libera/#devuan/ Sunday, 2021-05-16

xrogaanJust upgraded to chimaera. Seems to work fine.11:10
xrogaanarchivemail has been dropped, I'll look into porting it to python311:10
Nichican i choose between different types of sleep like S1 S3, something like that with loginctl suspend?12:59
xrogaanfound something weird, dating from 2017: lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 1 May  3  2017 /usr/bin/X11 -> .14:31
xrogaan/usr/bin/X11 is a symlink to /usr/bin/14:32
xrogaananybody else has this?14:32
onefangI think it's been like that for ages.14:33
xrogaanis it necessary?14:33
debdogmine is from 2014 \o/14:33
onefangLikely it's for backwards compatibility.  Feel free to remove it, and let us know if your X11 breaks.14:33
xrogaanI just did :P14:34
xrogaanarchivemail is so old it use non-existing python API.14:39
gnarfacexrogaan: mine is from march 7 200915:38
xrogaanreactivated the link, just to be sure. Some shell might need it to exists.15:44
dicesorry for the mistakes here, just trying to learn how to use suckless sic irc16:49
diceokay think i have it figured, will see. Goodnight16:50
Nichididnt know suckless have an irc client, how is it in comparison to weechat16:50
diceHi Nichi, not used much irc except for hexchat, never used weechat. Here is the link to suckless sic
unixbsdI will remove systemd from Ubuntu. How shall I call this new distro?  UVUNTU ? is that fine for you?20:15
By_JumperX4[m]unixbsd: Vetbuntu maybe ?20:25
By_JumperX4[m]for the "veteran" part20:25
unixbsdBy_JumperX4[m]: serious? vet  <-- look like veterinay20:39
By_JumperX4[m]Uvuntu sounds fucked up too20:40
unixbsdor .. maybe:20:43
unixbsdfreebuntu  <-- sounds cooler20:43
unixbsdI have added inittab and put sysv, and changed init. It is not that easy but well, it runs surely without systemd.21:13
unixbsdI put online the barebone with command line, running on groovy amd64, without runnning systemd.21:13
unixbsdmy barebone to scalpel the ubuntu to libre:
golinuxunixbsd: And your latest buntard project has nothing to do with Devuan support.  Please continue on OT -offtopic21:35
HurgotronHmm. Is there any scrolling in the physical console? I mean, tty1-6. I thought you could access scrollback with shift-PgUp. Didn't try for a long time, and it doesn't seem to work. Does my memory fail me, or did something change?23:39
debdogworks here, Beowulf. not entirely sure whether I had to alter something in /etc or not23:41
Hurgotrondebdog: Two different installs here, Beowulf too23:44
debdogor I have inherited that setting from the previous versions23:45
Hurgotron$TERM is linux?23:46
debdogthey confirm this behaviour
debdogHurgotron: laptop with some unusual keyboard?
Hurgotrondebdog: They talk about kernel 5.9 though, I'm on 4.19.0-16-amd6423:52
hagbard_The functionality has simply been removed from the kernel in 5.9.23:52
Hurgotrondebdog: No, rather plain setup, only thing not quite standard is thta it's dual monitor23:52
Hurgotronhagbard_: Yes I see, but Beowulf w/ 4.19.023:53
debdogI am on 4.19.0-8, mayhap it got merged23:56
Hurgotronover major versions? Would surprise me. - But if it's on the way out anyway, I probably should not bother23:58
HurgotronWould have been useful when setting up my new system. though.23:59

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