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mdtlately i installed a package that was packaged for systemd usage only and did not contain any init.d scripts. so i wondered if it would be possible to "compile" a init.d script from the .services file and if such a thing already exists. what do you think?10:26
furrymcgeewhats the package?10:35
furrymcgeeis it worth the trouble?10:39
jason1234i run chimaera with 5.10 versus archlinux 5.12 on vega amd, board. the graphics are laggy in devuan. archlinux works fine. any idea how to find out what piece of devuan fails in there?10:52
jason1234(tested gzdoom, ... supertuxkart).10:52
gnarfacejason1234: you probably are missing firmware-amd-graphics from non-free11:07
jason1234would a dmesg help with Xorg.0.log help there on both?11:12
gnarfaceboth might help11:14
gnarfaceyou can just check for that package too11:14
gnarfacei guarantee it's not gonna work without it11:14
gnarfacethough you might be missing others too11:14
jason1234ok, i upload them11:14
gnarfaceuse please11:15
jason1234both dmesg and more are uplodaed. please find there (currenlty on git, i will look how to netcat):
jason1234maybe this is this thing: [   16.322441] [drm:amdgpu_pci_probe [amdgpu]] *ERROR* amdgpu requires firmware installed ??11:36
gnarfaceit's definitely the thing i said it is11:40
gnarfacemissing package firmware-amd-graphics11:40
jason1234you are good ... nice to hear. I will test to install it, I look on debian cdrimage night build where to find...11:41
gnarfaceuse devuan packages11:42
gnarfacedon't use debian packages11:42
jason1234wow cool. I didnt know this page.11:43
jason1234devuan gets bigger and larger. nice search page11:43
jason1234when I was travelling, without net, I was happy to have the dvd of devuan, it is very unique that we can still have a systemd free system. nice to see that devuan is up there.11:44
jason1234although, I took the lib from the ISO desktop cdrom amd64, chimaera on the top of debootstrap. it seems that non free is not into  the /lib of cdrom 1.2 GB iso live of chimeaerea11:47
gnarfacemaybe not11:47
gnarfaceyou know you can just install it with apt right?11:48
gnarfaceif you have a working network connection and your /etc/apt/sources.list has the right urls you can just run "apt-get update && apt-get install firmware-amd-graphics"11:48
jason1234i will try with a deb to see first...11:49
jason1234I useually try to keep by deb files, to be sure that it works later on.  easiyl apt-get get broken.11:50
gnarfacewell you might have to download more than just that package11:50
jason1234i understand... ok, let's try.11:51
jason1234apt-get, if it works, then I will mirror it. or snapshot it as a squasfs.11:52
mdtfurrymcgee: it could work for any package that comes without init.d scripts, dont know how many are out there.. i dont think it's that much trouble so i wonder if that isnt already there12:07
jason1234ah yeah, since devuan and debian are free software, they cannot offfeer in the iso desktop live amd64 , the non-free drivers ... I see.12:16
jason1234tada .. the reboot looks much better12:23
jason1234gnarface: It works!! you made it!12:24
jason1234packge: note in that the script/chimeara  in debootstrap misses  next to edge| ... <--- please add chimeara to fix it.12:29
jason1234i added into it to debootstrap, see
nixpipeso let's say, hypothetically that, i uh, wanted to install some software from, hypothetically, an ubuntu ppa. Theoretically speaking, how would i uh, do that, liberal?12:34
jason1234nixpipe: that's completely different system. snap is not in devuan12:35
jason1234which software do you want ?12:35
nixpipeok jokes aside, a few months ago i was trying to distrohop but the fact that neither devuan or debian can use PPAs turned me off12:36
nixpipeit's corectrl12:36
jason1234normally, you dont need too12:36
jason1234there are sufficient packages into the devuan/debian that you dont need ubuntu12:37
nixpipeyeah but since i play on linux as well with a RX580, overclocking is kind of my lifeblood12:37
jason1234In any case, archlinux is more up to date than ubuntu12:37
jason1234what is missing in debian/devuan for the RX580? kernel or firmware?12:38
nixpipebut also more unstable: i used it for almost a year now and while there weren't any breaking issues, there was always one that stopped from having a smooth sail.12:38
furrymcgeemdt: a generic solution should be provided by the init system12:41
rrqjason1234: note /usr/sbin/debootstrap:31 ... that leaves --merged-usr an option but not default12:41
jason1234rrq: i dont understand. i am not a pro developer12:42
jason1234nixpipe: it is here.    likely it would work oin devuan12:43
jason1234nixpipe: likely ask here, they might help in that direction12:44
jason1234nixpipe: do you have a dmesg if you need tips for your hardware?12:45
mdtfurrymcgee: you mean as part of sysvinit-utils ?12:45
nixpipejason1234; wait how can i add a ppa through github?12:48
jason1234in any case, you need always the source code.12:49
jason1234I guewses gnarface or other will help you here.12:49
furrymcgeemdt: No, I dont think they use .services files12:51
jason1234nixpipe: which kernel do you use?12:53
user_How do I stop sshd in beowulf? I have already issued 'service ssh stop'. I still see sshd and ssh-agent running.12:54
jason1234 /etc/init.d/ssh stop12:54
furrymcgeemdt: init-system-helpers12:54
nixpipejason1234; atm i'm on Fedora 34 with a liquorix port for it12:54
rrqjason1234: the patch you pasted enforces no-merged-usr, which chimaera debootstrap already has that as its default. But the suggested patch disables a merged-usr variant.12:55
jason1234nixpipe: the best is to directly try or may try to ask gnarface, he might help.12:55
jason1234rrq: ah I see.12:55
user_/etc/init.d/ssh stop also does not stop all instances of sshd.12:57
user_Besides, I thought 'service ssh stop' would effectivly call '/etc/init.d/ssh stop'.12:59
rrqyes; it stops the service, but doesn't kill current connections12:59
user_There are no connections on that machine.13:00
rrqin that case thera are no sshd processes13:01
user_Then why does 'ps -e|grep ssh' display the sshd daemon? Should I file a bug report?13:02
jason1234if you screw the ssh, you can always use minitelnet.13:02
jason1234minitelnet will have a telnet server, if you need to access it to hack it ...
user_I am trying to prohibit connections to that machine, which is why I am trying to properly close sshd, i.e., without resorting to kill -9.13:03
rrquser_: each sshd process is servicing a current connection; they come about as the listening process forks for that purpose.13:04
user_That machine is not even connected to the network yet. where could that connection have possibly come from? Are some processes connecting via 'localhost' to that machine?13:05
jason1234dhclient eth013:07
rrquse 'netstat -anp | grep -w ESTABLISHED' to see the end points13:07
rrqwell ... those with :22 (the ssh port)13:07
jason123422 is ssh13:08
jason1234you can see it too with  nmap -sS localhost   or netstat ...13:09
user_Aargh. Sorry, all.  I had an LXC container running. By default those do not have an sshd daemon active, but this one did. The process also shows up on the host. I had to stop it in the container.13:10
jason1234ah those amd drivers are made by Advanced Micro Devices, INC. copyright. the question, is why do they do that for Linux actually?13:16
jason1234gnarface: gaming working on devuan chimarea! thank you! I put a kit of infos about hte AMD board graphic cards...
furrymcgeeDISPLAY=:0 xsel13:30
furrymcgeemdt: once there was a systemd2init tool, debian/1.20
manis_Hi. Is anyone using libvirt on chimaera currently? Since the upgrade from beowulf 9p is broken for me.16:00
manis_I've been searching way too far. A change from pseries-3.1 to pseries-5.2 has resolved this issue.16:29
jason1234the code is a mess, anyhow, a little fltk package manager for the raspberry pi and debian:

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