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jyriwpa is easy, you just need to generate the passphrase15:11
jyriwrite the network { to a file and then add this to the /etc/network/interfaces15:12
jyriauto wlxd03745ad048a15:13
jyriiface wlxd03745ad048a inet dhcp15:13
jyriwpa-conf /path/to/your/config.file15:13
jyrihmm, that got broken?15:13
jyrithe "I" should be tab15:14
jyrinaturally change the wlxd03745ad048a to your wifi card name15:14
jyrithat can be easily written to a script that granma can run in coffee shop I think15:18
rrqyeah, and see "man wpa_action" for the details15:21
luser978who is the idiot who came up with interface renaming instead of softlinks? poettering?16:34
Akuliare we talking about eth0 --> enp0m2 ?16:34
luser978that too16:35
Akuli(i don't actually remember what the newer name for eth0 is, but it looks something like that)16:35
Akulii just hope i won't ever have to deal with the new naming scheme16:35
luser979bsd used names like that but does /not/ rename them at runtime.16:36
luser979this rant was about runtime renaming16:37
masonBSD names NICs for the driver behind them, not the card/slot.17:09
diegso/ I'm having this very weird problem where, after enabling the i386 architecture in dpkg, I try to install the i386 freetype on an amd64 install but the result is apt wanting to uninstall a bunch of amd64 libraries:
diegsJust wondering if this has happened before, and if there is any way I can solve this Thanks17:25
masondiegs: id you add the architecture or change your architecture entirely?17:28
diegsjust added it17:28
diegsdpkg --add-architecture i38617:29
masonOh. Hrm.17:29
masonIn most cases you probably don't need i386 dev packages.17:29
masonYou might need the backing i386 library, but a dev package should just be headers and such.17:30
diegsYeah, but I'm trying to build xash3d <>17:30
diegs>NOTE FOR USERS WITH X86 COMPATIBLE CPUs: We have forced build system to throw an error, if you're trying to build 64-bit engine. This done for keeping compatibility with Steam releases of Half-Life and based on it's engine games. Even if Xash3D FWGS does support targetting 64-bit, you can't load games without recompiling them from source code!17:30
masonDoes it not build with the amd64 libfreetype6-dev?17:30
diegsIt does build, but it won't work with the game resource files17:30
diegsSo it'd be paperweight17:30
masonYou'd ought to be able to specify that it link to the 32-bit libraries in build options.17:31
masonBut I've never tried to build that, so I don't know17:31
diegsWell, thank you regardless17:32
masondiegs: Look at their build instructions.17:32
masonThey don't say to install libfreetype6-dev:i38617:32
masonThey explicitly say to install libfreetype6-dev17:32
diegs>Enable i386 on your system, if you're compiling 32-bit engine on amd64. If not, skip this17:32
masonOh, I take that back.17:33
diegsAnd as of right now, the build system gives me this error: freetype2 isn't installed correctly. Make sure you installed proper development package for target architecture17:33
masondiegs: Do you get the same issue if you give the entire line they recommend at once?17:33
diegsNo, the output is different17:34
diegsBut it does fail17:34
masonLet's look at that failure instead.17:34
diegs mason17:34
masonHrm. That's interesting. It doesn't error on my Beowulf box.17:37
masonAnd it does the same libfontconfig1-dev substitution.17:37
masondiegs: Something I'd try then is installing the "but isn't going to be installed" packages to see if something is blocking them.17:38
masonAnd if something is, there you are.17:38
diegsmason: looks like the mass removal thing showed up again:
masondiegs: Then next up, add the new installs to the bigger command line.17:40
masonand try adding all the would-be-excluded dependent packages at once to that same command line.17:41
masonIt ought to tell you why it doesn't want to install some or all of them.17:41
diegswell, the thing is it does eventually allow me to install everything17:43
diegsit's all because of linux-libc-dev:i386 mason17:44
diegsif i attempt to install it, it gets rid of all these amd64 packages17:44
masonAnd if you leave just that out, the other stuff breaks?17:45
masonFolks in here have noted that aptitude(8) sometimes does a better job figuring out complex dependencies or explaining what the conflicts are if it can't solve them.17:46
masonIt's worth mucking with it to see. There's something funny in your installed packages, though, causing this, as I don't see the same result here.17:46
RradHello. Are /etc/rc.2/S01* (for example) scripts all run in parallel?19:26
masonThere's make-style parallel execution available.19:39
djph... maybe I'm crossing *BSD and linux .../19:40
masonRead /etc/init.d/rc and search for "concurrency"19:41
masonwell, capitalized19:41
masonRrad: If you read that you should end up at startpar(8)19:43
RradThanks djph. Mason I was just now reading /etc/init.d/rc and found the same thing and I was wondering how to figure out if that makefile-like parallelism is used.19:44
RradReading now more about it, thank you.19:44
RradThe other thing I'm still wondering about is how the priorities are assigned to the scripts by update-rc.d. I assume that insserver's man page might shed more light on that.19:45
masonRrad: You can follow the script and see those things that explicitly disable it.19:47
masonPriorities are a bit funny when automated.19:47
masonI'd rather that were less automated than it is.19:48
RradMy goal right now is to setup sdmem to run right before halt. I could obviously just edit the halt/reboot script but I want to do it properly with it's own script.19:48
RradHalt is S14, by itself. And there are other S13 scripts under rc.0. So I wonder how I could describe the dependencies so that halt is pushed up to S15.19:49
RradI also wonder if update-rc.d would even push it up. I read in it's man that it does not touch existing links to scripts19:49
RradBy "automated" you mean update-rc.d decides the numbers, right?19:52
Rrad(using insserv)19:52
amesserRrad: yes the numbers are generated from the dependencies in the script headers20:00
Rradamesser, am I understanding correctly that update-rc.d will not touch the priorities of existing linked scripts in rc directories even if I go and fiddle with the priorities?20:07
masonI thought it'd redo them as needed. It'll certainly change numbers. Worth some empirical testing.20:13
RradHmmm I'll read the manual again more carefully first. I don't want to break my system. :-) Thanks for the info!20:24
masonRrad: You can make changes and back them out manually if needed, without exercising the actual scripts.20:26
amesserRrad: I think the script will always rebuild the priorities from scratch21:15
amesserIf you want to change the order or priority for some system supplied script, the best method imho is to place custom header in /etc/insserv/overrides<script-name>21:16
amesserI meant /etc/insserv/overrides/<scriptname>21:17
amesserIt will override the original header21:17

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