libera/#devuan/ Wednesday, 2021-05-26

xrogaanQuerying here: anybody uses archivemail?03:08
KREYRENhowddya get widevine on chromium using testing devuan04:01
KREYRENnwm got google-chrome in flatpak04:25
xrogaanflatpak! *spat*04:29
xrogaanbtw, widevine isn't available in debian, at all.04:33
fluffywolfso that thing on freenode is one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a while.05:21
golinuxWhat "thing"05:23
fluffywolfsome freenode bot just deopped everyone and unregistered the channel05:24
fluffywolfsaying the channel was against policies.05:24
onefangAnd devoiced us.05:25
golinuxWe should try to get all metion of devuan off of freenode IMO.05:25
fluffywolfwell, #devuan is gone, as is ##devuan it tries forwarding to.05:26
fluffywolfsomeone might want to sit in ##devuan to tell people to move here.  but, it's impossible to get ops in it, to do anything else.05:27
fluffywolfI have no idea why they have a channel killing bot, but there you have it.  lol05:28
fluffywolfseems like they're doing an excellent job encouraging people to leave.05:29
gast0n__ :D05:33
fluffywolfI wonder if they're killing every channel with libera in the topic.05:34
gast0nI think yes, they are doing that05:35
onefangOnly actual #devuan-* channel I still see untouched doesn't even have a topic.05:35
fluffywolfalas, I'm still going to keep using freenode, as long as I can't get my channel back here.05:37
gast0nat the end you mention the change in policies, someone warned about this on the mailing list
gast0nat the end the change in policies is mentioned*05:40
onefangIt's just good manners to leave a pointer to the new place in the old place when moving for any reason.  Good manners is against policy now?05:41
dissidentno money in good manners05:42
fluffywolfno part of what's happening lately involves good manners.05:43
Kizanoapologies. wrong window.05:49
KizanoHi ya'll!05:50
joergFN "staff" went completely berserk, redefining their policy a 9h ago and going across all channels that had *libera* in topic and nuking them07:21
joergso here we are07:22
gast0nyes, see
onefangNot nuking all of them, at least one got "replaced".07:30
golinuxjoerg: Do you still have ops on those channels?07:32
golinuxSo you will be able to delete the ones that are "empty"?07:33
golinuxI really would like to get anything Devuan off of FN asap.07:33
joergwell, you technically hardly can "delete" a channel. As soon as anybody joins the channel exists out of nowhere07:34
joergthe channels hardly are empty. I could kick everybody there07:34
joergthen they are empty and then they are "dead" as they still continue to exist but nobody is allowed to join them anymore07:35
golinuxAnyway to send a message to all of them?07:35
joergall users?07:36
onefangThe two #devuan-* channels I'm still in over there have only a handful.  One of those was the one I reported having being taken over.07:36
golinuxDevuan users07:36
golinuxTelling them where to go.07:36
golinuxLike a global Devuan announcement.07:36
joergwe can only send a message to those that are in channel07:37
golinuxThat would be a start07:37
joergand I had a forward to ##moved_to_libera channel that explained in topic "the channel you wanted to join has moved to libera"07:38
golinuxTake note of who you sent it to. the list07:38
onefangAh that was you.  The number of people in that channel keeps growing.  lol07:38
onefangOnly one person seems to have voice though, keeps answering questions I don't see.07:39
onefangI left it.07:39
golinuxThis idiot could do damage to Devuan if he controls the channels.07:40
joergsorry, my mistake. #devuan is  [Notice] -ChanServ- You are not authorized to perform this operation.07:41
joergI can't join either07:42
golinuxOh my . . .07:42
onefangSo you are not responsible for ##moved_to_libera?07:42
golinuxWhat about parazyd?07:42
onefangI figured the 400+ and growing people in there are coz it's redirected from multiple channels.07:42
golinuxI didnt recognize very many of the names the last time I looked at it07:43
gast0n02:44 ..gast0n | info #devuan-es07:45
gast0n02:44 ChanServ(ChanServ@services.) Information on #devuan-es:07:45
gast0n02:44 ChanServ(ChanServ@services.) Founder    : freenode-placeholder-account07:45
gast0n02:44 ChanServ(ChanServ@services.) Registered : May 26 02:59:26 2021 (2h 45m 10s ago)07:45
gast0n02:44 ChanServ(ChanServ@services.) The #devuan namespace is registered to the devuan project07:45
gast0n02:44 ChanServ(ChanServ@services.) *** End of Info ***07:45
gast0nparazyd is no longer listed as founder07:45
golinuxIs there a new founder?07:46
lightbringerthat placeholder account is the new founder07:47
gast0nAs I understand it from what is seen here:, Freenode made the decision to release the channels that moved to Libera07:47
golinuxplease define "release"07:48
onefang"release" meaning "hijack them and toss people out"07:49
gast0nset free07:49
golinuxAnd what happens to the empty channel?07:49
onefangI'm only in two of them now, but been devoiced in one of those.  I might not make it back in to that one next time I log in.07:49
onefangI think it varies.07:50
gast0nnow if you try to enter it does not let you and redirects you to ##devuan-es, if someone wants to register it again, I suppose they will have to request it from the staff07:50
golinuxI can still access most of them because I haven't logged out of them.07:50
golinuxAll "official" Devuan channels should be removed from FN07:51
golinuxI'm ready for bed.  See y'all tomorrow . . .07:52
gast0ngood night07:52
golinuxCarry on!07:52
XenguyKeep calm and...07:52
golinuxI don;t have a problem with that.07:53
Xenguy: -)07:53
joergsorry, I actually have no access whatsoever to any FN #devuan* channels07:54
onefangSo you are not responsible for ##moved_to_libera joerg?07:54
joergplease rephrase your question07:55
joerg[26 May 2021 07:56:17] [Notice] -ChanServ- Information on ##moved_to_libera:07:57
joerg[26 May 2021 07:56:17] [Notice] -ChanServ- Founder    : phy172907:57
joerg[26 May 2021 07:56:17] [Notice] -ChanServ- Registered : May 19 17:17:53 2021 (6d 12h 38m 23s ago)07:57
joergI have no special role in that channel07:57
joerg[26 May 2021 07:58:06] [Notice] -ChanServ- Information on #devuan:07:58
joerg[26 May 2021 07:58:06] [Notice] -ChanServ- Founder    : freenode-placeholder-account07:58
joerg[26 May 2021 07:58:06] [Notice] -ChanServ- Registered : May 26 03:09:04 2021 (2h 49m 1s ago)07:58
joerg/join #devuan07:59
joerg[26 May 2021 07:59:15] [471] DocScrutinizer05 #devuan Cannot join channel (+l) - channel is full, try again later07:59
onefangYou implied before that you created ##moved_to_libera, which seems to be a redirection of at least one of the #devuan channels.  Now you say you are not responsible for any of them.08:00
lightbringerthey wanted to "release" them but apparently decided that people should use the about channel instead, so this stupid decision was the result08:00
joergso golinux no worries, the channel #devuan *is* "deleted" for all that matters08:00
lightbringerwhich then they implemented in an extremely stupid way08:00
onefangphy1729 seems to be the only one of 400+ people that can talk in that channel, and seems to be answering unseen questions.08:00
joergonefang: I said I did a *forward* to that channel08:01
onefangAnd the number of people in that channel is increasing.08:01
onefangYou forwarded a bunch of channels?08:01
onefangAnd others did to?08:01
* Xenguy wonders who these 400+ people are ...08:02
onefangWhich is why it's 400+ and growing?08:02
onefangSo those 400+ people are being redirected from other channels, and devoiced anyway.  And FN staff haven't found it yet to close it down.  lol08:04
joergphy1729 is a nice guy who even modified topic of their channel according to my request and they seem to have set the channel to "moderated" and actually answering questions which prolly are like >>how did I get here? where did I come from? and WHY???<<08:04
onefangYeah, I was guessing his answers are to Talking Heads style questions.08:05
joergthey are not devoiced, the channel is moderated so only OPs can see normal people posts08:05
joergbut everybody can see OPs answers08:05
joergwhich I think is a very appropriate config for a channel where users from arbitrary other channels drop in and have no idea what happened08:06
joerganyway sorry, I got three other projects at hand that suffered similar fate08:06
onefangSo no point me being there, or trying to be in the #devuan channels redirected there.08:06
onefangI'm also really busy with six other things.08:07
joergI hope to have done all I possibly could08:07
XenguyThanks joerg , sounds like it's time to slash and burn over there on FN, or that's already been done08:08
joergthey did it on our behalf08:09
XenguyFN is dead, long live FN!08:09
joergsee (thanks gast0n )08:09
XenguyEnd of an era08:10
joergpondering if A.Lee could even get sued for abusing a customer when they snatch away a Corporate Name Registered Trademark namespace they formerly granted to exactly that company (in my case #openmoko and #neo900 and #maemo )09:13
XenguyProbably, but deep pockets needed I expect, as Mr. Millionaire has money and lawyers09:22
omen_hmm.. devuan crashed somehow during me sleeping. Is there somethinig like journald?10:31
omen_it seems it did not really crash, but failed to produce any image to monitor10:33
omen_so I had to reboot from button10:33
onefangMost files in /var/log are plain text.10:34
Xenguy.oO( All OS's suck, some just suck less )10:37
omenit seems noveau had bad dreams10:42
omenstill better than nvidia proprietary driver :)10:45
KatjeAnother day, another adventure in what bugs can I find in the installer...14:07
onefangI'm searching for bugs in the latest release of OpenSim.  lol14:07
Katjewell it's not that I want to find bugs, it's just I seem to be doing so by accident14:09
* dissident doesn't look for bugs, they make themselves known :p14:09
onefangI gotta test everything before putting this version up on my server.  Testing everything in a virtual world takes a loooong tiiiimeee.14:10
joergsomebody could have hollered already :-)14:26
joerg[26 May 2021 14:26:33] *** You remove the quiet on $~a.14:27
djph*sigh* I must be blind ... I can take a beowulf install and kick it straight over to Chimaera right?14:34
fsmithreddjph, most of the upgrades I've done from beowulf to chimaera were pretty easy14:35
fsmithredif you want a fresh chimaera install, there are test isos. I can find the link.14:36
djphHave a server that I'm replacing the RAID array in, might as well kick it14:39
fsmithredKatje, I can't reproduce the problem you had yesterday going into rescue mode with encrypted lvm. It's working fine here.14:39
fsmithredDid you create the encrypted lvm manually or with the installer?14:40
fsmithredI don't think I've upgraded a RAID to chimaera. Let me know how it goes.14:40
Katjewith the installer14:46
Katjeit's encrypted file system, on top of software raid14:46
Katjedid you have the raid level in there?14:48
fsmithredKatje, no raid here14:58
Katjefsmithred: I think it's the raid and encryption that causes it15:01
fsmithredwhat order did you do things when you made this setup?15:01
fsmithredI'm reading my own notes on raid-luks-lvm15:02
fsmithred'cause I don't remember how I did it15:02
Katjeso, I did: create partitions on all the disks15:02
Katjethen create the raid arrays15:02
Katjethen create the encrypted partitions15:02
fsmithredok, that's how I've done it manually15:02
fsmithredso in rescue mode, does it ask to assemble the raid first?15:03
fsmithredthen what happens?15:03
fsmithredit should ask for a password15:04
Katjewell it gives me a big long list of partitions, with the option at the bottom to assemble raid, so I assemble raid, then I have 3 raid devices in the list, and I select one of them, and then it errors as it can't find an ext4 file system15:04
fsmithredI'm wondering if you need to go back to the installer menu after assembling the raid and select Enter Rescue Mode (or whatever it's called)15:05
fsmithrednot the boot menu15:05
Katjetried that15:05
KatjeI think it needs an explicit "unlock encrypted filesystems" option15:05
fsmithredI have no idea how it knows when to ask about password15:06
fsmithredhere's a thought15:06
fsmithredafter assembling raid, switch console or open a shell in the installer env15:07
fsmithredunlock the encrypted vol15:07
fsmithredthen go back to installer an redo Enter rescue15:07
user__--.- ..- .. -   - .... .- -18:08
* Akuli 18:08
user__Wish me luck, upgrading libx11 and xserver, bbiaf18:27
user__I know it's too late to ask, should I have backed up the xserver configs which I modified...18:28
user__Re. Nothing broke on upgrade apparently. Beowulf.18:51
user__Still testing stuff.18:52
user__libx11 upgrade did not break anything that I can see.18:52
golinuxBe patient! LOL!18:53
user__Yes, yes.18:53
user__What commands does one use to search package *descriptions* for keywords/re, assuming they are not installed? dlocate?19:47
user__dlocate does not seem to be able to do this.19:47
Night_H4nterapt search?19:48
user__Does that not search only installed packages? I saw no network activity, and all hits seem to be locally installed.19:53
user__I am wrong, it uses the downloaded package descs. Ok.19:54
DashiePiehow would I go about getting Japanese locale, just for some select games that can't save without it20:15
hagbarddpkg-reconfigure -plow locales20:16
DashiePiethat'll make it show up in my package manager?20:16
hagbardno, that'll generate the chossen locales20:17
DashiePiewhat's with the -plow option?20:19
hagbardThat's priority. Low will aask you all questions, high only the most important ones.20:22
gnarfacedon't forget you'll need some japanese fonts too20:23
rwpuser__, apt-cache search regex regex regex is what you want.  Searches the cached Packages files. names and descriptions.20:23
gnarfacethe default utf8 fonts are missing huge swathes of international glyphs20:23
DashiePieI think I have them from running winetricks for a different game20:24
DashiePiethat game still didn't show text and I'm unsure why20:24
gnarfacefor wine stuff you'll need the microsoft core font set as well as Tahoma (both are in winetricks)20:25
rwpomen, The /var/log/syslog file would have (should have) all of the log information.  But crashes often do not log anything.20:25
DashiePieI installed almost literally every font20:26
DashiePiethe only ones that didn't work were the...20:26
DashiePieadobe pdf or whatever ones20:26
gnarfaceoh, you have to rob those from a copy of Adobe Illustrator, they're heavily protected by copyright20:26
DashiePieit tried to download a web archive file, and it didn't work20:27
DashiePiewelp, guess I won't get 'em, then20:27
rwpFor locales the -plow isn't really needed.  Just "dpkg-reconfigure locales" is enough to select locals.  I ALWAYS set the System Environment to be none.20:27
gnarfacei've worked at places that got sued for pirating Illustrator fonts, they're actually watching for those20:27
DashiePienot like it matters20:27
DashiePieI want my default to be English20:27
rwpSetting locale to none defaults to C/POSIX and sets "standard" traditional american english messages.20:28
rwpBut for the system environment that just means for logging into system logs and stuff.  I always set my personal login to LANG=en_US.UTF-8 LC_COLLATE=C LC_MESSAGES=C20:29
DashiePieyeah, I'm gonna keep my default en_US20:30
DashiePieokay, default locale is still en_US, but now I do have the ja_JP locale20:33
DashiePiethanks gnar and hagbard20:38
omendoes nvidia tyrannic drivers work on devuan?21:55
omenmight be noveau crashing21:55
omenpulseaudio[2540]: [pulseaudio] core-util.c: Failed to create secure directory (/run/user/1000/pulse): No such file or directory21:57
omenactually this is the last line in /var/log/syslog I think21:57
omenI don't think that caused it though22:00

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