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luser978ksx4system: find out which runlevel starts networking, should have Sxx with xx < S03 your lighttpd has.02:15
masonDevuan uses Debian's runlevel model. 2-5 are all sort of an undifferentiated glob03:38
luser978mason find /etc/rc* -name 'S??network*'10:15
darkeyeDo you suggest upgrading to ceres?13:14
jason1235hello guys13:23
jason1235can you offer a squashfs of your devuan ascii ... releases on your Website as well?13:23
Digitdoes the packaged termonad lack some dependencies for configuring with haskell?    fails to find Termonad.App, Termonad.Config, Termonad.Config.Colour.   ~ never mind, i think i've given up on it for now.  back at it later.13:23
jason1235on your website, is it posisble to have gzip files, and not the unxz. unxz is bloat, like your systemd13:30
fsmithredjason1235, you can pull a squashfs out of the live isos13:40
brocashelmdarkeye: i use ceres and have no problems. what made you curious about trying it out?13:42
fsmithredjason1235, if you're talking about the embedded images, there already are gzip files. If you mean the virtual images, it won't happen - nobody is making those images right now.13:49
furrymcgeehow to get nix-shell in devuan?13:51
jason1235fsmithred: I just did it for openpandora14:15
jason1235fsmithred: unxz and losetup and then cp -a to disk, and copy boot and lib-modules14:15
jason1235furrymcgee: apt-get install bash ; ... or if you have nothing, just use tsh.14:17
jason1235furrymcgee: I cannot make systemd, and you?14:20
furrymcgeeapt install nix-bin/ceres --no-install-recommends14:26
fsmithredfurrymcgee, is this what you're looking for?
furrymcgeeit is in ceres, thank you very much14:27
jason1235that's amazing that today, nowadays systemd is everywhere :(14:27
fsmithredunder what package name is it in ceres?14:28
fsmithredare you running chimaera or ceres?14:29
fsmithredI just tried installing it on beowulf, and it would be a big mess14:30
furrymcgeebeowulf with ceres in sources.list14:34
fsmithredfurrymcgee, you would probably have better luck with chimaera mixed with ceres. They are nearly the same right now.15:02
fsmithredand chimaera is pretty stable at this point. It's based on bullseye which is in freeze.15:03
brocashelmhow long until chimaera is released after bullseye is released?15:04
fsmithredhard to say. I think this time will be a lot faster than the last few15:04
brocashelmthat's good. then, daedalus will be the next testing repo15:05
fsmithredprobably a couple months, maybe a little more.15:05
fsmithredI'm guessing15:05
brocashelmand ceres will still be frozen by then?15:05
fsmithredjessie was two years late, ascii and beowulf were about a year late15:05
fsmithredceres is never frozen15:05
brocashelmtrue, although updates have been pretty slow lately. that means once bullseye is released, progress with sid will immediately resume?15:06
fsmithredunlike the previous releases, chimaera already has a lot of the work done.15:06
fsmithredyeah, after release, there's usually a short dead zone, then things pick up15:07
furrymcgeedh_auto_test fails when building quickjs make test is fine though17:21
furrymcgeeat <anonymous> (tests/test_std.js:278)17:24
furrymcgeeassert os.isatty17:25
jason1235i tried to make a devuan for openpandora emmbedded with ascii. do you want this image?18:42
golinuxjason1234: Maybe present it and ask your question here:
golinuxOr #devuan-arm18:50
golinuxNot that I have a clue about what openpandora is.18:50
golinuxBut that is where user-contributed images are discussed, vetted and made available18:52
jason1235You can find the devuan ascii for the openpandora ... ;) running well:   (It contains the default devuan with the added libs and firm).19:59
Wafficushey there, can anyone please help me figure out why Retroarch via DOSBOX Pure core isn't producing sound on Devuan?20:17
WafficusMy ALSA config works just fine for programs, and sound works20:18
WafficusFirefox also works for sound too20:18
jason1235Wafficus: devuan has a old kernel, you wont get hdmi sound20:24
jason1235if you use this, you will get sound (hdmi):      just do then:  pacman -S retroarch20:25
Wafficussound is going through my sound interface though20:25
Wafficusdo you think I need to specify it within the settings?20:26
Wafficus*Scarlett Solo (2nd Gen) interface20:26
jason1235ah, if sounds work, just then use ~/.asoundrc20:26
Wafficus*settings for DOSBox Pure core within Retro Arch20:26
Wafficuswait pacman is on Arch distros20:26
jason1235please find a basic classic ~/.asoundrc
Wafficusthis is for my Devuan dekstop20:26
jason1235then, likely: pavucontrol      <-- to set your card20:27
WafficusI have this for ~/.asoundrc:20:27
Wafficusdefaults.pcm.!card USB20:27
Wafficusdefaults.ctl.!card USB20:28
Wafficusdefaults.pcm.!device 020:28
jason1235try mine, it is more stable20:28
jason1235or install the bloatware pavucontrol20:28
jason1235 aplay -l     will test you your cards20:29
WafficusGOT IT20:36
Wafficusgot it *20:36
Wafficussorry about the caps20:36
Wafficusso basically I had to follow an old Manjaro post on this20:36
Wafficusbut the idea is that you have to use "rm ~/.config/pulse -rf"20:36
Wafficusthen do "pulseaudio --check" and "pulseaudio -D"20:37
masonDo we know if devuan_beowulf_3.1.0_amd64_minimal-live.iso is supposed to boot on UEFI? The desktop version boots, but minimal seems not to for me. Writing out a fresh one to test again.20:46
jason1235i am not so sure if legacy will be supported in future. linux want to go uefi largely.20:48
masonIt'll take a while for legacy to go away. Most VMs are legacy by default nowadays still.20:51
clemens3who is this linux your are talking about..20:55
jason1235#linux channel, they love all the bloat. systemd, uefi,... and all those stuffs. nothing like unix, this is modern living linux20:58
masonUEFI isn't unreasonable. It's a lot more like Open Firmware on Sun systems.21:03
masonIn that sense it's very Unixy.21:03
jason1235mason: to force users and to drop things is really reasonable. linux users just accept passively, without doing anyhting.21:05
golinuxjason1234: Not this crowd.  We are the resistance21:11
golinuxBut this discussion is more suitable to OT . . .21:12
DPAI think EFI good, UEFI bad.21:12
DPA(btw. I think only secure boot is a major problem)21:17
jason1235golinux: come one. you use debian, there is nothing good to follow, debian will bring you to death, as before with systemd and prev stories21:22
golinuxjason1234: What you say is true.  But at 79 minus a few days chances are Devuan will be usable for the remainder of this lifetime.21:29
golinuxI am nearly unplugged anyway.21:30
* golinux has never liked machines of any kind very much very much21:31
jason1235the last changes of debian on the main system (su, use... default) are too weird. Seriously. debian looks like nothing now21:32
golinuxThen why are you here?  This is a Devuan support channel. Not an anti-debian channel21:34
golinuxPlease take your political stuff to #devuan-offtopic21:34
diegsยป [15:31:59] *golinux has never liked machines of any kind very much very much21:35
diegshmm maybe you should take a break from them21:35
golinuxGetting close.  Please take it to -offtopic21:36
golinuxWhat does that have to do with devuan exactly?  Please take it to OT.21:37
Wafficusgolinux:  what happens in 79 days22:12
Wafficuswhat, forcing ARM processors only into the kernel, or Windows 11?22:12
golinuxWafficus: Nothing.  Reread22:13
WafficusI did reread22:14
WafficusI joined later22:14
Wafficuswhat happens in 79 days? golinux22:14
XenguyWafficus, not 'days'22:18
wolf912midi on envy1712 does not work, need help22:34
Xenguy.oO( good questions get better answers ... )22:36
uncloudedXenguy: What would my girlfriend like for her birthday?23:27

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