libera/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2021-07-27

armouredheartHello! I have many technical support questions that are likely n00b-tier. Is this the right place to ask?01:21
armouredheartI should also mention this is the first time I have ever used IRC01:22
gnarfaceyes, this is the right place to ask, but it can be a very slow channel so you may have to be patient for a response01:22
gnarfacesince you say this is your first time on IRC i'll give you a tip on some additional IRC etiquette; don't ask permission to ask a question.  just ask the question.  it saves time.01:23
armouredheartI installed Devuan ascii on a cloud server, installed openrc, and then followed the instructions listed on the devuan website to upgrade to Beowulf.01:26
armouredheartoops, wasn't done editing that01:26
armouredheartAnyhow, I am not sure that the Beowulf upgrade actually worked, as after reboot the server stil referred to itself as "Devuan ascii". I installed nginx and prosody (first time trying xmpp as well) and managed to get a simple website working. Everything worked perfectly for about a couple days. Today the server started acting strangely and the nginx01:38
armouredheartwebserver refused to start (it just throws FAILED TO START error). I proceeded to reboot it, per the standard Turn-it-off-and-on-again tactic. After this, fsck returned EXIT CODE 1 and the server failed to start the ssh daemon, nginx, prosody, and even the network-adapter-thingy needed to be started manually (sorry I am still VERY new). nginx01:38
armouredheartcontinues to throw FAILED TO START despite no changes made on my part. I assume that the filesystem has become corrupt, but really I have no idea where to start diagnosing this. Any help to point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.01:38
gnarfacewith so little evidence to go on i can only guess the nginx logs filled available disk space and now it won't start because it can't open a log file01:40
gnarfaceif the upgrade had failed you'd expect to see errors about it, is it possible you forgot to run "apt-get dist-upgrade" after you ran "apt-get upgrade" ?01:40
armouredheartoh no, I made sure to follow the instructions to the letter01:41
gnarfacewell, which instructions, they might have been out of date01:41
armouredheartone sec01:41
armouredheartthis page
gnarfacewhen you got to the step that said to do "apt-get -f install" was that actually necessary to do by then?01:42
armouredheartnothing failed01:43
gnarfaceyea i'm not sure but check available disk space on the partition that nginx logs to... keep in mind ext4 will reserve 5% of the empty space by default01:43
gnarfaceso if you look like you have enough space but just barely, it could actually not be enough01:44
gnarfacethere might be some clues in the nginx errors01:44
gnarfaceit should log to somewhere in /var/log/ by default... /var/log/daemon.log if it doesn't have its own file01:45
gnarfacei can't think of anything else that could have gone wrong after it already working once that wouldn't have required hardware failure or a configuration change made by you01:46
gnarfacei suppose there could be some upstream mess with DNS failing you but only if you're using DHCP for the web server ip (don't do that!!!)01:46
gnarface(well, don't do it unless you have no other choice, i've resorted to such before)01:47
gnarfaceif you have any spare physical machine nearby it would be much better to practice on01:47
gnarfacethere's no substitute to having physical access to the bare metal when something unknown goes wrong01:48
gnarfacei could sanity check your /etc/apt/sources.list but the one from that link should be correct if you used it verbatim01:49
armouredheartI have a domain name and I had the https certs and everything working01:49
gnarfaceoh, how are you verifying that nginx is down?  just by browser?  it could be up and you could be mis-diagnosing the error because https won't work if your clock is off01:50
armouredheartalso I don't have a space machine. I would be using it if I had one01:50
gnarfaceverify the clock time on the server and the testing machine - it would be a good idea to run ntpd probably unless your VM host has the guests synced to its clock automatically01:51
gnarfaceand make sure tzdata is installed and configured to the right timezone too just to avoid UTC confusion01:51
gnarfacealso, probably a good idea to make sure the VM clock is correct even if it is synced to the hypervisor or whatever.... even TV stations get this shit wrong sometimes01:54
gnarfacedisturbingly often actually they seem to be setting their clocks by sundial01:54
armouredheartusing df command reveals that / is at 21% usage and /boot is at 28%. The rest are in fractions of a percent in usage01:57
gnarfaceis there a nginx log in /var/log/ anywhere?01:58
gnarfacefind /var/log -iname '*nginx*'01:59
armouredheartstrange, my sources.list are all labelled ACSII instead of Beowulf. I could have sworn I changed these...02:00
gnarfacecat /var/log/daemon.log |grep nginx02:00
gnarfaceas far as i know, this should have worked in ascii too02:00
gnarfacei admit i'm not a huge fan of nginx though and haven't tested it extensively02:00
gnarfaceif your /etc/apt/sources.list changes went missing then maybe the nginx config did too02:01
gnarfacethe VM host could have restored your guest image from an outdated version in theory02:01
gnarfacethis might be better: zgrep -ni 'nginx' /var/log/daemon*02:02
armouredheartrunning the last command returned 3 instances of "ERROR: nginx failed to start"02:03
gnarfaceit should have told you file and line number02:03
gnarfaceopen that file, go to that line number, read all the messages related to nginx immediately adjacent to it02:03
gnarfacebut if it deleted all your config changes back to stock or back to ascii or whatever it's probably just complaining that there's no configuration02:04
gnarfacealways keep your own backups, even when dealing with 3rd party hosts02:04
gnarfacemaybe especially when dealing with 3rd party hosts02:04
gnarfacemake sure it was actually this VM you were entering changes into02:06
gnarfaceyou wouldn't be the first person who typed the right commands into the wrong terminal window either02:06
armouredheartthe comments around the lines in question say "configuration error"02:06
gnarfaceyea, take a look at that config.  i bet it's not the version you remember leaving there02:07
armouredheartwhere would it be?02:07
armouredheartthe same as always?02:08
gnarfaceyou don't remember from the first time you edited it?!?02:08
gnarfaceafaik nginx would never have worked without you touching that file02:08
gnarfaceshould be in /etc/ somewhere02:08
gnarfacetry: find /etc/ -iname '*nginx*'02:08
armouredheartI mean, the one I edited was  /etc/nginx/nginx.conf02:08
gnarfaceok good02:08
armouredheartthis is the config in question yeah?02:09
gnarfaceopen it again and make sure it is in the state you left it02:09
gnarfacei suspect it will not be02:10
armouredheartthis doesn't look right. I always delete the comments in these default files02:11
armouredheartyet they are there02:11
gnarfacei think that this is likely a problem caused by human hands02:12
gnarfacei'm not pointing any fingers, but if you're sure you didn't do it, then you should get a new ISP02:12
armouredheartI wouldn't be supprised at PEBCAK02:12
gnarfacelike i said, make sure you didn't accidentally change those files on another VM or machine, like maybe your own desktop...02:13
gnarfaceif you had a lot of terminal windows open to a lot of machines at once it could have been an easy mistake to make02:13
gnarfacebut also, irresponsible cheap VM hosts usually aren't very careful about preserving VM guest data02:14
armouredheartI only ever have one terminal open per task, my engg prof beat that into me02:14
gnarfacei suppose there might be the chance that the VM's hypervisor configuration is set to restore the VM to a stock state at every reboot?02:15
gnarfacemake sure it's not02:15
gnarfaceand make sure you're not booting a live image on it or something crazy like that02:15
armouredheartif that were the case then all the other times I rebooted during installation would have certainly fouled me up from the begining02:15
gnarfacereset changes after a reboot would also be expected behavior for a live image02:15
gnarfaceoh, yea that is true02:16
armouredheartI unmounted the liveCD, I made sure of that02:16
gnarfaceif you rebooted multiple times already and it was fine that strongly narrows down the list of suspects02:16
armouredheartthat is indeed the case02:16
armouredheartI often encountered "reboot your machine" as part of installation guides before getting a working system02:17
gnarfacealright here's command to make a quick backup of /etc to /root/backup.tar.gz for future reference, so you have a quick recovery path next time:02:17
gnarfacetar czvpf /root/backup.tar.gz /etc02:18
gnarface(must be run as root)02:18
gnarface(or using sudo)02:18
armouredheartIt was working for about 1.9 days before it fouled up. The only changes I made were to a html index file for my (work in progress) website02:18
armouredheartthank you, I shall write that down02:19
gnarfacewell there's an outside chance if you put something in there that got it hacked they could have made changes externally then maybe your ISP just reset the VM automatically because of that without telling you?  just grasping at straws here really.  it seems like they deleted your changes either on purpose or accident.  i don't see a lot of other possibilities02:19
gnarfaceand it doesn't seem like criminals would have bothered to do this02:20
gnarfaceit just doesn't fit the normal pattern of vandalism or abuse02:20
gnarfacethey'd have made it send spam or something, which your ISP would definitely have upbraided you for02:20
armouredheartHow does an ISP control a virtual machine?02:21
gnarfacefrom the host machine's console, directly or indirectly.  are you the only person other than ISP employees who has access to this VM02:21
armouredheartthe hosting company is Vultr, the domain registrar is Epik, and the only access is via ssh02:22
gnarfaceso it's just your authentication tokens, right?  you're not sharing this with co-workers or other students or whatever?02:23
armouredheartNo, this is a personal learning project02:23
gnarfacei would call the ISP and ask them wtf02:23
armouredheartNobody else has the keys02:23
gnarfaceseems like fairly irresponsible behavior to reset a VM to an old image without notice02:24
gnarfacei wouldn't put it beyond a $5/month web host but if you're paying much more than $9 for this it sounds like too much02:24
armouredheartWhen you say ISP, are you referring to companies like Rogers and Bell, that is, Internet Service Providers?02:24
gnarfacewell in this case it is whoever you're renting the VM from02:24
gnarfaceit might be a backbone providor or a colo facility or amazon aws for all i know, but i'm using the term "ISP" as a blanket category for all these types of companies02:25
armouredheartI am paying $3.50 US, but my local currency (CAD) it is about $502:25
gnarfaceok at those rates they probably can't hire people literate02:25
gnarfaceso maybe be nice to them02:25
armouredheartSo for once its not my fault? This is a strange feeling.02:27
gnarfacewell i haven't seen whatever external VM management console they've provided you, so i can't be 100% sure you're not wrong when you say you didn't do it, but from what you've told me it really sounds like you didn't do it, and this isn't the type of bug anyone has had with the distro.02:27
gnarfaceso as sherlock holmes once said... when you've eliminated the impossible and the absurd, the only thing left is the truth02:28
gnarfacei would hit up their helpdesk and tell them it seems like you rebooted your VM and got an older version of the filesystem image, maybe they can figure out what went wrong from their end02:29
armouredheartOk, thank you very much! I do have one further question that is slightly off-topic though; Do you know any good "intro to IRC" guides? I have tried to get my toes wet with Hexchat (it comes default on many desktops) but I have never been able to figure it out. This web app seems far more intuitive, but still seems a little arcane.02:34
armouredheartInstalling gentoo for the first time was much easier02:34
gnarfacethe only thing i can suggest is to start with /help02:35
armouredheartis that a directory or a web address?02:36
gnarfaceit's a IRC command you type into the IRC console02:36
gnarfaceeither this prompt or the Libera.Chat main server one, it doesn't matter.  only you will see the relies02:36
armouredheartI had no idea there WAS an IRC console! Thank you!02:36
gnarfaceno problem02:37
gnarfacethe thing with IRC is that it's only pseudo-standardized02:37
gnarfaceso while different IRC networks have a massive amount of overlap in their commands there isn't one central official definition or listing of them02:37
armouredheartwe need a new standard that nobody will follow because nobody follows the standard - ad infinitum02:38
gnarfaceyea, that happened02:38
armouredheartgnarface you were right; The support line is not literate05:53
gnarfacearmouredheart: you can probably buy and run a SBC like a raspberry pi or pine64 board at home for around the same as a year's rent on that VM just FYI06:28
gnarfaceeven counting electricity the hardware should pay for itself within 2 years06:30
gnarfaceat an average power draw of probably 1W or so idle and 7W under load, the extra knowledge hurdles for booting stuff from ARM might be acceptable costs just to have full physical access to the device06:31
armouredheartgnarface thoughts on one of these puppies?
gnarfacearmouredheart: never heard of it08:29
gnarfaceboards that there are already images for are listed here:
gnarfaceand i guess some ascii images available that didn't make it to beowulf:
ShorTiesounds like a pi want to be08:48
kittyhas anyone any experience of using usrmerge?11:34
aplainzetakindHow do I add another keyboard layout?11:52
GyrosGeiernormally, all layouts should be installed all the time11:55
gnarfacedpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration11:55
aplainzetakindgnarface: It seems to just configure a single layout?11:57
DPAfbcon limitation.12:02
gnarfaceyea, afaik you can have multiple charsets but only one keyboard layout12:08
splinterbyteFYI the mirror does not work anymore, but still listed at
beucismisHello, how to pronounce "Devuan"?15:00
masonbeucismis: dev-one usually15:00
masonalthough I'd occasionally heard/said "dev-ooo-un" following "debian"15:01
fsmithredDev Juan15:05
fsmithreddepends where you are on the planet15:05
DashiePiehuh, I always thought it was Dev-ooh-ahn15:19
DashiePieguess I was kinda close, though15:20
rrqI tend to use mason's, if the "ooo" means the sound of u in "plural"15:24
masonHm, I was thinking more the "oo" sound in pool, mule, stool, fool, tool15:26
masonafter the initial hard e introductory noise15:28
mason<- not a linguist15:28
rrq.. yeah I'm just applying the attractive Swedish accent to it ..15:31
masonThat's why I went with a list of words, as I decided that was the safest bet in case one or more varied significantly.15:32
brocashelmi always get a french sound when pronouncing devuan15:59
plasma41kitty: What would you like to know about it?17:37
utentehello i tun on a old pc still on ascii and gone update to beowulf. i add repositori unto /etc/apt/source.list, ad do update. the inistaled kernel 4.19 (previous was 4.9) and reboot. hten i gone voe upgrade and ap download all pacheges andt start to isntall but then  i got the bollow error:18:25
utenteSince release 198, udev requires support for the following features in18:26
utentethe running kernel:18:26
utente- inotify(2)            (CONFIG_INOTIFY_USER)18:26
utente- signalfd(2)           (CONFIG_SIGNALFD)18:26
utente- accept4(2)18:26
utente- open_by_handle_at(2)  (CONFIG_FHANDLE)18:26
utente- timerfd_create(2)     (CONFIG_TIMERFD)18:26
utente- epoll_create(2)       (CONFIG_EPOLL)18:27
utentedpkg: errore nell'elaborare l'archivio /var/cache/apt/archives/eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb (--unpack)18:27
utente il sottoprocesso nuovo script pre-installation ha restituito lo stato di errore 118:27
plasma41utente: use a pastebin for multiple lines18:27
utenteplasma41, jyst finishged18:28
utentetool suggeast to do apt -fix-broken install18:28
utente but18:28
utenteot way, it does not solve the problem.18:28
utentenow i am stuck, sole suggestion?18:28
plasma41utente: also take your time when typing. There's no rush and you're making a lot of spelling mistakes.18:28
utenteplasma41, ok.18:28
utenteNow, somehone have suggestion how to do to solve? i have no idea and now pc is half ascii half bewolf...18:30
fsmithredwhat version of eudev is in ascii?18:30
fsmithredapt install eudev=3.2.9-9~beowulf1 libeudev1=3.2.9-9~beowulf118:32
fsmithredutente, maybe this ^^^18:32
plasma41utente: What language are those error messages in? I assume English is not your first language? (that's not necessarily an issue, I just need to know what language to translate from)18:32
utente dpkg -l says --> eudev   3.2.2-1318:33
fsmithredplasma41, Italian18:33
utenteplasma41, italina here, no native english speaker.18:33
utentethe message say: error in elaborating package /var/cache....18:34
fsmithredwhat about the version of udev?18:35
utenteudev is:     1:3.2.9+devuan418:35
plasma41utente: Got it. I could tell it was a Latin-based language, but I could tell it didn't quite look like Spanish (the non-English language with which I am most familiar)18:35
fsmithredthat's what I see for beowulf, but I don't have udev installed18:35
utentefsmithred, the command apt install eudev=.... doe not wotrk, it stop wuth error.18:36
fsmithredI've seen that error before, but I don't remember the details18:36
fsmithredyes, try with the versions as I posted above18:37
plasma41utente: do you have aptitude installed?18:38
utentefsmithred, i tried "apt install eudev=3.2.9-9~beowulf1 libeudev1=3.2.9-9~beowulf1" but no works, it stop wuth error.18:38
utenteplasma41, yes, i have.18:38
utenteaptitude is isntalled.18:39
plasma41utente: aptitude may be able to propose a solution. I would recommend selecting both eudev and libeudev1 in aptitude, then pressing 'e' to be presented with a list of conflict resolution options.18:41
utenteplasma41, let me do.18:41
fsmithredyeah, aptitude is a good choice here18:42
fsmithredanother possibility is to remove udev. It doesn't seem to be necessary.18:42
utenteaptitude propose the follow. A: update eudev. B: remove eudev. C: downgrade libeudev1. Shat shall i choose?18:43
utenteWhat shall I choose?18:43
fsmithredA. update eudev18:43
fsmithredwould be first choice18:43
fsmithredwhat version of libeudev1 do you have?18:43
utenteyes it is first.18:43
utentei go for it.18:43
fsmithredwhat version of libeudev1 do you have?18:43
fsmithredmaybe doesn't match eudev18:44
utentewait a moment, i chosed "u" and aptitude is updating...18:44
plasma41utente: That should be ok. Aptitude will just update the package cache.18:45
utentedudes, problem at home, i mustcare it, i will be back as soon as possible, in menatime, thanks to all.18:45
plasma41utente: Hope you can get everything working18:46
fsmithredI'll be gone for the rest of the day18:48
utentei' m back.19:05
kittyplasma41: will devuan be following suit ?19:37
golinuxkitty: afaik even Debian isn't settled on going that route.19:42
golinuxIt seems that it will break apt.19:42
golinuxapt devs are not happy.19:42
masondpkg, but yeah20:23
plasma41utente: hello again. sorry, I was AFK.20:37
Guest71Hi! I have a question about installation.20:47
golinuxIt's all getting to be a jumble in my gray matter20:47
Guest71Can I install, with use of more previously created partitions, with a separate root partition for packet installation, and \home partition, not changed by the installation,  for the rest?20:50
Guest71How can I do so? It seem unclear to me here.20:52
kittythe easiest way to me, would be to install everything into the partition you want for /, then once the machine is built, edit /etc/fstab to mount the old /home.20:53
kittybut there may be an official way to do it20:53
Guest71Thank you. I wonder about the official way.20:54
Guest71And there is some problem with opening the builtin installer guide, on the live system.20:54
Guest71What is the "Move selected directories to separate partitions"? Should I use it, for this?20:56
Guest71And the part about the use of filesystem labels in /etc/fstab.20:57
kittythat I am not familiar with20:58
plasma41Guest71: Do I understand correctly that you would like to use a new installation of Devuan with an existing /home directory on a separate partition?21:12
Guest71Yes. It is like this.21:18
Guest71I selected "Move selected directories to separate partitions", and in the summary I got "/home will not be on a separate partition" anyways.21:24
Guest71What should I do, then?21:24
Guest71plasma41: Do you know?21:25
plasma41Guest71: Which ISO are you using? Installer or live?21:25
Guest71plasma41: live21:26
plasma41fsmithred: Do your live ISOs support what Guest71 is trying to do?21:26
masonFWIW, anything is possible with debootstrap installs.21:27
Guest71It is this one, to be precise:
Guest71mason: I don't quite understand this sentence.21:29
plasma41Guest71: I know you can reuse an existing /home partition in the installer ISO. Just select which partition to use as /home and make SURE 'format partition' is NOT selected.21:29
masonAh, that's probably the easier way.21:29
Guest71plasma41: But where will be the  'format partition' possible to select? Should I select the "Do not format filesystems..." in the installation options for this? I do want to format the root partition, but just this one, and not the previous \home partition.21:32
Guest71I didn't select the "Create a new, separate /home partition", cause it is already an old partition that I want to reuse.21:33
Guest71So I wonder which ones should I mark.21:34
Guest71In the installation options, it is.21:34
plasma41Guest71: "I do want to format the root partition, but just this one, and not the previous \home partition." This is fairly straight forward in the installer-iso. I would personally recommend using that rather than the desktop-live iso.21:35
masonGuest71: Make sure you collect a back-up before you potentially erase anything.21:36
Guest71So is the desktop-live iso somewhat incomplete for now? As it is that harder to do. It is.21:37
Guest71mason: Would that erase my other partitions like this, by surprise?21:38
masonGuest71: Always have back-ups, especially when doing anything to your partitioning.21:38
Guest71Even if I won't mark them for the installation process, it is.21:38
Guest71I don't try anything to my partitioning. The partitions are already set, and I want to reuse them.21:39
Guest71Just one of them can be formatted.21:40
plasma41It's not that the desktop-live iso is incomplete, it's that if you want to do something more complex than simply copy the preconfigured live environment onto a machine, you're better off using the Debian-style installer ISO. IMHO21:40
Guest71plasma41: ok. Thank you, I guess I will maybe use that smaller one.21:41
plasma41No offense, fsmithred21:41
rwpGuest71, If you use the standard installer then look at for nice screenshots showing the walk through of an installation.21:43
rwpGuest71, As you can see in the screenshots there is a dialog "Partition disks" which can be used to do exactly what you want.21:44
rwpGuest71, Always have a backup of any data!  Especially during these actions it is too easy to make a mistake and lose everything without a good backup.21:44
utenteplasma41, I try to upgrade by aptitude but it stop for "too much errors".22:12
plasma41You selected a proposed conflict resolution by pressing '!', then pressed 'g' then 'g' again to apply it?22:14
utentei did apt --fix-broken install and sono packages was istalled.22:23
utentei got a LOT of problem, let me find pastebn and i be bac.22:24
Guest71Hi! I would like to make a live bootable, of the installer-iso image, but I see it comes in 4 parts. Is the "_desktop.iso", the one before "_cd2"?22:27
Guest71And why is it so big, compared to the "desktop-live"?22:29
plasma41utente: Have you tried running `apt --fix-broken install`?22:30
plasma41utente: Also, what is in your /etc/apt/sources.list file?22:30
utenteyes, several times, it istall some pacheges then stop.22:31
utentein soicelist i have the follow:22:31
utentedeb beowulf          main22:31
utentedeb beowulf-updates  main22:31
utentedeb beowulf-security main22:31
utenteand also22:32
utentebeowulf- backports main contrib22:32
utentemmm... if i do more time apt --fix-broken install it seems to instal some packages every time22:33
utentebut the always stom on eudev_3.2.9-blabalb.22:33
utentei wul pastebein it, wait.22:33
plasma41utente: Try adding the ascii repos back into your sources.list, then try rerunning `apt --fix-broken install`. The dependency resolver can provide better solutions when it has more options.22:39
utentei will do now22:39
utenteplasma, do you mena i must have bot ascii and beowulf repositorues in source.list?22:40
plasma41For now, yes.22:41
utentei added it. then update, then  apt --fix-broken install but thdpkg: errore nell'elaborare l'archivio /var/cache/apt/archives/eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb (--unpack):e problme persiste, ALWAYS on22:42
utentesoffy, i mena i got alway he following error: dpkg: errore nell'elaborare l'archivio /var/cache/apt/archives/eudev_3.2.9-9~beowulf1_amd64.deb (--unpack):22:42
plasma41utente: run `udevadm --version`. What is the output?22:44
utenteversion: 22022:45
plasma41utente: And what's your kernel version? Run `uname -r`.22:48
Guest71I would like to make a live bootable, of the installer-iso image, but I see it comes in 4 parts. Is the "_desktop.iso", the one before "_cd2"?22:48
utenteplasma41, 4.19.0-17-amd6422:49
plasma41Guest71: there is already a bootable desktop-live iso22:50
Guest71plasma41: You mean, this one weighting about 3.5 GB is all I need?22:51
Guest71Or which one is this, if not that?22:52
Guest71(3.5 GiB*)22:53
Guest71I mean the test version.22:53
plasma41utente: Try running `apt-get install eudev libeudev udev- libudev1-`22:55
utentei reply: "impossible to find package libeudev"22:57
plasma41utente: Oops, should be `apt-get install eudev libeudev1 udev- libudev1-`22:58
plasma41Guest71: Which Devuan release are you wanting? Beowulf? Chimaera?22:59
utenteplasma41, u get a long list  of unmet dilendences simolat to wha i already pastebined you22:59
Guest71plasma41: The test one. Chimaera.22:59
plasma41Guest71: See
plasma41utente: could you pastebin it?23:02
utenteyes, wait.23:02
Guest71plasma41: I remember that I tried before to install with this one, and you recommended me the installer-iso, for what I tried to do.23:02
Guest71That is installing it with separate root and home directories, where home would be reused.23:03
plasma41Guest71: And then you said "I would like to make a live bootable". Do you want a live system or do you want to install?23:04
Guest71plasma41: I wanted to install. It is just that I thought I had to use live bootable to do so.23:05
plasma41Guest71: negative. Get an ISO from
Guest71plasma41: And there is my previous question about that. Which one?23:08
Guest71I know that I need for amd64.But my question was about if I need to download "...desktop.iso", and then those higher cd2-4. Would those be the parts of iso coming after that heavier?23:11
plasma41Guest71: The desktop ISOs have all the packages for a whole Xfce desktop in the ISO. The netinstall contains just enough to perform the installation, pulling additional packages from the net as necessary.23:11
plasma41Guest71: These directions are for the current stable release but should mostly still apply to Chimaera. Please report any issues.23:13
Guest71Ok. Thank you. So what are cd2-4?23:13
plasma41Guest71: The 2 to 4 cd isos are just additional packages for those who would rather install packages off a disc rather than from the online repos.23:15
Guest71Ok. Thank you. I was just confused, cause there were no "cd1".23:16
plasma41utente: Let me see a pastebin of `apt-get dist-upgrade --no-act`23:18
plasma41utente: This is quite the head scratcher. If you created a aptitude state bundle with `aptitude-create-state-bundle` and uploaded it to someplace like I might be able to make more sense of your situation.23:32
utenteplasma41, i will do now, wait.23:32
utenteplasma, it say: tar: .//root/.aptitude: function "stat" not done: file or directori does not exist23:35
diegshey I'm trying to install the dependencies for this program which requires multilib on amd64, however it looks like 32-bit sdl and 64-bit sdl do not want to live together:
diegsany solution to this?23:36
plasma41utente: Run it as a normal user, not as root.23:37
plasma41utente: nevermind, ignore that23:38
utentethe same output.23:38
plasma41utente: run `dpkg --configure -a` as root23:40
utenteMANY errors of "problem wit dependences  - left not configured". But some packages are configure, let it finissh cos still running.23:42
rwputente, plasma41, It seems to me that there are 3rd party sources.list files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* or something and they are not compatible with chimaera.23:42
rwpHas that idea of problems with sources.list been explored yet?23:43
plasma41rwp: Very possibly23:43
plasma41utente: Do you have any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/?23:43
utentelet ti finsh to run then i will check /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*23:43
rwpIf it were me I would also like to see the output of "apt-show-versions | grep -v -e uptodate" too.  (apt-show-versions probably will need to be installed.)23:44
plasma41utente: Sounds good23:44
utentei did: cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/devuan.list23:44
utentebut all line inside are commenter by a "#" at the beginning23:44
rwpIf they are all commented out then they will not have effect.23:45
rwpCan you pastebin the output of "apt-cache policy"?23:45
utenteok wayt.23:46
rwputente, I see both ascii and beowulf sources in there.  Both!  It really should be one or the other.  But I thought you were upgrading to chimaera?  No?23:48
utenterwp, i was upgrading from ascii to bewoulf. but i can go to chimaera if necessary. tell me.23:50
rwpI recommend Beowulf Stable until Chimaera is released.  Stick with Beowulf.23:50
plasma41rwp: having both should be fine and I had asked utente to add back the ascii repos temporarily23:51
plasma41utente: What does `dpkg --audit` have to say?23:51
rwpOkay.  Yes because of version numbers.  But I have seen memory stress issues on some systems due to the need to keep twice as many Packages files in memory.23:51
rwpIf it were me I would return to and walk through from the beginning again.23:52
rwpBut assuming that the same problem would occur again then I am not sure what to think now about the problem.23:53
plasma41rwp: That's easier said than done when the package manager is not in a consistent state.23:53
plasma41utente: Could you please roughly translate 'seguenti pacchetti sono stati estratti, ma non ancora configurati.' and 'necessario configurarli usando "dpkg --configure" o l'opzione di configurazione nel menù di dselect affinché funzionino'?23:58

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