libera/#devuan/ Friday, 2021-06-25

joerg*ssshhhssshhhhSSHHHhhsshhhhh*   :crickets:17:46
onefangQuiet is good, means no one is having problems they need support for.17:48
Wonkacan't get SIP calls when network is down ;)17:52
Wonkacan't get tickets when ticket system FUBAR17:52
zguoh openrc isn't even the default on the livecd22:11
mmlj4reliable ARM builds? I need Pi4, at least. Thanks.22:18 if we have them22:22
gnarfacewe have an arm specific channel at #devuan-arm fyi22:22
gnarfacelast i checked people were still frankensteining rpi4 images from the rpi3 one22:23
gnarfacehmm, no i see a rpi4 one up there22:24
gnarfaceshould work, lemme know if you have problems22:24
Akulidifference between and
Akulii updated 3 devuan computers today, and they all used different server in sources.list :D23:12
sadsnorkAkuli, my understanding [someone may correct me] is that is the round robin name that points to many servers, is one of those servers and is the server that other mirrors pull from, and that country code servers are no longer used.23:18
Akuliyeah, i looked into this because the third server was a country code server that broke23:18
sadsnorkI also believe that is the default but that you may choose another server from this list:
Akuliso tl;dr i can use either one but deb would be preferred?23:19
sadsnork* when I say default... I mean "default for beowulf now".23:19
sadsnorkIf you look at the mirror list you may find one you prefer but that is generally the preferred name to use.23:19
Akulithe system with pkgmaster was updated from ascii, maybe that's why it wasn't using deb23:20
sadsnorkFull disclosure: is me. :-)23:20
sadsnorkI should note that I have also found good performance from the sledjhamr server.23:21

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