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sacardeI am sysv nostalgic13:42
sacardeI have a question about that13:42
sacardethis /etc/init.d/rcS is run every levels, not?13:43
sacarderunlevel are from 0 to 6, plus "S"13:44
GyrosGeierrcS is start13:44
GyrosGeierbefore entering the first runlevel13:44
sacarde"S" is different from "s", "1"13:45
GyrosGeierso if you give 1 on the kernel command line, that is passed down to init, and init will run rcS and then go to runlevel 113:45
sacardeI read in inittab:13:46
GyrosGeierIIRC that is just an oneshot runlevel13:48
GyrosGeierso if rcS fails, it will telinit S13:48
sacarde~ what stands for?13:50
GyrosGeierthat's just a name13:53
Xenguyfsmithred, I recall awhile ago we were talking about connman (as an alternative to wicd) and you commented that there was something about it that bothered you, but you couldn't remember the specific issue at the time...23:30
fsmithredlol, can't remember it now, either.23:31
fsmithredbut I've been using it on the laptop, and I'm happy enough with it.23:31
XenguyWell here's a story for you then...23:31
XenguyI'm sitting on the patio enjoying myself as best I can during a global pandemic...23:31
fsmithredI like that wicd just shows you all the signals nearby with bar graphs23:32
XenguyIt seems to me wicd is a decent tool, and it's too bad we'll have to do without it in the next version...23:32
XenguyAnd I remember that there have been 1, or maybe 2, linux kernel updates...23:33
XenguySo I think to myself, Y'know you really should reboot your laptop, which I proceed to do...23:33
masonI can see where this story is going.23:33
XenguyIt comes up, but now I can't for the life of me resolv(e) any URLs...23:34
Xenguymason, hehe23:34
masonOh, I was wrong.23:34
fsmithredyou got an address?23:34
masonI was aiming for "couldn't mount root", the classic reboot issue.23:34
masonI'm assuming this was historical.23:35
masonXenguy: You resolved it, yes? Or not yet?23:35
XenguyWell I finally check in on 'unbound' and check its status...23:35
XenguyAnd it's not running, so I poke around some more, and it just won't start, no matter what I do...23:35
masonIts pidfile handling is buggy.23:36
XenguyWell it took me to today to figure out that I'd been messing around with both wicd and connman, and their services were both set to run a boot time...23:36
XenguyAnd connman, in its infinite wisdom, binds to port 53, and I guess it got there before unbound, so unbound won't start...23:37
masonThat's not an advertisement for connman.23:37
XenguyAll I had to do was kill connman, and then unbound was happy to fire up and do its job...23:37
Xenguyconnman turns out to be a bit of a ...23:37
* mason hugs his ifupdown to him.23:37
masonI honestly don't see the appeal of running anything else.23:38
masonIt all breaks.23:38
Xenguyconnman wants to proxy for DNS, and break unbound; and it also does things like change the hostname that displays on the command-line... Just really dumb annoying shite...23:39
masonsystemd really isn't the only bad software out there23:39
XenguyI went through the config file and turned a few things off, but I still can't figure out the best way to stop it from handling anything DNS'ish23:39
XenguyYeah, connman tries to be too busy and do too much.  Pretty annoying the more I look into it...23:40
fsmithredThanks for the report.23:40
Xenguyanyhow, so not too impressed so far with connman23:40
fsmithredI haven't seen any of that behavior, but I'll keep it in mind when the subject of default software comes up again.23:41
XenguyWell at least I got unbound going again, and I've disabled connman from activating when I reboot23:41
XenguyWell I don't see that folks have a whole lot of choice but to work with it, unless there's another wireless tool I don't know about.  I checked out that ncurses one and found it way to primitive for my tastes23:43
fsmithredthe one in the minimal-live?23:44
XenguyIf I could find the best way to implement connman's --nodnsproxy, then it would probably be well behaved enough to use23:44
XenguyOh that was another one; I forget the name of the ncurses one (probably recognize the name if I saw it)23:44
fsmithredmaybe netman23:46
XenguyThis is the one:  ceni - Curses interface to /etc/network/interfaces23:49
XenguyI remember that one will just go ahead and modify E/N/I, so best to have that file backed up23:49
fsmithred oh yeah.23:53
fsmithredTime to make dinner. bbl23:54
masonXenguy: iwlist and wpa_supplicant?23:54
Xenguymason, You know, I'm almost starting to think that is where I should be digging23:55
masonThat's what I use on my laptop.23:55
XenguyGet down to basics and leave these 'smart' tools behind23:55
masonI should write some docs up. It's not that bad, although it's one of those things where a guide to put it all together would be nice.23:55
masonXenguy: Oh, wpa_supplicant is smart. It'll taste the available wifi networks and connect to the one I most want if there's more than one.23:56
masonAnd it'll connect to an open network by default if there isn't a preferred one.23:56
XenguyAll I need is something to scan for wireless AP's and make a connection23:56
XenguyHuh, well I might start exploring that some then23:57
masonXenguy: If you want to connect to insecured networks, that's easy enough. Half a sec.23:57
XenguyAll the public wifi I come across is WPA2 these days23:57
XenguyI suppose there's password management too23:58
masonXenguy: You'd need someone to give you the password, but as you can see the entries are pretty simple. And you don't need to do anything for open networks.23:59
masonBut for real, that's all of it on my laptop.23:59
masonAnd that even includes the fanciness where I only bring up wifi if the ethernet isn't plugged in.23:59
XenguySo just enter the password with a text editor it looks like23:59

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