libera/#devuan/ Monday, 2021-07-12

stevelitt2Why so few people on #debianfork?20:40
golinuxWe are all talked out20:48
golinuxMaybe what remained on the old freenode were bots20:49
stevelitt2Bummer golinux! Sometimes I want to talk about stuff that isn't directly involving Devuan's software, and I always did it on #debianfork.20:50
stevelitt2Is there any better place to discuss stuff not directly pertaining to Devuan software than #debianfork?20:53
golinuxWe have #devuan-offtopic20:53
stevelitt2I'll try that right now. Thanks golinux!20:54
golinux#debianfork was not an official channel.  We never controlled it. coagen did20:55
stevelitt2Good enough. Thanks. I'm going to log out of #devuan until I have a software related question or contribution. Thanks for the help.20:57

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