong. eudev is installed by a package udev depending on eudev.  You should not need to force the install.09:44
gnu_srsAnybody know hos to update that page?09:46
Xenguygnu_srs, Yes, there has been discussion of that page recently...11:20
XenguyBut what to correct exactly is always the question : -)11:21
gnu_srsXenguy: Regarding eudev this should be sufficient: Upgrade to eudev is made by the transitional package udev. No special measures are needed.12:39
gnu_srsSo all text surrounding apt-get install eudev and apt-get -f install can be removed. Replaced with the text above.12:40
XenguyThanks for that gnu_srs .  Will capture that idea and run it by a few people.19:47
infobotXenguy: pas de quoi19:47
fsmithredwtf? the bot now initiates conversation?20:39
crashoverridein french, too20:40
rwpI for one welcome our new info bot overlords.20:48
ibanjaI have upgraded several systems to beowulf. Most kept my apt-mark holds, but one did not.20:52
ibanjaIs there a way to downgrade and keep those old versions?20:53
ibanjaIt is important for compatibility reasons.20:53
plasma41ibanja: Downgrade an individual package or the whole system?20:54
ibanjaan individual package20:54
plasma41ibanja: That's often doable. Which package?20:55
ibanjaI am thinking a better option would be a user installed version of the package.20:55
ibanjathe two important packages are keepassx  and lyx20:55
plasma41ibanja: You're wanting to continue using the ascii versions of those packages, correct?20:56
plasma41ibanja: Ok, let me check the dependencies for those packages. One moment20:58
ibanjaplasma41: thanks... I am also wondering if using NIXos packaging or other universal packaging system such as flatpack would be the best option, but I have no experience and don't want to trash my system.21:00
plasma41ibanja: The changelog for keepassx indicates that the ascii version (2.0.3-1) and beowulf version (2.0.3-2) differ only in terms of minor tweak to the debian packaging, but are otherwise the same upstream version (2.0.3). (Source: Is there a change affecting you that is not mentioned in the changelog?21:05
ibanjaWOW... I must be using pre-ascii... sorry for the missinfo... (Installed: 0.4.3+dfsg-0.1+deb8u1 ---- Candidate: 2.0.3-2)21:06
ibanjathe problem is some old keepassx databases... and they are shared via nextcloud....21:07
ibanjaI think it's time to let the straglers upgrade or have a second install to deal with the problem.... OR user install an older version if that is even possible.21:09
plasma41ibanja: Ok, that version of keepassx is from jessie.21:09
ibanjaI could try to cull together the dependencies and put them into my local repo, but I wonder if this is getting a bit silly...21:11
plasma41ibanja: Looking at the build dependencies for the jessie version of keepassx ( I see that Qt4 is required. Unfortunately Qt4 is not included in Beowulf so you would need to manually pull in all the Qt4 dependencies. Simply re-installing the old keepassx deb file wouldn't be enough.21:15
ibanjaplasma41: I see...21:16
ibanjaplasma41: Thanks... I have a solution now... the computers that can't upgrade are stuck in version because of legacy software... so let's put them into a VM and let the host os handle the upgraded programs21:16
ibanjaI think that would work.21:17
ibanjaplasma41: appreciate the helpful input...21:19
plasma41ibanja: As for lyx, while the ascii binary depends on older ascii versions of some dependencies, namely libboost, I believe a simple recompile of the older version atop beowulf should provide a usable binary.21:20
ibanjaplasma41: lyx... that would be very helpful. I will look into that. Thanks21:21
plasma41ibanja: Happy to help21:22
systemdletegnarface:  I was following the official instructions at to upgrade to beowulf.21:41
systemdleteAlso, mine is ascii-to-beowulf, not buster-to-beowulf.  I suspect that buster already has a "base" load of software that is more compatible with beowulf than ascii.21:42
systemdleteSo if upgrading the kernel is a necessary step, then that should be a dependency that the upgrade finds automatically.  If a reboot is necessary, that should be clear from the procedure.21:43
systemdleteI have whatever the latest stock kernel is from the ascii repo.  I think it is 4.19.021:44
fsmithredupgrade kernel is not required21:48
systemdleteI am unable to use my laptop in its current condition.21:48
systemdleteIt fails, the same way, every time I try to finish the upgrade.  There is plenty of disk space.21:48
fsmithredI've never seen that error before21:49
systemdleteI am even using ethernet rather than wireless to speed things up.21:49
fsmithreddid you verify that those things are in your kernel?21:49
systemdleteAgain, I am using whatever stock kernel is in the repo21:49
fsmithredgrep INOTIFY /boot/config-whatever21:49
fsmithredthat's nice21:50
systemdleteis that no good?21:50
fsmithreddid you verify that those things are really in it?21:50
fsmithredit should be good21:50
fsmithredprove it21:50
fsmithrednot necessarily to me, but to yourself21:50
systemdleteA stock kernel that is not compatible with stock packages?   Odd.21:50
fsmithredwould be very odd21:50
fsmithredyou can take it on faith or you can verify21:51
systemdleteIt says CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER=y21:52
fsmithredyeah, so does mine21:52
* systemdlete scratches his head21:55
fsmithredthat error message is coming from the preinst script21:55
fsmithredegrep -q "^[a-fA-F0-9]+ T \.?sys_${symbol}$" /proc/kallsyms21:56
fsmithredthat's in the failing test21:56
* systemdlete listens as fsmithred steps through debugging the failing package...21:57
fsmithredcan you boot a live-usb and chroot the system?21:58
fsmithredor boot to single-user?21:58
systemdleteIf you know of a way to work around this, maybe we can run apt-get with some magic options21:58
fsmithrednot magic options. Just comment out the test.21:58
systemdleteHow does one "comment out the test" without building a custom package?21:59
systemdleteOr will building a custom package be relatively straightforward?22:00
fsmithrednano /var/lib/dpkg/info/eudev.preinst22:01
systemdletewon't that get overridden when I attempt the install again?22:01
systemdleteor does it pick up where it left off?22:02
systemdlete(I'm not very familiar with this, if you can't tell)22:02
fsmithredyou might get away with dpkg --configure -a22:02
fsmithredor even upgrade might not download it again22:03
fsmithredI'm not certain22:03
fsmithrednano +33 <that file>22:03
fsmithredand you'll be on a line that says 'exit 1'22:03
fsmithredpreced that with #22:03
systemdleteYes, I know how to comment it out.22:03
systemdleteAnd how to use vi.22:04
systemdlete(I don't use nano)22:04
fsmithredyou'll still see the error messge go by, but it won't dump you out22:04
fsmithredthe exit is right after the list of kernel features22:05
systemdleteI don't see that line in the preinst file22:06
systemdleteYou are saying line 33?22:06
systemdlete(I'm guessing that is what you meant with +33)22:06
fsmithredyeah, you should see the error message you got22:06
fsmithrednear the top of the script22:06
systemdleteAre we really talking about the same package22:06
fsmithredyou must be looking at the older one22:07
systemdleteand script?22:07
fsmithredsecond function is called check_kernel_features22:07
systemdletesoooo... the upgrade somehow downloaded the wrong package?22:07
fsmithredno, you're probably looking at the ascii version22:08
fsmithred# Hack to get the dpkg process' PID despite using debconf22:08
fsmithred^^^ see that at the top?22:08
systemdletewhy would it be doing that -- this is an upgrade to beowulf, and the packages should be coming from beowulf since the sources file was set -- by me -- to the beowulf repos.22:08
fsmithredI thought it was an upgrade FROM ascii22:09
fsmithredsee the line I just posted from the ascii version? Is that what you have?22:09
systemdleteIt IS an upgrade from ascii to beowulf22:09
fsmithredso anything that didn't get replaced by the beowulf version should be the ascii version22:10
systemdleteright.  so why is it upgrading eudev if it is already at the ascii version?  If beowulf has a newer eudev package, it should have downloaded it.22:14
systemdleteSorry, this is still not making sense.22:14
systemdleteI don't see any "exit 1" in the eudev.preinst file22:14
fsmithredbecause we are not looking at the same file22:15
systemdleteI am looking at the precise path you gave above22:15
fsmithredomg, you have ascii, I have beowulf22:15
systemdleteMaybe I misunderstnad22:15
systemdleteno kidding22:15
fsmithredthe two different versions do not have the same preinst file22:16
systemdleteno surprise there...22:16
fsmithredI don't know why the upgrade failed for you22:16
systemdleteRight.  I think that part I get.  Completely.22:16
systemdletewere you being sarcastic when you said "omg, ..." ?22:17
systemdleteor did you really just realize that we were on different releases?22:18
fsmithredno, but you keep asking why our files are not the same22:18
systemdlete(peoples' tones are hard to detect on chat)22:18
systemdleteI did not ask, actually.22:18
systemdleteI expect that they would be different, by default.22:18
systemdleteesp. for a package like eudev, being the pandoras box it is22:19
systemdletefsmithred:  I'm still trying to find the webpage that I am using to do the upgrade22:20
fsmithredshould be on devuan.org22:20
systemdleteit is.  All I recall is that it said to modify the sources file, then run update and then release-upgrade (something like that)22:21
systemdletenot that page, no22:21
fsmithredchange sources, apt update, apt dist-upgrade is what I usually do22:22
systemdletethat was it22:22
systemdleteand it broke, exactly as we have been sorting this out22:22
fsmithredoh there are a couple of extra instructions: kill xscreensaver, force-downgrade upower22:24
fsmithredrepeat dist-upgrade, apt -f install22:24
fsmithrednot necessarily in that order22:24
fsmithredand I don't think any of those things would affect your error22:24
fsmithredanyway, I have to go22:24
systemdlete(they don't)22:24
systemdletethanks for your help22:24
* systemdlete is left with a broken system just by following official debian instructions for performing a release upgrade. Go figure, right?22:25
sadsnorkibanja, I am successfully using keepass 0.4.3 on Beowulf by (1) "apt-get install --no-install-recommends libqt4-xml libqtcore4 libqtgui4" (2) dpkg -i /path/keepass.deb (3) apt-mark hold keepassx22:35
gnu_srssystemdlete: Did you follow the Devuan instructions for an upgrade? I assume you did not mean Debian!22:39
systemdleteI went to debian because I thought that the upgrades would be the same22:51
systemdleteBut it sounds, from what fsmithred was saying, that the same instructions apply22:52
xrogaanIs this ... an April fool?
xrogaanoh, no, it's real. It's a node package.23:07
DPAI've now for the first time installed chimaera on a normal laptop (using debootstrap). The keyboard-configuration package doesn't seam to work anymore. And OMG, xfce now looks awful, the CSD, the icons, etc...23:55

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