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lunario_i get this fsck error upon boot on devuan chimaera. when i press Ctrl-D it still boots normally into devuan. how can i solve this error?09:27
uncloudedI guess sda1 isn't your rootfs since it seems to be vfat09:34
uncloudedcurious because `man fsck` says exit code 6 mean uncorrected errors yet the log says the fs is clean09:35
uncloudedis the "open: No such file or directory" because you have something in fstab that cannot be found?09:36
lunario_unclouded: ahh the fstab might be the reason, i added this line for my walkman:09:43
lunario_UUID=39B8-1D02 /home/no/media/walkman/ vfat noauto,defaults,errors=remount-ro 0  109:43
lunario_and the device is not attached while booting09:44
uncloudedthe `-A` option to fsck made me think of fstab09:44
lunario_thanks for the hint09:47
lunario_though i'm surprised about fstab being the reason because the same line in fstab works on my identical other devuan system09:48
rrqshould be "defaults,noauto,..." (later setting wins)09:49
uncloudeddidn't know about later settings, nice09:51
lunario_with that the error still pops up though09:56
lunario_UUID=39B8-1D02 /home/no/media/walkman/ vfat defaults,noauto,errors=remount-ro 0  109:56
uncloudedI guess noauto doesn't prevent it from being checked?  only not mounted auto10:23
uncloudedI should have read further myself: "Filesystems with a fs_passno value of 0 are skipped and are not checked at all."10:24
uncloudedand it gets better (last para): "The /etc/fstab mount option nofail may be used to have fsck skip non-existing devices."10:25
lunario_nofail solved it :) thanks!10:44
aplainzetakindNow that I'm using dhcpcd, is the package dhcp-client safe to remove?11:02
GyrosGeierbut I think you mean isc-dhcp-client11:04
humpelstilzchen[I wonder, what is the advantage of dhcpcd?11:05
aplainzetakindGyrosGeier: I guess, dhcp-client is the virtual package it seems.11:08
aplainzetakindhumpelstilzchen[: Well the way I was able to get wpa_supplicant to start at boot without using any network manager sort of thing was via the dhcpcd hook, that's why I'm using it.11:09
humpelstilzchen[aplainzetakind: ok, I'm using /e/n/i with wpa-roam11:10
GyrosGeierhumpelstilzchen[, it has a control interface so you can poke it from user accounts without sudo11:10
GyrosGeierbasically, it's a predecessor of network-manager11:11
aplainzetakindhumpelstilzchen[: I did that (without the roam) but the boot process stopped to wait for dhclient and that seemed a nuisance.11:11
GyrosGeierIIRC the boot process stops when you use "auto wlan0", and proceeds if you use "allow-hotplug wlan0"11:12
gnarfaceone of them is easier to use, and one of them is easier to customize11:12
gnarfacethe dhcp clients11:12
aplainzetakindGyrosGeier: If you allow-hotplug, when does it go up? I did auto.11:13
gnarface"allow-hotplug" behaves differently for some drivers and fails to fire at boot11:13
gnarfaceso ymmv depending on ethernet device11:13
humpelstilzchen[allow-hotplug was made for e.g. usb sticks, so the device gets configured on insertion11:14
aplainzetakindOK then, dhcpcd currently does the job with no friction.11:14
GyrosGeierfor me, allow-hotplug works fine at boot11:15
GyrosGeierit just means the interface is configured as a result of the synthetic hotplug event from udevadm trigger11:16
GyrosGeierso it happens in the background11:16
GyrosGeierit also means the interface is configured earlier11:17
GyrosGeierbecause at this point the init system is still waiting for "udevadm settle"11:18
parabytehi everyone, i got a quick question, does stock devuan do opencl with ati/amd gpu's13:56
parabytei want to experiment with it, i have a really old gpu but apparently it does opencl13:57
debdogparabyte: $ clinfo14:37
debdogNumber of platforms                               014:37
debdogit seems not. but I am not good with this kind of stuff14:37
debdogthis is with an Radeon R7 260X/360 with the radeon module14:38
GyrosGeierCL backends are called ICDs14:38
GyrosGeierthere is a virtual package called "opencl-icd" that is provided by ICD packages14:39
GyrosGeieryour best bet is mesa-opencl-icd14:39
GyrosGeierthere is probably also a non-free AMD ICD14:40
GyrosGeierthe OpenCL runtime library just provides a registry of ICDs, and allows applications to load them14:40
GyrosGeiereach ICD then provides one (or more, but typically not) "platforms14:41
debdogI see14:41
Eaglet1Hello, comrades!15:43
UsLhello alice.15:46
EagletHello, UsL!15:47
EagletWho can help me with find remote job sysadmin?15:48
UsLhow do you mean?15:49
brocashelm^ #devuan-offtopic15:50
brocashelmthis is a support channel for devuan only15:50
UsLkeeps popping up different places with different nicknames but almost always redarmy@*.sura.ru15:56
Guest25can someon help me with devaun install17:08
Guest25im trying to install jessie but it says "mirror does not support the specified release (jessie)"17:10
Guest25in console17:11
Guest25but without going into console it says Bad Archive Mirror17:13
Guest25and all the mirrors i looked through, none has jessie in the archive dir only ascii17:13
UsLno wonder:
brocashelmplease link to a paste of your /etc/apt/sources.list file. mirrors aren't encouraged and better to use something like this: deb ascii main17:14
brocashelmbtw, why not install ascii, which is still supported?17:14
Guest25oh my bad ill just use ascii instead17:14
Guest25thanks guys i didnt know jessie wasnt supported lol17:14
brocashelmcool, i'm on ceres lol17:14
Guest25oh nice17:15
brocashelmyeah, ceres is stable as a rock, especially with runit. i would unironically use it for a small server even. at least ceres will keep rolling with updates (even when testing is fully frozen)17:19
luser978I think I still have a wheezy + linuxcnc machine I have not booted in 3 years. Would be a good guinea pig to go ascii or beowulf and install linuxcnc by hand. axis is py2, like wicd. no effort to port wicd to py3 at all?17:23
user_I am using Devuan Beowulf. I have noticed that after I boot dnsmasq is running.17:27
luser979you are not me :)17:27
luser979so? started it while installing other packages?17:28
user_However, I do not know why or how it is started. I did not see any script in /etc/init.d. Running 'grep -r dnsmasq /etc' also does not return anything useful. Does anyone know how it is started and how I can configure it?17:29
luser979connman or wicd likely started it?17:29
luser979or you enabled terminal server services?17:31
luser979ps auxwf|less will tell you who started it in theory17:32
luser979see /etc/dnsmasq.conf17:34
user_I do not have /etc/dnsmasq.conf because only dnsmasq.base is installed.17:36
luser979networkmanager is running?17:37
luser979if so, it runs dnsmasq17:37
user_However, I ran the ps command and the output was something like 'dnsmasq ... --listen-address= ...'. this is my bridge for LXC so I think that the LXC service is actually starting it. Thanks for the hint.17:38
luser979 /etc/init.d/network-manager stop17:40
luser979ah yes container carriers may start it17:41
user_No network-manager installed. As I said, It is probably the LXC service. The rest of the configuration (as output from 'ps auxwf)  is also exactly as it is described in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/lxc/lxc-net. Currently examining it to see if I can configure its behaviour without editing that script.17:45
fsmithredI have network-manager running and no dnsmasq.18:02
jyrithat's the first thing I uninstall :) It's just not capable of doing things I need to do18:05
fsmithredwhat do you use instead?18:05
fsmithrednote: only reason I have it installed is to see if it's a suitable replacement for wicd in chimaera and beyond.18:06
jyriI have had to return to wpa_supplicant for wifi and running openvpn from cli etc.18:07
jyriNM messes always something up, even something as simple as havin two VPNs open at the same time seems to be beyond it's capabilities18:08
fsmithredI believe you. I switched to connman on the laptop because nm got confused with two wireless networks in the house. It thought it knew better which one I wanted to connect to.18:09
fsmithredconnman has its own quirks18:10
jyriI second that :D18:12
flingHow to load nftables ruleset on boot?19:22
flingI placed it into /etc/nftables.conf19:22
flingHow to get ip forwarding working?20:11
flingI edited sysctl conf but packets are not coming through20:12
nemofling: you mean like iptable nat?20:12
nemonot something I'm super familiar with myself20:12
nemoare you following some guide?20:12
flingusing nftables here20:12
flingI accept packets in forward chain of ip filter table20:13
nemooh. I see20:13
nemoyeah. sorry I've only ever used iptables - this is too new for me ☺20:13
flingI see counters bumping when running ping20:13
nemodoes it work similarly?20:13
flingbut only in forward, masquerade counters are 020:13
flingnemo: nftables is just another frontend to netfilter20:14
flingoh wait20:15
flingI'm missing a hook in postrouting chain20:15
* fling needs another coffee20:15
flingnemo: thanks :>20:15
jyricat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward20:15
flingjyri: how to get nftables loaded on boot?20:16
flingI saved the ruleset to /etc/nftables.conf20:16
flingmade it executable20:16
jyricp /usr/share/doc/nftables/examples/sysvinit/nftables.init /etc/init.d20:16
jyriupdate-rc.d nftables defaults20:16
nemofling: lol. go rubber ducky 😃20:17
jemoraSaludos... alguien puede orientarme con un problema que se me presenta con la distro?... Cambié el gestor de red wicd por network manager pero no logro gestionar las conexiones20:52
fsmithredjemora, did you remove wicd and install network-manager-gnome?20:55
jemorainstall network-manager ... I'm use a fork devuan named GNU Etertics21:04
fsmithrednetwork-manager-gnome provides the tray icon21:05
fsmithredright-click on tray-icon to Enable Wi-Fi21:05
fsmithredand also to Edit Connections21:06
fsmithredwhat exact problem or error do you get?21:06
fsmithredif you write in Spanish, I will use google translate21:07
fsmithredI will return in 30 minutes.21:09
markizanojemora: est'as tratando a conectar a la red de wi-fi, o tratas a hacer un hotspot?21:10
markizanoustéd esta21:11
markizanoayudame .... tan mucho tiempo que escribír en español :P21:13
jyribueno, me voy a tomar un birra. Si todavia tienes la problema te puedo intentar a ayudar21:16
jemoraEl fork que utilizo trae preinstalado wicd y network-manager, ppr defecto wicd ... el asunto es que necesito utilizar modems usb (banda ancha movil) y me veo obligado a activar network-manager.  Lo activa sin problema y muestra el tray pero noe permite gestionar las conexiones... dice "eln! dispositico está listo" pero no los muestra, con botón derecho del mouse puedo editar y agregar pero igual no aparecen... ni cableadas, ni wireles21:22
jemoramarkizano estoy tratando de activar todas mis comexiomes en una de mis pc21:23
markizanojyri: LOL21:35
markizanojemora: parece como problema con drivers, talvez?? trabaja con `ifconfig` y `iwconfig` ?21:48
nemofsmithred: oh wait. that works now?21:51
nemofsmithred: will switch SO's laptop to it then. she was really getting annoyed with wicd21:51
fsmithrednemo, what works now?21:56
nemohmmm wants to modify a ton of stuff22:03
nemoREMOVED: consolekit libpolkit-backend-consolekit-1-0 libpolkit-gobject-consolekit-1-0 libsystemd0 NEW: elogind libelogind0 libndp0 libnm0 libnma0 libpam-elogind libpolkit-backend-elogind-1-0 libpolkit-gobject-elogind-1-0 libteamdctl0 mobile-broadband-provider-info network-manager network-manager-gnome ppp22:04
nemosure hope this doesn't break anything22:04
fsmithredis from installing nm or from removing wicd?22:08
jemorafsmithred: (jemora)   los comandos y secuencia empleada fue: en terminal de usuario $ pkill wicd-gtk  ... como root: service wicd stop && service network-manager start   y finalmente como usuario normal: $ nm-applet &22:34
flingnemo: having the same with dnat now, counters not bumping22:35
ao9wufh9wq83hfa9i installed ASCII and there is a systemd folder in /etc? i thought devaun doesn't have systemd?22:42
ao9wufh9wq83hfa9oh so the files in /systemd are only dependencies for a few programs and not as an init?22:46
rwpao9wufh9wq83hfa9, On my Beowulf system /etc/systemd is an empty directory owned by init-system-helpers package.22:48
rwpYou can run "dpkg -S /etc/systemd/" to see what packages have files installed there.22:48
gnarfaceao9wufh9wq83hfa9: it's just a dumping place for slug files and orphaned symlinks from other packages22:49
gnarfaceao9wufh9wq83hfa9: systemd itself was removed from this OS but there's a lot of cruft remaining22:49
ao9wufh9wq83hfa9thanks for the insight. mine also has files installed by init-system-helpers22:49
ao9wufh9wq83hfa9ah i see, good to know22:50
gnarfaceudevd used to be called "systemd-udevd" :-p22:51
gnarfacefor no reason apparently other than to upset us22:51
gnarfaceso we forked it22:51
gnarfacebut a lot of other stuff is just under the radar22:51
ao9wufh9wq83hfa9interesting... lol22:51
armina friend of mine just looked into /etc/systemd/ and it has a bunch of symlinks to /dev/null - what's the idea here?22:55
Jjp137from what I can tell by searching, it's systemd's way of "masking" a service (or "unit" I guess), which is to prevent any attempts from ever loading it22:58
Jjp137obviously it...doesn't mean anything on Devuan22:58
gnarfaceyea i think you can probably just delete the entire contents of the directory but shit will just keep putting it back22:59
nemofsmithred: that was from installing nm23:08
nemofsmithred: I haven't executed it yet, 'cause it sounded worrying23:08
nemofsmithred: I tried apt install network-manager and it said it needed libpam-systemd23:08
nemoadding that to the apt install resulted in that list23:08
fsmithrednemo, you need libpam-elogind23:31
fsmithredswitching back to desktop23:43
wf3aew4tcan someone please tell me what their /etc/apt/sources.list looks like? i used the default sources for my version and i dont think its giving me all of them when i use apt23:57
wf3aew4t*default sources from devuan website23:57
fsmithreddeb http://deb/ beowulf main23:58
fsmithredand two more lines: replace beowulf with beowulf-security and beowulf-updates23:58
fsmithredwhat are you not finding?23:59
wf3aew4tim using the exact ones for ascii and i cant find openssh-server only client23:59

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